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---=[ Introduction ]=----------------------------------------------------------

      Welcome to Inquisition issue #9.
      Well here is our ninth edition of this warez publication.  

      Basically we are always looking for Artists and Writers.  If you want to 
      join, please send us a sample of your work or provide us a site/URL to
      view your work along with an E-mail address.
      We still want YOU to write in comments on our publication, even if they 
      are negative.  We prolly will publish them in our next issue and one of 
      the editors will reply to them.
      To state to the scene, we are a news publication here to bring you the
      lastest in the scene, whether good or bad.  It's best to keep everyone
      informed even the lamers.  
      We also offer a subscription now - look for info in the Internet Section                          
      Please welcome our new staff members in INQ!

                                - Raptor & Lester
      Send your articles, comments or suggestions to: 
             -   -                  

---=[ Contents ]=--------------------------------------------------------------
        1. Letters to the Mag........INQ Members
       1.5 A short opening statment..Lurch
        2. Utils Warez Report........Jimmy Jamez - "Special Biased Edition"
        3. Games Warez Report........Ionizer   
        4. Reviews...................Various Writers
        5. Interview.................The Operator "TKLP/g0D - ROR & fATE"
        6. RCN's slander of INQ......Raptor
        7. Articles..................DVD Technology            
                                     Net vs. Boards - Write-In Reply
                                     Dupes and Releases
                                     PTW - who we are
        8. Internet..................INQUiSITION WEB Site, Plus More
        9. Subscriptions.............Lurch
       10. Weekly Releases...........Weekly Warez Listing
       11. Top 5 Boards..............Ratings of the Top 5 Boards
       12. Closing...................Raptor & Lester


._____. ._______.________.________________.______________________.             
|___  | |Oo.    |_ Oo.   |___Oo.  |__.    |______.  |_______.    |_.           
  |O  | |_____.   |o        |:       |  :  .o|   |Oo.  |__. |__ :  |           
  |o _|___|_. |___|__| |____|_|: |___|  |____|  _______|O__   |____|           
  |. |    __| ___|  |.  |     |. |__o  ___| |Oo _.    | o |__.   |             
  |  |    |:  |   __|:  |.  ._|    |   |.oO |_.  |   _|_.    |   |             
  |_______|_______|______|  |______|__________|__|______|________|             

---=[ 1. Letters to the Editor ]----------------------------------------------

We still receive mail from far and wide - let it poor in with any complaint
you might have or comment too.

     First off...ya'll guys are doing a pretty good job. Even Ionizer, whom
I happen to disagree with on about every review he's written.  What I would
like to see Is somone write reviews where the game is compared with other
games of its type.  For instance...Ionizer (and I'm not criticizing his
work), in his review of Front Page Sports Football '96 he states, " If you
ask me this one's gone a bit over the edge.
Too much sophisticated options"...Too many sophistaced options in a Sports
Simulation?? WHAT?  I mean if your wanting an ARCADE style football games
this definetly is not it, but as far as Sport Sims do go...this IS one of
the best.  I am not faulting Ionizer for this, just pointing out this need
in an otherwise great mag.  


We often recieve somewhat strange email.

        InquIsItIoN FuCkEn R00lEz !
        please send it to :
                tHanX, AnD KeEp Up ThA GooD WoRk ! I LuV It !

Lurch -What can I say... thanks!  By my round calculations INQuisition now 
       reaches over 4,000 people within 2 days after its release, and 
       continutes spreading for the rest of the week, until at the end it has 
       roughly 10,000 readers.  This number increases each issue, and even the 
       more lame parts of the elite world who get this mag, say 3 weeks after 
       its released, still enjoy it and join as our audience.


I think you put out a great mag.  I don't have as much time as I'd like to 
hang out on IRC and get shit as soon as it's out and move it to sites as I 
used to, so the releases for the week section really helps out.  And about the 
negative comments about JJ's report:  who gives a fuck?  The guy is voicing 
his opinion (which I usually tend to agree with) and isn't that what it's all 

Nick Doe

Raptor - I am glad you enjoyed the magazine and, I am sure JJ will appreciate
         the comment.

There has been several talks about the retirement of TDU-Jam in the past
couple of days. It seems to me is all talk of how Fanfan and the whole
TDU-Jam team where a bunch of dicks and that it is better to the scene that
they have retired. I myself am shocked to here such bullshit (specifically
from the major groups such as Razor and Hybrid). Fanfan has contributed a
LOT to this scene, more than most people who talk all the time about him
have. I am quite annoyed at the lack of respect that he has received,
especially since his groups have been consistently been releasing games
while everyone else was arguing and bickering about other releases. I have
not know Fanfan at a personal level, nor have I talked to him much, but let
me just include that one person does not make a reputation for a group. I
have great respect for TDU-Jam suppliers and traders, and feel that there
retirement is seriously going to hurt the scene. That is just my opinion,
but I am sure that there are others out there who would agree with him. lates

-Socrates [DOD/RTS]

Raptor - Well said, not much more I can add to that.

my "comment":
 if i want a movie review or hype about Pixar, i'll read NewMedia.
 my questions:
  what's the story on the "meetings" on Wednesday/9pm? (on irc?)

  Well, here's what I have to say to you. 1. Last week's Mercury's Pixar article
  related to the scene because Pixar releases the software WE pirate.  Therefore
  if you WANT to, you can go and pick up your copy of New Media, instead those
  who had NO CLUE what Pixar was now know thanks to inq.  Who will profit from
  this?  Well, Pixar for once, since it got free advertisment, and second the
  reader will benefit because they will leech the next Pixar program they see
  because they'll know it'll probably be good.
  2.  As for this - there is an INQuisition staff meeting on irc on every
  wednsday after INQ is put out.  We decide what will happen during the week
  and discuss the last issue what could be improved/added to the next one.  The
  meeting is held on the bot's partyline, so only INQuisition staff may attend
  the direct meeting, however if you want to speak to our staff when many of
  us are on IRC, you are welcome to join #INQ at the time. If you are interested
  in becoming a part of the INQ team, also join #INQ with a ready to dcc copy
  of your work.  You may be accepted on the spot.  The meetings are held at 9PM
  central us time.
                                               - Lurch (

---=[ 1.5 A short opening statment ]------------------------------------------
 Well, the magazine was complete, but something was missing.  Since I didn't
want to disturb the rest of the numbering (which may already be off :) ) I'd
just like to put in my 1.5 :)
 Quite frankly here's what is going on...  I had to put the mag together as an
editor from the scraps we have from the week.  Unfortunetely, or fortunately,
however you want to put it, Raptor couldn't be around to do it.  (He had to
go see some girl, go figure :) )  Anyways, it's been a fun pain in the ass to
put this thing together, but it seems like it's complete.
 If I made any screwups, sorry about 'em, but to put this thing together and
in such a short time is not easy.
 It's wednsday again - and time to put this thing out.  Enjoy the mag, and
please no flames, I'm not new at this, but I'm highly away from experienced.
Also take into consideration the fact that I had less then 8 hours sleep out
of the past 48.
                                               - Lurch

.__. .__._____._____.__. ___.__.  ._____.   .__. .__._____._____._____.______.
l  |_l  l   __l   __l  |/  /l  |  l  |  |   l  |_l  l     l  __ l   __l_    /
|  : :  |   __|   __|    _/ |  :__|___  |   |  : :  | _|  |    _|   __|/   /_
|       |     |     |  .   \|  ú  |     |   |       |  .  | _   |     |      |
|___|___|_____|_____|__|____|_____|_____|   |___|___|__|__|__|__|_____|______|
\           __  l     ___\         __  l        \         __   l        .   \
 \_____        /|     ___\____    .    |     .   |____        /___:     :____\
    |    __    \|        \  |     :___/      :   | |    __    \   |     |
    |     |     \         \ |     |   |      |   | |     |     \  |     |
    |_____|______|_________\|_____|   |__________| |_____|______| |_____|

---=[ 2. Util Warez Report - "Special Biased Edition" ]=----------------------

Biased Utils Report made by Jimmy Jamez Issue #9 Part 1:

First week of December, how to characterize this time?  Very slow for store
stuff, but good show of quality cracked programs.  Almost all utils groups
were inactive except REBELS that released shitload of small things and PWA
that released many titles too (not many quality but who cares?<g>).  I am
glad that I forgot to include ROR in last report coz they are acting really
shitty this days, repackaging to bigger size some lame games etc! This is
not a team to look at and jerk off. Time for stats:

* in alphabetic order * 

DOD (Drink Or Die) - finally they moved from dead point happened 2 weeks ago
and released some cool stuff, this week they shown us quality instead of quan-
tity. First Winter release was SuperVoice 2.0g for Windows on 1 disk, after
that we saw some small fucking cool releases like Cubasis Audio for Windows
on 2 disks (that was a most awaited midi thing for last few months), 3ds MAX
November beta cracked on 2 disks, Studio Audio Workshop 5.1 & Utility Rack
3.5 - unique musical high-end production - we already got many thanks for it,
and 2 huge novell utilites - Lan Workplace for DOS & Windows CD and FLOPPY
versions. Week was good for winter start! No fuckups, dupes or any simply
shitty releases present. Good points!

Current Week Points:      07/10
Overall Score      :      76/90

PNT (Pantera) - Group released bundle of small titles, not known or popular,
one fuckup present - dupe of Lotus Word Pro 96 edition that DOD released 
in early september. Let me show what they did during this week:
Presenter 1.5 for Windows (1 disk), HotDocs 3.0 beta G for DOS (1 disk), 
Priority Master ][ 1.0 for OS/2 (1 disk), BW/Wizard 1.19 for Windows (2 disks),
Visual Voice w/TAPI for Windows (3 disks), HotDocs Forms Connection (2 disks),
GTW420 Terminal (1 disk). As i said nothing really worthy to mention, i dont
find any of those things useful - but if anybody will - let me know <g>

Current Week Points:      06/10
Overall Score      :      50/90

PNC (PiNNaCLe) - Very low end. Only 2 utilities released and one of them
is beta. They were Body Craft 1.0 on 3 disks and Beta 4 of pcAnywhere for
Windows 95 on 4 disks. Hope they will do better next time

Current Week Points:      03/10
Overall Score      :      36/90

PWA (Pirates With Attitude) - Strong week as always, but not perfect. PWA
shows this time some store pickup but also their store things were confusing
some times.. such titles as Toy Story Screen Saver & Internet in a Box for
Kids. I dont really find it cool to release kiddyware and screensavers under
such respected label as PWA. Anyway god will judge them :), they also had
many fine things during the week so we can forget few mistakes <g>. Here we
go, what PWA did on first winter week: nice store thing - Perfect Resume
for Windows 95 (5 disks), Procomm 95 beta 2 for Win95 (11 disks), Ernest &
Young Prosper 1.0a (3 disks), HotFax Menu for Windows (1 disk), Vusic: Screen
Raver (1 disk), 3ds MAX Beta .10 September - was kinda useless when DOD rele-
sed november beta 2 days later (1 disk), Vector CAD (1 disk), Corel CD Creator
2.0 beta (4 disks), System Commander 2.4 (1 disk), Chameleon 5.0 for NT (7
disks), WFTPD 2.1 32bit (1 disk), File Manager Step-Up 3.30 for NT (1 disk),
Norton File Manager for NT (3 disks), CDR Publisher 3.61 (3 disks) and
HeapAgent Cracked for NT (1 disk), especially wanna mention that PWA needs
to thank their cracker Technic for his great help on releasing, coz 90% of
all those 1 disk things were supplied and cracked by him! Keep a good work J. 

Current Week Points:      09/10
Overall Score      :      78/90

RBS (REBELS) - Nice appearance of this european posse. I already thought that
they gave up, but they cracked almost every beta and shareware that PWA or DOD
missed :), We saw like 20-25 small cracked things from them for past 7 days,
i will not bore you with listing all of them, especially that there were not-
hing serios among them, will just mention some bigger titles happened:
SNMPC 4.0 for Windows (5 disks), World Wide Chat 0.89 beta (3 disks), Internet
Reader & Resources for Windows (2 disks) & Virtua Access Beta for Windows
(3 disks), to be honest - i will call this team a little copy of PWA, maybe
coz PWA also has big presence in sweden and they are all similar there! keep
your good blondes alive if so! Nice start.

Current Week Points:      07/10
Overall Score      :      25/90

This is all, not much to add - xmas comes and we are waiting it.

Biased Utils Report made by Jimmy Jamez issue #9 Part 2:

Not serious week, looks like that groups hold their stuff till Xmas rush!
Hope it is true.. Anyway group were not fully inactive and released several
fine programs. Especially wanna mention bigger number of cracked software
latly and it is a good sign! Lets travel thru group releases and see who
won the round this time:

* in alphabet order * 

DOD (Drink Or Die) - Group is doing better to compare with previous week..
There were some very cool utilities released, also wanna mention big help
of PWA and Technic especially with cracking stuff. There were totally 8
releases and half of them were from store, like long awaited Claris Works
4.0 for Windows 95 (5 disks), Now Up-To-Date 1.0 for Windows 95 (6 disks),
Web Talk for Windows (4 disks) and Small Business Attorney for Windows 95 
(2 disks). Also DOD appeared to be #1 pro audio high-end releaser this time
and put out SoundForge 3.0d 16-bit and 32-bit versions (both 1 disk) and
absolutely kick-ass Samplitude Pro for Windows (2 disks). Last week thing
was cracked Speed Razor Mach Pro 3.0 for Windows NT Cracked (8 disks).
Stable but not perfect.

Current Week Points:     08/10
Overall Score      :     84/100

PNT (Pantera) - Only 2 releases happened from this team - Partition Magic
for OS/2 and DOS (1 disk) and Visual Voice w/TAPI for 32bit Windows Beta 2
on 4 disks. Lets hope that they will explode till Xmas! Previous weeks were

Current Week Points:     04/10
Overall Score      :     54/100

PNC (PiNNaCLe) - Same shit as with PNT - Only 2 releases appeared, both not
big and special. Anyway they both are legit and releasable so i will mention
them: MacOpen for Win/NT and Win95 (1 disk) and WebBase 4.0 on 2 disks.

Current Week Points:    04/10
Overall Score      :    40/100

PWA (Pirates With Attitude) - Stabe work as always. Looks like that this group
never give up :), Anyway not their best result but at least they show good
activity and what is the most important - stability! There were 9 releases of
them as i could notice, and the good suprise that PWA is releasing more store
warez finally, on last week their stuff was splitted into 2 parts: Cracked
inside things and Store budget warez, anyway it is good and let me review what
they did this time: nice store pickups on SmartDraw 2.03 for Windows 95 (3 
disks), SmartDraw 2.03 for Windows (1 disk), SmartDraw Flyers Collection (4 
disks) and Corel Internet Mania for Windows 95 (2 disks), again we saw never-
ending saga of Trispectives CD Addons on 6 disks this time, Agent 99c Cracked
(1 disk), IC Verify on 1 disk, GroupWorks 1.0a Cracked (3 disks) and WS-IRC
2.03 Registered (1 disk). The biggest suprise was lack of betas this time,
and i cannot say that it's a bad suprise for me! Way to go. 

Current Week Points:     08/10
Overall Score      :     86/100    

RBS (Rebels) - the looser of the week! Only one their release was Lotus Word
Pro 96 for Windows that duped same DOD's release from September! Not good,
my friends.. better check your releases next time! Will be cool to see such
activity like you shown us 1 week ago!

Current Week Points:     00/10
Overall Score      :     25/100

I get many responds to my report everyday! Thank you dudes for your questions
and suggestions, i will try to follow them all.. many dudes complain to me
about my beta reviews, hmm.. Looks like that people don't want to see beta
releases counted in score, let me answer that.. Many groups still release a 
lot of betas and we cannot close our eyes on that, so.. betas will get good
points as before and can get bigger points if they will be worthy!


NOTE: Editor did not edit JJ's work this week due to a large issue, sorry.

        * All complaints/questions send to: *

---=[ 3. Games Warez Report - Ionizer ]=--------------------------------------

                               THE GAME REVIEW

    $$'  .   `$$'       `$$   '         `$$'   s   `$$'   s   `$$
    $'   $    $$    $    $$    a    a    $$    $    $$    $    $$  ISSUE  #6
    $    $ssss$$    $    $$    $    $    $$    $    $$    $ssss$$
    $    o    o$         $$    $    $    $$    sssss$$ssss.    $$  12/10/95
    $.   $    $$    $    $$    $    $    $$    $    $$    $    $$
    $$.  $   ,$$    $    $$    $    $    $$.   $   ,$$.   $   ,$$

                "All the games that's fit to print."

Un-Releastic:  "I have never played a game I didn't like."  -Stu Pid Fewl
Realistic   :  "This game sucks!" -Ionizer

("WHERE and WHEN can I GET The Game Review?" The Game Review (c) Ionizer,)
(will be released every SUNDAY, in IRC, in #warez5 and other channels and) 
(can be obtained by /m iondcc xdcc list or /m ionizer xdcc list on Sunday)
        (This magazine is also released in the magazine Inquisition)
             (Which can be obtained at the following web site)
|WWW|        (     )

                      (  NEW  )             (  NEW  )
                      ( _\|/_ )             ( _\|/_ )
|WWW|         (You can now get the game review via the WWW @)
|WWW|             (   )

-Do you live for games?  Do you want to play games every second of your life?
Do you find yourself picturing possible different scenarios to make for your
own Warcraft 2 scenery?, If so then you need a life, but that's besides the

-       *       -       *       -       *       -       *       -       *   -
*       -       *       -       *       -       *       -       *       -   *


-Rating scale:
                 (0-19)/100 = In a nutshell, it sucked!
                (20-39)/100 = Still crap but slightly better.
                (40-49)/100 = Possibly worth downloading.
                (50-69)/100 = Pretty decent game. Might want to check it out.
                (70-79)/100 = Worth the download if you like that type.
                (80-89)/100 = Very good, 9 outta 10 its worth the download.
                (90-99)/100 = Excellent game, a MUST download.
                    100/100 = HOLY SHIT I'VE NEVER SEEN A BETTER GAME!

-It's time for the reviews.  The format is like this:
Name of game, group, # of disks, review, rating.
           RATINGS are based on if you would have fun playing it NOW.
                     -<*><*> THE GAME REVIEW <*><*>-
        Hybrid, 10 disks + crack.  Once again Hybrid brings us a top quality
game.  This long awaited release was released at wee hours of a sunday night
for the majority of us on the net.  The game was nicely ripped to a simple 10
disks, plus a crack.  Their ARE NO VIRUSES, which was due to speculation b/c
of past releases containing the `tai pAI pussy virII' in the install.exe.
The game runs perfectly, except for the network and modem which I'm told will
have patches soon.  For those of you unfamiliar with warcraft, what fucking
cave are you living in?  Seriously though, it's a SUPERB war strategy game.
It involves very LITTLE thinking, and more "build this, click, make a guy,
click, kick that guy's ass, click, etc"  I do not personally like war strat-
egy games at all, but this is one you can't miss.  The graphics are crystal
clear, sound effects are as good and at times better then they were in WC1,
and their are music but you hardly notice it.  Unlike WC1 where you were just
given a different scenery and the object was to go kill the other guy, you
now have different tasks and jobs to complete, such as building 4 farms and a
barrack (Mission 1, Human).  Rescuing archers from the enemy (Mission 2
Human).  The list goes on, the game gets more challenging, and diverse.  If
you played the demo of WC2 and think it wasn't so great, I urge you to try
the full, because it does have a lot of differences.  Also some other nice
features that WC1 did not originally have are; Sound Effects editor (instead
of when he say's `why are you touching me?' you could make it easily say `get
the fuck off me you gay faggot!'), a Map Editor <included this time>, and
battleships <since you will now travel the ocean also>, and an assortment of
new spells and people.  This game is a must download unless you know you just
totally hate ALL wargames.  Even though there is not much difference b/t the
rip and the actual cd, accept for the voice files and intro, I do highly
reccomend buying the game, as it is well worth it, and the authors <gulp>
really do <gulp> deserve the <gulp> mmmm....oone..ey!
                                RATING: 97/100

=Warcraft 2 <TDU-JAM!>=
        Tdu-Jam! (der), 23 disks.  The only two noticeable differences b/t
this one and the hybrid, is the narrator speaking between missions, and that
network is supposed to work.  I also noticed that my modem actually dialed
with this one, however I haven't had the chance to look into modem play with
either version.

=Virtual Shooting Gallery Deluxe CD=
        RoR, 4 disks.  Two simple windows based shooting gallery type games.
One is with prairie dogs, and it has scrolling to the left and right, not
just the usual plain view in front.  The other is the typical disk shot, like
where they say "Pull".   The supplier/packager of this one seemed to think
it was pretty funny to shoot the prairie dogs and watch their blood splatter.
I personally think this inhumanity to the animals is not only an act of
cruelty to animals but is also a disgrace to us men....bwhahahahahah yeah
                                RATING: 57/100

=Planet Siege Final Dos Version=
        RoR, 4 disks.  Didn't seem to like my video card.  No matter what
settings I used or how I tried it just kept saying I didn't have enough video
ram.  I don't have some weird card, it's a normal Trident card, but apparent-
ly just doesn't want to work *FOR ME*.
                                RATING: NA/100

=Ripley's Believe It or Not: The Riddle of Master Lu (DEMO)=
        15 Disks.  There's really nothing wrong with my fucking computer!
But this shit wouldn't work for me, kept giving me some crap about mouse
driver error.  Ah but who cares, it's only a demo anyway.  If you do want to
give a shot at it, you have to arj to root (arj x -y -v C:\ or D:\ etc) can't
use your own directories or the install.exe won't work.
                                RATING: NA/100

=Death By Dark Shadows v1.5 (DEMO)=
        A prince of persia type game but your a panther who switches into a
human every time he pick something up or fights.  WARNING: THE GAME IS SET TO
BLAST THE MUSIC REALLY FUCKING LOUD, unless of course it's because of master
lu initializing but not working.  It sucks, i had to turn my speakers flat so
that it was only slightly deafening.  It's a somewhat decent wannabe of PoP,
but it certainly is not PoP, from what can be told from the demo.
                                RATING: 53/100

=Toy Story Screen Shots=
        PWA, 4 Disks.  Yes from time to time, I will have a use or curiosity
about a util, and then hell why not review it.  I was dissapointed by this
because I thought it was a screen saver, which it turns out it is not.  It
is just a bunch of screen shots <about 25-30> from the movie.  There is no
sound, or animations, which you'd think the first fully computer animated
movie's software would have.  On the plus side, the pictures are stunning
life like quality.
                                RATING: 43/100

=Thor's Hammer (DEMO)=
         A low end budget <(c) MVP so what do you expect> Doom/RPG piece of
shit.  Lame, boring, and outright ugly.  It should be illegal to ask for
money for this piece of garbage.
                                RATING: 18/100

=Jack The Ripper=
        Hybrid, 7 disks.  Another release not too compatible with my NORMAL
Trident video card.  From the .pcx's it looks a lot like a video game version
of the board game Clue.  You have to solve the murders, I assume, and gather
clues from different areas.  Once again, this didn't work *FOR ME*, don't
know why the past two weeks have been having problems like this, oh well.
                                RATING: NA/100

        RazorCD, 9 disks.  In order to explain this well, I'd have to write a
novel.  So I'll keep it short and sweet.  Your a pyramid shaped object on a
small playing field.  There are different colored pyramids around you.  Some
you can shoot, other you walk into, and yet others you need to get the enemy
to walk into.  The purpose is to get all the pyramids and enemies off the
playing field and then you go onto the next level.  Each level usually has
some new element to it, or a new trick needed.  It's kinda hard, even on easy
                                RATING: 66/100

=360 Points=
        ULC, 18 disks.  Note: Do not adjust your monitor, there is nothing
wrong with your picture!  HELP! I need a translation from the file:
                        ³ ú                         ú ³
                        ³   š‰‹…‰‡ „‰‚…Œ…‹ˆŒ †‹˜Ž„  ³
                        ³         "š‰Œ‚š"  š˜ƒ‘       ³
                        ³ ú                         ú ³
                         "š…ƒ…— 360"-Œ ‰€„ ‰‹…˜
                              1.00 - ˜…ˆ‰Œ—š š‘˜‚
                               .ƒŒ "˜‹’" š…’–Ž€ Œ‰’”„Œ ˜™”€ „ƒŽ…Œ„ š€
                           . „ƒŽ…Œ„ š’ˆ„ ‰”Œ "˜‹’"„ š‹…š š€ ‰’ˆ„Œ ™‰
               .(Enter <ÄÙ Œ’ „™—„… MOUSE „Œ‰Ž„ š‘”ƒ„ ‰ƒ‰ Œ’ ŒŒ‹-Š˜ƒ)..."
                            RATING: ‹š‰”Œ/100

=Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego?; Junior Detective CD Gold=
        For such a long filename it's a shame it's a fake.  And if it's not
a fake then the packager is a fucking idiot.  ARJ is PW protected, but der
the password is "carmen" "arj x -y -v -gcarmen carmen.001" but the zip file
in it <> has crc errors, and it's just either a bad attempt at a
fake, or a really fucked up release.

=Island Casino=
        RazorCD, 19 disks.  Another release that stands right out and says,
"Hello download all 19 disks of me, b/c I don't work!".  I followed the info
exactly as it said to, and everything was fine until I tried to run it.  I
unzipped, I arj -x -y -v blah blah, I ran install, it installed.  I ran the
cute little icon and I get a nice "Can't read file:-" error.  So I don't
think this time it's just me or my video card.
                                RATING: NA/100

=Triple Threat=
        TDV, 5 disks.  This is three Windows games, F18 No Fly Zone, Black
Rein, and Quatra Commands.  The F18 and Quatra are both asteroid type games,
shoot at ships, and other galaxy shit.  Black Rein is a tank view game.  None
of these games are close to spectacular, however the sound and music are some
what good.  The menus are probably better than the games.
                                RATING: 36/100

=Extreme Pinball=
        Razor, 5 disks.  This was released before, but it was a cd rip, even
though it was the same size as this one.  That's Razor's answer to it when I
called it a dupe, anyway since it's exactly the same here's the past review:
        "It's the full version of the pinball game, it's got 4 tables, all
nicely done, except for the fact that they all have too many ways for your
ball to go straight down the center of the pinball machine and lose your
ball.  Otherwise it's the same as all the rest, pretty much.  The usual `dot-
light animations' in the game."
                                RATING: 72/100

=Zone Raiders=
        RazorCD, 13 disks.  This is the final version of this one, but no
obvious game differences between this one and the alpha released a while back
so once again I will quote myself.
        "It's very similar to slipstream 5k, accept that you are on a track 
and it involves missions of getting things and getting out.  Nothing we have 
not seen before in some way or another.  Games flows nicely, not too much
                                RATING: 60/100

        Hybrid, 12 disks.  Touche, ass, butt, buttocks, rear end, all words
which have nothing to do with Touche.  It's an adventure game with decent
graphics, not impressive though.  You play a musketeer <no not the candy bar>
and you go on all sorts of adventures.  Not exactly exciting, but the game
does have a semi-good sense of sarcastic humor.  There's also a very annoying
owl sound effect that just doesn't shutup when your outside, and it could
drive you crazy.  There's a lot of talking to do in this game, so it kind of
gets boring after a while, since it's more like reading a book.  If you're
looking for a recent adventure game that is worthy of being sold in stores,
then try this one out.
                                RATING: 64/100

=Football Limited=
        Hybrid, 4 disks.  First off it's a managing game.  Secondly it's not
"American" football.  It's really as most would know it, soccer (foot fairy).
I suppose if you like spending your free time trying to coach a soccer team
that this game is for you.  I also suppose that if you do like that, then
your also the kind of person who registers pkzip, wears thick black glasses,
and enjoys reading books.
                                RATING: 27/100
=Unnecessary Roughness '96=
        Hybrid, 30 disks.  They just don't make them like they used to.  This
is joins the line of let-down football games.  I suppose the actual cd might
not be too bad, but don't download this one for the reason of having a good
football game.  The announcers and the music missing make this game seem dull
and empty.  The graphics are crisp, and the gameplay is smooth.  Once again
however, a stupid company couldn't program a lame keyboard config, so those
who don't like joysticks have to use uncomftorable settings.  You'd really
need to buy this one if you liked it, so you could consider this a preview.
                                RATING: 57/100

=Jungledyret Hugo=
        DOM, 9 disks.  A dutch cartoon character put in his jungle world.
The gameplay is not as smooth as we are now accustomed to with these cartoon
like games.  It's similar to The Jungle Book and The Lion King type games,
but the quality is not as good.  Unless you got a little brother or sister, I
don't think you'll find this one too exciting.
                                RATING: 49/100

=Santa's Secret Valley=
        Pathetic, lame, stupid, gay, retarded, and a waste of 30 mins d/l.
Oh no, santa's been robbed! (Stupid old fool shoulda had an alarm system).
You must track down the thief in this windows based piece of crap.  If you
find yourself playing this for more than 5 minutes, call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY!
                                RATING: 12/100

=Ocean Trader=
        Hybrid, 7 disks.  Similar to Machiavelli and High Seas Trader.  It's
another of the sim type.  The graphics are not too impressive, and well their
just isn't a hell of a lot of sound at dock ports.  "And thet's awl' I gut'
tuh say uhbou-dat'" -Forrest Gump
                                RATING: 53/100

=Williams Arcade Classics=
        Legacy, 4 disks.   Six classic arcade games: Defender, Defender II,
Joust, Robotron, Sinstar, and Bubbles.  They are dos and win95 playable.  It
is exactly what it says it is, arcade classics.  The games are just like they
were in the arcade, no supervga graphics, nothing added on.  If you liked
them then, and you still like em now, then, well, you must have been living
in a cave for the past 10 years.
                                RATING: 32/100
                         <*>GAME OF THE WEEK<*>
-The long awaited release of Warcraft2 finnaly came out.  No more listening
to lamers begging for it.  There's nothing much to add to the page long rev-
iew already done.  Hybrid has come out with a modem/network patch for their
version which is only 500k.  So you can either choose the Hybrid which is the
same as the Tdu-Jam except for the voice reading the scrolling text before
each mission.  I sincerely suggest you buy this if you like it, because it is
well worth the money, and for once the authors of it deserve it.
                          <*>TOP 5 BEST SELLERS<*>
-Sorry, but this section is no longer available.  The information that was
used to provide this section no longer exists.  However be sure that if it is
available again, I will be sure to have this section back.
                         <*>UPCOMING RELEASE DATES<*>
      RELEASE             MM/DD/YY  Operating System
                                 WINDOWS CD
Bttlgrnd:Gettysbrg        12/05/95
Chessmates                01/01/96
Congo                     12/04/95
Dinotopia                 12/11/95
Dragon Dice               01/01/96
Empire II                 02/01/96
Gabriel Knight 2          12/18/95
Load Runner Ntwrk         12/04/95
Police Quest 5 SWAT       12/04/95
Romance IV                12/12/95
Space Bucks               01/10/96
Spr Bubsy/WIN95           02/01/96
T-Mek                     01/09/96
This Means War            12/07/95
Tommy                     03/04/96

                                WINDOWS 95 CD
Allied General            12/11/95
Civilization 2000         03/01/96
Commodore64 15pk          12/11/95
Cyberspeed                12/05/95
Daedalus Encounter        12/12/95
Doom II                   12/15/95
Shockwave                 12/07/95
Solitaire DLX             12/13/95
St Trk Generations        03/01/96
Ult Doom: Flesh           12/15/95
Warhmmr:Horned Rat        02/01/96

                               WINDOWS 95 3.5
Ult Doom: Flesh           12/15/95

                                 WINDOWS 3.5
Spaceward Ho!             12/06/95

                                MACINTOSH CD
Aikman Football           02/01/96
Allied General            12/10/95
Atmofear                  01/10/96
Chessmates                01/01/96
Conquest/New World        04/24/96
Daggerfall                01/01/96
Empire II                 02/01/96
Heroes M&M                02/01/96
Mad Dog II                12/15/95
Outpost                   12/18/95
Phantasmagoria            12/11/95
Rebel Assault 2           12/13/95
Ripper                    02/01/96
Skins/Bighorn             02/01/96
Star Trek:tNG             12/07/95
Ult Doom                  12/04/95
X-Wing Collector          12/13/95

                                MACINTOSH 3.5
Ult Doom                  12/03/95

                           MACINTOSH & WINDOWS CD
Wizardry Gold             01/15/96

                                   DOS CD
3D Action Pack            12/15/95
Adams Pinball             02/01/96
AH-64D Longbow            01/01/96
Arcade Classics           12/04/95
Atmosfear                 01/10/96
Battlcrsr 3000            12/08/95
Bioforge +                01/01/96
BRAIN DEAD 13             11/30/95
Braindead 13              11/30/95
Chronomaster              02/07/96
Clayfighter 2             01/01/96
Colonization Gold         04/01/96
Conquest/New World        04/24/96
Corporate Colonies        01/01/96
Crystal Skull             03/18/96
Cyberia 2                 01/15/96
Cyberjudas                12/11/95
Cybermage                 12/29/95
Daggerfall                01/01/96
Dawn Patrol               12/12/95
Descent 2                 03/13/96
Descent II SHWR           02/01/96
Destruction Derby         11/29/95
Dragon's Lair II          03/01/96
Escalation                01/01/96
Extreme Pinball           12/08/95
Ganster Bundle            12/04/95
Grand Prix 2              01/15/96
Grand Prix Mgr            12/13/95
Gretzky NHLPA             12/12/95
H! Zone                   12/15/95
HARVESTER                 12/10/95
Hyper 3-D Pinball         12/12/95
Jack The Ripper           11/30/95
Jagged H2H                03/01/96
JET FIGHTER III           01/01/96
Jetfighter III            01/01/96
Klingon                   04/01/96
Konquest                  03/01/96
Kyrandia Trilogy          12/12/95
Lost Admiral II           12/01/95
Madden NFL 96             12/10/95
MAGIC/GATHERING           03/01/96
Master of Antares         03/01/96
Mastr Lvls Doom           12/08/95
Maximum Roadkill          02/15/96
MetalLords                02/01/96
Might & Magic Trilogy     12/04/95
Mile High Club II         01/01/96
Mortimer                  01/10/96
Navy Strike               12/01/95
NBA Live 96               01/01/96
Nemesis                   03/01/96
Net Mech                  12/11/95
NFL Football/Aikman       01/10/96
NFL Qback Club            12/08/95
Nicklaus@Muirfield        02/06/96
Northlands                03/01/96
Pax Imperia               01/15/96
Pinball Classics          02/01/96
Pro Pinball:Web           12/08/95
Promised Land             02/01/96
Psychc Detcv              12/18/95
RBI '96                   03/05/96
Red Ghost                 12/12/95
Ripper                    02/01/96
Screamer                  12/12/95
Sensible Soccer           01/10/96
Sensory Overload          02/01/96
Shadows Over Riva         02/01/96
Silent Hunter             12/15/95
Space Hulk 2              01/10/96
Sport Hits 2              12/12/95
Spr Strt Fighter          11/30/95
St Trk Judement Rites     01/01/96
Star Control 3            02/06/96
Starship                  02/01/96
Term:Future Shock         12/11/95
Third Reich               05/01/96
Top Gun                   12/11/95
Toy Story                 01/01/96
Unnecsry Rghns 96         12/06/95
Vision of Glory           01/01/96
Visions/Glory             03/01/96
Warcraft II               12/04/95
Warhammer:Dark Crs        12/11/95
Whiplash                  02/21/96
Wing Commander 4          12/19/95
Wipe Out                  11/29/95
Wolfenstein 3D            12/12/95
Wooden Ships&Iron Men     01/01/96
Zone Raiders              12/01/95

-None, I'm so damn perfect sometimes <G>.

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If the game does not work for ANYONE, then in the future I will specifically
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---=[ 4. Reviews ]------------------------------------------------------------
    ______________________________       ________________   ____\__    \
   {____ _    \    __    \       |-------\     \   __    \ /      /     \
  /    /     _/  ________/\      |      /      /  ________/\    _/\_     \
 /____/       \___________/\___________/______/\___________/_____/\       \

Hexen           Reviewed by The Black Knight

"Hexen" comes on the heels of "Heretic," one of last year's moderately 
successful titles from Raven Software which was the first to utilize the 
"Doom" engine.  For those of you not familiar with Heretic, it's essentially a
medieval Doom - with a few additions to the familiar Doom interface.  Most 
notably, Heretic offered the ability to look up/down, and also allowed the 
player to make use of an inventory of artifacts.
With Hexen, players now have the choice of three different character classes - 
fighter, cleric, and mage.  The fighter has the greatest amount of armor, is 
most effective in close-range combat, and has the greatest dexterity (ex. he 
can jump the highest).  The mage is least effective in close encounters, is 
hurt easily, but possesses the greatest amount of magic.  As expected, the 
cleric is the middle ground between the two extreme classes. Each character
can find a maximum of four weapons throughout the game, but each can find a 
wide array of artifacts to use.
The look and feel of the game has come quite a bit since Heretic.  Hexen 
provides a tremendous amount of atmospheric effects and ambient sounds.  
Expect to hear birds is the distant, and see leaves being swept by the wind. 
Parallax scrolling allows the sky to be more than one texture - for example, 
clouds can now roll past the moon.  New lighting effects are implemented 
masterfully to give a sense of the unexpected.  In addition, a modicum of 
environment interaction has been built into the game.  You now have the 
ability to, for example, smash windows and trees.  Doors don't just move 
up/down any longer - they can swing or slide open.

The minds at Raven have also thrown in a number of nasty traps, including
pressure plates, poisonous darts, and closing walls.  Despite all of the 
gorgeous effects, I feel that they are overpowered by the cumbersome level 
design.  With Doom, the flow of the game could be described as kill -> find 
the keys -> go to next level.  Hexen makes a sharp departure from this linear 
sequence of levels.  Levels can be best described as being packaged into 
little episodes, each of which interact with each other.  For example, levels 
2-8 comprise what is known as 'The Seven Portals."  In a large courtyard are 
portals which can take you to seven different levels.  You could go to level 
3, come back to the courtyard, then go to level 5 (or vice versa).
Essentially, things done in one level (switch pulled, button pushed) may have 
effects in another level.  Or, you may have to travel to level 5 to get the 
key you need in level 4.  Where this level interaction used to create 
intricate puzzles, I would greet it with open arms.  I think puzzles are one 
of the main draws to adventure games - I couldn't tell you how many sleepless 
nights I spent on the Bard's Tale series on my C=64.  However, instead of 
having to reason out puzzles,  Hexen tends to merely be an exercise in running 
between levels to see what effects pulling a switch has.  As you can expect, 
this leads to a great deal of time being spent on purely walking around trying 
to figure out what happened when you triggered something two levels ago. 
Instead of looking for three keys on one level (as in Doom), you could be 
looking for three keys scattered among 5 different levels.  While I certainly 
applaud a departure from another Doom rehash, I think Hexen's level design 
ultimately leaves something to be desired.

Still, lovers of Heretic and other 3D games can't help but overlook the 
cavernous level design in the face of such a beautiful interface - nothing 
beats seing a stream of fire travel from a mage's finger tips to engulf his 
enemy!  I expect some truly terrific levels to be authored by wad creators. 
While Doom spawned 1,000s of new levels which were uploaded to the net,  I 
expect Hexen will give rise to the same amount of enthusiasm.  The richness of 
the Hexen engine gives users more creative license than had previously been 
Co-operative and Deathmatch play are, of course, supported.  The current 
version (1.0) supports 4 player network play, but Raven is working on a patch 
to allow 8 player competitions.

WWF Wrestlemania                Reviewed by The Black Knight

This title from Acclaim offers a faithful translation of Midway's arcade 
smash.  Wrestle Mania is a mixture of the elements seen in past wrestling 
games, plus a dose of attributes found in another Midway hit - "Mortal Kombat" 
Eight digitized World Wrestling Federation personalities battle it out for 
top honors:  Razor Ramone, the Undertaker, Yokozuma, Bret Hart, Shawn 
Michaels, Bam Bam Bigalow, Doink, and Lex Luger.  Given the transient nature 
of wrestling stars, it should be noted that four of the above are not in the 
WWF any longer.  Instead, they've moved to the WCW.  (Actually, Michaels is 
not wrestling indefinitely.)
Players can engage in three modes of play - Intercontinental Belt (beginner), 
WWF Championship (expert), and 2 Player mode.  Six keys/buttons are needed to 
play the game - Super Punch, Punch, Super Kick, Kick, Block, Run.  A setup 
program allows you to easily configure your keyboard or joystick.
Besides giving the player control of the typical wrestling moves, "Wrestle 
Mania" provides all of the character specific moves you see on Saturday 
mornings (the Undertaker's tombstone, Doink's buzzer hand, etc.).  Special 
moves are performed through varying combinations of joystick movements and 
buttons (just like "Mortal Kombat").  You can fly off of a turn buckle, or 
even fight outside of the square circle.  In addition, players are allowed to 
link punches, kicks, and other special moves in combination attacks for 
devastating effects.  The winner is determined by the best two-out-of-three  
rounds.  And, perhaps a first for wrestling games, players are allowed to 
perform fatalities in the third round, just like (you guessed it) "Mortal 
Overall, much of the sights and sounds of the arcade are preserved in this PC 
translation.  The home version contains all of the ring side commentary from 
McMahon to add to the excitement ("That had to hurt!").  Most importantly, the 
FEEL of the game remains intact.  Once you get past the bells and whistles, 
the feel and timing of the characters' movements are often the most crucial 
element in an arcade translation.
When going for the Intercontinental Belt, the preliminary matches are 
one-on-one.  After you've swept through the ranks, you face several matches 
where you meet two WWF wrestlers. Each wrestler has his own energy bar, so you 
have to defeat both enemies on one bar of health.  Following this, you face 
three wrestlers simultaneously before winning the title!  If you thought this 
was hard, you'll have to work on your special moves overtime before tackling 
the WWF Championship.  Here, play immediately begins with one-on-two matches.
If you choose to engage in two player mode, you can either work cooperatively 
or face each other one-on-one.  In co-cop mode, you and your partner face all 
eight opponents (two at a time) in a row.  The catch?  You and your partner 
use one collective bar of energy.  If you manage to beat all eight contenders 
on one bar of energy, the computer lets you know who pulled most of the weight 
("Player 1 did 67% of the damage.")  Following this accomplishment, you and 
your partner duke it out one-on-one.
Most fighting game fans will find _Wrestle Mania_ enjoyable.  Acclaim packs a 
powerful punch in a faithful conversion of its coin-op namesake.  You can be 
sure that discovering special moves and hidden features will keep this title 
alive for quite some time.

 Warcraft 2 Tides of destruction
 Company= Blizzard Entertainment
 Group= TDUjam
 Article= Minor Threat
 Notes= "I played as orcs."

 Well TDUjams last relase and probably one of there best. Warcraft II
 by Blizzard the same guys who brought us WCI and Black Thorne have done
 it again. This one is a great release. The general Idea of WCII is like
 that of Dune2 and Command and Conquer only better. You can take the role
 of either orcs or humans. You are assighned missions and upon completion you
 move up in rank and the levels get harder. I really think the TDUjam release
 is worth the 23 disks. It includes all the digitized voices, SFX, and game
 music. The only things that where ripped where the intro and game animations
 which arent a big loss. The designers really took notice to detail(try killi
 ng the critters). I am not a strategy gamer myself and I like this game. The
 graphics are great, the music set's a nice midevil atmosphere, and the orcs
 make pretty funny noises. Basically you start out as slave level I believe
 there are 4 acts each containing atleast 5-6 mission, when you complete missi
 ons and acts you move up ranks. During the game you control peons(slaves),
 grunts(warriors), many other creatures, a whole bunch of vehicles including
 catapults, orchish blimps, and ships. I tested the game out on a 486/dx/2/66
 with 12mb of ram a svga video card with 1mb vram and a old scsi gig hdd. To
 my surprise the game played great. The loading time takes about 20secs or so.
 When loading the save-games I had to wait about 40-50 seconds. The setup went
 completely smooth all you do is unzip all 23 disks into a dir unzip em and run
 tdujam.exe. The soundcrad setup on my system had no problems (SB-16). I also
 found no bugs in the game. My only real complaint was that the network play
 did not work but that is easily fixed by using hybrids patch. Out of a rating
 of 1-10 I give this game a 9. It should provide you with atleast 20+ hours of
 gameplay. And for those that don't like strategy games it's not too difficult.
 I would suggest d/l this. One of the best games I have played in awhile.

                                                    Minor Threat

---=[ 5. Interview - TKLP/g0D - ROR & fATE ]------------------------------------
The true story concerning RoR & fATE or more fittingly tKLP vs. G0d

   Note From tKLP on the acts of g0d. Taken from rordrama.nfo

                 -= \  ROR - THE FINAL CHAPTER / =-

      Hmm, maybe that title isnt exactly good, =) but anyhow..

I know there has been a lot of fuckin controversy with ROR. that is why
im making this letter for all of the public to know the "inside edition."
Let me start with the MAIN problem. g0d. is his nick and handle. many of
you have probably heard of him. he is the fate95 vice president, and ex-senior
in ror. You have been wondering, why is ror dead? who has been saying this?
who has been making these lies? g0d is your man. since day 1, he has tried
to destroy ror, spread false rumours and lies about us, and overall
humiliate us. in my mind, he has failed, and just shown how much of a fuckin
pink faggot he is. i would like to apologize for shit releases by ror, but
some of these we could not control. e.g the dig, pro soccer,etc. the supplier
decided to release soccer anyhow altho we told him not to. the dig, someone
stole off a private ftp site not knowing it was not cracked yet. Anyhow,
i would like for you to look upon ror as a rising group. we have gone through
a lot of ruff times due to g0d, and are trying to pull through. We have been
trying to bring you quality warez to the best of our ability, and we will
keep trying. Now im sure u want more information on g0d? well i'll give it
to you. He is a stupid canadian nazi in my mind. He has tried to overthrow
us, steal all our members/suppliers [sick, desperate bastard he is] and
has tried the same with other groups also, including PtW, which was a group
he was a vice president in. he does not care for his groups, he just wants
a affil to make himself look cool and feel big and bad, because in reality
he is a insecure fool. Anyhow, ROR IS NOT DEAD. And in my mind, will never
die unless i do. Even if me and gahn are the only members some day, we will
not go down. We are totally dedicated 101% and will always be. We just got
a nice load of suppliers from a couple merges and are going to be coming
on strong. Due to g0d's acts, unfortunately we have dropped our official
couriers, fATE. I must say they are a great group of couriering guys, and
girl [icekitten!! =) ]. I loved working with them, and would like to continue,
but due to g0d, i do not think that can happen. So all you courier groups will
have another group to tag and spread. Well, as a closing, i hope u do give
ror a 2nd chance, and have a little faith in us. [as that fag bon jovi would
say, Keep The Faith =) ] . Well until next time bro.. l8z


PS. If you are wondering why #ror has been dead, you can thank g0d for
taking it over like a immature fool that he is. You can reach us on #ror95
until further notice.

                           Interview with tKLP
 <Operator_> tKLP: What really happened between you, ROR, and G0d?? and
 please be specific
 <tKLP> Ok.. i will start from day 1 and how ror began.
 <tKLP> i was invited to the fate release division, which i joined.. after a
 couple weeks of supplying, it was not fun being a release division of a
 couriering group, i thougth to myself, i and my friends have the resources
 to make a group, and it would be
 <Operator_> ok.. continue
 <tKLP> much more fun, so i made ror. g0d and anti-d both came in as seniors
 and g0d was actually my vice president. he released one day, 6 things and
 they were all lame. drivers,shareware,etc. under the name of ror, and this
 made me think he was trying to
 <tKLP> ruin us from the start, but i didnt open my mouth.. l8r down the
 road after ror had gotten a good rep, and was well known, g0d decided he
 didnt like us, and was going to destroy us. first thing he did was spread
 rumours that we were dead, and all suppliers went to fate, trsi, or legacy.
 of course ,this was a petty lie. next he actually tried to steal our
 suppliers. once again, he failed miserably. due to the fact all our
 members are dedicated to ror, and like the rest of the scene, hate's g0ds
 guts he also took over our channel numerous times. As you can see, g0d may
 be 30 years old, but he is extrremley jealous and immature.
 <Operator_> ok, what are your views on G0d and anti-d's attemps to
 resurect TRSI?
 <tKLP> well anti-d could do almost anything if he tried, but he does not
 seem motivated. g0d is just a idiot. he thinks he is god , but he knows
 nothing. personally i think they have No chance if g0d has to steal other
 groups suppliers.
 <Operator_> Well, Now that RoR has dropped fATE as there couriering group,
 are you looking at other couriering groups to be associated with RoR
 <tKLP> Probably yes, but the way we are judging is to see who gets our
 files on the big boards first. i.e Park central, TDU, Akira,etc. Right now
 the only two candidates are MALiCE and RiSC, and both I and my seniors
 believe it will be malice due to the fact that they are always on the go,
 in our channel, asking for the releases,etc.
 <Operator_> Did G0d in anyway cause RoR to lose members, suppliers,
 couriers, or bbs support?
 <tKLP> thats the thing, noone in ror liked g0d, and everyone in ror is
 dedicated, so he did no damage except spread rumours
 <Operator_> What is your reaction to the retirement of Fan Fan Tulipe and
 <tKLP> I think that it really hurt the scene because they were a organized,
 and impressive games group. i am hoping some day ror will fill tdu-jam's
 spot. and i wish we would have gotten some tdujam suppliers, but
 unfortunately we didnt...
 <Operator_> Where do you see yourself, that is RoR is the scene.... what
 is your purpose and your goals?
 <tKLP> Our purpose is to have fun, and bring the scene quality warez.
 when i was growing up in the scene, it was TRSI,THG,PTG etc .. and i feel
 we owe it back to the scene =) plus its a real fun hobby. and with military
 school, i can get away from it all on irc,etc =) and its fun to compete,etc
 <Operator_> tKLP: Any last comments you like to add before we end this
 <tKLP> Yes. here..
 <tKLP> Id like for you the reader, to have some faith in ror, and give us
 respect in return for our releases. I want u to have confidence in us,
 cuz i can guarantee one day we will be where TDU-JAM was ... I'm sure
 you've heard of ROR, so give us a chance,and we'll prove ourselves.
 <tKLP> Peace Out - tKLP
 <Operator_> I thank you again for this interview and i wish the best of
 luck to RoR in it conquest to achieve excelence and to find a new
 couriering group.

                         Interview With g0d
 <g0d> Ok start the interview..:)
 <Operator> Do you see any truth in the statements from tKLP?
 <g0d> heh well lets start this from the beginning if you have the time??
 <Operator> Go for it
 <g0d> Ok a few months back..anti-d found this kid "tklp" running a group
 called "Lame" heh..I am sure you remember that group...
 <Operator> Actually no i dont
 <g0d> well at that particular point in time..fATE was going through some
 <g0d> heh not surpriseing..they lived up too there name hehe..anyways
 <Operator> What kind of remodeling?
 <g0d> we had decided too start a release section...
 <g0d> we thought about haveing the singal group do them both...
 <g0d> but thought we would get flamed from rival groups...
 <Lester> god..didn't you get booted from ror?
 <g0d> so we decided it best too start a totally seperate group...
 <g0d> get booted??..No I left...
 <Operator> I see
 <Operator> Did you in anyway try to steal Suppliers from RoR?
 <g0d> Roland "Sysop of the wall" was haveing a jolly old time flameing me
 for being a member of ror..hehe so after talking with anti-d..I decided it
 best I quit...
 <g0d> Well first off...anti-d and myself started ror...We let tklp run it..
 cause we didn't have time...after numerous screw ups on his part we
 finally got sick of babysitting..and decided too pull out all support..
 <g0d> Tklp is a good kid...he goes too military school and shit...However
 he is only like 14 years old..and lacks experience...thus that nasty txt
 file you sent me hehe..Oh well..:)
 <Operator> Did you in anyway express that RoR was "Dead"?
 <g0d> Sure it is dead...After all we started it...It was a part of fATE...
 anything that happens in the group I guess tklp restarting it...I
 don't I said we have severed ties...hehe I don't think our
 couriers want too be spreading shareware and bargain bin releases hehe..
 <Operator> tKLP said that you were the one suppling the "shit" releases to
 sabotage RoR
 <g0d> Uhh the only things I have supplied are things like MS Office
 Professional..which I released under fATE...and a few other things..I am
 not sure what...But sabotashing ror??..Not a chance..I couldn't be bothered
 <g0d> I would guess that tklp is peaved at me..for pulling all support from
 the group...fATE in general was recieving the heat from ror's screw ups...
 fATE is...was...and always will be my main concern...
 <Operator> What are you plans for release groups now.. Rumors are flying
 about a TRSI Resurrection
 <g0d> TRSi has been resurected...there are lots of things flying around
 now..So I decided it best that I resign from TRSi ... Don't get me wrong...
 O_stoned and Vfast will rock the scene...But there are other larger things
 happening..and I want too be a part of these...
 <Operator> What are your feelings about the loss of RoR to fATE?
 <g0d> well like I said earlier..TKLP was a good kid...He just lacks any
 know how of how too run a group...RoR has been banned everywhere and both
 anti-d and myself were getting the flack for it..everyone told us a long
 time ago too drop ror..But we held in there trying too teach this kid the
 ropes...He just wouldn't learn and wanted too do things his we
 had no other far as affecting fATE in general...Very minimal
 loss..If we thought it would have hurt our
 <g0d> As far as I am concerned .. everything must serve a purpose...ror
 did not...
 <Operator> OK, well thank you for you time and good luck with fATE and the
 resurection of TRSi
 <g0d> No problemo man..Watch for other new things too be coming soon...:)

 In my opinion, this incident between tKLP and g0d was because of mant mis-
 understandings.  First, the backing out of fATE's support of RoR and g0d
 did not know that tKLP intentions were to keep the group alive with out
 fATE.  In my opinion these two groups should kiss and make-up because in
 the scene, as competitive as it is, you do not need enemies.  Once were
 sister groups now are torn apart, but maybe this story can be the needle
 and thred these two groups need to patch their relationship.

                                              The Operator

 .___________          .____________ /^\__.________._________.__________
 l           \_________l__          \     \         \        l          \ 
 |            \           \          \____/          \       |           |
 |       __.   \___     :  \          \____    .      \      |        .__|
 |              \|     _|   \     .    \   |    \.____/     /_____       \
 |               |        __/     :____/  _|           \   |      \   .___|
 |      _.       |   ú      \     |       |             \  :       \       \
 |       :       |    \      \    |       |_            /  .        |       |
 |       |       |     |      |    \        |          /            |       |

---=[ 6. RCN's slander of INQ ]=----------------------------------------------
In the recent issue of RCN issue four, Hitex had some very encouraging
ideas to mention about INQ.  First, he plainly defended Tsunami or Rebel
Chicken's actions in #PWA that was shown in INQ #6.  All in all, it
clearly shows that Tsunami put his foot in his mouth and that there is no
reason to give an explanation on what he meant.

As for Jimmy Jamez, he is a big part of our mag just as well as any member.
Jimmy is unconventional at times and hard to work with; hell he even pisses
me off at times.  But, I will back Jimmy in this case against RCN.  JJ
usually does not attack unless he or something he belongs to is belittled and,
we have yet to hear why Jimmy ragged on RCN from the beginning.

As for our warez list, indeed it was incomplete or sub-par the past week, but
we assure all our readers that it will be above average with the help of many
RiSC members.

As for things that suck in Inquisition (I'll reply to each reason of RCN):

1. Always out to put people down.

Weeople were put down was Tsunami.  Jimmy had his
stab at it.  Lurch gave an indirect comment to RCN, and well many members of
PWA put Tsunami down when he first announced the plans of RCN in the channel.
As for putting people down - I need not say more.

2. WAY too competive.

I think that is a given.  Jimmy Jamez, Lester and myself are very involved
with the scene and our respective groups.  Indeed we are going to be
competitive.  Competition brings out quality and the best in people.  It's the
only way to go and the Scene is based upon competition.

3. You see a loose article on the Internet and SMACK, you pick it up and
   include it in your e-mag.  Start writing the stuff by yourself.

Well lemme see here.  We'll first begin with our most recent submission of
FanFan's letter to the scene based upon the retirement.  It was submitted by
Enforcer who thought it would be best if everyone was to see it.  Then we have
Druidkin's email about a TDUJam NFO file and its contents.  We have the
various articles of the Mikeysoft issue and there are more examples.  All
these articles were submitted.  We do not need to write upon these.  The
readers can based an opinion of their own on what they just read.  Most of the
"loose" articles that we grab are edited, verified to be published with the
source and placed into the magazine.

4. Some of you need to practice on your grammar.

I seriously doubt this is a problem at all.  Yes, none of us are English
graduates like the RCN team and, we have more to cover than to deal with a
minor issue such as grammar.  Nit and pick.

As for RCN's conclusion - Hitex claims he often waits for and reads INQ
although it is lame.  He also claims that we sit on our high chair and
praise the glory we receive for INQ.  Hardly, all members work hard for INQ
and each one has the claim to call it their own as I do all the time.  INQ
will never be taken away from any of INQ members or myself - it might branch
off into another mag as what occurred with WWN into INQ.

As for the so-called this is not a flame directed toward INQ - Your list of
things that suck in INQ is indeed a flame and that our mag was lame is also
considered a flame.  Alas, I will not stoop down to your level to say of
anything of ridicule of RCN nor will I publish it in INQ.  On other the hand,
I will be constructive to critize what needs to be.

To be honest with you, I have yet to hear on my end of RCN and it's praise.  I
and many others have stated that RCN is not in contention and does not cover
what is important.  I and my memebers will cease our publications on RCN and
any rebuttle that may deem necessary for which it makes such a small issue
annoying.  As Oyl Patch has put it, "Why give them any other form of


Ahh shit, here we go.  I guess it is now expected from me to give some kind
of rebuttal to RCN's letter "to inquisition"...
Well, what can I say...  I spoke to Hitex on irc, and he claims there was no
offences implied in RCN issue 4 about inquisition.  Well, pardon me sunny, I
don't think so.  It is my policy not to flame, so I am not about to go out
and list the reasons for which I think RCN is nowhere near the status of INQ,
and probably never will be.  However, for the "points" which were made in
RCN, I will give a rebuttal, and a clear one at that.  I feel I am obligated
to do so.

Quote from RCN, concerning the Weekly Warez List.
"affinity to (although I see you guys are attempting that as well!)."
This is BULL SHIT.  INQuisition, if you had read our first issue or out home
page is what was once called WWN, The Week In Warez Newsletter.  Starting
from the first issue I was a member, and starting from the first issue I
specifically remember Bishop making a weekly warez list for WWN.  In fact,
that was the main attraction of the mag, the main reason it was created.  In
time, the mag began to include articles, and we decided it was a newsletter
no more.  Unfortunately we lost Bishop from out member list even before we
changed the name.  Ever since we recieved multiple emails asking for the list
to be put back in.  We have been doing out best for the past few weeks, but
due to the fact that we lack time out warezlist is not as complete as it used
to be.  I will not sit by and listen to some1 say that we are attempting to
do something when we were the first to do it.  (and just as a note, I would
like to thank Bishop and all those who were once involved in WWN for bringing
the mag up to the status that it is at right now)

The next quote simply blew me away.
"Here is a list of what I think sucks about Inquisition:"
My first comment is, HOW DARE YOU?
Who the hell do you think you are to put out YOUR opinions in a publically
distributed newsletter.  This is a MAJOR example of POOR sportsmanship and
news reporting.  How many times have you had New York times bash some1 so
openly as that???  Did _I_ bash RCN in my last "article"?  The list however
I will include here, in its entirety.

"        - Always out to put people down."
We in NO way put people down.  We REPORT the news.  If the deal with MikeySoft
was considered putting down, I'm sorry.  It was the pure truth on one of the
most important scene happenings of the time.  JJ's report includes negative as
well as positive comments for all groups.  Though he may be very biased
toward his own group, DOD, he makes it perfectly clear in the title of his
weekly space to explain that the report is BIASED.  It is there for your
information, and for you to hear JJ's opinion as a respected leader in the
scene.  It specifically states to give biased facts.

"        - WAY too competitive."
Well thank you.  I consider this a more of a compliment than something that
sucks.  Any group will claim they are the best, no matter how small, or claim
to be striving to be better then another.  I am in INQ, I am as i stated before
an active member, and I will certainly claim that INQ is number one as openly
as I can as long as I feel that that is the truth.  I find that competitive,
yes, but I do not find that bad.  In fact, I find it great, just as patriotism
is considered a good trait when refering to one's nation.

"        - You see a loose article on the Internet and SMACK, you pick it
          up and include it in your e-mag.  Start writing the stuff by
That loose article may not reach the same ends of the scene as INQ.  INQ will
stick around for quite a while.  Why do you think do numerous publishers
reprint famous speeches and writings?  Do you think if there was one original
of Romeo And Juliet floating around the world when Shakespare wrote it it you
would get to read it today? (not that you particularly LIKE to read it, but the
fact remains the same)  To copy and spread is what the point of writing is.
INQ takes articles, and spreads them.  Oh, incidentally, in the same issue as
this there was a copy of fanfan's tdu farewell letter...  Umm, well, if we suck
for puting out an article like that, then why do you do it?

"        - Some of you need to practice on your grammar."
Some of us... Well, that's nice.  I _KNOW_ that I put a small "i" into one of
the above paragraphs.  I left it there on purpose.  I also KNOW that I
misspelled Shakespare whatever the hell the right way to spell it is.  There
will always be small errors here and there, just as hitex mispelled "just" as
"jsut" in his article.  (This is just to proove a point, nothing more)  You
also have to take another point into consideration.  Let's look at some of our
members.  First off, Jimmy James.  He is russian born, lives in russia, and
only communication he has with the english language is over the phone and on
irc.  (well, maybe some movies too)  Fact is, why WOULD he have perfect grammar
and spelling?  His english language is superb to say the least considering he
does not speak it on a daily basis.  Let's continue..  Me?  I'm also russian
born.  I have lived in the US for less then 7 years, and you expect me to have
the perfect grammar and vocab?  Excuse me then.  Other members also do not
have such excellent English backgrounds, and in fact, since most of us are very
computer oriented people, math is our strong "subject" not english.  I would
not be surprized if you found gramatical mistakes, however, we exist to inform,
not talk about spelling.  There is also the point about speed - often an
article has to be done within 5 minutes of the release.  Or ahs to be in before
you go off to school in the morning.  Or any other kind of similar situation,
when you type quickly, you KNOW you make mistakes.  You do not necesarily
(another spelling mistake) correct them.  I am not about to grammar and spell
check our articles, neither will anyone else, unless they typed it in Word and
have an extra minute.  Since our job is to inform the readers and we do this
absolutely free of charge, I feel it should be an extra if the spelling is
right in an article for the reader - we inform you, you get the point, that is
out first priority.

"I am certain INQ could also make a similar list about RCN,"
Yes, I/we certainly could.  But I did not, and I doubt any of us will.  We do
not bash, that is not our policy.  There exists competition between inq and
rcn, and because there is only competition between us pretty much, it is very
strong.  RCN aparently took the plain way, they listed what they thought about
INQ.  Well, they can list all they want.  So far IMHO I have justified INQ's
NONsucking in every accusation by RCN.  If some1 needs a better explanation,
feel free to mail me, and I will be glad to provide a more detailed description
of exactly WHY inquisition DOES NOT suck!

"but does it matter?  No, not at all.  "
Then why list it?  If it does not matter for RCN, I do not see the reason for
having said what they did.  It is a matter of principal - is some1 says it
does not matter, and knows that it will do damage, why do it at all?

"(although it is often late <ehem>)."
INQuisition has a policy - we come out every wednsday, if you did not know that
before, now you do.  This policy was adopted before release of issue #6.  Since
then INQ has been released on wednsdays.  If some1 calls on time late, what can
you tell them in response?  If you can't read the schedule right - then you
obviously can't get on the right train.

There has not been a single RCN bash in this article, if there has, it must
have slipped out by total accident - I doubt there is one though.  I simply
showed every claim for INQuisition to "suck" in some way incorrect, or at
least justified its reason.  As I said before, if you don't think I have, write
me a short e-mail, and I will do my best to try it again and be more clear.
                                                  - Lurch (

---=[ 7. Articles ]=----------------------------------------------------------

                          DVD: Digital Video Discs

Computers have been using diskettes to store data for years, but CD 
technology has now become the standard in information distribution for
computers and music players.  Diskettes offered 1 MB of storage space, which
is insufficient space for many modern applications, and even the 600 MB of
storage space available on a CD-ROM is starting to look small for the 
multimedia applications currently in development.  What will be the new 
standard for music, computer software, and other data?  It looks like it may
be a new trpe of CD-ROM disc called digital video discs, or DVD's.

As noted above, CD-ROMs can hold over 600 MB of data, or a little over one-
half a gigabyte (GB).  A gigbyte equals roughly 1,000 MB.  The new DVD disc
standards can hold as much as five, ten, and even up to eighteen GB.  This
means that applications which are so big that they must be put on multiple
CD-ROMs can be fit onto one DVD disc.  It also means that movies which are
currently on 12" laserdiscs can be fit onto one DVD disc.  Current CD-ROM
based movies are encoded using M-PEG1 technology which does not have the 
storage space to provide the clarity which is currently available only on

One reason to look forward to DVD's success is that DVD drives will read all
the DVD disc storage sizes, and the drive will also be be backwards compatible
with the current CD-ROM format.  This means that a user can upgrade to a DVD
drive to replace his current CD-ROM drive and still use the old CD-ROM
applications he has already purchased.  Similarly, a DVD drive could replace
the current audio CD Player while still playing all the original audio CDs.

A second factor which points to the widespread acceptance of the DVD standard
is the establishment of one definite standard for DVDs.  A battle in the DVD
arena was beginning by two competing aliances, one by Philips and Sony and the 
other by Toshiba and Time Warner.  Each alliance was developing a separate DVD
standard that had great features, but each was incompatible with the other.  
Both alliances realized that developing a single DVD standard that all 
industries could support would be important for the success and ease of use of 
the DVD by the consumer.  After eight long months of negotiation, a single
standard has emerged which utilizes the best features of each alliance.

One of the lingering questions about the DVD format centers around price.  
Most industry analysts say it is too early to disclose any prices on the 
hardware, but software prices will probably depned on how much information is
on the disc.  DVD drive prices might be similar to current CD-ROM drives since
most of the DVD hardware is very similar in size, shape, and function to CD-
ROM drive ahrdware.

There are many products in development which will use the DVD format.  
Panasonic has plans to market television DVD players for movies and other
services, and even game systems such as the future M2 by Panasonic may have a
version which includes a DVD drive.  The first DVD products will arrive in 
late 1996, and only time will tell how consumers, retailers, and 
entertaiment producers will utilize them.

----[ releases & dupes ]------------------------------------------------------

        Hey guys, figgered I'd follow official channels to submit a letter
this time.  I'd like to submit a few feeling about releases, and the dupe
war.  Firstly, let me state for the record, that releases are won on the
boards. As much as I hate to say that, that's the facts. The way to win a
release is to get it to the others WHQ, or a majority of the boards. Slowly
and surely sites are beginning to hold the same importance as boards, but
that will still take more time. I've had many conversations and complaints
on this matter.  For a group to be able to win then they must be allowed
axxs to the others WHQ.  In cases like Hybrid and Park Central, when we try
to upload on multiple accts, all our people are mysteriously knocked
offline.  I would think a Major board like that would have solved the odd
line noise problem months ago.  I was given a suggestion the other day that
maybe using an account of a neutral person may help this line noise problem.
An odd fix, but one we must try.  And for that matter HBD has yet to beat us
on our boards.  They want to insist that PC is the end and where withall of
the race.  I have a hard time believing that one board makes the scene.  A
one person does not make the scene.  As soon as you give one person, or a
small group that much power, then the scene is too tightly controlled.  I
WILL not allow this to happen.  I will not have some over-inflated windbag
tell me since it's not on PC that we lose.  Now if others want to try and
rewrite how releases are sent and won, then they better start to address the
Net as a major factor.  I've talked with many people from the competion, and
they agree that the Net is the future no matter how much they hate to admit
it.  The biggest complaint is that there is no division between lamers and
elites.  There they are wrong.  Lets face it, lamers can't axxs the cool
sites like Scumsite, or LA, or Riscsite.  Most netters drool over the
thought of accessing these stockpiles.  That in itself shows seperation.
Also the lamers don't have ops, in #razor only razor members have ops, so
again seperation.  No matter how hard the Old Schoolers fight I will drag
them into this century and onto the net.  Just don't make the mistake of
underestimating some like me. ;)  And as a closing, I'd like to state that
Inq has really blossemed into a great mag.  No fancy artsy fartsy loaders,
just good clean info.  Ask any of my people on mass email list, they get a
copy in email hot off the presses.  :)
                Keep up the great work,
                        DruidKin - Razor Net Director

----[ HTC is dead ]-----------------------------------------------------------
Before we begin i want to greet the following people -
Lighting, Tiger'S Claw, Flashback, Darkforce, Studster, Serenity, Rats Blooodd
Mafia, Third Son, Alien Son, Satan's Creator, Hectic, Fortune, Casper

Also i would like to greet the groups -

         RAZOR 1911 - PWA - DOD

Greetz to all X-HtC member's from 1991 - 1995
Thanx For All Your Effort And Work. It Wont Be Forgotten!
                                                         - White Cracker

ÛÛÛ                           ÛÛÛ ßßßÛÛ ÛÛßßÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ßßßÛÛ ÛÛ ßßßÛÛ ßßßÛÛ ÛßÛÛ
     ßßß                ßßßß      ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ  ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ Û ÛÛ
                                 ÜÜÜ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ  ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ ÛÛ Û ÛÛ
        To some it is hard to belive that HtC has taken it's final toll
        in the scene. To other's it is just another group that come and
        goes. But for the most part i (White Cracker) am about to reveal
        the whole truth and privacy behind the lines of the HtC Border.

        HtC Started in 1991 by some lamer named protocol. HtC was just a
        local group and was thought to go no where. So as time passed he
        knew that his group was shit and shut it down in 1992 and then some
        time later another guy by the name of Flashback re-opened it.. And
        now flashback had no fucking clue on how to run a group. However he
        tried his hardest. At the time Tiger's Claw and Me (White Cracker)
        were Seniors under flashback. And me and tiger's claw got together
        1 evening on the phone and said we were going to take the group from
        flashback. I had no idea what htc was when i was taking it over with
        tiger's claw. I had no idea of what the back round was until month's
        later. If i knew what kind of past HtC had i might of thought twice
        before taking it. However what's done is done. Tiger's Claw never
        wanted to be the top dog. So i just merely jumped at it since i knew
        enough on how to run a group. However when we took the group. It was
        so unorganized that i didnt know where to begin. So i just kicked
        everyone out :) . And restarted it. From then it was me President
        and Tiger's Claw Vice President. Later on we had Studster. Studster
        is now a member of RiSC. Due to the massive people we allowed in to
        HtC. HtC turned in to a stepping stone group. To where you joined
        HtC to learn how to courier then went on to something better. Now
        Tiger's Claw left and then Studster took his spot. Now if read on
        further you will see why studster played a major role in fucking
        up a good group. And why i kept it up after he fucked us over.

        To some people HtC is a really lame fucked up group. To others it is
        a really high tech fast 0-day group that offered fast support in all
        its distro's.

        My thought's of htc is this. HtC is 50 percent Lame and 50 percent
        E-leet. Meaning.. Half our people were still learning about what the
        word piracy meant. While the other half had been around the block
        enough times to know how to do there shit. I think that in the 18
        months i have servered with pride of HtC, i belive we did an Excellent
        job with what we had. Though some people may see other wise, i still
        feel that we did what we could with what we had. And we tried.

        Well what fucked up the group the most was that Studster before he
        had left HtC for RiSC he went to over 15 different group's (maybe
        more that i am not aware of) and told them off. He made jokes and
        provoked them. When the people saw who studster represented they
        took HtC for the blame. Studster is major reason why HtC turned to
        shit later down the road.

        WHY I KEPT IT UP!
        I kept it up for several different reasons. 1 i didnt give fuck about
        what studster said. Because i thought some people would know why
        he said it. But it didnt turn out that way. And people stopped look-
        ing up to HtC. Instead started to look down at it. I kept it to show
        people that we are a no shit group and that just because someone
        fucked up relations with htc it wasnt going to stop us from doing
        what we do best. Couriering 0-day fast and in style.

        Another good question was asked to me was why was HtC accepting lame
        people in to the group. Well HERE IS YOUR ANSWER! I belive in
        giving everyone a shot. I think out of every 15 people there is 1
        good one. So i gave everyone a chance. Some people became really good
        in HtC and moved on to other groups. Others were just in it for the
        1 month of fun in the .nfo so they call themselves X-HTC members..
        Stupid but true. Still i gave everybody a chance to try to show
        what they can do. And like i said before a good portion
        of X-HtC members left htc to join other groups such as RiSC.

        First off its alot of BullShit. After HtC went on IRC thats when i
        knew shit really does fly! I could of sworn everyone wanted to join
        HtC! I mean i got app's everyday least 5 apps a day sometimes alot
        more. And i get pages and pages of messages. Belive me for anyone who
        thinks they wanna run a group. THINK ABOUT IT! Its hell all you do
        it work work work. AND its such a thankless job. No matter how much
        work you do. It still anit going to be good enough. It seemed like
        every one had a problem and they all came to me for answer's. That's
        what it kinda feel's like when you sit here. And at times it gets
        crazy because everyone wants my devoted attention just to them.
        I now can understand what other group leaders have to go through
        each time they sit down and have a chat on IRC. And i feel for you
        guys. And i understand it. Belive me :)

        After 18 months of running HtC under MY command. I am now stepping
        down. Not out of the scene just out of HtC. The resaons for the
        group going down are this. I got tired of hearing how people wanted
        more and more and more and more! I got tired of the Bullshit. I got
        tired of lie's. I got tired of the lame people. I got tired of the
        messages that come by screen all at once. I GOT TIRED OF SEENING
        tired of seening HtC being used as a steping stone to join other
        groups. I got tired of hearing the whining the bitching the comp-
        laing the begging the pleaing you get my point. Most of all i felt
        that the group was a little unorganized and that slowly slowly. The
        trader's of htc were getting lazy. I never once felt lazy in to HtC
        i got tired but i never gave up until today. I feel the best way
        to make a good group stay good in the eye's some. Is to take it down.

        SO WITH ALL THIS SAID.....
        My Final Word's is this.. HtC WILL NEVER EVER.. EVER!! GO UP AGAIN!
        THAT! Dont make yourself even lamer trying to bring this group back
        up! ITS DEAD!

        My Moto was Death before Dishonor. There was lot of dishonesty in HtC
        and those who have dishonored HtC, Me, and there fellow trader's
        among the groups are dead in my eye's! You who you are. And Now i am
        Dead in HtC's Eye's. May HtC and The Hard Work Of HtC be put to rest
        and may no one even think of putting it back up.

                                Rest in peace HtC,

                                        White Cracker

---[ PTW - who we are ]-------------------------------------------------------
On the scene about a week ago ther was group called PTW. It was a courier group
I worked hard  on that group to get everything together. PTW was on its way up,
I guess it kinda sucks having your seniors back-stab you and ban you from your
channel and then take over.......well lets just say can never run it as good
as i have. Now i am gonna tell you how it happend i was talking to wcracker
on the phone and he was planning to disband HTC. I said, "Hey dude why don't
you tell all your good boys to come to PTW and i will make you a senior".He
said, "Well ummm i can give them an option and being a senior sounds pretty
good." I told some people that there might be a merge. This guy _Li_ found
out, and he got to be a real problem. Well, we were in this channel #invite,
and we  discussed  but then he started freaking out. _LI_ said "You never
talked to him just admit it!" I said. "Talk to wcracker yourself and see."
He started saying i was a lier, and all this other shit. So I invited my
seniors to back me up,THEY DIDN'T. So _LI_ said get rid of crass or I will
Distroy PtW So then the seniors said thet i fucked up and i will ruin the
group. So they kickbanned me from #ptw, and they took over. I don't like
accusation of me being a liar and I did think there was going to be a
merger and I  want PTW BACK I created the group, I ran it. Now my seniors
are trying to make me look bad infront of the group, and they are trying to
ruin my rep, and i am sick of this highschool immaturity. I created ptw and
I diserve to run it.
Thank you
                                     -Crass PtW Founder.

---=[ 8. Internet ]=----------------------------------------------------------

.__________    .___________      .__________    _________.   .____________
l          |___l___.       \_____|          \   \        l___l__          \
|         / \      |        \    \        .  \___\       l      \          \
 \       |___\     |         \    |       :   \   \      |       |          \
  |      |    \    |     .    \ ._|       |   /    \     |     ._|      .    \
  |      |         |     :____/    \       __/           |       \      :____/
  |      |    \    |     |       .__|   .     \    \     |     .__|     |
  |      |     \   |     |      /    \   \     \    \    |    /    \    |
  |       \     \  |     |            |   |     |    \   |          |   |
 /         \     \./      \           |   |     |     \__/          |    \

INQUiSITION has a World Wide Web page site.  Please come by and check it out.
You can grab the Previous issues of INQUiSITION there plus the WWN archives.

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Here is list of other excellent pages:

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                   High Speed Tech
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---=[ 9. Subscriptions ]=-----------------------------------------------------
Well, subscriptions are still coming consistently to getting INQ by mail.  If
you have somehow missed the feature, all you have to do is email me and tell
me that you want a subscription, and starting with the next issue the inq will
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Inquisition subscriptions are mailed as soon as _I_ (Lurch) have a full copy of
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if you would like me to get into another channel which you frequent, then mail
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NOTE TO ALL UUENCODED SUBSCRIBERS: Sorry about issue #8, it was accidentally
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My e-mail has changed.  I am now, please send all subscriptions
and comments there.  My account at still exists, so I will
keep recieving the mail for a few months, but please do make the switch.
                                                   - Lurch (

---=[ 10. Weekly Releases ]=---------------------------------------------------

 ::____:| |_____:| |_________________________   ____________________________::
 :/____:| |_____:| |______________________  /::/____________   ____________/::
 :::::::| |::::::| |:::::::::::::::::::::/ /::::::::::::::::| |:::::::::::::::
 :::::::| |::/\::| |:::::_____::::::::::/ /|::::/-\:::::::::| |:::::::::::::::
 :::::::| |:/  \:| |/\::|  _  \______::/ / |::::\_/:::________|:::::::::::::::
 :::::::| |/ /\ \| |  \:| |_)  )  __/:/ /| |::::___::/  _____/|:::::::::::::::
 :::::::|   /::\   |/\ \| _  _/| (_::/ /:| |::::| |:(  /__::| |:::::::::::::::
 :::::::|  /::::\  |__) \ |\ \:|  _>/ /::| |::::|_|::\_   \:| |:::::::::::::::
 :::::::| /:::::/\ |---\ \|:\ \| (_/_/:::| |___________)  /:| |:::::::::::::::
 :::::::|/:::::/_/\|::::\_\::\_\____/::::|_______/______ /::| |:::::::::::::::
 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ /::::::::::::::::::::::::| |:::::::::::::::
 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ /___________________________________::::::::
 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::| |:::::::::::::::

Hello again people.  After all the pleads and demands, it is <BACK>.  The Week 
In Warez Weekyl Warez List originally run by Bishop is now back and fully 
operational.  What does that mean?  Well, from now on you will be getting a 
listing of ALL releases, their size, first filename, and total number of 
disks.  I would like to personally thank Oyl Patch for helping us out on this 
issue and the issues to come.  I also want to thank Mondain for making that 
ASCii up above within 10 minutes.  Hopefully he can make (no offence) some 
improvments for next week. :) 
Note: The list here is NOT perfect - there may be dupes, and games may have
accidentally crawled into the spaces which say APPS.  Sorry about that. Also,
due to a technical difficulty the filenames/sizes/disks information is not
filled in for the 4th through 8th of november.  Sorry about this, but hard
drives just have a tendancy to crash when you don't want them to.  Any kind of 
suggestions are always welcome.  I don't want to hear about screwups though. 
Why?  Because the time has passed, and the warez are old, no information on 
them is any longer relevant.  If you still want to get it, it won't matter to 
you what the size/disk number is, and the filenames and compression programs 
are changed constantly.  Oh, and ONE MORE final thing.  You BETETR enjoy this 
list - it was a MAJOR pain in the ass to make, esp. with the screwups, and an 
ACCIDENTAL lack of time which resulted from a few problems we were having in 
organization from last week.
                                                   - Lurch (

 ³ 4th - Monday      ³ APPS  ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ System Commander v2.14                          ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Virtual Shooting Gallery Deluxe CD              ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Formula Graphics                                ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ MS Project Win95                                ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ HyperTerminal v1.0 Win95                        ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Guy Spy                                         ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Hooves of Thunder Working Release               ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ WFTPD v2.1 regged 32 bit                        ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Heap Agent Win95                                ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 5th - Tuesday     ³ APPS  ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ Windows95 Build 4.10.999                        ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Family Online_Guides Win95                      ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Raydream Final                                  ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Netmanage Chameleon v5.0 WinNT                  ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ CDR Publisher v3.61                             ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Master Visual Basic v4 2nd Ed                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Cute FTP_Final                                  ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Orcad PCB 386 Cracked                           ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Win95 aka Nashville                             ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 6th - Wednsday    ³ APPS  ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ Icebreaker for Win                              ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Jack_the Ripper                                 ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ MS ODBC v2.5 4 Visual Basic Win95               ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Planet Siege Final DOS                          ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Colorado Tape Backup v4.70                      ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Island Casino                                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ LAN Workplace v5.0 DOS WIN 95                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Rhinocom for OS2                                ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Dream Models RayDreamStd                        ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Norton AntiVirus Win95                          ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Intel ProShare Win Win95                        ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Caddy 11                                        ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Partition Magic for OS2                         ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 7th - Thursday    ³ APPS  ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ Sound Blaster PNP Drivers for OS2               ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Saber LAN Workstation Rel 5.5                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Saber Lan Workstation Remote UTils              ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ ProCheat v1.0                                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Saber LAN Workstation Full Docs                 ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ MacOpen for NT                                  ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Fax Port 5.0                                    ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ ClarisWorks 4.0                                 ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Now Update Win95                                ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ WS IRC 2.03 Reg                                 ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Mcafee Web Scan                                 ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Net Draw Plus                                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Intel Proshare 95                               ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Studio Audio Workshop v5.1                      ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ MS Small Buisness Pack For Office95             ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ PPE Pack                                        ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Apeture Pro v4                                  ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Invercible v6.10b Reg                           ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Fleet Street for OS2                            ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 8th - Friday      ³ APPS  ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ 386 MEMMAX 95 Shrinkwrap                        ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Norton Utilities for W95 v1.0a                  ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Object Desktop_v1.2_OS2                         ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ McAfee Virus Scan v1.5 for Win95                ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Sound Gadget Pro                                ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Primus Theme for Win95                          ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ SmartDraw Pro v2.03 Win95                       ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ SmartDraw for Win 3.1                           ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ SmartDraw Pro Flyers Collection                 ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 9th - Saturday    ³ APPS  ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ Pathlink Netrunner for Win95                    ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Ariadna Web Browser for Win95                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Netware Scripting                               ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Eudora Pro                                      ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Zip and Jaz Drivers v4.01                       ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Trispectives CD Sample Lib Addon                ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ QEMM Final Cracked                              ³2.5 ³ ³ 3   ³
 ³ OS2 Teller v2.80a                               ³ 2  ³ ³ 2   ³
 ³ Stockwiz v4.53                                  ³1.5 ³ ³ 2   ³
 ³ Appraise Link v1.0                              ³1.8 ³ ³ 2   ³
 ³ MS Road Map for Win95                           ³4.2 ³  ³ 3   ³
 ³ ABC Flowcharter 4.0                             ³8.4 ³ ABC4_1.ZIP   ³ 6   ³
 ³ Norton Antivirus Upd                            ³600k³  ³ 1   ³
 ³ Italian Now Language Tutor                      ³1.2 ³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ A2B Enterprise Communication                    ³9.2 ³ ³ 8   ³
 ³ KittyKill v1.2                                  ³400k³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ WebBase v4 0 Program Disk                       ³1.6 ³ ³ 2   ³
 ³ Extra for Windows v4.2                          ³ 9  ³ EXTR951.ZIP  ³ 11  ³
 ³ DirCrypt v2.11                                  ³400k³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ Web Talk                                        ³2.5 ³ ³ 3   ³
 ³ Corel Internet Mania                            ³2.5 ³  ³ 2   ³
 ³ iomega 442 dos                                  ³900k³  ³ 1   ³
 ³ iomega 442 win                                  ³ 1  ³  ³ 1   ³
 ³ Speed Razor Mach Pro 3.0                        ³7.2 ³ ³ 8   ³
 ³ PC Power                                        ³30  ³  ³ 21  ³
 ³ DEC Fortran for WinNT                           ³20.1³ ³ 15  ³
 ³ Agent v.99c                                     ³1.1 ³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ SnapShot 32 key                                 ³21k ³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ VDOLive95 Netscape                              ³345k³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ Macromedia Shockwave95 Netscape                 ³ 1  ³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ MicroSoft Virtual Explorer95                    ³1.7 ³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ 10th - Sunday     ³ APPS  ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ ACAD Library #2                                 ³7.2 ³ ³ 8   ³
 ³ Colorado Backup for Win95 v1.51                 ³764k³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ Instant 3D                                      ³53.1³ ³ 38  ³
 ³ DB2 Lessons OS2 CDRIP                           ³2.3 ³ ³ 3   ³
 ³ Samplitude Pro 1.05 For Win                     ³1.9 ³ ³ 2   ³
 ³ SoundForge 3.0d 16bit                           ³1.7 ³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ hibit maps                                      ³7.8 ³  ³ 8   ³
 ³ Learn C on PC                                   ³1.2 ³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ Learn c++ 12 Lessons                            ³1.2 ³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ Connect 85                                      ³343k³  ³ 1   ³
 ³ All IN One Internet                             ³3.8 ³ ³ 3   ³
 ³ Multimedia Megapack 95                          ³54.7³ ³ 39  ³
 ³ 4th - Monday      ³ GAMES ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ War Craft 2                                     ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Hi OCtaNE CD uPdated New Tracks                 ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Planet Siege                                    ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 5th - Tuesday     ³ GAMES ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ IceBreaker for Win                              ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ IceBreaker Full Resolution                      ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 360 Points                                      ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 6th - Wednsday    ³ GAMES ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ Tel Aviv Scenery for FS 5.0                     ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Jack The Ripper                                 ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Haifa Scenery for FS 5.0                        ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Island Casino                                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Virgin World One Atlus Interactive              ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Speed Haste                                     ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Hodji N Podji                                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 7th - Thursday    ³ GAMES ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ DiME CiTY CD DESiGN                             ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ The Hive v1.01 Update                           ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ triple threat                                   ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Alien Odyssey CDRIP                             ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Tortise The Hare                                ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Extreme Pinball                                 ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Zone Raiders                                    ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ Trophy Bass Outdoor Sportsmen Win               ³ ?  ³ ?            ³ ?   ³
 ³ 8th - Friday      ³ GAMES ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ Football Limited              ? (not in totals) ³4.5 ³ ³ 4   ³
 ³ Unnecessary Roughness 96      ? (not in totals) ³42.5³  ³ 30  ³
 ³ WarCraft 2 Working            ? (not in totals) ³ 35 ³ ³ 23  ³
 ³ Touche                        ? (not in totals) ³16.4³ ³ 12  ³
 ³ 9th - Saturday    ³ GAMES ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ Fifa Soccer 96 FULL                             ³ 50 ³ ³ 35  ³
 ³ Ocean Trader                                    ³8.9 ³ ³ 7   ³
 ³ Zoop Final                                      ³2.8 ³ ³ 3   ³
 ³ Rainbow Balls for Win95                         ³951k³ ³ 1   ³
 ³ Santas Secret Valley                            ³4.2 ³  ³ 1   ³
 ³ Jungle Dyret Hugo                               ³6.2 ³ ³ 6   ³
 ³ Williams Arcade Classics                        ³5.3 ³ ³ 4   ³
 ³ Warcraft2 trainer                               ³12k ³  ³ 1   ³
 ³ Fatty Bears Birthday Suprise                    ³21.5³  ³ 15  ³
 ³ Civnet Modem Only                               ³4.7 ³ ³ 4   ³
 ³ 10th - Sunday     ³ GAMES ³
 ³ Release                                         ³ MB ³ First File   ³DISKS³
 ³ Warcraft 2 Network Fix                          ³547k³  ³ 1   ³
 ³ Stunts II                                (fake) ³ 8  ³  ³ 7   ³
 ³ Turrican II                                     ³2.2 ³ ³ 2   ³
 ³ Card Players Paradise                           ³12.3³ ³ 9   ³
 ³ Figure (editor's note:DGN)                      ³3.6 ³ ³ 3   ³
 ³ Soko 2 (editor's note:DGN)                      ³3.2 ³  ³3+crk³
 ³ Grand Prix Mgr Microprose                       ³36.3³  ³ 26  ³
 ³ Totals ³
 ³ Category            ³ Megz   ³Disks ³Titles³ DPR ³ MPD ³ Megz=Total Meggage
 ³ Aplications Only    ³ 247.17 ³ 205  ³ 37   ³5.54 ³ 1.2 ³ Titles=Total Out
 ³ Games Only          ³ 170.62 ³ 129  ³ 17   ³7.58 ³1.32 ³   Averages:
 ³---------------------³--------³------³------³-----³-----³ DPR=DisksPerRelease
 ³ Total APPS+GAMES    ³ 417.79 ³ 334  ³ 54   ³6.19 ³1.25 ³ MPD=Megz Per Disk
 ³ Up To Date Recorded ³ 417.79 ³ 334  ³ 54   ³6.19 ³1.25 ³ -> Since 12/09/95
NOTE: This week's data was ONLY collected from the above releases which do
      "NOT" have a "?" in any of their columns.  This was due to a techincal
      difficulty early in the week, and will not be aproblem next week.

---=[ 11. Top 5 Boards ]=-----------------------------------------------------

These Boards were rated by their peers.  The number is comprised of LD traders
who frequent boards.  If you believe this rating to be incorrect, send in your
ratings or give them to a trader that can get them to me.  Please, do not
submit ratings in if you do not frequent boards.

Scores are based on percentile up to 120

Top 5 Boards

1. Park Central                109
2. Beyond Akira                 59
3. The Wall                     47
4. The Digital Underground      19
5. Street Spydrs                15

Others: 2112 (13), X-Factor (12), State Of Devolution (10), Southern Comfort
        (9), Snake's Place (8), Last Rights (3), Warp Zone (1)

 )\_________ _____   _________________            ____       ________          
(           (     |  )          )     |____)\____/    (_____/        \         
 \           \    | /          /           \ o O )     \    \         )        
 |     /      )   |(____/(     |            )___/       )    )  (___ /_        
 |    (      /   _|___    \    |____  |____/    \_     /    /   /      )       
 /     \____(   /     (   _)    )   \     \      |  (      (   (___   /        
(       |   |          \       /     )     )     |   \      |     |   |        

---=[ 12. Closing ]=-----------------------------------------------------------

      Another issue is produced to the masses.    
      Hopefully you enjoyed this issue of INQUiSITION.  We have plenty of
      interviews to cover and other other topics to touch.  If you wish
      to join INQ - please send us your EMAIL address and a SAMPLE.  

      If you want a subscription to INQ, E-Mail:
      INQUiSITION will have weekly meetings on Wednesday's at 9p Central.
      All members should attend.  The meeting will be held on the bot, but
      all are welcome to come to #inq and voice your suggestions.
                           The Inquisition Staff:
                Raptor [Editor]               Lester [Editor]


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