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          hullo !!    welcome to another mini intro from anarchy
          this is a re-release of this intro as we feel it was not seen enough the first time around.....
      ok, credits           code - raistlin    \0    music - 4 mat     \0       font - igor      \0
   and mega thanks to mutley of relay for the logo...      what do you think to the music...   it was composed using the new m.t.s.    multi tone system  \0  
created by 4-mat....        this intro was re-released at the magnetic fields revenge party on 27th october 1990
     anyway thats enough crap from me......      here's some text from the dudes at the party
    over to you boys..........                   its me again banger of the one and only anarchy at the magnetic fields party on the 27th of october 90. 
what a cunt i waited for the train from stockport from 7 in the morning and it did not fucking come till 10!!! what a twat!! but it was worth it - what a cool party......
  greetings go to the following cooooool dudes all in anarchy - jester - ads - jrok  - mike / quartex  all in mag fields / pod and kid video - inner city / the one and only zarch
 / sabbath - miracle and anyone else i know thats it from me - byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!                       you dudes!      drokk here..... ok so far
 this month the response to the      dear mr drokk page in stolen
 has been a little sparse,   now i know you all have a problem,  all you
 have to do is spill it out!      so spill it out now by writing to....
      mr drokk                   9 back lane west                   
royston                    barnsley                    south yorkshire             s71 4rz
       england                       ok now heres someone else....
      yo!! its pioneer here, just a little bit of crap text from me as my demos riddle with bugs!!!!            
Personal greetings go to the following - kreator - hi mike! pitty you couldn`t be here at the show - thanks 
for the help with the vex on my demo - hope to see your new game released soon!!!!!       tomski and edward (you know who you are!!)
 should have come to the party - long time no see!!! next time your in the mighty town silsden gimme a ring...........    well thats it from me over to 
raistlin!!!!           yo guys!,  raistlin (master of bullshitting) here!...   for some reason drokk + mr.big wanted to rerelease this shit intro so here
we all are writing some text for it!...   greetings from me to all the guys at the party, and to all the people who are stuck at home slobbing around watching
videos and stuff!...    if you don't have the anarchy mf-party releases yet, get them... there are some really awesome demos on the pack!  (congratulations to
dan, mediator and kris!!!)          anyway, gotta finish this here, so i'll see you around!.....                       

  released at the
  magnetic fields
   revenge party
   27th october


  code - raistlin
   music - 4 mat
    font - igor


 members of anarchy

 mr.big - organiser

 judge drokk
        - organiser


  raistlin - coder

  kreator - coder 

    del - coder


  4-mat - musician 

  purple om 
        - musician 

  pioneer -  coder


   mole - swapper

   igor - artist

   kris - coder


  mystik - artist

  hammer - coder

 raphael - artist


  mediator - coder

  banger - swapper

  teeze - swapper


  marvin - artist

  skywise - coder

   mosh - coder


   wuli - coder

  lexter - coder

  odeon - coder


   viper - coder

  warneck - coder

 twister - musician


    hit - coder

 rubberboy - coder

 fatman - swapper


     and nobody

  greetings to all
    our contacts