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               title : Shattered Harmony
              artist : Prowler / Up Rough ^ Brainstorm ^ Citron.
       release party : Datastorm 2011
        release date : 2011-01-05

Additional info:

Credits must go to Suny for his picture "Knight" or "Dragon" (unsure about the correct name), made in 1992.
I was inspired by the colours and style, which I've tried to let influence this composition.
However, I didn't limit myself to non-AGA this time, using 64 colours (Suny managed with 32+32 halfbrite mode on a OCS Amiga). Respect.

Stones and rock structure are based from one of my own photos.
The Ballerina girl is based on a photo (not mine).
Inspiration also from the great work of Maxime Desmettre.

Big thanks to Malmen (Kristoffer Malmgren) who borrowed his computer to me at Datastorm, which made it possible for me to complete it on time. Thanks mate!