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"Excellate" composed by Probe                                     ©1993
 Released at the ECC93

POLESTAR MAGNETICS presents their latest production:
XL1 - a hot double sample cd containing everything you need, and more! XL-1
is the second sample cd produced by PM, the sequeal of "X-static goldmine", a
very appreciated cd, an international success with many thousands of satisfied
users already. XL1 contains 180 construction-kit drum-samples, 360 drumsamples,
lots of rare grooves ranging from jazz to funk, techno ravers, breakbeats,
chords, breakbeats, basses, pianos, sax, guitars, trumpets, sweeps, rhodes,
horns, stabs, squeals, pads, wails, chaints, spins, fx aso.. XL1 will keep 
your sampler hot for months to come and let you create like never before.
This is only one of the products Polestar Magnetics have to offer you, our
cd library satisfies every need and purpose.
Sample cd's make you save a lot of time, money and effort at a reasonably
low price. Each cd usually contains more than a thousand high-quality 16bit
samples and costs between a couple of hundred and 1000 skr 

For more information, or to order sample cd's, please write to:
BOX 49 
or dial +46(0)8-332570 (Voice&Fax) 08°°-16°° or 21°°-24°° Monday to Friday.
Polestar Magnetics offer their services worldwide so don't hesitate to get in
touch even if you live in a foreign country.

Probe thanks Drakir, Rocket & Tomas Tibert, loves Linda and hates Cortex!
Contact me on +46(0)43125959