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                     DAD OF AMNESIA ARE PROUD TO PRESENT ANOTHER INTRO CALLED RED IS GREEN IS BLUE ^^^                    SOME NEWS ABOUT AMNESIA\\\\\                 HUI ppp DOESNlT EXIST IN AMNESIA ANYMORE kTHANX FOR NOTHINGk                 PHOENIX ppp HEY MAN] YOUlRE HISTORY                 SURFER ppp WE LIKED YOUR BBS BUT_ BUT BYE\\\                 AMNESIA ARE NOWADAYS THESE PEOPLE [                 DAD ppp CODER ppp GRAPHICS ARTIST ppp MAIL SWAPPING                 CAL ppp BODYGUARD                 EEZIE ppp MODEMTRADER ppp GRAPHIX MAN ppp COpSYSOP ON THE OUTLAW TOWN                 WEB ppp MUSIC MAGICIAN                 POWPIN ppp GRAPHICS FREAK                 BEEJAY ppp MODEMTRADER ppp COpSYSOP ON THE OUTLAW TOWN                 KASH ppp ONE XCELLENT GRAPHICS DUDE                              THE REASON WHY I CHOOSED TO CALL THE INTRO RED IS GREEN IS BLUE IS BECAUSE OF THESE FUCKING ELECTIONS HERE IN SWEDEN RIGHT NOW                     TO CONTACT US FOR JOINING OR MODEMTRADING ETC\\\                   EEZIE OR BEEJAY                  WANTS ALL SORTS OF CONTACTS CONTACT THEM AT THE OUTLAW TOWN BBS RUNNING ON USROBOTICS COURIER HST Vdb BIS aej MEGS ONLINE bd HOURS A DAY                    PHONE NUMBER [               odf      mjnh      gfa      hdef                      CONTACT ME mDADn FOR MAIL SWAPPING AT[                        DANNY                        WOISKI                        RINGVAGEN he b TR                        aah fa                        STOCKHOLM                        OR CALL [               odf      mjnh      fdb      fhgh                       HMMMM \ \ \ \ \ GREETINGS \ \ \ \ \FROM AMNESIA TO ppp COKE ppp DOZ ppp BLAIZER pppTHUNDERHAWK ppp VOX DEI ppp PIRATES ppp SNUSKBUSKE ppp           CREDITS FOR THIS INTRO                       CODING ppp DAD ppp                       GRAPHICS ppp KASH ppp AND ppp DAD ppp                       MUSIC ppp CLUSTER p PIRATES ppp                              WELL THAT WAS THAT \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \W A I T_ WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS WICH CAN HANDLE CODING p MUZAX p AND SYSOPS  BYE FOR NOW_ SEE YOU NEXT TIME \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \