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Amiga Cracking Service Germany presents: ACS-Sonix Scores (Rythms and Songs)                                             Many Greetings to: A.C.S.-Denmark (Jaggerboy coded this Intro!) and ACS-Italy (SAL)!!  Now the swap greets ... Dragonslayer greets: BS One, Delta Force (Dee-Jay), S.C.A., 1001-Crew (Steve), C.B.I. (Mr. Henry), R.B.B. (Road Warrior), W.O.W. (Ludo) and in Germany: ECC (Stereo), ICI (Grandmaster), GCC, Skar, Dune International, Gamekiller and especially to Irata and 007's Firma . . . SPY greets: BST, Movers, A.F. (ACF), Amigo, HQC, TLC, ECA, TOC (Explorer), Skyline, PC, Powerstation, TMC, BFBS, ECC, OGM-Crew (Dr. M), TWCA, SDI, Hotline and especially for this time The Kent-Team. . . Shadow greets: CRM-Crew, OGM-Crew and Spreadpoint . . . I hope that everyone is in the list . . .          See ya!         -A.C.S.-ACS-A.C.S.-                       *** A ** C *** S ***          Press Button to go on . . .                                                                                                                                                             ACS                                                .                 .                 .                                                                                            For all who are still there:  A.C.S.-Germany, Postlagerkarte 032143-C, 2000 Hamburg 76, West-Germany (Europe)      now leave!                                                                                                                                                                                                               End..                         

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Program By Jaggerboy For ACS-INT.(C) 1987 BY ACS-INTERNATIONAL