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another hot pack by              adept                 this is pack no. 1      other packs will follow    sorry for this short bootintro, but i have not enough time to code a better one                instructions:       use mouse, joystick or cursor keys to move  press left mousebutton, firebutton or return to choose          here are the credits:     all codework was done by        scampy           the logo was drawn by        mic mod            music by  chris huelsbeck                         we are urgently searching for new members all over the globe !!!  especially for swappers and very good musicians       if you are skilled in one of these capabilities  or if you only want to swap hot warez, then write to:     plk 028246 c                     4500 osnabrueck           german federal republic               ok  here are the greetings you are waiting for   in no !  order:         i s a , vision, byte busters, abandon, kefrens, the silents, inner city, tristar, supreme, amiga ind  and freedom force, imp 666, unique, impact inc , cruel crime, mexx, virgin, taxon, zombie boys, s express, starbyte, vision factory, ripp masters, success and all our other contacts                     now  mic mod  is in the scroll        yo dudels !!!    here iz some technical crap         thiz intro was written in 2 hours and 1 minute       the logo iz 320 x 80 in 16 colours    gell ?!?         and the music appears in   cross out              now some private stuff !        i am   mic mod   looking for uncut vhs movies   but only in inglish language   e g   the punisher          i can send you the newest movies in german language    that is great   or not ???      so feel free to send me movies          cul8r   or   see ya letter                                                    adept     the real ghostbusters    ?                                                                                                                                                    adept      where glue is true   ?                                                                                                                                                     or was it    adept    or how up do high knee    this was a co op joke between english and deutsch                                           now a saussage to mac:   thanx for all you have not done