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  You are now reading the information file for ASSEMBLY '96 voteprogram.

  This disk a PC formatted 720 KB doubledensity disk. On this disk you
will find the following files:

	S-VOTEAM.EXE	230KB		Amiga voteprogram
	S-VOTEPC.EXE	389KB		PC voteprogram

  The PC vote program doesn't work under Windows 3.x or Windows 95.

  There is one known bug in the Amiga vote program. When the program
prompts you for your personal information it doesn't show the earlier
selections made on your computer type and whether you have participated
in competitions. The program does save this information, but just
doesn't show it. Also if the program has problems writing to pc0: then
run the program from harddisk.

  Remember to return your votedisk to the information desk!