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        You are welcome to *** SOUNDMACHINE PART II *** . Again, it was programmed by *** M.P 67 *** and the muzax were either composed or adapted by me (FRED). This time the graphix are home made by MR MYSTERY (Thanx a lot, pal!). Choose a music by pressing the F-Keys (F1 to F4) and click the right mouse button to turn the low-pass-filter ON/OFF (This only work on some A500/2000). You can also control the scroll speed with the left mouse button.   Now let's go on with some information about the 4 songs included in this SOUNDMACHINE PART II.        BOUNCING BALL II: This music (There's better, I know...) was composed for the Bouncing Ball II demo (one of the demo on TDRS's demo disk II!). It is dedicated to *** M.P 67 *** for coding this Soundmachine and to *** MC2 *** for being an excellent mathematician (He programmed the Bouncing Ball II demo).        GHOSTS'N GOBLINS:  You all know how good was this game on the C64 (Maybe one of the best game on it!). One day, I played some C64 tunes on M.P 67's synthesizer (I unfortunately have no one... What a pity... But if you have a synthesizer or a keyboard too many, I won't mind you to send it me!!). This pal said I should translate some C64 musics on AMIGA. Then I borrowed a C64 and recorded many tunes on audio-tapes. And GHOSTS'N GOBLINS was my first adaptation (Long before my OUT RUN translation).  You may have noticed that some measures lack in this adaptation at the beginning: I didn't have a mind to transpose them (He He!!). This translation is dedicated to all members of ACKERLIGHT that I know (CROCKY, DAGON, DARK ANGEL, C.E.O., KEBRA, M.P 67, OLDRIK and last but not least SHARLAAN!).      DEAR ROB...:  This is one of my latest own composition and it also figure in the M.P 67's newest demo. It is 100% dedicated to the venerable master, the best of all, the famous and matchless  * * *   R O B    H U B B A R D   * * * .    By the way, I deseperately try to contact him, but it is still without success. IF YOU KNOW HIM OR IF YOU'VE GOT HIS NEW ADDRESS/PHONE-NUMBER, THEN   P L E A S E   LET ME KNOW IT. I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL FOR SUCH A HELP (Look at the disk for my address).         WAR AND PEACE:  I composed this song for an ACKERLIGHT intro and it is dedicated to a very great friend, I mean *** KEBRA *** . If you find that there's an instrument discordant (in the first part of the song), don't worry, it's wilful. It gives a little of queerness to the music!     Well, I hope you'll all like these musics. I want to greet all the guys who called me because they enjoyed the SOUNDMACHINE PART I, and especially the OUT RUN and NEW HORIZON songs.   If you have any comment about SOUNDMACHINE PART II, feel free to call me! Well, now you can either reset the machine (!) or read the following golden regars (in A-Z order). They go to some excellent Amiga-musicians: Andreas STARR, BUG, David WHITTAKER, ENNO and FDT, FROG, Karsten OBARSKI, MARK II, MASTER BLASTER, Michael WINTERBERG, Rob HUBBARD, SLL, Thomas LOPATIC, THE  D.J., TEM and TITAN.      A platinium hand-shake goes to Andreas STARR: Thanx a lot for answering my letter and sending a tape with your fabulous new songs to me. I love them very much. You are as great as Rob HUBBARD, but with a very different style.  A special merciful regard goes to Karsten OBARSKI for creating the Soundtracker. You'll always be in Amiga users'mind!   The rest of the greetings come later in this scroll...    The following message concerns some ignorant people: The SoundTracker V1.21 (or V1.8) by Karsten is different from the updated ones (The Soundtracker VI by D.O.C., for example). Indeed, in Karsten's Soundtracker, the effectnumber 1 produce arpeggio. Meanwhile, in D.O.C.'s Soundtracker, the same command produce portamento up. So when you rip a music written with the Karsten's Soundtracker, don't use the D.O.C.'s replayroutine to play it, or the music may sound very strange!! (You can also remove all the '1' commands if you want to use D.O.C.'s routine!).  This is worth being said because some people must be unaware of it! For instance, have you already listen to PHENOMENA's DETECTOR-music ripping ?? I have no comment about it...    While I'm about music-ripping, is there any 64'er able to crack musics on it? Yes? Then please just contact me (Look at the disk for my coords). No, I don't want to learn how to rip musics on the 64! I just wish to adapt some Rob's and Martin's (GALWAY, of course!) muzax on AMIGA. Some peole said I should do it with a recording of the music, like I do for OUT RUN or GHOSTS'N GOBLINS. But you all know that Rob's muzax are very 'complex' (that's why they are so excellent!) and the best way to transpose them is to use the score. This is not only a matter of easyness, but also a matter of fidelity (No notes will miss in the convertion) and speed ('Ear-translation' take much more time).  So if anybody there is interested for such a cooperation, there's no time for hesitation! CONTACT ME!!      Special note to D.O.C.: I love your latest Soundtracker IX, but why did you include your intro in the prog? It's very boring to see the intro each time before using the Soundtracker. And moreover, your intro don't work properly on A500! You have to load it 10 times before it deign working. Anyway, your updating is really great and very useful, so keep on updating the Soundtrackers!     By the way, I am collecting ALL Soundtracker songs (sources & special instruments). M.P 67 and me are making a big ULTIMATE SOUNDTRACKER JUKEBOX. It won't be a standart sounddisk! No, it'll take the place of all already existing Soundtracker sounddisk because ALL songs we'll be included on this jukebox (It may take 2 or 3 disks for ALL tunes). So if you've got ANY good Soundtracker song-sources, please send them to me (Look at the disk for my address). And if your musics need some special intruments, don't forget to copy them on the disk! Don't mind, I WILL SEND ALL DISKS BACK (but please don't send more than 2 disks). You should also specify the name of the guy you composed and/or adapted the musics.       What about sending some greetings now? My respectful regards go to: ANOME 68000 (Keep on writing long letters, I like them!), MAJAX , MERCURE of END OF CENTURY (On AMIGA! At last!!), SIR CLIVE, THE CRACKER (Count on me for the soundtracks of your game!) THIERRY L., TMT of LEVEL 1 & TDT (Keep on writing!), and all the other mentioned in this demo!        Well, now I've said all I wished to tell you! I arrange to meet you in my next SOUNDMACHINE.        And you all know :  YOU CAN HELP ME BY GIVING ME ROB'S ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER ...  Y O U   C A N   H E L P   M E   B Y   G I V I N G   M E   R O B ' S   A D D R E S S   O R   P H O N E - N U M B E R  . . .      GoodBye ...                                                                                      The text restarts...              

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