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*the revenge of kellogsman totally coded by nbl tj 50 vaba vaba  *

                             greegah bundolo!!!    
      hello and welcome to the accession hyper super duper meeting demo!
this demo was made during a busy weekend in vyvyan's and adept's place...   
the credits for this piece go to:        mega coding - nightlade   ,   
assistant coding(?) - adept   , super graphics - moku and vyvyan    ,  shit music - 
adept    ,    (im)moral support - ddt    , fucking intelligent scrolltext - vyvyan, adept, ddt and 
moku...  the lenght of the scrolltext is only about 36 kb!!!         this is our 
record of demo-making speed... absolutely everything (except a little bit of c
oding) was made during one week
end... coding: 1 day , music: 2 hours , graphics: 2 days , scrolltext: 2 1/2
 days.... you can use the joystick for example masturbating, playing stupid 
games (all games are stupid!), controlling the speed of this scroller, mixing 
drinks, throwing it through the window, getting the parts of a moving train 
to fit together in a microsecond, etc. etc. etc. 
this is adept writing and i am now going to let you read the real 
bullshit scrolltext..... so first moku kicks off!!!!             
  are we dead? is this afterlife? shit, i don't know but i think
 we are still alive and kicking even though those finnish
 lamers think that we have been perished. no one thought that
 we can rise again, but who is here with our great? mega-
accession meetingdemo. well, who is this writing this scroll
text??? i am moku the ex-leader of accession and i haven't
 written any scrolltexts for a very long time and not to any
 accession demo! they have been too poor, but this demo will
 beat all the records. those fucking loosers (adept and ddt)
 are just reading sex-magazines and they let me to handle
 this keyboard, while i was resting. doing graphics isn't the
 easiest job in the world. if you want to contact us then wait
 patiently, they will come later.  messy's for finnish loosers:
 we won't die ever. we will rise like phoenix-bird over and
 over again!      exodus, have you ever danced with the devil
 in a pale moonlight?  get any rid of that sentence? if not
 then grow up and don't be such a pussy.    ddt is reading
 contact addresses of g-men.   well something wonderful happ
ened to me today. i had done that charset for a few hours
 and guess what happened? i think you guessed that that fucking
 dpaint 3 made a guru meditation and i almost threw that
 amiga outside this house. anyway some of adepts friends 
promised to bring his bitmapfinder to the meeting place. i
 was releafed. my work has not been wasted because of stupid
 program. an hour later he came and brought some pictures
 of a great artist (a probable member) to me.     
this is ddt listen up!!!!first of all i want to 
say something really important to "ddt"/team-x.i really mean 
that you should change your name to something other that is not 
in use because i dont like that someone uses my name !!!!! 
and if you dont change your name i will find you and you will 
pray to have chance to change your name....and now normal 
bullshit... well at this moment i am at vyvyans place and we 
have accession tampax mini meeting...wait a second phone is 
ringing (prrrr.prrrrr).great it was my wife ....bore bore.... 
and now back to bullshit!!!hi equlamer(sami)/unique have you 
learn how to use dr.t sequencer...and now some facts about 
accession...well here comes some special greets...very special 
greetings to pure-byte inc/sami as i told you i was going to 
kotka(city) and here i am...more greets to klint (cool stuff) 
okay few minutes ago we called some lamers ...first we called 
f.o.a.d./altair 943/71588 and this is what we talked........ 
first of all i did introduce my self and he wanted to swap 
with me (lets see how old stuff he sends) and vyvyan 
think that he is lamer at point 5 (our lamer points look like 
this 1 almost cool guy 2.3.4.and 5 worst lamer than can be on 
earth (but like red sector megademo question said that if 
theres no lamers there cant be winners).after that stupid call 
we called anssi/gate he was as bad lamer like f.o.a.d. so we 
ranked him at point 5 (heh)..and after that we called...(sorry 
cant remember your code name so i call you sami)sami/exodus 
he was almost a cool guy so we gave him 1 point (keep trying 
and you could be a cool guy)...after that we called real 
lamers that were sleeping (friday 00.00(can you imagine 
sleeping at friday heh!))those guys were murkyman/? and 
battlesnake/? battlesnakes mother woke him up and when he 
reached to phone i introduced my self as pekka tenhunen and 
said that i heard from other guys from lahti parties that you 
breaked few tables and etc. then he almost cried at phone that 
i wasnt at lahti parties so how could i break tables etc..... 
coooool we couldnt rank those lamers at our rank table so they 
are real real real real bad lamers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(hope you 
liked my little joke battlesnake!!!)(heh)and now to other and vyvyan are writing scroll text with two amigas 
and as you can think theres going to be again a long long 
text....vyvyan just gave up with writing for a while gee now i 
am writing alone .by the way where is moku,adept and nightblade 
they went earlier evening to some stupid restaurant and they 
havent come back yet... and now some finnish jokes sorry 
foreigners...this is ddt joke service....siirtomaa-uutiset... 
ministerivierailu parantolasiirtolassa,suomen etelameren 
syfilisparantolassa on vieraillut korkeasti kunnioitettu suomen 
ulkomaankauppaministeri pertti salolainen.  turha tanne on jaada 
kuppaamaan,kannusti ulkomaankauppaministeri pertsa syfilissakkia 
...   braindead ...... call out the cells ...... gimme an v ....... 
gimme an y ....... gimme an v ....... gimme an y ........ gimme 
an a ........ gimme an n ....... gimme vyvyan !!!!!!!! 
he`s back .... the man behind the mask  ....... geeeez , not jason 
but vyvyan of course !!!! so hello muthafuckers ... howdy u been lately ??? 
i`m here at the accession mini tampax meeting !!! here we are ... 
adept .... moku ..... ddt ..... nightblade and ofcourse me !!! 
this demo you`re watching is the truth about accession !!! all 
teams think here in finland that we are dead ??? we cant code 
nothing and we cant draw anything or we cant make any good music 
??? fuck you i say !!! few names i must mention ::::: 
best coders in finland : rossi ... nightblade ... lihis ... all 
members of accession but too much work and lazy men !!! older 
amiga scene watchers remember these great coder guys !!! then lets 
talk about gfx men ::::: h.pulla ( finlands graffiti master !!! )
 ... zei ( no team you may say but soooorry he`s our man !!! ) 
then you may want to know about our music masters ????? the best 
in finland ex-lord chris now android .... just tell me who can 
beat this guy in music scenes ??????? accession dead ????? nooooooooooooooo 
we are mean and alive !!!! just few things why we had to keep our 
business underground !!! but you wont read them ..... hahahaha !!! 
i`m sorry all finnish teams but we are the absolutely best !!! 
we are not the number one ..... but we are simply the best ones !!!!! 
maybe there are few groups who make demos and intros one a week !!! 
but you must trust ideas and quality !!! seen the accession sticker ???!!! 
the best you can get !!! idea of sticker may not be the years original 
but the quality is simply the best !!!!! the best !!!!! the best !!! 
so few notes to few teams :::::: team-x ( ok ... the most lamest team 
in finland but few plusses for two guys in lahti parties .... you 
did not pose any roles .... you were just like you were born !!! ) 
then unique ( i must say you try your best but your cracker journal 
winning demo was shit !!! even nightblade could do demo like that !!! ) 
( i must greet equ and santtu .... why afraid ?????? ) third team 
is animate ( lamer ... lamer .... lamer after one each other ... 
i really wanna kick few asses in party sometime somewhere ??!!! ) 
fourth place goes to x-beat ( great guys ... great ideas ... the best 
men in norra karelia !!! zados , irwin .... i luv juu ! ) ..... 
so it was easy ....... but lets get few fuckings on the line ::::::: 
coppermaster ( if i ever see your face .... you`ll be chopped liver !!! ) 
so after few minutes we ( i and ddt ) phoned to few guys !!!! but read 
the ddt scrolly or have you readed it already !!!! ?????? 
he will explain all facts !!!! great ..... i must tell you one 
thing .... :::: pigman said that i cant enter the gate (lamers) 
party ?????? what a false !!!! why ????? just tell me why ????? 
if i make some noise and i make some hits .... so who gives a fuck ??? 
all teams here in funland dont know how to party !!!! except x-beat !!! 
yeah one thing about x-beat !!! i readed couple weeks ago from 
crackers journal that x-beat is the best in party freaks !!!??? 
i want the whole thruth !!! the absolutely truth !!!! we are the 
real party animals !!!! have complains x-beat ?????? i bet you 
wont !!!! ...... ????? jeeessss the forgivin greetings from 
uncle vyvyan ::::: best splatters goes to ::: ddt , moku , et , adept , 
nightblade , mic dair , stavvy , slayer , zebra , storm , thrashman , 
loki , equ , santtu , zados , irwin , monster , rockstar , grendel , 
kruntso ( vai mika vittu ) , all accession members , master blaster , 
esa , and if someone was forgotten i will cry for you ..... shit 
two guys more from outer space ::::: arjan de raaf (send new list
 and i`ll buy the ones from you !!! ) and to ronald reagan ( thank`s
 god you stopped your president time .... may you die slowly !!! )
....... yes time goes by and new things happen ..... i`m sorry 
all foreigners who only understands english but you should learn 
to talk finnish and read it .... and after that you should read maggy !!! 
the best magazine ( in disk ) in finland !!!! i`m the fulltime 
editor and i won`t regret it !!! ofcourse there is the finlands best 
scandinavian news .... but it`s own quality .... even close to 
maggy !!!! sorry guys and chicks ( if any ??? ) .... now i must stop 
this bull and start it tomorrow morning .... im too fucking tired 
and my back hurts so much that i can`t nearly breath !!!! but 
if theres any chicks out there i want to hear from you some 
ideas .... thoughts and more !!!....... get paper ................... 
get pencil .................. and write this down ............. 
:::::::::: keskuskatu 23 a 14          ........       48100  kotka        ......
sf    -      finland            and write vyvyan t.u.m.b.  ( the 
mean one and the only one !!!!! )       bye for now ..... i love you .......
 ok here is the mega hyper ultimate fucking adept!!!! here i am
fresh from the outside of the universe... this time i am writing 
to this scroller??? am i drunk??? nooooo!!!!!! maybe i give
 the greetings???? ei ei ei ei ei (veerpoorten?) ... to all
 non-finns (from abroad) it means: nononononononononon! 
hups! okay now i let the gree gree greeeeeee  greeetings? 
so now here comes the spezialo greetiano to:      quartex  -  
vision factory  -  vox dei  -  cascade  -  spreadpoint  -  
supreme  -  purebyte  -  nightblade!!!  -  silents und northstar
  -  avenger  -  piranhas  -  ghost of infocom  -  the wizards
 inc.  -  ido 59  -  sargon  -  chipper (from ddt)  -  undertakers???
  -  fairfax  -  x-beat!!!  -  freedom forest (from nbl!)  -  phoenix  -  
ipec elite  -  vortex 42  -  scoopex  -  subway (hi bug.)  -  magic arts  -
  communisti ohvi bloodsakeri  -  (grendellllll)  -  niko nirvi
  -  (grendel, ddts wife says that you smell terrible.!?)  -
  unique (loooooooooooooooooosers!?!)  -  foad of altair (it 
was very nice to talk with you! t: ddt)  -  iris  -  mirka (
our new artist.?)  -  fartex (nice drink!!!)  -  bob dylan  -
  irwin  -  vesa-matti loiri!!! (our mega member!)  -  et (
our hairy friend from space!)  -  great made (sieg heil!)  -
  moku!!!!!!!!! (lamerrrrrrrr...?(who s(h)its beside me))  -
  budweiser (king of beers)  -  alko (keep up the good work!)
  -  pitti-lehti (we're waiting for your article...)  -  cracker
  journal (sulkuteksti)  -  coppermaster (gimme a laugh!!!!!)
  -  ddts brown hole  -  garfield(magazine)  -  judge dredd  -
  punisher  -  eddie (iron maiden)  -  karsten obarski (good
 64 sounds, pelle!!!!)  -  tip (gimme the 8-channel-tracker)  -
  vyvyans super parrots (talking)  -  shclump  -  mika nevasuo
 from westcom systems oy ab  -  miika jalonen  -  purebyte 
trading ltd.  -  special greetings from ddt to equlamer  -  
my red stockings!!!!?!  -  ddt's bra  -  michael myers  -  
jason voorhees  -  leatherface  -  tony timpone  -  chas balun  -
  clive barker  -  alistair crowley  -  stavros fasoulas  -  
whizkids  -  1001  -  spemu  -  rossi  -  lihis  -  sodan  -
  abc  -  gcs  -  dynamic duo  -  light circle  - (are the 
greetings getting a little bit old?)  -  section 8  -  triad (
not the new one)  -  hotline  -  delta force  -  oks import 
division  -  plutonium crackers  -  hqc  -  shut berlin! (did
 you like our purkkikiller?)  -  papillons  -  kefrens and 
supply team and tartan army  -  bamiga sector 1 and the kent 
team!!!!!  -  star frontiers  -  movers and bitstoppers  -  
bfbs   -  paralamia  -  black monks  -  the band  -  shark
 of fashion (from moku)  -  trilogy  -  defjam  -  777-team  -
  punri hella  -  bostik glue  -  misu-club!!! (esp. anti
christ!)  -  vemppa software (moulinex machine)  -  safebreaker
 of vci  -  patsasoftware  -  wccf  -  foxy lady  -  seka  -
  ginger lynn  -  dutch-usa team  -  tcs  -  k-kauppa  -  
zados of sack  -  cobra of tdt!  -  the wolf squad (tws)  -
  fort slava  -  living shit, pasi nykanen  -  panther  -  
ruonalan megaswapperi  -  ryynimakkara  -  miami tuutti  -  
ben johnson  -  ok, here ends the greetings at last!   now i
 will tell you the 10 best teams in finland!!!    1. vemppa 
software!!  2. vci ('v' crackings incorporated)  3. ex-men  
4. gayt  5. megastars!  6. sack  7. exodus  8. microwave (micro
aushwitchswitch)  9. mummonraiskaajat inc.  10. moc-artists  .. now 
i think ddt will continue...    ... . yeah!!! the time is now 2:21 am and we are looking at a stupid
 film in filmnet..!  the blood is flowing!!! oooohhhh!!!! (
batman was shit movie!) ... parrots are fucking in cage!!! ok,
 now its time for ddt's joke corner!!! only finnish, sorry!!!
       kanarian saaret..keisari vayryhiton legendaarinen isa, 
keisari manuhito ensimmainen syotti alulle kanariansaarten 
valtaamisen.vuoteen 1996 mennessa olivat perinne aseilla varustetut 
lomarykmentit havittaneet jo las palmasin ja kostotoimet miespuolisia 
murjaaneja vastaan kaynnissa.tilanne stabiloitui 1997,kun grillatun 
laskin tuotantolaitokset perustettiin playa del inglesiin.ilman 
kanarian laskia eli ns.teutoninpintaa olisi valtakunnan elintarvikehuolto 
hukassa ja laskisoosikattilat porisivat tyhjyyttaan kotirintamalla 
...     and now vyvyan will continue:    auuu what a beautiful mooorning !!!! yes bros .... its time to 
start some scrolly writing again !!! yes those drumsounds you 
hear are digitized from my pearl electric drum set (are not. -adept)!!! feel 
free to rip them !!! yeah i just heard that tonite 16.45 i must 
go to the doctor and he will fix my back !!! shittin ... shittin ... 
maybe someone knows how it hurts when your back is in bad shape !! 
and maybe you kow how much it hurts when specialist fixs it !!! 
i maybe die .... !!! gore ..... i really wait for monday when i 
get new game machine !!! yes the greatest videogame ever made 
the outstanding bright vectors .......... the best asteroids 
conversion ........ getting hot??????? yeah i`ll buy vextrex !!! 
the best in entertainment !!! aaargh !!! i`ll faint when i 
hit my fingers to vextrexs buttons and start to destroy those 
fucking aliens !!! price ???? 250 fmk ....... means 50 dollars !!! 
almost cheap ...???!!! i`ll get also 10 games with it !!! buuti buuti
 !!! any news in music scene ????? sure some bull about it ..... 
the best ones at this moment :::: ludichrist ...... red hot chili
 peppers ...... wehrmacht ...... mucky pup !!!! and the hit 
song for this month ????? wehrmacht`s beermacht !!! ddt and moku 
came in and ddt hitted me with kalle magazine ...... yak !!! 
just came in one important note ::::: in sweden there was a 
party for gays !! over 2800 people arrived and showed happy face 
with their dicks crunched to eachothers assholes !!! they walked 
like that across stockholm city !!! so ..... hello all sweden 
amiga gubbens !!! jag ar mycket glad at du ar alla duktiga pojkar
 och har alla hiv virus i deras amiga !!! vara nu snall och 
skriv till adolf !!! han vet om ni vill ha mera kyyk i deras rumbba ! 
sorry other foreigners !!! that was language for (apor) monkeys ! 
tsuubi duubi ....... the time goes by .........and now the long awaited accession memberlist :
     adept  (leader , swapper , musician)    ,    android  (music)    ,
ddt  (swapper , hitman)    ,    et  (hardware supplier , storer)    ,
    falcon  (graffix , digitizing)    ,    growl  (news)    ,    
hawkwind  (swapper , graffix)    ,    hella  (graffix)    ,    
lihis  (coding)    ,    loki  (coding)    ,    moku  (graffix)    ,
    nightblade  (coding)    ,    pietro  (storer assistant)    ,
    raaka arska  (hardware supplier)    ,    shorty  (musax)    ,
    s.o.b.  (hitman)    ,    the giant  (coder , musax)    ,
    tws  (news)    ,    vyvyan t.u.m.b.  (hitman , tattooer)    ,
    xyz-soft  (coder)    that was all !?!    yeargh!!!! here is adept again! now it is saturday
 and we have tried to make this demo for the whole day... moku
 drew the fonts and voila!!! when he was saving the picture of 
course sofware failure appeared! we tried for a long time to 
save the fonts by using bitplanefinder (fuck you who made it!), 
and of course nothing happened.... shit!  now moku is drawing 
the fonts again... ddt is just calling nightblade and asking
 for a car to use (nightblades hyper skoda!!!!) ... no effect!
 so we have to manage with only two machines... last night ever
ybody was very sleepy and so me and nightpappa went home...  
this weekend is not going to be very cheap for me... and i have
 to spare money for my trip to germany next week. 
thanks for the company in which i am working, for paying me 
the trip!!! i stayed at the hotel hyatt regency (luxus of 
course!) ... (this part is written afterwards) ... hellos to all 
people that i met there (spreadpoint etc.) and especially to those 
that i didn't meet (michael und wolfgang/cascade, vf, red sector etc.) ... 
(ddt just found vyvyans jps cigarettes) ... just
 few moments ago we recorded some hyper voices to the tape... 
maybe we are going to sample them for the song, which i am supp
osed to do... (why me!) ... .... because ddt and vyvyan cant 
create good music enough!!!!(-ddt) ... but can i??? no way!!!!
 yes you can!!!!!!!!!(-ddt) ... oh no oh no....ddt is just drin
king only his third budweiser today... it is empty now!!! now 
it is very silent at the moment!!! ddt is fetching more budwei
ser... vyv disappeared somewhere!!! ... moku still refuses to 
save the fonts... we are awaiting for guru... that should appear
 at mokus dpaint iii in few moments!   for contacting moku, wri
te to :          pl 177      04201 kerava    finland    .... 
and don't expect the disks to be returned!!!! ok, ddts contact 
address is coming up too!!!!      hameentie 48 b 47      00500 
helsinki 50      finland?      ....  you can also contact us 
by fax or modem .... try to find the numbers!!! also if you 
want to become our copyslave, please contact us!!!! greetings 
to ddt's millions of contacts too!!! hahaha! a special report!!
 moku still wears his jeansjacket?!!!!! ddt is planning to start
 swapping!!!! moku and ddt are complaining about their fingers
?!?!?! vyvyan is now leaving...  shit!!! this scroller is the 
most boring scrolltext in the world!!!! if you really manage 
to read the whole text, then i give you my best regards of 
scrolltext-reading!!!... now some short greets from me! to:        
hawkwind (hippie go go) , the bilbo (where's the demo?) , 
mark and fly(?)/spreadpoint (nice to meet again) , michael/cascade 
(shit that we didn't meet again... nice 4 hours phonecall anyway!) , 
nightblade (tj?) , scoopex (shark tm., i heard that you were at the show 
too???) , supra corporation (mr. john wiley and mr. joern e. hey) , 
tws (my disks!!!!) , dwarf (professionalized?) , hyatt regency hotel 
(the best in koln!) , shorty (where's chipmon? hope you send it soon!) , 
android (keep up the beat!) , pietro (thanx for all cheap stereo stuff!) , 
all my contacts etc. etc. .... now i will stop  .... 
 vyvyan again:      
 !!! praise the 
muromies (weetabix man) !!! the best man on the earth !!! let me 
tell you something about weetabix mans childhood !!! his mother was 
a worker in some kellogs factory !!! she packed in 67 years over 
78 million kellogs rice crispies packages !!! great .... err !!! 
weetabixs father was a genius !!! he invented the worlds first 
weetabix 3-d glasses and 3-d weetabix jellies !!! one night when 
the kellogs factory had a breakdown ... weetabixs mother had a 
bad accident and weetabixs father fucked weetabixs mother who 
was in koma straight to fat cunt !!!! splats !!!! the white 
forces fly !!!! so after 7 and half months mother got exploded 
and the weetabix man came throught mothers asshole !!! father 
had a heart attack and died 7 minutes later !!! weetabix man was 
alone !!! when weetabix man stepped throught hospital his weight 
was 100 kilos !!! quite amazing or what ???!!! then he wandered 
around the world until one rainy(toxic waste???) he stepped in 
to accession headquarters in helsinki - finland !!! so he was 
not orphan and pure fat 100 percent !!! he started a war against 
traitors like x-men , bloodsuckers etc... !!! the lonely warrior 
... the one and the best .... weetabix man !!!! (muromies ... joka 
jostain kumman syysta asuu kuitenkin minun luonani ja on oudosti 
ihastunut muro kokoelmaani ????) sorry foreigners !!! yo yo yo
 !!! that was the chilhood of weetabix man !!! clock is now 
23.30 and moku tries to get some sleep ....................... 
no he fuckin` wont !!!!! moooooookuuuuuuuuuuu get up fucker !!! 
he bites  his fingernails and holds his forehead !!!!! he taps 
his stomach and tries to laugh ?!?!??!?!?!?! now he looks at 
me and hides his face under left hand !!!!! adept drinks some 
finlandia vodka !!! and talks some mumbler ........ ddt gets 
his mind to local porno mag .... !!!!! weird pervert ... because 
the mag contains lots of fat neger mothers !!! hmmmmmmm maybe 
ddt likes 2000 kilos arounding him ????? well i dont wanna know !!! 
moku tries to get colour to weetabix man ......... looks fine !!! 
the best animation in finland yet ..... !!!! yes .... few 
fights about this demo ??????? moku , me and ddt wants to get 
the zei cognac glass explode but adept cries no no no no no ! 
but when you read this scrolly you know did we get it on !!!!! 
bleaaaaargh !!! my wife wants to send greetings to following 
people :::::: renttu ...... monster(pusuja) ...... foad(ihan perseesta)
 ...... tiikeri ...... kruntso ...... rockstar ...... python ......
ja kaikille hyville kamuille ympari suomen maan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
deadbreath vyvyan back again !!!!! suit guys are dead !!!!!!!! 
the midnight is coming and i will go haunting !!!! break dos 
for awhile ...................................................................
 yeeeaaaahhh!!!it is famous ddt behind the 
keyboard...yeah still writing this fucking scroll text.... 
i am trying to make some sensible text right now!!!!........ 
okay the first thing is where do i get copyslave????????????? 
well if you think you are the one then contact me.....parrots 
are singing!!!!vyvyans girlfriend is reading video news!!!!!!! 
by the way vyvyan has good collection of beer cans!!!!wait a 
moment while i count them!!!!!!!!!!!.........................
...........okay he has 36 diffrent kind beer cans!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
oh i forgot to say that i got a gift from vyvyan,it is a skull 
that makes two diffrent noices and skulls eyes flash red light. 
coooooooooolllllll!!!!!isn't it? ok, here is adept again! we 
just watched a porno video list! moku started to paint the 
great weetabix man!!! ddt is getting some porno mags from the 
locker...      .......      now, ladies and gentlemen!!! the 
official accession top lists!!!!      and here is porno-mags 
top 5!!!!               1. hustler  2. playboy's girls of summer
  3. fat mamas!  4. sex bizarre  5. teenager    ........... 
and now the splatter/gore films to 5:                  
1. bad taste  2. intruder  3. street thrash  4. bloodsucking 
freaks  5. thou shalt not kill...         ......... 5 comics:               1. judge dredd  2. donald duck
  3. hemmo paskiainen  4. punisher  5. spiderman    !!!!      
  condoms top 5:              1. naggi!!!! (the ultimate one!)
 2. xl (especially vyv's choice!)  3. okeido (mokus favourite)
  4. sultan sensitive  5. black jack         .........     
   top 10 finnish superlamers!          1. team-x  2. coppermaster  
3. scy  4. megastars  5. murkyman  6. battlesnake  7. foad  
8. elimination  9. python  10. pigman        .........       
   top 3 toothpastes:         1. pepsodent supergeeli  2. lahekkain
  3. elmex       .........           top 3 wc papers:        
   1. vesseli  2. luonnonystava  3. teollisuus wc-paperi (pain
 in the arse!)         ...........           so they ended!!!!
now we are listenig to 'kumikameli'.....?  attention !!! this 
is vyvyan hopping to anothers text !!! sorry adept !!!!!!!!!!! 
listen those beautiful samples ???!!! like them ???!!! more 
female (female? -adept) speech you can get if you send note what you want female 
to speak or shout or mumble and 5 dollars for a speech !!!!!! 
example :::: 10 words ..... 25 dollars !!!! 20 words ..... 50 dollars 
 !!!! jups !!! so get sexy voice or die !!!!!! bleed suckers !!! 
adept continues ::::::::::::::: veijo meri rules ok!!???!!! 
guess who!!!! yes here is adept again! oh no? yes, the great
 famous unknown leader/swapper/musician/(hardware supplier)/(gfx-man)/
(coder? no!) of accession!!!!!!!! 
 i am running out of ideas right now.... sorry foreigners that
 here is so much finnish language.... but who cares!!! if you take this 
demo too seriously you must be a real pisshead loooooooooooser!!! 
  hey hey hey klockan ar 2:26 am in sunday morning!!! the 
second night in vyv's place! moku is trying to make a logo 
for the demo... he has been very active for the whole day and
 night, now he has drawed about 16 hours... vyvyan is passing
 out??? now he is lying silent on the bed... i stop now.....   
vyvyan here! geez back again !!! moku draws accession logo inspired by 
clockwork orange (vice ones maybe noticed it already ???) 
adept reads newest fangoria and ddt is again reading porno mag 
but now its the best one (almost!) playboy`s newest number !!! 
jee kiiki wears black bras ???!!!! ummagumma !!! why all amiga 
scene new entries are so fucking young and lame ???? pleeease tell 
me fucking why ???? all teams here in finland tries to be the 
best ones and they are real shitbrains in life !!! few beers 
and woooowdees it goes like hell ???? i cant understand that !! 
we are not trying to be the ones ........... we simply are the 
best in finland !!!!! look out for music collection coming near 
you .......... ! you`ll notice what means word quality and what 
word means shit !!!! the beer tastes good but the feeling is 
down right now !!! silent people and fucked with sitting around !!! 
groooooo maybe we can make little action in business here !!!!! 
don`t really know and i don`t really care !!! own ass best ass ??? 
nooooo !!!! let`s make little break to scroller that you can 
rest your eyes ....                        
rested enough ????? no more sorry !!! yo something about my 
tattoo business ???!!! yeaahhhhh :::::::: all is going great 
i have finlands cheapest prices and quality is excellent !!! bright 
colors ... thin outlining ... over 4000 thousand models ... 
full sterilization !!! and much much more !!!! i bet no one 
out there have any tattoos in skin ?????? lameeers !!!! the 
best art you cant get and it even grows your own personality !!! 
personality ...... yes it even exists ...... fucking cows !!!! 
all your life you think everything goes fine .... !!! all i have 
to do is get best scores from school and best job i can get !!! 
but when you`re over 30 years old and you have wife and three 
kids !!! you work 9 to 5 and money makes the world go around !!!??? 
then one day your wife finds you from cellar where you lie dead !!! 
fucking nice merconomic life !!! i`ll salute you !!! what about 
me ..... the looser ????? i have very much depts everywhere and 
i must think my buyings for every day that i can get food for 
living !!! money saving is dead !!! because i cant find money what 
to save !!!! hahahahahahahahaha !!!! thats my life ..... i hope 
you all yuppies out there have nice life .......... nice dead !!! 
so no cry anymore ..... you dont need to know anything about my 
life and i know you wont bet any interest to it ...... why ??? 
yeessi !!! arjan de raaf !!!! where the fuck are you ( i moved 
and lost your address ... please write new list and address ... 
35 guilders ... was it right ???) bloody bloody tiring to write 
this text !!! sorry guys no i must stop and give this amiga 
2000 :nds keyboard to ddt !!! maybe he gets some guts to this text !!! 
good night and please have veeery bad dreams ......................... 
....sorry guys finnish sex story is coming up................. 
letkeaa lempea eli voimaharjoittelua vuoteessa....itse asiassa koko 
juttu sai alkunsa siita,etta arvon aviomieheni matkusti yllattaen 
ulkomaille.han matkustelee paljon yleensakin,mutta talla kertaa  
me olimme jo pitkan aikaa etukateen laatineet yhteisen lomasuunnitelman 
juuri tuoksi viikoksi.matka oli kuitenkin miehelleni tarkea liiketoimien 
kannalta ja vaikken siihen kuitenkaan suostunut hyvilla mielin, 
minun oli lopulta annettava periksi ja varauduttava viettamaan oma 
lomaviikkoni yksin kotona.jutun seuraava ja oikeastaan viela 
ratkaisevampi vaihe alkoi siita , kun sisarentyttareni leena yllattaen 
soitti minulle ja kertoi aikovansa vierailla silloisen poikaystavansa 
kanssa kaupungissa. kaveri osallistui kuulemma joihinkin kansainvalisiin 
skaboihin , ja nyt leena halusi tiedustella , olisiko kenties mahdollista , 
etta he molemmat majoittuisivat minun luokseni ???? tietenkaan minulla 
ei ollut mitaan sita vastaan (sauna???).en ollut tavannut leenaa vuosikausiin 
, mutta muistin , etta jo teiniikaisena han oli ollut varsin hemaisevan 
nakoinen ja muutenkin mukava vaaleaverikko. olisihan jannittavaa nahda , 
millainen kaunotar hanesta viimevuosien aikana oli tullut . 
niinpa me sovimme etta leena tulisi luokseni perjantaina saatettuaan 
sita enne poikaystavansa taman skaboihin . sopimuksen leena tuli 
asunnolleni joskus kello kuuden maissa . naytin hanelle heille varatun 
makuuhuoneen , minka jalkeen tarjosin hanelle tilaisuutta kayda kylvyssa 
huuhtomassa matkapolyt iholtaan. kun leena sitten ilmestyi tukka kammattuna 
ja kasvot meikattuna silkkisessa kylpytakissaan en voinut olla ihailematta 
, millainen vaalea kaunotar hanesta oli tullut. sanoin sen hanelle 
, ja han katsoi minua hymyillen . et sinakaan juuriole muuttunut, 
tati.olet aivan yhta vietteleva kuin viimeksi.minun taytyy olla varuillani, 
ettet sina yrita iskea folkea minulta,kun han tulee tanne!leenalla 
oli nakojaan mustat nailon sukat ja korko kengat kylpytakkinsa 
alla.minulla oli yllani kokomustaan,pitsiin kirjailtuun oloasuun 
.miten on,maistuisiko sinulle kahvi ja konjakki kysyin iltapalan jalkeen 
.leena nyokkasi otimme konjakit,toiset ja kolmannetkin, 
kunnes aloin ihmetella,missa leenan poikaystava 
otimme uudet konjakit,vahittellen juttumme alkoivat kayda yha uskaliaammiksi. 
jossain vaiheessa leenan takki oli valahtanut auki,ja saatoin nahda, 
etta sen alla hanella hanella oli vain pienet satiini housut, 
mustat rintsikat,ohut sukkanauhavyo ,ja pikkuruiset sydamen muotoiset 
housut.siemaisin hammentyneena lasini tyhjaksi.mina en ole koskaan 
ollut naisillekaan ja kenties leena aavisti paassani liikkuvat ajatukset 
silla yhtakkia han valautti takin kokonaan olkapailtaan ja jai 
katsomaan minua odottavasti.olenko mina sinun mielestasi kaunis 
tati?nyokkasin konjakin karvastellessa kurkussani.leena kurottui  
kaatamaan minulle lisaa konjakkia.sitten han nojautui taaemmaksi 
sohvalla ja paasti hitaasti auki rintsikoiden hakaset.vaikka han olikin 
solakka,hanella oli taytelaiset pyoreat rinnat,joiden keskelta nannipihat 
erottuivat tummempina,nannit jo selvasti koholle olivat 
vaalean punaiset.tunsin poskieni tummenevan,kun leena hitaasti 
koukisti polvensa ja veti sitten sivuun sydamen muotoiset,pikku poksynsa 
paljastaen minulle estottomasti vaalean karvan reunustaman,pehmea
piirteisen hapynsa.kiihottaako tama sinua.nyokkasin lamaantuneena. 
pidellen yha poksyjaan sivussa leena levitti kaksin kasin hempean 
vaaleanpunaisia hapyhuuliaan aivan kuin niita minulle tarjoten.sinulla on paljon 
isommat rinnat,han kehaisi.etko voisi nayttaa niita minulle, nielaisin 
lasini tyhjaksi.konjakin polte kurkussani painauduin sohvan selkanojaa 
vasten ja aloin kiihtymyksesta vapisten napittaa auki oloasuani 
leenan tuijottaessa kiinnostuneena etenemistani.hetken mielessani 
valahti ajatus mitahan leenan mies miettisi nahdessaan meidat tallaisina. 
sitten painoin vaatekappaleen vyotaisilleni niin , etta painavat naisen 
rintani paasivat pullahtamaan nakyviin. leena katsoi niita sanattomina , 
yha sormillaan hapyhuuliaan hieroen !!! yhtakkia kuulin selkani 
takaa omituista korinaa ja kaannyin katsomaan kauhistuttavaa 
ilmestysta !!! nain leenan poikakaverin diapamihoyryissaan hoippuvan 
minua kohti !!! huomasin myos kauhukseni etta pojan selan takaa pilkisteli 
suuri kuunvalossa valkehtiva vesuri . maailma hidastui ja nain 
vesurin tappavan teran putoavan minun kiihkeaa ja hikista kaulaani 
kohti ....... orks ........ paassani katkesi verisuoni ja menetin
henkeni leenan poikakaverin vesurille !!! so as you read dont try 
to be lesbian....well i must think some other dramatic story..... 
.................hey kalle koponen just walked in and took vyv 
away from our hands!!!!!yeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!i am running out of text 
no no no no no !!!okay no no ! aaki/purebyte hoi what do you 
think about our muro-man (weetabix) isn't it coool !!!two weeks 
ago i went to backstage(as usual)and i booooozed there so much 
that my memory went out at 10.00-11.00 when i called adept last 
time!!!after that i didn't remember nothing about my return to 
home and everything i write is heard from my wife..okay my wife 
said that i came home at about 3.00 a clock and i ringed doorbell 
and when my wife opened door i crawled in home and then i passed out 
after that i woke up at 6.00 a clock and after heavy trying i made 
my self to living room sofa.but that is not enough after that i 
woked up with very bad hangover and my hangover lasted 3 days 
and now if you have same kind of hangovers you are good holic!! 
 ..... haaahaaa this is going to be the end!!!! it is finally adept here
 typing the last words to this bullshit scroller.... if you read this far 
you must be a machine....... i say goodbye to all of you ...!!!!    
................ adept of accession signing off in year 1989 ...........
                        (is it still 1989?)                    
            (see you in our next demo in spring '91!!!)
                       ok, now we are restarting....