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"Mame : Ich Liebe die Entartete Kunst"
 "-aka Bleu de Prusse 2-"
 "   "
 "Release date : 7 august 2015 "
 "Music by Goto80 "
 "Programmation&Graphiques by Nori"
 "   "
 "This demo was supposed to be released at Assembly 2015"
 "Nothing was shown on big screen, I guess a 1 line"
 "email to warn me was too much."
 "Loving hellos to : TWR, Markus Sinalco and Hein/Vision"
 "They got this special melancholic artistic character and I'm"
 "sorry for rare news, I'm a sad guy with autistic behaviour."
 "   "
 "If you use an unexpanded A500, please remove all external device."
 "For faster Amiga machines, sorry guys..."