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  • BASS.DLL 91.02K
  • file_id.diz 431B
  • HERMES.DLL 58.00K
  • IJL10.DLL 134.50K
  • PTC.DLL 178.50K
  • SUNRAY.DA2 675.95K
  • SUNRAY.DAT 8.40M
  • sunray.exe 124.00K
  • sunray.nfo 676B


on solstice day, a sunray blinds my sight
cutting through the air
refracting on the ocean
coloring the sky after the waterfall
blazing through clouds
feeding the tree leaves
lightning the darkest shadows
spreading across dark valleys
climbing high on steep mountains
melting the thick snow
on solstice day, a sunray blinds my sight

sunray 1999 solstice 22nd december edition - final