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2009-09-28 23:04:06
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bomber and pinhead are proud to present                                                   

benson pack no.xxii                  

the new intro from amaze            
schokovectors by vision one/afl              
depeche code by d-tect                   
new intro by advance                
space deliria by crusaders                
copperintro by sector 4                 
ya get our addresses from our intro !!!                                         
hiho.... and again it's pack time. 
this time with the amazing - amaze -  
there are excisting two versions of our intro. 
one was released on 10.09.90. this is wrong !!! 
(my(bomber) fault). 
the real releaing date is the 10.11.90. ok ???
 hope ya have fun with this and spread it till ya die !!!!!