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       Hi there! FRED proudly presents >>> SOUNDMACHINE PART I <<<. Move mouse to choose a music and press left mouse button to listen to it. Click right button to switch the low-pass-filter ON/OFF (only for A500/2000). All musics are composed by me (FRED), except the OUT RUN song, which I've adapted from the original soundtrack. Mega thanx go to *** M.P 67 *** for coding me this nice selector (the HiFi graphix are taken from the AudioMaster presentation).    This demo is dedicated to the famous and matchless  *** Rob HUBBARD ***   He is far the BEST musician I have ever seen !   And now, without waiting any longer, here will follow messages and salutes to a crowd of musician...  Ohh, before everything else, I would like to send an important one to Rob : all music-freaks are waiting for you on the AMIGA! I hope to hear from you soon on this ultimate machine! (By the way, I wish to ask you a few questions about music, so could you please call me? Dial   88 69 40 22  (France) and ask for Fred. Thanx a lot before).  Great regard to Martin GALWAY who is still on C64 too ! (What about programming on the AMIGA? I'm sure you would work miracles).    A big hello goes to:  MERCURE on C64 (H'pe to meet you on summer holidays!) - MARK II (Great musics) - SLL (Nice soundtrackings !) - Karsten OBARSKI (Thanx a lot for your useful and legendary SoundTracker! I hope to listen to new songs from you soon!) - A.STARR (Marvellous sounds! I liked your musics on your two AmigaSoundDisks very much, especially these on the second one! And I've just got your latest product: ELECTRIC DREAMS. It's....really WON-DER-FUL !!!) - PSYCHOS (Nice theme for TJC) - H.Q.C. (Please send disks and audio tape back. And what about the soundtracks for your games-to-be ?) - RED SECTOR (I loved 'JackDance'!) - Holger GEHRMANN - Thomas LOPATIC - H.HELCHER - David WHITTACKER - MASTER BLASTER (nice adaptation from Axel F.) - TRAVELLING JACK (I'm looking forward to listening to your compositions!) - TITAN (Cool tunes for North Star) - THE CONJURER (Good muzak for your latest C.B.C. intro!) - FROG (Nice muzaks for D.O.C.!)   and all the other GOOD muzak-writer on the AMIGA. OHH !! I'm sorry, I've forgotten someone who composed one the collest music on the AMIGA. I mean *** THE D.J. *** from FASHION! You are really good and the music from the last part of your demo disk is ... SEN-SA-TIO-NAL ...   (That's what I think sincerly).     Well, for the normal greetings you'll have to wait a bit.   Note to The Jungle Command: good idea to make music invasions ! When will the third one be released ??    ALKI of Steel Pulse has also done a great collection of sound disks (to be continued).    Oh, have you already listened to the music of the Amiga-game 'Leatherneck' ?  It's a good soundtrack , isn't it? But didn't you notice something about some instruments ?!? They sound like Rob's ones! The author of that music is unfortunately not mentioned in the game.   By the way, on talking about game-musics, I would be very interested in composing a soundtrack for a game. If you are programming a game and you've no music for it, then please just contact me. Look at the end of this scroll for my phone number (N.B.: try to call between 18:00 and 21:30. I speak French and a little bit English!).     Well, what do you think about the OUT RUN song ? Nice, isn't it ? M.P 67 let me hear the original soundtrack, which is provided on an audio tape with the computer game. He lent me his tape and wished me to adapt this freaking music. And of course, I did it! I hope he enjoys the result of my work. It was not so easy because the tape recording was not of good quality. But I tried to reproduce it as reliable as possible.      And now it's time for the greetings (Don't hang up, the list is very short !). Hand shakes go to all members of TDRS: MC2, Teuf Teuf, Judge Dredd & M.P 67 (look out for their latest demo disk !!) - Ackerlight - Sir Clive - Pegaze - Donald Soft/SMAC SOFT (Thanx for writing me again. I'pe you like my musics!) - New Cracking Line (Try to write more often, even if you've nothing to swap) - D.O.C. (Useful updating of the SoundTracker! Your latest demo is really greeaaaatttt  !!!!) - TMT/Level one (I'm waiting for your Final SoundTracker ! I think it'll be the best one !!) - C.B.C. (I'm very pleased to be associated with you today !) - Thierry L. (Good luck to you for the army!).      Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoy my first musics. If you want to get in touch with me or if you need a music for a game (but NOT for a demo or intro, because I already work for ACKERLIGHT and TDRS!), grab your telephone and dial  88 69 40 22  in France (ask for Fred). Don't call me for swapping pirated softwares: I don't swap such progs! Look out for the next coming SOUNDMACHINE PART II.             This scroll is now drawing to a close. It'll just restart in a few seconds...    - END OF TRANSMISSION -                                                                                                                

Hey you ! Are you going to rip one of my muzaks ? OK, but do not forget to send us a small greeting !