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           hi and very welcome to  - evolution no.fifty -
 the anniversary    compiled by the pride.....     
   credits for this quick intro...    everything done
by gonzo......   first of all i will thank my great friends
in flash production  especially vixen - gonzo and freagle for
working hard the last days up to the release of this
anniversary pack...    thanks to all of you mates....    
 now some regards to some of my best friends....  
   chester of brainstorm  - your megademo was just great....
 i hope you like our demos -       beast of cult  - thanx for
always crazy and funny letters...   hope you like our demos -
     teeze of phoenix  - thanx for nice stuff...  thanx for
the offer  you will get my answer soon...  hope you like our
demos -       saigon of savage  - thanx for hot swapping - 
    tmb of scoopex  - thanx for always nice sendings...  hope
you like our demos -      zark of triangle  - thanx for nice
stuff....   i have now six maxi versions of  enjoy the silence
 that tune is just wonderfull..   am i right...   hope you will
enjoy our demos -     jetaza of vision  - hey man you are a funny
looking guy...   stay cool...  enjoy our demos -           
for more greetings look in our  - evolutionary - demo.....
   if you want to swap legal stuff or for anything else write
to our hq at seventyseven          five eight
zero zero  nyborg
          denmark               that must be all for now
 but remember  - it is only the weak who are cruel  only the
strong can be truly gentle -