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                The Special Brothers Viruskiller Release 2.01

  0.This programm is shareware.You can copy it as often as you want to.But
    please send me a little donation(10 DM) because it is very difficult
    to code such a programm and to make always updates for new viruses.


  In the year of 1990 there was a little coder called Flake of T.O.P.He tried
  to code a viruskiller but in this time all versions were hardly bugged.
  Then,after he had changed to TSB,he tried to code a better version.The coding
  was hardly optimized and many bugs removed.
  At that time version 1.0 and version 1.1 were released.In this versions no
  requesters were detected and the whole system could be restarted.Then there
  followed version 1.2 and version 1.5 with more powerfull options but now
  there is a new viruskiller to be released.Many options were added and it is 
  more userfriendly.


  1.Checkdisk:Discs are checked for bootvirus(about 67)and some linkviruses.
    There will be only linkviruses detected,which link at the startup-
    sequence.REAL linkviruses like CENTURIONS... will be supported in the
    next version(2.2),which will be released in ca.1 month and will be send
    directly to you,if you pay me a little donation(10 DM).

    If the viruskiller detects an unknown bootblock,you will have the choice
    to include this bootblock into the brainfile.You can now type a little
    text for the bootblock(to identify it) or you can choose a standart
    If you entered for example for 4 weeks a text about a bootblock and saved
    it as a brainfile and you now know that this bootblock is something 
    different,you thougt it would be before,you can,if you checked your disk
    and find this bootblock while working with the brainfile,enter the second
    menu(using the right mousebutton)and delete this brainfile data.Simple eh?
    Note: Brainfile length is always 10000 bytes.

  2.Install disk:
    You can choose between 3 different bootblocks to be installed.At last you
    have the choice to install the bootblock which is in the buffer.This
    option can be used if you have loaded a bootfile from disk and want to
    install it now.

  3.Ascii dump...

  4.load brainfile:
    this is one of the new options:your viruskiller can "learn"new bootblock-
    viruses.The learned viruses can be saved on disk and this option is called
    BRAINSAVE.By using "load brain" you can load the preciously saved bootdata
    into the memory and the viruskiller is knowing the new boots,too.

    What to do,if you wanna join 2 brainfiles ?
    You have to load the first brainfile into the ram(using the load option)
    and load now the second brainfile.Now there is in ram a completely joined
    brainfile,which includes the informations from both brainfiles.

  5.Brainsave:look above!
    The brainstruktur looks like follows:
    1.Langword : Updatenumber
    2.Langword : number of included bootblocks
    3.Langword : brainfile identification
   		 44 bytes from the bootblock
                 40 bytes text (you can enter it like you want to )

    A simple bootblock analyser...

  7.Exit : normal reset !

  Right mousebutton:
  You enter new the second menu.It is possible to make bootblockbackups and
  to check your hd for viruses.The power of the req.library is used for
  the bootblock-backup and reload functions.
  A new option was added called : Saddam Virus Check !!! This virus is
  a virus of a new generation called DISKVALIDATOR-VIRUS. 

  Special note:
  ------------- This piece of code needs the req.library in the libs-directory.

  See you in another production of THE SPECIAL BROTHERS



    If you have new viruses or find(against all odds)a bug,please send them
    to :

    Markus Schmall , von Graevemeyerweg 25 , 3000 Hannover 72, West Germany
    ( I am legal.Therefore no illegal stuff to this address !!!)