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TG98 Preresults
This is the unofficial 1-3 rankings, written by chauple/instinct^contraz

Amiga 4k:
	1.spaceballs - hippie machinery
        2.contraz    - lift me
	3.ephidrena  - byte

amiga 64k:
        1.tbl        - immitation none
	2.spaceballs - ?? [not sos but the other one]
	3.ephidrena  - fusion is my energy

amiga demo
	1.trsi/mc    - rise
	2.dc/s       - nebula
	3.???	     - oldschool 
	(don't remember the group but it was a surprise, nobody liked it!)

pc/amiga fast intro: (2 amiga contributions)
	1.spacaballs - quackaroo
	2.rectum cauda(pc)
	3.rectum cauda(pc)