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hello everybody. contact the coder tough one at   amonia (write this)    poste restante  5071 loddefjord

    *amonia*       brings ya       * arise  printro *        (printro = preview intro)   released in the early weeks of august 1991!     the coder of this little printro (tough one) just want to say that you should look out for the demo "arise" coming to your local demodealer this autumn!   this printro doesn`t contain any of my parts that are worth using, bcoz they will be used in "arise".  *amonia* are searching for new members (every category) so if you want to be a member of the astonishing amonia team  then don`t hesitate but contact us at once!!!      if you want to contact amonia for swapping hot modem warez. long letters. candy. videos and etc.... then write to:          amonia (write this)    ,      poste restante    ,      5071 loddefjord     ,      norway!      , coders may also write.  yo-yo goes to :    absence  ,  academy  ,  adept  ,  amaze  ,  analog  ,  anarchy  ,  andromeda  ,  anxious  ,  archaos  ,  artemis  ,  awesome  ,  bastards  ,  black light  ,  blitz  ,  budbrain  ,  byte busters  ,  cave  ,  coma  ,  cryptoborners  ,  cytax  ,  d-mob  ,  dazzle  ,  decept  ,  desire  ,  dexion  ,  dimension 4  ,  drakpak  ,  e.o.c.1999  ,  energy  ,  equinox  ,  exit  ,  flash production  ,  ibb  ,  iris  ,  katharsis  ,  magnetic fields  ,  majic 12  ,  mafia  ,  masquerade  ,  massive  ,  motion  ,  noxious  ,  obituary  ,  palace  ,  rednex  ,  resolution 101  ,  sanctuary  ,  shade  ,  shock  ,  shining  ,  silents  ,  skid row  ,  tetragon  ,  trace  ,  troon  ,  trouble bros.  ,  underground  ,  utopia  ,  vanish  ,  vox dei  ,  wizzcat  ,  zenith  and all those we forgot!      i (tough one) just want to greet two of my  friends (sorry, no time for any more) :  sloppy/wizzcat (here do you get your greeting that you wanted(what about a trip to the post office to send back!( nice calls!    )))  vectorman/cryptoburners (nice talking to you!)     credits for this printro goes to:      code -       *tough one*         gfx -       *pixie*          music -       *slimeball*    (sorry for using such an old tune. i think your new ones are much better but they were to big for this printro.     a note to  t-bone/dexion`s contacts:  t-bone was caught by the police!!!  and now a message to zytrox/free-lame: i heard that your giga-demo wasn`t finished in time for the crb-dex-vlc party compo.  didn`t you know how to code the gfx-equalizers, or was it the sprite star-field you didn`t finish? not to mention how to show a bitmap-picture consisting of more than one bitplane, and how to move a copper-bar. but since you realised that you would`t be finished, you told everyone that your giga-demo would win the compo. now i hope you don`t sneak into our room and start begging us for permission to stay and to show you our ideas again, as in porsgrunn. anyway you will  have to pay 500 disks for the source-disks we gave you.(you know.. those with the  two selectors on(one with diagonal bars, and the one with copper and sine-scroll(p.s. we have heard some rumours saying that you have started using them!!))).                 well, i guess it`s time to finish this scroll since i have to crunch this printro.           bye from         tough one / amonia       p.s. calvin & hobbes rulez!!!            @