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                              HERE ARE SOME PERSONAL BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR YOU...                Happy Birthday Mr. Lizzzzard.. from Dan/Lemon.          CRT here. Magnar, we need you to compose two SID songs on short notice now 10 hours before the deadline. Use max 12 raster lines and no more than 4K, -for both songs. -And go easy on the filters, Bob is using VSP. We couldn't do without you and happy birthday dude!          Dear Lizard... Magnar you have always been a very kind and nice person... you have created some magical moments in our life, thank you so much for being you. Greetings from Pal of Offence          Hi Magnar, Magic/Nah-Kolor here.. it was fun to be part of your birthday when you turned 40 last year. This time no limo but an intro. Who would have thought in 1993 we still party today on the scene uh? :) Have a nice 41st birthday and a great day! Greetz!          Happy bday Magnar. Are you still in Spaceballs? Guess my membership is inactive :) Thx for good old days in Stavanger area. All the best Lord Helmet / Ex-Spaceballs (hope this scroller is raytraced)          Hi Magnar old chap. Wish you all the best. Virgill          Magnar, have a great Birthday, buddy. See you at next Datastorm... eh, no probably not, but I hope we meet somewhere again! / Pex          happi boooorzday tooo JOOOO happi booooorzzday toooo jooooo!! congrats Magnar to your 41 birthday.. only difference now and when you where a boy, is that your toys cost much more  except the good oldies you still have today  may the commodores stay for ever !!  hurray hurray hurray to our master musician Magnar of Censor, Bob/Censor.          Dear Magnar. I feel really honoured to know you though we should definitely meet in person someday too. I wish you and your family all the best. Keep up the magnarficent work you have been doing for so long. Best regards from your mate chromag          happy birthday from W.O.T.W. :)          Pantaloon: Congratulations to my skybar friend Magnar. Next Monday we will cheer together as usual :) long live the skybar. long live Magnar!          Hey Magnar, finally you got the magic age of 41 (like me) and that means that we're officially ancient .. 20 years since Lemon. was found.. yikes!!! About your new age.. some call it senior, some call it 'granny' and some call us dino's.. I just confirm (as fellow 41-er since April).. we only get more handsome by the years!!! Like good red wine. Have a great day! Best regards, Martijn (aka Facet)           Hey Magnar! All the best from Germany for your birthday, it was great working with you on Comaland! ;) Deekay/Oxy+Crest          Happy birthday Lizard. Greetz, Aleksi Eeben          All the members in Panda Design would like to wish you a happy birthday. We hope to see you soon to share a beer or five. Forget about the age and look forward into the bright future. The best thing is yet to come: X 2016 democompo, see ya there :)          happy birthday magnar, I hope your day will be great! Greetz, Gemini          Happy b-day Lizard!! Keep the scene spirit high, looking forward to meet you again soon :) greetz Prowler          the secret of the birthday, is that after 40, you count years backwards ... so have a good 39th birthday! Magnar i'll be youngher than you :D Greetz, Hedgehog/Nah          Happy getting older day, Magnar! You'd better get more tunes made before those magical hands of yours begin to seize :) All the best from the ever grateful Paradroid/Lemon.          Veto on the keys. Happy, happy birthday Magnar... Wish you a great time and much inspiration for the future. Cheers :)          Happy birthday Magnar!!! Keep up the great work, and have fun on your day! - Bonefish.                               CREDITS..... CODE: BONEFISH, MUSIC: GEMINI, FONT: PAL, INTRO SCREEN POETRY: MAGIC.      TEXT WRAAAAAAAP....