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stop adventurer
then now...
back to
the real life
you are right !
this is a demo
dedicated to
have you ever seen
such a fractal before ?
no ?
so sit down and just watch !
but wait !
first some information for you
to speed up the text printing:
press left mouse button
to stop text printing :
press right mouse button
to skip the fractals:
press left mouse button
but now
that was a piece
of fractal i love very much
and now we have
just some empty space for
the credits
coding by
the origin
painting by
the origin
music by
of chrome
thanks to him
for his exclusive work
ouverture song by
do you need some information
about the code ?
 all fractals are
real time calculated
 pseudo-3d fractals use
64 colors (low resolution)
 2d fractals use
32 colors (low resolution)
 text printing routine
contents  real time vectors
is waiting
for your call
in addonic^s
crashpoint bbs
right mouse button to wait
on the next pages
some special and normal
a big hello
from the origin to
tyrell of chrome
there will be phonecall soon
send special salutes to
trix of dexion
you are still one of my
best friends in scene
chester of brainstorm
really not enough with patsy ?
guardian of ufo
still in love with your modem ?
all friends in d-tect
send special regards to
front of level 4
hoy, hoy, hoy nach nuernberg
octoplex of anarchy
hi there ! see you soon ,too
zedi of quartex
our bbs has started now
so check out !
send special hellos to
kickaha of next
see you on cebit !?
terminator x of cytax
issue 2 of ice was great !
the origin
send special greets to
bukaroo of l.s.d
now i have more time to find
a good idea for a menu
pinhead of anarchy
baslerdeutsch is wat, aeh!?
all members of addonic
i hope for a meeting
with all members !
 houp tu see ju ol suun !!
choose a
contact address
for mail swapping
to the origin or to darkcave
(note your wish) write to
postfach 291
4125 riehen 1 switzerland
plk 172929 e
7800 freiburg germany
to stop press right mouse button
normal greets to
abandon           cinefex design
adept                    classic
airwalk                     coma
alive                  crusaders
anarchy            cryptoburners
angels                     cytax
anxions                   dexion
army                   dictators
artemis                    d-mob
axis                      d-tect
brainstorm        end of century
cerberos                euphoria
cherrysoft     flash productions
chrome                   frantic
freelance                  pussy
fulcrum                  quartex
justice                   rebels
l.s.d                    scoopex
level four                setrox
gemini               spreadpoint
mad factory         techo flight
magnetic fields          tristar
mayhem                    tunics
midnightsun                  ufo
mystix                   unicorn
network                 vertical
next                     vertigo
paradise                  greets
pmc                     part two
yoo folks
hope you liked it
the end
signed off

the origin