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---=[ Table of Contents ]=-----------------------------------------------------

1. Editorials
   A. "So we took a little break..." - Lurch (
   B. "Here we are again" - Lester (
2. Articles
   A. "Utilities - Download at your own risk" - Swamper ()
   B. "Not as if there's not enough couriering groups.." - Silent Mobius ()
   C. "Loyalty?" - Lester (
   D. "The Theft of resources" -  Lester (
3. Rumors
4. Reviews
   A. Games On Review - Jag-o and Ventor
   B. Mail-in reviews - E-mails
5. Closing
   A. "Cya in the next issue" - Lurch (
   B. "Contacting INQuisition"

---=[ Editorial - So we took a little break... (Lurch[]) ]=------

First we began everyone's favorite, Week In Warez.  And the time were great and
the scene a joyful place.  And then the days of INQuisition came.  We wanted to
bring you the best mag there is -  and we did.  But times were tough,  and time
scarce,  and alas,  we took a break.  And darkness fell upon the scene, and the
minds became deformed and void.  But a spark still shone,  still remained,  and
indeed - WE ARE BACK. And guess what? We're gonna kick ass again!

If there is news or opinions that you have and wish to share with the rest of
the scene, please feel free to write in to us.  We also welcome all comments,
suggestions, etc...  If requested, any submission will remain totally anonymous.

From  now  on  we  will  favor  opinions  regarding included articles.  We like
discussing things - that's why we waste so much time on IRC.  Unfortunately you
can't  type  in 5 paragraphs on IRC and have people still pay attention to you,
not to mention not getting kicked by the bots -  so here is a great alternative
for you all. Enjoy.

You may e-mail subscribe to INQuisition by mailing, you can also
indulge in reading INQuisition on the world wide web by pointing your  favorite
browser  to HTTP://WWW.OPENIX.COM/~apd/inq.  You can also always find a copy of
any,  including the latest, INQuisitions by FTPing to port
1234 login INQ password <your handle>.

- Lurch [Inquisition Editor]

---=[ Editorial - Here we are again (Lester[]) ]=---------

Well  well  well.  Here  we are again.  Inquisition is back,  the best e-mag to
arrive on the scene,  sure there have been many imitations,  such  as  Defacto,
RCN,  and  misc.  others.  But  none  have  had the mass following and in depth
reporting,  interviews and overall quality that INQ had  in  it's  day.  So  if
you're tired of getting a virus for wanting to read the magazine, or of hearing
the Tklp updates,or finding out what the new courier group of the week is - INQ
is here.

- Lester [Inquisition Editor]

---=[ Articles - Utilities-Download at your own risk (Swamper[]) ]=------------

For  any  of  you  who  actually  bother  to read the .NFO's included with most
utilities released these days, you often won't find much. All nfos usually rate
the    software   as   a   9/10,    the   platform   it's   to   be   used   on
(Win95/WinNT/OS2/DOS/Win3.x),  and stuff regarding Serial #  or cracking  info.
But,  there  is a severe oversight by most UTILS groups when it comes to trying
to describe the program that is being released.  This usually  happens  because
the person packaging it is either an idiot or illiterate,  usually a mixture of
the two is a safe bet.

Now, what you see below is representative of what i'm referring to:

        <Comments> To Install unzip and run the setup.exe!  
                   Not that hard for of you idiots out there!

Gee.. Now that tells me a ton about the program.  I dunno about you, but when I
download  something that's 17 disks I at least want a hint about what the thing
is about.  I install all major utils that are for  win95/DOS  and  that  aren't
betas.  And  I  can tell you that about 60%  of the stuff doesn't have adequate
NFOS. PWA/DOD/MTY/UCF are groups that know how to describe their releases (most
of  the  time),  but  I've seen lots of instances where the smaller groups just
don't care.  For instance,  yesterday I tried out WebWorks for Win95,  I forget
who released it,  but the important issue here is that there was NOTHING in the
.nfo telling me that I required FrameMaker v4.0 to  be  installed  before  this
thing  would  be  of use to me.  It's not the first instance this has happened,
I've seen groups neglect to mention that a certain program requires a  specific
WIN NT version in order to work.  One thing I really loved last week was seeing
"Perly's 1996 Toronto Map CD Update" (30+ Disks) released, too bad the original
release  didn't work,  otherwise this thing might actually be useful to someone
who can't afford a map.

Here's  a   TIP   for   everyone,   both   pirates   and   releasers,   go   to  and  look  up the software you're releasing,  and if
you're too lazy to read the readme.txt from the  release  or  fiddle  with  the
program  for 5 minutes then at least take the description that this store gives
ya.  If even tells you what you require in order to run it, as well as the cost
of the program and the latest version that's out.

Quality..  Yes I know this is a rather subjective topic but I figured I'd touch
upon it lightly. It would seem that anything is viable as a release, as long as
it  isn't a dupe.  Well,  while this might be true it leaves a wide gap through
which total SHIT seeps through.  For instance,  BOOK CD-ROMS,  these cdroms are
there  to  accompany  the  book,  if  you don't have the damn book the cd's are
usually useless.  Then there's the famous windows app  that  only  consists  of
.AVI'S  and  BMPS/GIFS/JPGS,  usually  disguised  as  a  "Graphics Add-On"  for
something,  and since they're in the damn arj's you're forced to download  this
thing  only to watch each ARJ file append and end in a massive 60 meg .AVI file
(ATA'S 3D Atlas for Win95).  This was never a problem a couple  of  years  ago,
it's  only  been  since  the  Internet was used to trade software that this has
become a daily event.  Now every 13 year old kid whose father brings home  some
new  package  from work can be a supplier and dump stuff on a site for credits.
Ah yes, sites. It's become so bad that certain groups don't even COMPRESS their
zips so as to make their release about 35% bigger (RL-*.ZIP).  Ya see, couriers
are often not to blame,  they spread the stuff as soon as they see it,  and  it
only gets nuked within the next couple of hours. However, during this time it's
already started to be spread to the top world boards and before you know  it  a
fake release packaged by Mr. #warez666 is spread everywhere.

It's  almost  impossible  to  come  out with a UTILS Review (similar to the way
Ionizer does one for Games), only because of the sheer magnitude of things that
get released.  Especially with the large meggages of these things. I thought of
it for a while, but then figured I'd need at least 20 people with access to the
new  software  and  the patience to sort through the shit and find something of

In the end what you put into the scene is what you'll get out of it,  it's just
like dropping litter in a subway, you see one guy do it so you figure, "Hey,  I
can do that too I guess".  And before you know it you have crap everywhere, and
in  the  warez  scene  we  have  more  couriers  than  we  have  good janitors,


---=[ Articles - Couriering groups (Silent Mobius[]) ]=------------------------

          Not as if there's not enough couriering groups already... 
        The couriering/trading scene is getting larger now, with the creation
of new groups, new traders coming in and old traders going out. But the problem
is,  getting  larger does not mean getting better;  way too many new groups are
coming in and out of the scene in just a matter of a few months.  For  example,
just  out of the back of my head right now,  i can list out quite a lot :  NGT,
the higher ranks of couriering,  RISC,  AMN and EVERLAST.  Now out of ALL those
groups,  how many do you think are really contributing a great amount  of  work
into  the scene?  The answer is,  every single one of them.  But the thing that
distinguishes them from each other is knowledge/dedication/skill;  I can bet my
booties that one net courier from RISC/AMN could probably out courier 2 or 3 of
the lower ranked groups,  and that is a fact (no offense intended  to  anyone).
What the couriering scene needs now is more groups that stay in for more than 6
months,  and a group that is willing to compete and work hard;  those  are  the
kinds  of  groups  that will help spread releases faster and eventually achieve
success. What the couriering scene does not need are more couriering groups.

        Being a leader of DGt, a group that began with nothing and ended with
much more than anyone would expect,  and current leader of AMN,  another  great
group, the only way of achieving success is just follow one simple rule; do the
scene a favor and don't create anymore useless trading groups.  If  you  really
want  to  start  a  new  group,  you  should  make  sure you have the necessary
resources before doing so,  such as GOOD couriers, and so on.  Sites are not as
much  a  big  concern as couriers;  just go trade on sites that belong to other
groups and go rock the groups on their own sites. I see way too many groups out
there,  that  say stuff like "oh who cares,  maybe we'll fluke out and do good"
and well,  that's wrong.  If your group is already shitty and you do fluke  out
and  get a good courier,  what might happen is the good courier goes to a group
that he should belong to,  and  once  again  your  groups  is  dying.  Why  not
contribute to a good group when you can rather than open your own group and get
ragged on and all that shit?  If you really have nothing  to  contribute,  then
maybe  you  should  start  climbing up the ladder;  don't open a new group just
because the bigger groups don't let you in.  If you open a new group  for  that
reason,  you're only making the scene worse and even uglier than it already is.
If you really want to be a leader,  open a local group or something  and  don't
bring  that  type of trash into the scene,  because that's what we really don't

        Maybe some time in the near future, there will be some sort of "League
of Trading Groups"  and maybe they  will  be  able  to  referee  all  types  of
political  shit going on in the scene.  The way i see it right now,  couriering
groups are getting kind of messy;  they should have some sort  of  organization
between  them,  not  only  inside  them.  In other words,  we need some sort of
'government'  established between couriering groups.  After all,  all big gangs
have  some  sort of government because it is organized crime;  isn't pirating a
type of organized crime as well?  =)  And in the games scene,  there already is
the SPA or FBI or whatever you call those dudes who sit together in conferences
once per week to discuss rules and shit;  that might be a reason why the  games
groups  are  thinking twice before they release so that junk won't be released.
That is the type of government that couriering groups require as well,  so that
all the cheap shit going on such as stealing sites, couriers, ragging,  and all
that will be solved.

Silent M”bius [AMN/PWA/RAZOR]

---=[ Articles - Loyalty? (Lester[]) ]=-------------------

Loyalty,  you hear the word often,  but many clearly do not know the meaning or
the amount of character it shows in the people who have it,  and the clear lack
of character in those that dont. More recently than in the past you see a young
courier,  get  a  break  in  a group,  then all of a sudden he is the top dog ,
trading machine,  all the groups want him.  Does he stay?  or  does  he  go  to
another group offering him something better or possibly a better group overall?
That is the direct test of loyalty. Very rarely will you see that young courier
choose to stay with the group that got him where he is today. They will usually
move on and forget the people that helped him.  The same is true in all aspects
of the scene, suppliers and boards.  In the past,  you would see someone in the
same group since the first day he entered the scene to the day he  exited.  The
epitomy  of  loyalty.  Now,  people go through groups weekly,  jumping wherever
their egos will take them.  The reason?  Some say it's because they get an ego,
some  say it's because they are kids and dont know any better.  But the fact of
the matter is, they just dont know what loyalty is. Professionalism and respect
for the people who have helped you and trained you, are all but non-existant in
the scene today.  You can usually count on one hand the number of  truly  loyal
people in your group or around you. C'mon people, wake up!

---=[ Articles - The Theft of Resources (Lester[]) ]=-----

Recently  more and more groups have gone to the tactic of "stealing"  couriers,
suppliers, sites, and boards to improve their group or just for the sole reason
of  hurting  the other group.  Awhile back this happened of course,  but it was
less frequent,  and ties between groups kept the peace and everyone was working
to  bring  the warez to the scene.  Not to boost their egos or rip other groups
apart for fun.  There are numerous examples of those groups in each area of the
scene, utils, games and couriers.  It seems that everyone has lost sight of the
idea behind this thing we call a hobby.  It is supposed to be fun, and a way to
get programs without having to pay.  Now it seems everyone is out to be top dog
no matter what the cost.  Releases such as Mastercam 5.0 when 6.0 is the latest
version, or the brilliant Font packs for credits.  Or even better the childrens
books and games.  Yet,  even when most groups will get around to a REAL  title,
usually  they  will  not  go  to  the trouble of describing or even testing and
cracking the release to make sure it works before racing it  out  to  the  net.
Everyday  you  see  at LEAST 1 fix for something released in the past day or 2.
This is much more noticeable in the games scene as they are less  frequent  and
more in demand.  Games such as ID4, and the 4 meg zips just to keep it under 50
disks.  The question here is why?  What is the point in making a  fool  out  of
yourself  and releasing something that no one will be able to use or have a use
for?  The answer?  Credits,  meggage,  everyone wants to be  a  top  notch  net
courier,  so they find whatever they can ranging from their daddies graphics to
their kid sisters gamees.There are exceptions of course,  a few  of  the  older
groups still remember that quality and working releases do count for something.
The point I'm trying to get across, is that this all needs to stop, at least to
some extent.  The crap releases can be controlled,  it started with the banning
of RLX releases,  now it needs to continue by banning other groups who  release
more  shit  than  anything.  Nuking  times 3 credits to teach couriers lessons.
Whatever it takes, but something needs to be done, otherwise what is the point?
It will eventually come down to nothing worthwhile being released at all.

---=[ Rumors ]=----------------------------------------------------------------

Rumors are spreading that a ban on Mortality releases on all major sites
will go into effect soon. This coming after MTY has repeatedly duped,
faked, and broke releases. Also after declaring war with DOD, it is rumored
that DOD will take some actions against MTY.
                                              - Reliable sources

Rumors are floating around that a God in RAZOR is going to remove a quality
courier. This coming after the courier chose not to leave his current
group and goto the Razor God's new group. Will Razor remove a good courier
over something like this?
                                              - Game group member

It is rumored that a few of the Risc sites are complaining about support
from the group and are looking at other possibilities.
                                              - A SiteOp

And finally, much like the games scene, it is rumored a utils "council"
will be forming to deal with the state of the utils scene.
                                              - Reliable sources

- Got a rumor? Mail it in.

---=[ Reviews - Games On Review ]=---------------------------------------------

Welcome to Games On Review (GOR) We had very short notice that we were going to
be doing this (less than a day!) so please check out the next GOR where it will
be MUCH nicer and more organized.


                     Three Skulls of Toltecs     [o1/31]
                 _ ________________________  _____ ________ _
                  \\_____  \_____  \_____  \/  .  \\_____  \\
                 dZG/\   __//  _   |/  ____/.  |   \/\   __/
                  _/  \   \/   /_ _/   /_   |  !  _/  \   \
                  \____\   \______\_________|_____\____\   \_
                 =======\___/===ù1911ùCDùDIVISION ù======\___/

                                  Jag-o's Review
First of all this is a cartoon like game, which i usually like! This just SUCKS
though!  Its like those old King's Quest games but it takes place  in  the  old
west. You just walk around in the desert looking for clues. This game should be
dead just like the old west.
                                 VenToR's Review
This game is  geared  more  towards  kids.  The  animations  and  graphics  are
cartoons. It is like a kids king quest, although some of the text may be funny,
it gets pretty boring pretty quick.  A must get for parents with children.  But
if you are over 10 dont bother with the download.

   Jag-o's Rating     |        Overall Rating        |    VenToR's Rating     |
 XXXXX                |     XXXXXXX                  |  XXXXXXXXX             |
 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 |     1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10     |  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10  |

                    GENERAL CHAOS ][ (C) SEGA PC [o1/22]
                       íí    ííííí  ííííí
                      #  #   #      #     Australian
                      ----   --     ----    Elite
                     #    #  #      #        Force
                     ç    ç  ççççç  ç[g!]

                                  Jag-o's Review
I  was  looking  forward  to trying this one out especially because I loved the
first one. To my surprise it DID NOT work! First i fixed some mis-spelled words
in  the  bat file,  still NOTHING!  I tried lots of stuff but it wouldn't work!
This is a bad thing for a new release group!

                                 VenToR's Review
Well it didn't work. Plain and simple. The .Bat File was messed up everything I
tried didn't work. I was about to scream, 22 disks for nothing. I also heard it
was a fake and there was some ceaserII text stuff and more from  old  games  in
the gc2.exe.

   Jag-o's Rating     |        Overall Rating        |    VenToR's Rating     |
         0            |               0              |           0            |
 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 |     1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10     |  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10  |

                                  Final Notes
This is our first time at reviewing games and we had VERY short notice :)  From
now on we will be reviewin EVERY game that comes out on  a  weekly  basis  This
reviews are only the opinions by TWO people, we do not let ANYONE influence our
decisions.  Please check us out the next time when u will get a  a  good  clean
review. If you would like to get in contact with either one of us just look for
Jag-o or VenToR on IRC.

---=[ Reviews - Mail-in Reviews ]=---------------------------------------------

Score Chart:
1/10 - Lame as Fuck, Should be Nuked on Every Site, Board, and HD
2/10 - Still Lame as Fuck, but if your really really bored, can provide
       5 minutes worth of entertainment
3/10 - Not quite lame as fuck, but close to it. Still only if your really 
4/10 - Almost Kinda Good, worth the D/L if you like whatever kind of game it 
5/10 - Fairly Good, If your lookin for something to do, check it out
6/10 - Good game, check it out if you don't have any games to play
7/10 - Good quality solid game, should check it out if your a game fan
8/10 - Same as 7 just a little bit better
9/10 - Damn Good Game, Check it out if you got time
10/10 - The BEST, get it while its hot!

Reviews for Justina:

- Star Fighter 3000 - Hybrid
Ok well, this game pretty much sucked. poor graphics, poor gameplay, and poor 
sound quality. This game is a flight sim, you fly around blow shit up etc.
Just like any other flight sim, cept this one sucks.. :)
My Score - 2/10

- Crusader - No Regret Full CD [COREDUMP] [25 Disks]
Well this game is about as exciting as Pong. The game is basically you
walk around and shoot people. You can't walk and shoot at the same time.
So you have to walk, stop, shoot. Lame graphics. No intro, so there's
like no idea what the fuck the objective is. Overall a poor game,
not worth wasting your 25 disks of credits.

  Rating : 3/10
- Striker 96 [HYBRID] [18 Disks]
Well I have to hand it to Hybrid, this is a very nice soccer game. Although
it takes some getting used to in the control, the graphics are pretty good
and the overall play is good, only bad thing is that it autoselects what
guy you use, so that's kinda confusing. But if you like soccer get this game.

  Rating: 8/10

- Gene Wars [RAZORCD] [29 Disks]
Well it's always fun to download a 29 disk game and find out it 
doesn't even work. The reason? Poor packaging I'd have to say. It
seems in their rush to get it out they corrupted one of the RAR files
and so it wont install. Too bad tho, sounded like a good game. 

Rating: NA/10 (Won't install)

---=[ Closing - Cya in the next issue (Lurch[]) ]=---------------

We'll  hope  to see you reading the next issue.  If you wish to flame -  be our
guest. We like to laugh, and most flames are humorous, as you well know. If you
wish  to express your opinions about something publically -  no better place to
do it then in INQ.  So write in!  All adds are  welcome  -  but  none  will  be
published that may compromise scene security.

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to rupture should not be touched,  inhaled, or looked at.  Do not use Happy Fun
Ball  on  concrete.  Discontinute use of Happy Fun Ball if any of the following
occurs:  Itching,  Vertigo, Dizziness, Tingling in extremities, Loss of balance
or  coordination,  Slurred speech,  Temporary blindness,  Profuse Sweating,  or
Heart palpitations.  If Happy Fun Ball begins to smoke,  get away  immediately.
Seek shelter and cover head. Happy Fun Ball may stick to certain types of skin.
When not in use, Happy Fun Ball should be returned to its special container and
kept  under  refrigeration.  Failure  to do so relieves the makers of Happy Fun
Ball,  Wacky Products Incorporated,  and it's parent company,  Global  Chemical
Unlimited,  of any and all liability.  Ingredients of Happy Fun Ball include an
unknown glowing substance which fell to Earth,  presumably  from  outer  space.
Happy Fun Ball has been shipped to our troops in Saudi Arabia and is also being
dropped by our warplanes on Iraq. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. May cause any of
the aforementioned effects and/or death. Articles are ribbed for your pleasure.
Possible penalties for early withdrawal.  Offer  valid  only  at  participating
sites.  Slightly  higher  west  of  the  Rockies.  Allow  four to six weeks for
delivery.  Must be 18 to read.  Disclaimer does  not  cover  misuse,  accident,
lightning, flood, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption,  earthquake,  hurricanes
and other Acts of God,  neglect,  damage from improper reading,  incorrect line
voltage,  improper  or unauthorized reading,  broken antenna or marred cabinet,
missing or altered  serial  numbers,  electromagnetic  radiation  from  nuclear
blasts,  sonic  boom  vibrations,  customer adjustments that are not covered in
this list,  and incidents owing to an airplane crash, ship sinking or taking on
water, motor vehicle crashing,  dropping the item,  falling rocks,  leaky roof,
broken glass,  mud slides,  forest fire,  or projectile (which can include, but
not be limited to, arrows,  bullets,  shot,  BB's,  shrapnel,  lasers,  napalm,
torpedoes,  or emissions of X-rays, Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays, knives, stones,

Other restrictions may apply. This supersedes all previous notices.

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