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  S1        finally it is ready               S2          the adept soundripper         W3   A6 B3 C6            the new and ultimate utility by S3                  scampy of adept             W3 S1 grab your mouse to move the light on the logo      B4 A4 C6      please note that these are one pixel movements. not one of those lame 4 or 8 pixel splits.   the sine routine is not so perfect  but i had no more time to finish it.        B0 A2 C8     S1 here are the credits for this intro:      all programming was made by   S3              scampy of adept            W3 S1            the logo at the top was drawn by       S3               kruemel                 W3 S1 the music was made by        S3          einstein of warfalcons         W3      B8 A4 C8          try to contact us                                 S3    plk 019982 d              W5                                   4500 osnabrueck            W5                                   germany                W5      do not write to our old plk 028246 c  because it was killed by the post.                        S1                 here are the greetings       B8 S1       abandon  alpha flight  anarchy  angels  axis  bionic  brainstorm  byte busters  cave  celtic  defcon one  dexion  dual crew  goonies  hypnosis  imp 666  impact inc.  jetaza  razor 1911  rebels  red sector  savage  scoopex  style  treacl  trinomic  tristar  twilight  unicorn  whiplash  zero defects                                  S1 B0 A4 C8                    Y