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2005-12-04 23:21:40
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  • .backdrop 19B
  • c\brc.exe 15.45K
  • c\Eighty 2.16K
  • c\Extract.exe 5.65K
  • c\FadeType 2.54K
  • c\IconX 1.42K
  • c\jurassicmag 449.93K
  • c\ReplaceTopaz 2.90K
  • data\Clip1.Data 4.59K
  • data\Clip10.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAAAOGBAAACJAAAAAKAAADHACACAA) 3.24K
  • data\Clip11.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAABPAOAAACJAAAAAMAAAGIACACAA) 7.33K
  • data\Clip12.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAACBFGAAACJAAAAAMAAAHAACACAA) 7.89K
  • data\Clip13.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAAAOJOAAACJAAAAAKAAADIACACAA) 3.30K
  • data\clip14.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAABDAPAAACJAAAAAHAAAGLACACAA) 4.40K
  • data\Clip15.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAACCKCAAACJAAAAAKAAAIMACACAA) 8.22K
  • data\Clip16.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAABDNAAAACJAAAAAGAAAICACACAA) 4.59K
  • data\Clip17.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAAFMDPAAACJAAAABFAAALIACACAA) 22.66K
  • data\clip18.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAAAEGNAAACJAAAAACEAADBACACAA) 898B
  • data\ 6.26K
  • data\ 12.91K
  • data\ 6.81K
  • data\clip5.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAACDBJAAACJAAAAANAAAGNACACAA) 8.32K
  • data\Clip6.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAACAEJAAACJAAAABDAAAEGACACAA) 7.81K
  • data\Clip7.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAADDFKAAACJAAAAAPAAAIMACACAA) 12.32K
  • data\Clip8.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAAAOIGAAACJAAAAAHAAAFAACACAA) 3.30K
  • data\Clip9.dataGFX Master raw brush (AAAABENFAAACJAAAABBAAADCACACAA) 5.00K
  • data\music01.data610.2 / 22.05.1995, Original: 127794, Usecode: $400BF0F, Buffer: 0 77.82K
  • 3.95K
  • File_Id.Diz 365B
  • fonts\MicroKnight.font 264B
  • fonts\MicroKnight\8 2.51K
  • How2install.txt 2.07K
  • libs\diskfont.library 4.85K
  • s\jp 1.52K
  • s\startup-sequence 109B
  • system-configuration 232B


Short:        Jurassic Pack - Issue 3
Author:       Morten Brudvik (Code), Pal Inge Johansen & Lars Sobiraj (Maineditors)
Uploader:     eXON neuss netsurf de
Type:         demo/mag
Requires:     68020 processor on ecs machines, runs on any other machine.
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

It`s a diskmag, no pack. Don`t let yourself irritate though the name of the
project. Contact us by writing to