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set  = Julia
cr   = 00000
ci   = 00000
x    = 00000
y    = 00000
step = 00000
iter = 00000
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...          How to use editor :        Move red line up/down with your mouse to select value you want to change.  
To change value under red line, hold down right mousebutton and then move mouse up/down. To speed up the in/decreasing, 
hold down the left button while right one is pressed and move the mouse...     When you want to see your creation, 
press the SPACE key...and while drawing picture you can change the palette (with RETURN) to make your creation to 
look as good as possible...        ci stands for real part of c, ci for imaginery part of c, x and y for left and 
top coordinates, step for step size (a bit like zoom...) and iter for iteration (kind of a quality, more iteration -> 
more details... )  Note that Mandelbrot set has no c part (not real nor imaginery) , so cr and ci are ignored when 
using Mandelbrot...                           

                                                  ...dont believe in miracles...                            ...believe 
in Accession...                            L‰‰kintŠhallituksen varoitus: t‰m‰ demo saattaa vaarantaa mielenterveytesi...
             ...before main bullshit, some magic-keys and buttons that make some nice effects and so on...      RIGHT 
BUTTON to change to next picture, RETURN-KEY to fade to next palette, SPACE-KEY to enter fractal editor, and no exit is
 given with LEFT BUTTON...or wait few seconds, and the next picture is calculated...                            ...and 
to contact Accession, call our bbs : +358-0-3881386, or write to PL 53, 79700 Heinavesi, Finland...                 Hellow 
und welcome to the newest production from the dead Accession... This demo is released at the Byterapers - Scoopex - 
Extasy party in Idensalmi city, Finland. This is Adept writing and I am now going to let someone else write some more 
scrolltext... Bye .......               Revolution lives. Heinz Neger knows his ideas will never die nor does his 
companions have to die. Heinz Neger knows that he holds the greatest power in the world, powers of the darkness are 
bound by his spells to the completion of the world revolution. In the university he felt he was not treated equally, 
because of his anarchistic ideas. No one believed him that he was able to contact the Great Old Ones through the mental 
spell research. But he knew he was right and every day he spent the state university of Berlin his bitternes grew. 
Jealous fellow comrades in the university locked him into trans-planar trap. He was he was about to be trapped there 
forever, until he found the handel. Trap appeared to be closet of his own room, yet he was very sure that fellow 
comerades were very clever when they consealed the trap as his closet. He ran away. He feared that they will do another 
devious attempt to eliminate his plans for the future.     Night was dark and stormy, when he found a shelter from the 
woods. Farm was empty, but there were still two sheep alive. They were badly under nourished. Heinz felt sorry for the 
animals, so he gave them some food to eat from the half empty store. He was very attracted on the other sheep. Sheep was 
very beautiful in the eyes of Heinz, but he knew the relationship couldn't last. He was too old for the sheep. He just 
couldn't bind the sheep with older man. suddenly he noticed something. His mind had a new contact. Instead of having a 
straight connection to another end of the universe, he could communicate with beloved sheep. Happiness filled him. The 
sheep asked him to screw her. All doubts were thrown out from the heroes mind and now he was capable for the action. He 
planned this relationship could only have been purely platonic, but now, because of the sheep's sexy request, he had to 
do what man had to do...      Morning with sheep was beautiful. Birds were singing and the sun was shining. Everything 
was just pure LOVE. World was pink. He learned a new word "baa" from his lover. But about what he was very sorrowful was 
that he just couldn't learn the correct pronouncuation. time flew and in the end it lost it's importance. The Great Old 
Ones could not watch their apostole to be interested only from sodomy. It was against the very laws those gods had created. 
Sheep had to be sacrifised for them. The god who owned the interstellar phonecompany dialed the mental connection number 
to the brains of the happles hero and ordered lamb. Heinz offered the other sheep, but it was too skinny for the gods. 
They wanted more. Burdened by the sorrow he raised his sharpened dagger to the air. He hit her several times and every 
time he remembered that wonderfoul time spent together. blood was spilled all over the heroes hands, body and face. he felt 
the taste of the blood in his lips, what increased his sorrow and dissapointment to the society. Nothing would be sacred 
anymore to this poor man who had lost his fate for everything else but world revolution lived in his mind.   ...To be 
continued...             ... And here is Adept again! And off again......                                       
 Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, says sheep.