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\___        /    _//       /       /     \
   /       /     \        /       /       \
- -diP---------------------------------bM- -
- ---------------------------------------- -

                 _ _._     \  /     _._ _
                    |                |
   ___              |    ______      |       __________            _________
  _) //_______   _ _|____\_    \_  __|___ __\\_       /__   _ _____\_____  (_
__\____      /__ ______   /     /_\\_    \_   /      // //_______.      /   /
\_    /     / _//     /        /    /     /  /______/   _/       |     /    \
 /   /     /  \      /        /          /      \       \        |    /      \
/__________\        /_________\         /________\       \       |___/ \______\
- -bM-_ ____________\-----_ ____________\----_ ___________\______|-diP------- -
                    |                |
                    | S C O () P E X |
                 _ _|_- ---------- -_|_ _
                    |/              \|

TMB of Scoopex presents: Scoopex reaction on Jurassic Pack 12 (SCX-JP12.TXT)

What will you find here?

1st: the original article in Jurrasic Pack 12 by [S]carab & m00ds

2nd: TMB's answer to this text...

lets start:

- -- --------------------------------------------------------------------- -- -

1st: the original article in Jurrasic Pack 12 by [S]carab & m00ds

- -- --------------------------------------------------------------------- -- -

!Scoopex - Confused?

Scoopex - Generations Confused?
An attempt of a closer look behind the curtain by Ghandy

Lahve, the killer of Reason? When in January 2000 God Jr. and Lahve found the
czech based Amiga demogroup Reason, nobody could expect that it would be more
or less given up again in October 2001. Exactly at that time the famous 
swapper and organizer Lahve decided to concentrate his energy on this 
traditional element of the Scene, namely on Scoopex, instead of improving the
status of his own baby. The call of fame reached him and Lahve couldn't 
resist. Insn't that human? He took Kufa, the best and most active coder of 
Reason with him to the rangers. (The slogan of Scoopex is: Generations ahead 
- Rangerism is not dead!) And then, during the Winter of 2002 and Spring 2003
it came how it had to come - the mailinglist of Reason was filled by 
unsatisfied members that cried out for more than a standstill. In February of
2003 the polish musician Lcr left Reason. The german graphician Xenusion 
joined Moods on Amiga instead and decided to have a try with Razor 1911 on PC
in order to optimize his chances to get something used of himself. Zito first
tried his best to save the future of the group even if he was already very 
much connected in emotional aspects with the Moody Blues guys (Moods) and of
course with [S]carab. Nearly at the same time the Amiga coder Kufa revealed 
his dark secret that he and Tolkien of Nah Kolor was one and the same person. 
Kufa then cancelled his membership in Nah Kolor and Reason at the same time 
for being able to support Scoopex and [S]carab in an effective way. He didn't
disapear as written in the Reason homepage, he simply left them. Some if not 
all of those guys felt betrayed by the fact that Lahve changed his 
scenerelated priorities. And after Lahve then more or less completely left 
the Scene as he lost his interest in it, Reason made the impression to stand 
there without its head, without the man that pulled the strings. Reason still
has some talented members to offer, like the serbian pixeller Asarhead, or the
czech musician Factor 6. But the weak point are the coders. God Jr. is since 
a long time disconnected from the net, lost somewhere in Jugoslavia and the
spanish coder Ham, who's still a member of Software Failure, can't do it all
alone. So the future of this nice and once so promising crew can be called 
more than unsure.

Laxical kicked! But let us better focus on Scoopex again. The oldskool tracker
Joachim "Laxical" Sobczak was lately kicked out of the rangers clique. In an
email, Joachim asked for the chance to speak for himself: "It all began with
the fact that the Worldcharts#15 printed me as Laxical of The Silents instead
of being a double member. Tmb and Deck both weren't happy about that and began
to attack me in the internal mailinglist. The reason why the people didn't 
vote for me as Laxical of Scoopex was, that I strictly separate the releases
like Laxical of TSL in TSL releases and Laxical of Scx in Scoopex releases.
And as in the presence Scoopex brought out as good as nothing, the voters 
could not have known that I was not only in The Silents."

Laxical continues with personal issues: "I was against Deck as organizer as I
saw him as the weakest musician inside the group. How can I compose music for
a demo if my style is mostly dark and Decks' design in demos is totally the
opposite?? So they claimed that I was not able to find my part inside the 
team, which sounded really surprising in my ears." Last but not least the 
newcomer Viruz666 came and told him in a public way that Joachims' music would
have always been used in Scoopex releases in the past and that it would be 
the right time to make a break and give the other trackers a chance to get 
something used. "I didn't want to let a real newbie tell me that and that was
then finally the point when I had to leave the group. I cannot understand why
they kick out the only active musician. Okay, there's Krs in Italy, but he's
still new in the biz. (...) I didn't leave on my own free will and now I do 
not want to go back.", a disappointed Laxical wrote the JP/PAiN staff.

Comment: As long as I'm a member of the demoscene (1993), I know Laxical as a
member of Scoopex. During all those years he didn't quit, also during the dry
phases of the group. And there were many long dull times where nothing 
appened. But it's also obvious that it's for sure not always easy to work 
with a man with such a complicated personality. He's one of the real grandpa's
of the Scene, having kicked out his first releases in the early 90's and of 
course he knows that and doesn't want others to tell him what to do. I suggest
that this was the main reason behind the troubles between him and the 
anagement of Scoopex. Last but not least I'd like to say that he has now 
found a better place to be. The new TSL doesn't have an Amiga section and 
Joachim doesn't track four channel modules since ages. So he's now located 
where he belongs to. 

Confusion all around! The great confusion continued with Noogmans' 
announcement in the newssection of He brought to the public that 
he would have left the Scene after taking part for ten years as a graphician.
After Ascarons' failure with the buggy game title "Anstoss III", the managers
of this german software company decided to fire all graphicians they had. 
And Torsten aka Noogman was one of them. Having a family to feed on his back,
he wanted to search for a new job as fast as possible. And tried to leave the
whole Scene behind him. Not for a long time. In the Scoopex mailinglist some 
weeks later he announced his comeback, sadly not in the news anywhere. So many
people still think that he's gone and away for ever.

The austrian organizer Tmb wrote in the Total Kaos forum that he would have
left Scoopex aswell. Doc D of Digital returned after being absent for quite
some years and Tmb officially announced that he would have left Scoopex in 
order to join Digital. Maybe his postings were a bit confusing, maybe he 
didn't mean it seriously, but it is a matter of fact that he is still a 
member of Scoopex.

And else: The whole direction of this fine group makes a chaotic impression.
Not only to speak about the delayed issue of the Worldcharts, which had a 
serious reason. But the management all in all, that are at least the rumours 
that fly through the rows.

But however: The group has a good name until today, many projects are in the 
pipeline and it's still a gathering of many greatly talented people. So we 
just hope the best for you guys, it can only become better. Go forward and 
kick some arses for us and the Amiga demoscene in general!!!

and here we go for the true stories...

- -- --------------------------------------------------------------------- -- -

2nd: TMB's answer to this text...

- -- --------------------------------------------------------------------- -- -

Laxical kicked! TMB left Scoopex to join Digital, etc...

First of all, it was me (TMB) in 1993 who brought Laxical from Vision to S!P 
of Scoopex and then to Scoopex. At this point in history we were good friends 
and knew each other from swapping Amiga stuff...

In 2000 I came back into the scene and to Scoopex and took over the organizing 
from Antibyte. This is also the point where the Laxical story starts. We had a
discussion on the SCX mailing list about how to organize the group and one of 
the suggestions was to split the organizing into sections like: coders, 
graphic artists and musicians organizers... I got a mail from Laxical telling 
me that Antibyte promised him to become musicians organizer, when I asked 
Antibyte about this, he said "Laxical SCX musicians organizer??? NEVER!!!" So 
it's just curious where Laxical got this idea from...

The following months we tried to get productive again, some members left, some 
new ones appeared, the situation inside the group was very bad due to some 
people always claiminig to be "so fucking productive" and slaying on the 
others... above them all Laxical didn't miss a single day not to write on 
#scoopex or the Scoopex mailinglist how "fucking active" he was and send us 
songs over and over, really lots of songs...

Dylan wrote a softsynth on PC and Laxical wanted to test and use it... He 
promised several times that he will soon have something ready with the 
softsynth we could use in our 64k engine, almost a year later he wrote a mail
to the mailinglist that he don't want to use new software, he has lots of 
experience in modern composing software and he just don't want to learn how 
the softsynth works. Besides this he still kept telling us how "fucking 
active" he was, and soon he started to release his songs as Laxical/TSL 

We (several members of Scoopex) told him several times to release his songs 
for TSL _AND_ SCX as he was a member of both and we had quite some discussion
about this on the mailinglist where all the members said, if he wants to be 
with SCX, he should also use our groupname for his releases (and that would 
not have been too much asked for, to release a song as "Laxical of SCX and TSL"
or "Laxical of TSL and SCX", but he seemed not to want to do so...)

Then one day Metal Designer told on the mailinglist about the idea for a new 
Demo, coded by him and Dylan and with music by KRS. Laxical freaked totally 
out and posted several mails that he is the best and most active musician in 
SCX and he wants his music in the release otherwise he would quit SCX. I don't
have to tell you that there started quite a war on our mailinglist after 
Laxical's words.

As we said there is no reason for Laxical's "freakout" and that he is not the 
only musician in Scoopex and we also will use musics by others, he was very 
pissed and left Scoopex (sic!). A very bad flamewar started on the mailing 
list - a flamewar everyone against everyone - very bad attitudes were shown, 
very bad words were said and this was the reason why I (TMB) told them that I
got enough of this child stuff and quit Scoopex too.

At this point I was so fedup of the behaviour of the Scoopex folks that I 
didn't want to come back into SCX and joined Digital after getting the offer 
of DocD, which seemed to me quite interesting at this time and gave me hope 
to be now in some friendly and nice group. (And no, I was NOT drunk, when I 
joined them!)

After getting private mails of several Scoopex members and everybody did calm
down again, I decided to reenter SCX - and to change the things inside the
group - we gotta get a team again, not a horde of flamers. Everything was nice 
again, I had a long talk with Laxical (about Scoopex and Laxical's behaviour), 
we  sorted out all things and also Laxical came back into the group... (note: 
unfortunately I did not have much time to get things going for Digital, 
because I rejoined SCX, that's why I left them today (2nd May, 2003)).

Lots of words have been spoken and written, and Laxical kept telling how 
"fucking active" he was and also kept releasing his mp3s for TSL only. He 
kept telling different people inside the group different stories and tried to 
play out each one of the group against each other - and that, and nothing 
else - was the reason why Deck (who took over the organizer status from me, 
which Laxical totally disagreed to, because he said he would have older rights
to organize SCX) and I decided to get him out of the group - he was not good 
for the group spirit; and besides that all, I had a lot of discussions about 
this with him.

Now this should have been the end of Laxical and Scoopex to be called in one 
line, but as it seems Laxical still cannot accept the fact that it was his own
fault, why he had to go and he still keeps telling different people different 
stories... judge yourself if you would like to have a member like this in your
group. The time told us that it was the right decision to let him go, the 
situation in Scoopex became much better since he had to leave and Scoopex is 
now becoming a family again - which is the only way to work together as a 

about Lahve and Noogman

I cannot talk for Lahve or Noogman, but I can express the things how I see 

First of all, Lahve is not the first scener in history who is a member of more 
than one group. So I completely seem to fail to understand what Reason has to 
do with Scoopex, except that 2 members of Reason also joined SCX. I also seem 
not to understand why an organizer is always to blame if a group is not 
producing something. You cannot force people to be productive, if they don't 
want to do something.

About Noogman it is clear to me, that he needed some time after things had 
gone bad with his job and the situation in Scoopex was also not that bright, 
sometimes you need to take a rest and this is everybody's right. He took his 
and returned then to Scoopex, if you find this confusing, something must be 
wrong with your view of the world.

about Ghandy and Zito

I really wonder why you guys don't write for the German "Bild Zeitung", it 
totally fits your way to make rumours. For me scening is fun, for you it seems 
to be business, but then again, there are more things in life than scene, 
somehow it looks to me like you didn't notice yet, but ok, that's your way of 
editing a diskmag, I don't have to be conform with that. I just would like to 
ask for some more serious writing in the future, we really do not need this 
"Bild Zeitung" level in the scene - especially not in a small scene like the 
Amiga community.

live long and prosper...

TMB of Scoopex

- -- --------------------------------------------------------------------- -- -

              SCX & Scoopex logos by dipswitch (thanks mate!)

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