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      * zylon *      |proudly presents a new small intro.                   released 1/2/91 on the famous demopack by iceman/zylon...               * hot news *    |zylon will delight the scene with 2 own boards:  muscle beach  and  damage inc.                 stay awake, coz the one and only I zylon megademo I |will see the light on the cebit'91 !!   don't miss it...              contact zylon/afl   write to:      pobox 47      |  4700 eupen/belgium |(original suppliers wanted!)                             

zylon of alphaflight
   a small intro    
   contact zylon !       write to...    
      pobox 47          b-4700 eupen    
coding:       cool-g
logo:          gator
            & cool-g
music:        avatar
      hey dude,     
read the sinusscroll
 coz this text ends 

Zylon Intro 100% written by Cool-G. Music by Avatar. Logo concept by Gator, redrawn by Cool-G. ALL CONTENTS OF THIS INTRO ARE COPYRIGHT ZYLON 1991. Rippers are kindly asked to fuck off. This intro was originally made for the Computershop in Turnhout ('PROMO DEMO'  Hi there Karel Adriaansen) but after a while we decided to use it as a ZYLON intro. Interested coders should write to me (Cool-G) under: Eikenlaan 21 - 3740 Bilzen - Belgium....    End of this hidden message...