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daryl is the worldgeilest          o.k. lassen wir das     apex   presents their             optical race demo     we would have released it on the rsi and silents party in denmark but the danish border police wont let us pass throug the borderline into denmark.....fuck denmark fuck borderline and many fucks to danish well   here comes it up                 .....fuck denmark.....                now daryl is typing some text  (             )          $12 well everybody knows that i am the worldgeilest            % here is a message to fugazzi well nice work you did on your demo ?? as you can call it demo......nice coppereffect with four bit coppermovement but if you see this you know that you must improve your nice coding...............    now the long awaited text from cocaine and cool d yes thiz is cocaine typing as this text is for some informations and the greetings. at first (             )          $12 i think             % ya want to know why there is a friendship logo in this demo. friendship is a label founded by rsi spreadpoint and apex. other members are venom subway fraxion rebels vision. our aim is to build up a new scene consisting of friendship teamwork and having fun like in the old days. for our contact address look in the lower scrollers. but now the greetings.... best greets to all friendship members  (             )          $12 especially to munster and mark of spreadpoint  mathew and tilt of subway  hellraiser of venom              % other greets are flying to abakus  abandon  adept  aeon  afl  amaze  animate  animators  armada  arctic team  beating bytes of afl  beyond reality  black monks  bounty hunter  brainstorm  broken bones  byte busters  cascade  cave  celeste  celtic  cris  complex  cryptoburners  cult  cytax  dark side  deepcore  defcon one  defjam ccs acc  desaster area  disaster area  d mob  doom  d tect  dual crew  e and l  elite  energy  exodus  exult  fantasy force  fatal squad  flash produtions  future contents  hellas  hellraisers  illusion  inner city  joy division  lazer  level four  magic arts  mindkillers  mithril  onyx  paradox  phaze one o one    prism  prologic  prong  pulsar  savage  securitate  southern guy  shark  success  supplex  supreme  system five  tarkus team  travellers  trilogy  tristar  the special brothers   the time  circle  the untouchables undertakers  unicorn  unix one  violent wave  vision one of afl  vision factory  warfalcons and all other friends and contacts which are not mentioned           text restarts                  ....und tschuess....