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 night vision of alpha flight presents .......   - romance of the three kingdoms ii -             for the latest 
in console games (snes, sega-megadrive, pc engine) as well as online contacts to buy system copiers call these afl 
boards! :   - thunderdome - at:      1-408-263-9136     W6   - ultimate dream - at:     44-222-495919     W6 the 
latest in amiga and pc are also online!      greetings go to the following people: executioner and saintz (afl), 
gaston (fairlight), mr.scarface (crystal), caddy (oracle), jose (subsoftware) ....     regards go to: trsi, company, 
skidrow (ffc), fairlight, quartex, anarchy, rebels, crionics, kefrens, killers!, phenomena, all great demo 
coders!  .....      i know this intro is dull and boring not to mention lacking music, but i had no time to 
finish it.. so suffer.. heh..       -- scroller restarting --