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Code by PATRICK!

yoho!     this is the magic one-night cooperation:      fraxion and abakus  A     B this time we bring you a new amazing demo called    guenther reaches 24  A     B this demo was coded by fog of fraxion and patrick of abakus as a present to our monstrous friend guenther das   sandalenmonster   A     B yeah, here's munster (yes, the birthday-munster) at the keys. Very cool feeling at this one-day-coop, although there was some trouble coz three coders fighted about the right way of coding. Here ya see the result. Ya may think it's unmodest to have a birthday-demo, but tell ya that it was not my wish, really not. But I made a little mistake when chatting with patrick of abakus and he got that crazy idea fo that demo. think thats one of the best presents I ever got. aaaaaah, sorry, i know my english is rather bad (hello jpn of level 4!), but i hope ya are polite enough to ignore that. Heyyyy, congratulations, ya are still reading this text, you must be a special friend of mine, so lets follow some personal messages. Firstly thanx for Visoner of Red sector for sending again (after some 'cop-holidays', many thanx to The Force and acu for cool aussie-chats and of course all spreadpoint members for cool and fast (hmm) work. Hope to meet ya all at big spreadpoint meeting at 11.08.90. Now i wonna say some words about the friendship movement. perhaps ya have still read or heard something about this new label. there work some well known groups together who are fed up with business, fuckings and selling stuff. These groups (red sector, apex, the force, bloodsuckers, rebels, fraxion vision and spreadpoint) wonna stay together and have a cool friendship teamwork. one result is for example this demo an meeting. ok, now it's time to end for me (of course the text) ,it's 4.30 in the morning. it's time to have a sleep, so i'll give the keys over to patrick of abakus!      yoho! here's patrick of abakus writing some crap... so, with what should i begin? the greetings? no, i think that's to ordinary, isn't it? let's start with some special messages (sorry, but i'm too tired to write crap!)...   first of all, i would like to introduce our new musician: laurence (ex-avoid); he recently joined us and is going to make some cool tunes in the future... but now let's go om! firstly, i would like to thank mark of spritz ...ehhmm... spreadpoint for his constructive criticism about my way of coding and for coding the introduction to this killing part! (hallo hans! deine adresse ist zwar nicht da, aber was soll's!! schick sie mir mal rueber, wenn's magst!! danke nochmals fuer die coke!!). then i would also like to thank munster of spreadpoint for his kindness and for letting me spend a night in his cavern!! (just kidding mate! you are my biggest friend... really!) other messies to: michael/ dcs: music is cool... thanx!, exen/ fraxion: thanx for the stuff, but i lost your addy! by the way, write back if you read this!, blaster/ abakus: thanx for the conference and for the bootmenu! it is amazing!, harald `der cabanossi-fresser` of abakus: hallo lamer! greets from a lamer to lamer! (don't forget: seka sucks A  B), laurence/ abakus: die tunes sind fabelhaft, bloss wollen die anderen (fraxion, spreadpoint) keine house muzak in der demo! but don't worry: soon copper demo with aciiid tune!!, gianpiero/ thyrone: ciao! grazie per i dischi!, filippetto/ savage: you always amaze me with great coding!, majestic/ brainstorm: packs are cool... but where are the gretings??, jens/ fraxion: cool is the rule, your graphics are the rule!, arakis/ brain wave: bootshop is coool!, alan/ impact inc.: the demo isn't innovating, but still amazing! i think that's enough, so let's come over to the credits: coding of the introduction: mark/ spreadpoint - graphics of the introduction: jens/ fraxion - code of this part: patrick of abakus - graphics of this part by jens/ fraxion - music by abakus!! so, that's enough! so there are only the greetings left:    abakus regards to: abandon, accumulators, aces, alcatraz, alphaflight, alphacomp, amaze, animators, avenger, avoid, bamiga sector one, bloodsuckers, brainstorm, brain wave, celtic, circus of power, cult, darklight, dcs, desaster area, dream vision, d-tect, elite, escape, excel uk, exodus, exterminators, fairlight, f.i.c.a, fraxion, garfield, guards of doom, headwave, hellas, impact inc., ipec elite joy division, karen (???), level 4, music steve, mindkillers, news on tour, onyx, oracle, phil (ex-thrust), prime evil, prong, quartex, red sector inc. and tristar, rebels, savage, scoopex, skid row (ex-paranoimia), subway, supplex, system 5, spreadpoint, trygon, tcc, triad, tyrone, tarkus team, tlb, trilogy, unix, venom, vision, vectron, viaion factory... that's really all!      if you want to contact us, then write to patrick heimpold A  B vle cassiodoro 16A  B   i-20145 milano A  B      italy A  B     byye! A        B