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                     -=- Stack Up (Zeppelin Games) -=-
                  CRACKED by the VERY BEST ... QUARTEX !!
                Many have I loved, Many times been bitten,
                Many times I've gazed along the open road.
            Many Times I've lied, and many times I've listened,
           Many times I've wondered, how much there is to know,
            Many dreams come true and some have silver linings,
               I live for my dream, and a pocketful of gold.
           Mellow is the man, who knows what he's been missing,
                  Many many men can't see the open road,
              Many is the word that only leaves you guessing,
             Guessing about a thing, you really ought to know!
                             Quartex RULES !!

                  Original Supplied by The Fabulous Five!
                        Deprotected by The Surge..