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                             DEMO-MAKER V1.1
                            © 1989 by -CELTIC-

By using this Demomaker you can create your own demo or intro !
This program includes the following functions:

        - overscan
        - graphic equalizer
        - keyrepaet
        - music on/off (F10)
        - improved DOS routines
        - scrolling
        - starroutine
        - copperbars in different colours
        - fade in/out the logo
        - load pictures in IFF-Format

        - (more functions are available soon !)

The menu:

While starting the program the menu appears. In the top of the screen
are running some examples for using some functions (watch the logo). 
You can choose the different menupoints by using the mouse and activating
them with the left mousebutton. 


 Show demo:
        Shows the finished demo. This menupoint could be left by pressing
        the joystickbuttom. 

 Edit scrolltext:
        This menupoint allows changing the scrolltext of the demo.
        When the cursorkeys are activated, they allow scrolling to every point
        of the menu.
        The insert text function works by using the overwrite function.

        The function of the BACKSPACE and DELETE key are still there,
        but they work with only one line.
        By pressing the ESC key you jump to the text beginning.
        The insert function for the scrolltexts uses large letters.
        'F1' prints one inverted 1; this is the end pointer of the text
                        Functions of the scrolltext:
                (Keys pressed with shift set little letters)

        - bn - Sets the colour of the jumping bar. n is for the
               colour (1-Red  2-Green  3-Blue  4-Black)
        - dn - Fades` down colours of the logo. n stands for the colour
               End table (1-LOGO colours  2-White  3-Black
                                 4-Colours of the loaded logo)
        - wn - sets the movingtable. n stands for the moving table(1-7)


           Sets the colour of the bars to green (b2) and fades up the
           colours of the gfx (d4).

                You left editing by using the return key  !!!

 Save Demo:
        Saves the demo as one file. This one is startable from
        the CLI. The program will unfortunatley not be crunched
        ( Crunching in progress )

 Load Picture:
        Loads a picture (or gfx) from the disk. The pic must be saved
        in IFF-Format our in Bitplane-Format. Datas: 320x200 ;
        4 Bitplanes (16 Colours); Colourtable behind File.
        For changing the IFF-picture in a Bitplane-Format, you should
        use the IFF-converter. But the change isn't necessary here,
        because the Demomaker can load IFF-pictures !

 Load Soundtrackermodule:
        Loads one music, which must be saved as a module.
        We used soundtracker v2.2 . In cause of this reason you
        should save the modules with this version. We noticed
        too much errors in the v2.3 replay routine and so we
        used the v2.2 version.
 Help Menu:
        This function is for changing some different pointers.
        Here is the list of all functions:

      START LINE OF WABERN:     Start line of moving 
      STOP  LINE OF WABERN:     End line of moving
      START LINE OF  BARS :     Start line of copper bars
      REGISTER   OF  BARS :     Register for copperbars
                                The copperbars work in all
                                16 different colour register
        All things in this menu can be changed by using the arrowkeys.
        Cursor up/down changes the line ....
        Cursor left/right add./sub. the numbers  
        This keys, pressed with shift add./sub. the number with 10.

        The English version of this DOC-File was done by SLIMER and
                         CONAN of - C E L T I C -

                         Contact us at our H.Q.:

                               » CELTIC «   (Don`t write the name !)
                              PLK 070010 D
                            4450 LINGEN/EMS