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This package includes most of the music Jesper Olsen did on
the Amigaplatform.
All files can be played with the supplied Eagleplayer, but they
aren't actually the same format - "Lollypop", "Harald Hårdtand"
and "Guldkorns Expressen" are NOT in the same musicformat.

The music from "Harald Hårdtand" and "Guldkorns Expressen" have
been released (by me:)) as DT/EP custom modules on the Aminet.
Eagleeye of Defect contacted me and said he had made a player for
the modules - that made me very interested in getting some more
Jesper Olsen musics.
So I decided to get in contact with Jesper Olsen - This wasn't
really an easy job, but I managed to get his phonenumber at last.

Jesper Olsen was quite supprised that his old Amiga music were actually
still listened to, unfortunately he had lost all his Amiga stuff when
he moved to Germany some years ago. That includes modules and players.

He also told me that he had made the music for a game called "Lollypop"
+ another one called something like "Ugly dugling" (?)
- so I started searching for these games, but found only "Lollypop".
Eagleeye then added this format to the Eagleplayer so that it now
supports three formats.

As mentioned all Jesper Olsen formats are different - this is because
he didn't have an editor, but made all his music in en assembler. He
then changed the player to suit his current needs. Jesper Olsen have
made music for Commodore 64, Amiga and PC but he's not doing
any serious stuff anymore. A damn shame !

That was the story about the Jesper Olsen music. If you find any more
JO-music then please let me know.

Wombat signing off.

	Mikael Lund
	Mannerupvej 5
	4000 Roskilde
	Denmark (temporary)