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                             Efreet presents:

                    A 4K-intro at The Party 6 in Aars:

                                P E A N U T

                        Effects coded by Blueberry

                    Music composed and coded by Lemmus


               An AGA Amiga with min. 020 and FPU (sorry..)

          2 MB free continuous fastmem. And some chipmem, too...

         Please be patient while the intro is doing some precalcs!

                             Party greetings:

              Ambrosia, CroMaTics, Depth, Distortion, Fnuque,

            Foller Moller, FUP, GFB(tm), IRIS, Loonies, Puzzle,

         Henrik N. S. Hansen, Jesper Riemer, Peter Fxxxxxxx Lund.