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ALPHA FLIGHT                                 and                                 SPY & MIND                                                                    proudly present                 Trainer-Games and Sound-Demos                                              Special greetings in alpha-order to:                                            7UP CREW                                ACES                                    ACKERLIGHT                              AXXESS                                  BAMIGA SECTOR ONE & QUORAM              CASCADE                                 CBC & THE BAND                          DEFJAM & RED SECTOR                     DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY                      DOCTOR MABUSE ORGASM CRACKINGS          FAIRLIGHT & NORTHSTAR                   HAGAR OF THE CONNECTION                 HIGH QUALITY CRACKINGS                  IAN & MIC                               IKARI & MEDWAY BOYS                     MAGICIAN 42                             MAGNIFICENT FORCE                       RANDOM ACCESS                           SILICON LEAGUE                          TETRAGON                                THE JUNGLE COMMAND                      THE KNIGHT HAWKS                        THE LIGHT CIRCLE                        THE LIGHT FORCE                         THE MAD MONKS                           THE MAGNUM FORCE                        THE NEW MASTERS                         THORAX                                  THRUST                                  TRILOGY                                 TRISTAR                                 UNIT A                                  VISION FACTORY & BEYONDERS              VORTEX 42                               WANDERER GROUP                          WORLD OF WONDERS                                                                 If you are in contact with us, and you    were not mentioned in the greetings  then you must do something wrong, okay?                                                 Alpha Flight members are          ARCADIA - DOCTOR MABUSE - GHOTIC MAN       FRANKIE DOUBLE TEAM - MIKE (GB)         SHADOW LIGHT - SHUT BERLIN CREW        THE GHOSTDANCE INC and ZEKE WOLF.                                               Always remember: ALPHA FLIGHT -         This FLIGHT shall never stop !!!                                            If you are not a lamer or anything else,   then feel free to contact us under:                                          AFL - PLK 043347 B - 4000 D'DORF 1 - FRG                                                        Bye, Bye                                                                                                    legal - illegal - Cracker Journal                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ALPHA FLIGHT and SPY & MIND              COMPACTED DISK NUMBER 107