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		·-* J U R A S S I C P A C K # 7 I N T R O  *-·

     	       a Darkage announce-tro for JurassicPack magazine

                        Graphics...Pixie, Sixpack
		  featuring some photos of RokDaZone!!!

My big friend Ghandy asked me to code a small trailer intro for the new issue
of my preferred diskmag, and ofcourse I accepted. After 2 days of work, this's
the result. Sadly, this intro is 99% finished, but it never will, because I
lost its sources in a hd crash. So, enjoy this and take it as a preview - there
may be bugs, non-syncronisms, imprecisions. I hope you'll like a lot the mag :)

							- Mod3m


Abyss, Absurd, Anadune, Apathy,  Appendix,  Balance,  Bizarre Arts,  Capsule,
C-Lous, Degeneration,  Depth,  Digital, Dual Crew-Shining, Elven¹¹,  Endzeit,
Factor,  Floppy,  Freezers,  Genesis, Giants, Gods, Grasshopper Developments,
Haujobb, HoNoo,  IRIS, Intense, Kenguru, Limited Edition, LLFB, Looker House,
Mantra, MaWi, Nah-Kolor, Nature, Nerve Axis, Network, Nuance, Ozone, Ram Jam,
Ramses, Risiko+, R.N.O., Silicon, Scoopex, Skarla, Soft-One, t13n!, TBL, TCD,


 MODEM ----------------------------------------->


Take a look at Darkage Software's homepage:
From the makers of many intros and diskmags, now comes out the most advanced
videogames and DTV programs for your Amiga!