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     who wants peace and tranquility?     bring forth chaos

 madness and destruction     let anarchy take over the earth!!!

     welcome to anarchy bob intro 1.0   this intro was coded by

 kreator     and the music was ripped from an old triangle demo

     we send a few golden regards to.....     accumalators
     oracle     ipec elite     intuition     magnetic fields
     chaos and megadeth     slipstream     acidforce uk
     excell uk     druids     oddessey     itv     future designs
     hacktrick     mercenary     cascade     exodus     esa
     dcs     cryptic     blitting image     and the many millions
 we forgot.......           anarchy uk are     dan     deluxe
     ginger     hammer     herbie     jaguar     joker
     judge drokk     kreator     mole     monty     mr-big     norris
     raphael          you will all be pleased to know, that
 ' oooh its obscene 5 : the final conflict ' will soon be
 released (probably the beginning of december)
     it will be the most hard hitting yet, and will feature more
 and longer calls than ever before.....     very shortly we
 will be producing a new crackers magazine. it will be based on
 paper as a small mag, and on disk. a lot of people might have
 seen the 64 magazine by dcs called iguana, and the one from
 triad called illegal. our mag is certain to be greater than
those ever were. the magazine (name not yet known) will be
 a co-operation between anarchy and dcs. we need your articles
 and gossip features etc...  you can submit articles to the
 following address          nosah                    99
 st lucia park                    borden                    hants
                    gu35-old                    england
     we need up to date gossip, demo reviews, articles, interviews
 with the top groups etc.......    so dont delay if you have any info
 or gossip get writing          ok now we have a personal
 message to bob of automation          please dont try to
 poach our members, it is not a very nice thing to do,
 it could be taken as an act of war, we are only here to entertain
 and not to slag each other off......                   ok
 thats just about it, to contact anarchy write to          either
                    judge drokk                    9 back lane west
                    royston                    barnsley
                    south yorkshire                    s71-4rz
     or     hammer                    12 windsor place
                  barnoldswick                    lancashire
                  bb8-6hd          ok thats it, see you all at
 the commodore show in november........             drokk '89