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           ooooo       a                        a
     o48888P"""78      8b.  ,p                 q8        88a
    48K        8   ,poo888ooP'   ,oo88o o' q.  d8b               d888b
    78888oooo.    dP' `888'     d8"'  `88  `8888888q    48b    48P' `88
        `""""8888      Y88    ,8'      88      d88  7  d88P   d8P              /    48          88     I88b   88.      88      88'     888   D8B             /
    8oo      oo88       V88.  `88o.  ,o888     88      Y88b   Y88.   ,8D   /  /
     `5488888"'          `78b.  `"88888'`8o  q888       `88m   `Y88888P  /  /
                               8888                                    /  /
  \-------------------------  88  8D --------------------------------/  /
    \ \---------------- o  ,d888888 ----------------------------------/
      \ \               `888 888            888
        \ \                  888            `"'                   d8888oo,
          \ \                888           `888'  Y88P,d888b.    dP'    `88
            \ \             888    q8b      88P     8888'`888   88b,,,,, 88
              \ \        888888       7b    88'     888'  `88   88'`"""78P
 ---------------\ \     88  88888b    dP   ,88.     88;    88,  78b,   .,p
--------------------\    7888P   88888P   ,8888b. a888.   a888   `888888P'

  Table Of Contents
        I.    Message From the Editor
        II.   How To Subscribe
        III.  Closing

  Message From the Editor
     First of all, let me tell you a little bit about this proposed
  monthly magazine.  Static Line was dreamed up by myself and other members
  of Immortal Coil to carry on the legacy of the late Trax Weekly and
  Demo News.  Once the idea started to become a reality, we recruited some
  of our friends, new and old, to help us bring you a quality publication
  every month.  Every month we will provide you with several regular columns
  including a montly song review, software reviews and a column about 3d
  acceleration and it's role in modern demos.
     So, consider this an invitation to join the mailing list.  If you are
  at all interested, give us a try.  Simply follow the directions I have
  listed below, and you can expect a new issue delivered to your e-mail
  account every month.  Our goal is to release the first official issue
  late in July, 1998.
     This is the future of the demoscene.


  How to Subscribe
     Subscribing to the Static Line mailing list is farily simple.  Useing
  your preferred e-mail account, send an e-mail message to  In the the message text, include the following
  command:  "subscribe static_line".  If you complete this part correctly,
  you will receive a message with instructions on how to confirm your
  application to the mailing list.  Follow the instructions carefully,
  and you're set.  Good luck, we'll see you soon.

  Editor:             Coplan / D. Travis North /
  Assistant Editors:  Ranger Rick / Ben Reed /
                       Subliminal / Matt Friedly /
  Columnists:         Darkheart / Zach Heitling /
                       Louis Gorenfeld /
                       SiN / Ian Haskin /
  Staff Writers:      Acell / Jamie LeSouef /
                       Dilvish / Eric Hamilton /
                       Setec / Jesper Pederson /
  Technical Support:  Draggy / Nicholas St. Pierre /

     To subscribe to the Static Line mailing list, send an e-mail message to
  "" with "subscribe static_line" in the message text.
  You will then be asked to confirm your addition to the mailing list.
     To unsubscribe from the mailing list, send an e-mail message to
  "" with "unsubscribe static_line" in the message text.
  Your subscription will then be removed.

     You can also get Static Line from the Hornet Archive's info section
  (, or from the Static Line web page

     If you would like to contribute an article to Static Line, please format
  your article so that it has two spaces at the beginning of each line, and
  one at the end of each line.  Please void foul language and high ascii
  characters.  Contributions should be mailed to Coplan

     See you next month!