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2006-08-20 23:09:36
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			     ·-* Q U I E T *-·

     	             a Darkage 4kb intro for Gravity 3



Abyss,   Absurd,  Ambrosia,  Anadune,  Apathy,  Appendix,  Artificial People,
Balance,  Bizarre Arts,  Capsule,  C-Lous, Degeneration, Depth, Dinx Project, 
Dual Crew-Shining,  Elven¹¹,  Endzeit,  Factor,  Floppy,  Freezers,  Genesis,
Giants,   Gods,  Grasshopper Developments,  Haujobb,  HoNoo,  IRIS,  Intense,
Istinct,  Kenguru,  Limited Edition,  LLFB,  Looker House,  MaWi,  Nah-Kolor,
Nerve Axis, Network,  Nuance,  Ozone,  Phuture 303, Ram Jam, Ramses, Risiko+,
R.N.O., Silicon, Scoopex, Skarla, Soft-One, t13n!, The Black Lotus, Venture.


 DIP -------------------------------------------------->


We must really send a big "Thanks!" to Grey/Crux, for having fixed the Crm
decrunch routine used by the intro. You did a miracle!!