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---=[ Introduction ]=----------------------------------------------------------

      Welcome to Inquisition issue #7.
      Well here is our seventh edition of this warez publication.  

      Basically we are always looking for Artists and Writers.  If you want to 
      join, please send us a sample of your work or provide us a site/URL to
      view your work along with an E-mail address.
      We still want YOU to write in comments on our publication, even if they 
      are negative.  We prolly will publish them in our next issue and one of 
      the editors will reply to them.
      To state to the scene, we are a news publication here to bring you the
      lastest in the scene, whether good or bad.  It's best to keep everyone
      informed even the lamers.  
      We also offer a subscription now - look for info in the Internet Section                          
                                - Raptor & Lester

      Send your articles, comments or suggestions to: 
             -   -                  

---=[ Contents ]=--------------------------------------------------------------
        1. Letters to the Editor.....Raptor & Lester
        2. Utils Warez Report........Jimmy Jamez - "Special Biased Edition" 
        3. Games Warez Report........Ionizer   
        4. Reviews...................Various Writers
        5. Interview.................Darwin - "InsaneTMM - Razor 1911 Founder"
        6. Articles..................TDUJam Thrashes Razor 1911
                                     Net vs. Boards  
        7. Internet..................INQUiSITION WEB Site, Plus More
        8. Announcements.............There is Competition! 
                                     Druidkin's Reply to TDUJAM Bashing
        9. Weekly Releases...........Weekly Warez Listing
       10. Closing...................Raptor & Lester


._____. ._______.________.________________.______________________.             
|___  | |Oo.    |_ Oo.   |___Oo.  |__.    |______.  |_______.    |_.           
  |O  | |_____.   |o        |:       |  :  .o|   |Oo.  |__. |__ :  |           
  |o _|___|_. |___|__| |____|_|: |___|  |____|  _______|O__   |____|           
  |. |    __| ___|  |.  |     |. |__o  ___| |Oo _.    | o |__.   |             
  |  |    |:  |   __|:  |.  ._|    |   |.oO |_.  |   _|_.    |   |             
  |_______|_______|______|  |______|__________|__|______|________|             

---=[ 1. Letters to the Editor ]----------------------------------------------

We still receive mail from far and wide - let it poor in with any complaint
you might have or comment too.

Hey, guys, I don't know if this is where to send my rants and shit about the 
awesome mag you run, but here it goes anyway.

 This isn't really a letter to the editor more than it is a question you
might ask some of your readers.  I was (personally) wondering about what
everyone thinks about public #warez channels on irc.  I know they have 
flurished in the past months with upwards of 100 people on #warez5 every now 
and then, but I wonder how long will it last?  It seems every day more and 
more people jump on the 'information highway' which, in turn, brings in higher 
and higher amounts of security, et cetera. In an article in INQ #6, there was 
an extange between Chris Carter (supposedly from the SPA) and a SysAdmin.  It 
is obvious from this that Mr. Carter is quite irate.  This has happend plenty 
of times in the past with people mailing SysAdmins all over complaining about 
public xdcc's.  I personally think the joy ride is over.  Soon, like all good 
things, the #warez community will go completely underground on the internet. 
I was wondering what everyone thinks about this and what their solutions are.
I realize there are many other nets with #warez channels and the like, but 
this may be part of the return to the underground like which happend to the 
BBS scene in the 80`s.  I don't know what the answer could be or even if there 
is a problem.  Perhaps someone could write an article.  Anyway, I love your 
mag.  Keep me up to date on all those things I missed because of my laziness. 
:)  Keep up the great work!!


Raptor - Well MP, the original #warez guys have left the channels and gone
         underground already.  Unfortunately, most of the people who hang out 
         in the #warez channels leave the channels open and talk as if their
         security is not at a high risk.  I imagine that there will be alot
         of heat on SysAdmins in the future, but who knows when this will take
         place.  All I can say is to learn to liit your channels and trade 
         among friends.

I think your mag is pretty good, though the game review section you should
really be taken out.  The game warez release section is cool, but the review 
one is really stupid.  I mean all I have to do is pick up a gaming magazine 
from a newstand and read the same thing, and also, you should cut down on the 
length of the interviews a bit.  There are too many stupid questions asked,
but for the most part its a great mag


Raptor - Well I appreciate that you like the mag, but you are the only person
         to complain about the Games' Area.  Anyhow, we're keeping it because 
         we have people who put actual hard-work and effort into this area.
Ionizer - You didn't seem to praise my magazine like everyone else.  In fact 
          your the first person to give a negative response to it, so i 
          figured you're either retarded or misunderstanding something.
          (1) My article is a seperate magazine, I gave Inquisition the right 
          to use it in their magazine.
          (2) The Game Review is only meant to give a quick judgement on games 
          released during the week, not an extended overview of it.
          (3) If you "can just read somehting like that from a magazine" then 
          why don't you?  What were you exactly expecting?  And isn't that a 
          compliement if your saying my writing is just like that of a 
          magazine that charges people?

          Anyway, you're the first person who has had something negative to 
          say about my articles, and I do take offense to it, but I'm not 
          going to sit here and call you names or anything.  I just want to 
          know what you think it should include, or any corrections that can 
          be made to it.


.__. .__._____._____.__. ___.__.  ._____.   .__. .__._____._____._____.______.
l  |_l  l   __l   __l  |/  /l  |  l  |  |   l  |_l  l     l  __ l   __l_    /
|  : :  |   __|   __|    _/ |  :__|___  |   |  : :  | _|  |    _|   __|/   /_
|       |     |     |  .   \|  ú  |     |   |       |  .  | _   |     |      |
|___|___|_____|_____|__|____|_____|_____|   |___|___|__|__|__|__|_____|______|
\           __  l     ___\         __  l        \         __   l        .   \
 \_____        /|     ___\____    .    |     .   |____        /___:     :____\
    |    __    \|        \  |     :___/      :   | |    __    \   |     |
    |     |     \         \ |     |   |      |   | |     |     \  |     |
    |_____|______|_________\|_____|   |__________| |_____|______| |_____|

---=[ 2. Util Warez Report - "Special Biased Edition" ]=----------------------

Biased Utils Report made by Jimmy Jamez Issue #7:
Here we go - very sad week for utils releasers and fans!  We were badly
overlfooded by CD-Rip games (usually not working) and major utils groups
had vacations or simply had nothing to put out!  This is for DOD, PWA or PNT 
or anything else.  So, this report will not be big.  Hope it's just the 
silence before storm on Christmas.  Lets look what we had:

* in alphabet order *

DOD (Drink Or Die) - the worst week of the group for last 5-6 months.  Only 3 
releases for 7 days; that really sounds sad.  Hijaak 95 Maintenace Release SS2 
(5 Disks), Hijaak Morph 95 and Caligari TrueSpace 1.0 for Win/NT and Win95 (4 
Disks) (that was not fake or dupe as somebody thought; it was 100% legit store 
Special Edition, optimized for 32-bit mode).  That is ALL!  Unbelievable but 
true! :(  Of course weak points for such activity!

Current Week Points:      05/10
Overall Score      :      69/80

PNT (Pantera) - Very sad picture also!  Bunch of IBM titles like IBM Antivirus 
for all possible operation systems, Prevail/XP Workstation 1.5 for Windows (2 
Disks) and D.B Express 1.1 Personal Edition (1 Disk)!  Of course, they can do 
better but on past week all utils scene decided to give up and use only 
never-ending 20+ disks games!

Current Week Points:      05/10
Overall Score      :      44/80

PNC (PiNNaCLe) - Glad to see these dudes working better; they finally started
to dupe check their releases.  No rude fuck-ups occurred, but I will withdrawl
some points for previous week dupes like Visual Reality Bonus CD that 
contained the same code as PWA's release.  Also PNC released Cuneiform 1.22 - 
OCR proggy made by Russian company that DOD released in early 1994. :)  All 
the other releases were legit and OK!  To compare with other groups, PNC shown 
some bigger activity.  Here we go: AmiWeb 1.601 for AmiPro (1 Disk), First 
Class Client/Server for Win95 (2 Disks), News for Windows NT (1 Disk), 
Internet Chameleon 4.5.3 for Windows 95 (5 Disks), Internet Chameleon: Ecco 
Address Book (3 Disks) and a last week release - FolkWeb Server 1.0 (2 Disks)! 
The only group that did better this time than before!  Way to go!

Current Week Points:      07/10
Overall Score      :      33/80

PWA (Pirares With Attitude) - Surprise!  Only group that kept stable releases
going this time!  Also the other surprise that we saw, only 1 beta among 13 
releases!  PWA is definitely doing better this time, nothing serious but 
stablility; that is not that bad too!  What did PWA released?  As always you 
ask the right question, let me tell ya what they did: AT&T FiberGraphix 2.0 (2 
Disks), MidiSoft Studio 4.0 (2 Disks), Trispectives CD (23 Disks) (only week 
fuck-up - day after they released FIXED version on 23 disks too and couriers 
simply lost their credits on first one), Eggnest Builder (1 disk), 
Trispectives Intellishapes Addon (15 Disks), WebSite 1.0 for NT (2 Disks), 
LenzFX IPAS 2.0 Cracked (1 Disk), Liquid Speed 1.0.5 (1 Disk), Connectix 
Videophone Conf (6 Disks), Microsoft Internet Server Beta 2 (12 Disks) (only 
beta), Fortune Teller for Win95 (2 Disks), Quick Assistant for Windows (5 
Disks) and Sculptor IPAS for 3D Studio (1 Disk)!  There is a big advantage 
for PWA this time - they started releasing very cool cracked IPASes for 3D 
Studio.  I am sure people will love them for that! Good points.

Current Week Points:      08/10
Overall Score      :      69/80

RBS (Rebels) - Still quiet, but I made this report on Wednesday and I saw shit
- load of small releases from them today, so I will let them remain in my
report for awhile.  Lets see what they released in next week report in 

Current Week Points:      00/10
Overall Score      :      18/80

ROR is not good enuff to be a part of my report. Hopefully they will appear
here soon!

Also wanna comment this 'new' mag Reality Checks that tries to compete with
unbeatable INQUISITION!  We all read this interview with Tsunami in INQ #6,
isn't it pathetic when he explains the reason why he made his mag?? Because I
press on groups??  That is really stupid if he think so, one of PNC seniors
tried himself to PRESS on me to write some good LIES about his group; I told 
him to shut-up and never do it again, and officially warned them in my report. 
I am glad PNC dudes understood it right and asked me many times after that to 
help them with releases, dupe checking et cetera.  But, Tsunami never stops 
<g>.  Hope his mag will be never so dupish as his previous group FSW when they 
duped everything and everybody on scene.  And of course his mag will never get 
to be on top.  Those reality checks are always painful for non-experienced 
people like TSUNAMI is.  Farewell.

C-ya in next INQUISITION!


        * All complaints/questions send to: *

---=[ 3. Games Warez Report - Ionizer ]=--------------------------------------

    $$'  .   `$$'       `$$   '         `$$'   s   `$$'   s   `$$
    $'   $    $$    $    $$    a    a    $$    $    $$    $    $$  SERIES #2
    $    $ssss$$    $    $$    $    $    $$    $    $$    $ssss$$           
    $    o    o$         $$    $    $    $$    sssss$$ssss.    $$  ISSUE  #3
    $.   $    $$    $    $$    $    $    $$    $    $$    $    $$         #4 
    $$.  $   ,$$    $    $$    $    $    $$.   $   ,$$.   $   ,$$  11/19/95

Un-Releastic:  "I have never played a game I didn't like."  -Stu Pid Fewl
Realistic   :  "FUCK, This game sucks more than all those releases
                that aren't working!."   -Ionizer

("Where and when can I get The Game Review?" The Game Review (c) Ionizer,)
(will be released every SUNDAY, in IRC, in #warez5 and other channels and) 
(can be obtained by /m iondcc xdcc list or /m ionizer xdcc list on Sunday)

        What were you doing when you downloaded your first pirated game?
        (a) Trying to figure out what those Blocks in XMODEM were.
        (b) Staring at the status bar.
        (c) Looking for a manual to your computer to see if it had anything
            about using pkunzip.
        (d) All of the above!
 _\|/_   _\|/_
-NEW THIS WEEK is a simple mention of the best game of the week (not always
the game with the highest rating).  Based on game idea, graphics, sound, and
ability to run on computers other than the perfect system.
 _\|/_   _\|/_
-NEW THIS WEEK is an adjusted scale.  Things were changed to make the scale
start with #'s of 10 <10-19,20-29, etc>.  Check it out for best accuracy of
judging games.

-Upon POPULAR DEMAND: It's back, it's better then before, and it's got normal
looking ascii's at the top and the bottom (courtesy of High Density).

-Do you live for games?  Do you want to play games every second of your life?
Do you find yourself sitting in #warez? constantly asking if anyone has WC2
or quake? if so then you need a LIFE, but that's besides the point.

-       *       -       *       -       *       -       *       -       *   -
*       -       *       -       *       -       *       -       *       -   *


-Rating scale:
                 (0-19)/100 = In a nutshell, it sucked!
                (20-39)/100 = Still crap but slightly better.
                (40-49)/100 = Possibly worth downloading.
                (50-69)/100 = Pretty decent game. Might want to check it out.
                (70-79)/100 = Worth the download if you like that type.
                (80-89)/100 = Very good, 9 outta 10 its worth the download.
                (90-99)/100 = Excellent game, a MUST download.
                    100/100 = HOLY SHIT I'VE NEVER SEEN A BETTER GAME!

-Enough of the crap, it's time for the reviews.  The format is like this:
Name of game, group, # of disks, review, rating.
                     -<*><*> THE GAME REVIEW <*><*>-
=Extreme Pinball (Real SW)=
        This is the real copy of it.  Last time it wasn't really Extreme
Pinball.  The reg. game will have 4 tables, and from the looks of the one
table it looks pretty good.  Lots of animation of those pinball light type
graphics in the arcade, good sound, and overall it's got all the options and
levels and games you could ask from a pinball game.
                                RATING: 67/100

=Realms of Chaos (SW)=
        Suprisingly somewhat good.  Similar to Jill of the Jungle.  I beat
the sw version in less than 20 minutes.  You'll be bored of this in less than
1 day if the reg. version came out.
                                RATING: 41/100

=Actua Soccer +Sound=
        This is just the review of the sound.  The announcer is a `joly 'ole
chap 'o mine, we should get together an' have a spot o' tea mate.  His voice
can be annoying after a while.  He'll criticize your play, and show emotion
unlike Hardball 4 type announcing: "#3-Steps-To-The-Plate, There-is-1-out-and
runners-on-first-and-second" <in that monotone skippity voice>.  Anyway, all
this includes is the game, announcer, and crowd noise, there is no music, and
this is missing that really cool intro <G>.  Oh, and you'll need the hoodlum
fix.  Unless I read this nfo wrong, here you read it:
     "       Lancer INSTALL.BAT pour decompresser le jeu.
             Le lancement se fait ensuite automatiquement.
             N'oubliez pas de lancer go.bat pour charger cdemu2. :)
             Merci a MAMOS pour notre petite intro NFOINTR.EXE
     ACTUA SOCCER : C'est un jeu de foot (et oui)
                    Mais c'est aussi la version anglaise.
                    Donc ca parle Anglais.
             L'intro,et les noms de joueurs(wav) ont ‚t‚s suprim‚s.
             Seuls les noms des joueurs Englais et Bresiliens ont survecus.
             Mais tous les sonds sont l… :)"                    (NFO.NFO)     
                          Sound RATING: 45/100

=Big Red Racing Playable Demo=
        Decent racing game.  You drive a jeep around, in a polygon 3D look-a-
like.  Graphics are a bit shabby.  Demo has no sound, so it's somewhat dull.
                                RATING: 55/100

=Zone Raiders Alpha 4.0=
        EIRG, 8 disks.  I reviewed this one a while back for WWN.  It's
very similar to slipstream 5k, accept that you are on a track and it involves
missions of getting things and getting out.  Nothing we haven't seen before
in some way or another.  Games flows nicely, not too much jaggedness.
                                RATING: 60/100

=Fifa Soccer '96 <TDU>=
        Tdujam, 11 disks.  Once again a once decent game is made even better.
Too bad you can't enjoy it because of the lack of sound.  Things look a lot
better, but when it comes down to it, I'd take Fifa <'95> over this one any-
day, for two reasons, (1) quicker, easier, gameplay (2) sound.  But, I
suppose, if you have the perfect system, and you actually bought it, this one
would probably be more appealing.  It does have modem support, but I have not
tested that yet.
                                RATING: 77/100

=Fifa Soccer '96 <RCD>=
        RazorCD, 15 disks.  Don't ask me what the difference is, because I
was not able to get this one to work, turned sound off, did everything.  Kept
getting some msg in some other language.
                                RATING: NA/100

=Comix Zone=
        Razor, 4 disks.  This one surprised me a little.  I figured it would
be some comic book you watch, with a few animations or so.  It's actually
tottaly interactive, you control the writer of the comic book as a character
through his own comic books.  You fight, get weapons and all kinds of neat
shit.  It is for windows, but you won't notice it even if you put it in full
screen, which runs nicely.
                                RATING: 73/100

=Worms (Full Reg)=
        The Council, 2 disks.  FINNALY!  I've been waiting for this one for
over 2 months.  Most of you probably have never even heard of it before.  It
is really hard to explain what type of game this is, but it has MY seal of
approval.  Don't let what I'm about to say it's like, discourage you, because
this really is a fun, addictive game.  It's got the lemmings atmosphere, with
an attitude, yet similar to that 'ole tank war game, where the tanks sat on
the hill.  There are many, many options and weapons in this one and practic-
ally unlimited scenery.  This game will have you addicted to it, and you wont
even realize how much time passes you by.  It will soon also have a modem
patch (can't wait!).  This one is worth the download, 2 disks, and worth the
effort of the install problems.
-Install Help:  I myself had problems, but here's the most help I can give
                you; (A) After unzipping, change all the directories in the
                install.bat and batch files to whatever dir you plan on
                installing it to. (B) Run install, and when it goes to the
                game's setup, install it to the same place you changed the
                dirs to. (C) You must have MSCDEX and a mouse driver running,
                then either subst <subst cdromdrive: X:\where\you\installed>
                and then try running the "wrms.exe" <not a spelling mistake>.
                Fool around with it, b/c it is worth it, and also note the
                game takes about 20-30 seconds to load up so give it time.
                                RATING: 93/100

        Hybrid, 17 disks.  I think Novemeber is international release a car
game month.  If you've been looking for that car game to suit those wants for
Cruisin' USA or any other good racing game, here it is.  Although there are
only 3 tracks in this one, they are by far the most detailed, and graphical
ones ever on the pc.  This ain't the same old "Are we going in a circle, Cuz
I swear I've seen that same building 50 times!"  Nope, this game has excell-
ent scenery, and a nice choice of cars.  There is a decent amount of other
options to, such as slalom, or hitting the cones, etc.  The two downsides to
this game are (a) if you got a 486/33 or less, its slightly choppy, but not
very noticeable at all (b) using the keyboard to control the car left and rt.
causes it to be sensitive and sometimes it's hard to make turns.  Otherwise
this is the new king of car games for the year, putting Need for Speed in
it's dust.
  RATING: 95/100 <For once the group that released it, graded it accurately>

=Wacky Wheels 1.1=
        Hybrid, 2 disks.  I don't seem to see the difference of tracks with
this one compared to the 1.0.  But according to HYBRID.NFO...
  "This is the Updated version of Wacky Wheels v1.0. This new updated version
  has a total of 41 Tracks and a total of 18 Tracks for Modem Play."
All in all it's the same wacky wheels we played a year ago.  (And for those
who didn't: Mini kart racing around tracks, lots of options, modem play, etc)
                                RATING: 52/100

=Atari Action Pack #3=
        Tdujam, 2 disks.  I had no problem with the other packs released a
while back, but this one said "Cannot create BMP files" and the same with
                                RATING: NA/100

=Indy Car Racing 2 Demo=
        This looks worse then the first one.  Not impressive at all.
                                RATING: 40/100

=Trick or Treat=
        Energy, 4 disks.  Point and click adventure.  You're some housekeeper
or something of some yucky old house.  Graphics are more frightning then the
game itself.  Looks like an outdated game.
                                RATING: 31/100
=Su-27 Flanker CD-RIP=
        Hybrid, 5 disks.  Couldn't get it to work, and had no motivation to
        to install a flight sim, so here's what Hybrid had to say about it.
  "Own the sky with SSI's newest air combat simulation program.  Modeled
  after the awesome Su-27 fighter by a team of Russian aerospace engineers,
  Su-27 Flanker is being hailed as the most realistic flight sim ever for
  the PC... Su-27 exhibits considerable potential to unseat Falcon 3.0 as
  king of the hard-core simulations.  Or so the ad hype says.  Well, I
  guess they want you to buy the game. I'm not a big fan of this kind of
  game, but it does boast an "exceptionally powerful, multi-tiered mission
  editor" so it MUST be good.  Su-27 places you in the middle of a war
  between Russia and Ukraine/Eastern Europe.  You get to fly, well, an Su-27
  Flanker.  Looks pretty good, though I think that someone will need to put
  out some full dox to make the game really playable, as there are a lot of
  commands."  <HYBRID.NFO>
                                RATING: NA/100

=Tower (Control Tower Simulator)=
        Tdujam, 6 disks.  Oh boy, who are the fucking geniuses who come up
with these games.  This is not my idea of fun, waiting around for planes to
land and then giving them direction.  That's a job, I wouldn't pay for some-
thing that would simulate a job.  The only purpose of this game I can see is
for actual plane traffic controllers.
                                RATING: 18/100

=Tritryst Demo=
        RoR, 1 disk. In the tradition of tetris, it's a little square with
colored pieces that you must place on to it.  Get three of the same color and
it vanishes. Nothing too special, but it's not a piece of junk.  It is very
                                RATING: 54/100

        Hybrid, 11 disks.  Similar to slipstream 5k.  Extremely jaggedy and
slow on a 486/33.  Not even fun to play on it, if playable at all.  Tbe game
did not autodetect my soundcar <Sb16> like it should have, and the actual
racing is dull and boring when it's moving at a frame a second.
                                RATING: 43/100

        Tdujam, 29 disks.  Nothing makes my day more excited and happier,
then knowing that (1) I've lost my telnet account, (2) I spent time looking
for good disks, d/l it part by part, to find out it the picture fucks up any-
way.  The music plays (isn't that nice), but the picture shows some fucked up
shit as if it were in the wrong vga mode, but there's nothing you can do to
fix it.
                                RATING: NA/100

=Boink the Arcade Game=
        Lamerz, 2 disks.  Whoomp, it don't work!
                              RATING: L.A.M.E/100

=I Must Scream, But I Have No Mouth= 
        Tdujam, 30 disks.  Oh yeah?, well I have no clue what to do in this
game, but I must play it anyway.  It's an adventure game with excellent svga
graphics.  There are 5 different characters to choose to play, each with
their own problems from the past, that this god "AM", makes them re-suffer &
fools with their minds.  The characters are placed in weird worlds and
settings.  The game has excellent humor, not the corny kind, this one is act-
ually funny.  If you are looking for a good adventure game, and you got some
money, I'd reccomend buying this CD.
-Game play help:  Try "s vesa" instead of "scream.bat" if your screen starts
                  to fuck up when you play.
                                RATING: 78/100                  

=Conqueror AD 1086=     (Review Courtesy of Woody)
        Tdujam, 25 disks.  This is the type of game where you either like it
or hate it.  You're a guy from medieval times and you are given the title of
knight and get to control your own portion of the country.  The graphics in
this game are good, and the sound is decent, alhtough there isn't much of it.
It's mostly a strategy game.  You get to build up your castle and army and
attack other castles.  This game also has a cool way of creating character
stats, you answer around 5 or so questions and this determines your strength, 
intelligence, etc.  Not too bad of a game. Get this one if you like strategy.
                                RATING: 72/100                                

                         <*>GAME OF THE WEEK<*>
        For our first week of this new section, we have a tie!  *Screamer*
and *Worms*, both are two great games of the week.  They are both highly
reccomended and worth the d/l, especially Worms b/c it is only 2 disks.
Screamer is the answer to "Are there any good car games out?"

Part 2:

=Star Rangers=
        Razorcd, 30 disks.  What a fucking waste of time.  Lame ass flight
simulator with shitty "star" type background.  Total waste of time, even if
you do like flight simulators.  Plus you need a joystick if you want to play.
                                RATING: 37/100

=Street Rod=
        This game is old as hell, but since some of you probably saw it and
are wondering what it is, I'll tell you...ITS A FUCKING PILE OF CRAP!  Let's
examine the positives; (1) The ever so lovely fucking music playing out my 
high-tech pc speaker (2) The wide variety of graphics to choose from, EGA,
CGA, and WOW, they have that new graphic mode, what's it called, oh right,
VGA! (3) It's so old, my friend who doesn't know shit about warez or games,
got it three years ago, and even he thought it was outdated.  To put in
#warez terms it wouldn't be worth downloading if it were 10 bytes.
                                RATING: 2/100

        Hell!, 9 disks.  Looks like someone is trying to make some money off
of the disney character.  This looks to be a wanna-be Pocahontas.  The game
is pathetic, and nothing like The Lion King or The Jungle Book was.  It's
still that scrolling adventure, but it requires more thought and strategy.
I can't picture little 8 year olds playing it though.
                                RATING: 44/100

=The DoonesBury Election Game <Campaign '96>=
        RoR, 20 disks.  I quote "...arj x -y -v, then just run election.exe,
not setup!!!"  (ROR95.NFO)  Ok I did exactly that and it was missing a file,
so i went to install it, and you can't do that either.
                                RATING: NA/100

=Anvil of Dawn=                 (Review courtesy of Woody)
        Tdujam, 30 disks.  This is my favorite type of game.  RPG/Adventure
style, like Lands of Lore and Might and Magic.  When I first started playing
this game, I thought it was great.  I went and found an old wizard who taught
me some spells, and then I was searching the castle.  I decided I'd talk to
some people to find out where to go.  Oops!  It froze up on me.  I talked to
everyone in that area I could find, and had to reboot everytime.  I deleted
the game and reinstalled it, same results.  People told me the game worked
fine for them, but i think it was because they didn't go far enough.  In the
beginning you can talk to everyone and the game works perfectly.  Until you
go into the dungeons of the castle then the game will freeze when you talk
to anyone.  This game would be great if it worked properly, but it doesn't.
                      RATING: 82/100 (If it worked right.) 

=CivNet=                        (Review courtesy of Woody)
        RazorCD, 22 disks.  If you're a fan of the original Civilization,
you'll really like this one.  Just like Civilization except it's for Windows
only and they're more options in the game, as well as modem and internet
play.  The bad thing about this game is that the music is probably cool, but
I guess it had to be ripped out because of the size.  In this game you choose
what year you want to begin in, you can create your own planet, and choose to
become different civilizations (i.e. Romans, Babylonians, etc.).  So, it's a
pretty good game but if you don't like Civilization, not worth the download
                                RATING: 65/100

=IndyCar Racing 2=
        RazorCD, 13 disks.  More tracks, more features, more of everything
you liked or didn't like in Indy Car.  It's still more on the ugly graphics
style, but it does have some nice scenery, although it's far from Screamer
type scenery.  It does have modem play and thousands of features you'll never
even use.  It's not the best racing game, but it's decent for someone looking
for an easy to use racing game.  Hint: Don't try to race your car with only
3 wheels, it really sucks! (take it from me <G>).
                                RATING: 62/100

=EF 2000=
        Tdujam, 27 disks.  MAYDAY! MAYDAY! We have no picture!!  I have a
normal Trident SVGA card, but the diagnostic thingi only worked on the first
picture thing they test, so therefore the game never showed me a picture.  So
in all attempts to give you an idea of the game, I once again turn to the
group's nfo:
       "TDU-JAM!  proudly  presents:    EF 2000  from  OCEAN. EF2000 is
        NATO's  answer  to  the  future  of  air  combat,   slated  for
        commission   at  decade's  end.   Real-world   flight-dynamics,
        avionics and  authentic missions  simply add to the rush of the
        fastest, most realistic flight sim ever developed."  <TDU-JAM!.NFO>
                                RATING: NA/100

=PBA Bowling=
        Tdujam, 7 disks.  Talk about fucked up releases and others fucking it
up more.  (1) The game needs a cd-rom, and there is no crack for it.  (2)
Hybrid must not have read the tdu-jam!.nfo b/c they released the same pba.exe
that you are supposed to copy over from the orig. dir the game was unarj to.
Anyway, when it comes down to it all, even after I loaded my cd-rom, the game
still gave Win32s some lame ass error.  So chalk up another fuck up!
                                RATING: NA/100

=Disciples of Steel=
        Masque, 6 disks.  A few words come to mind, lollypop, blowjob, and
school.  Why? Because they are all things that involve the word SUCK!  That's
exactly what this game does, suck.  Wannabe RPG, with that stupid human/elve/
dork/midget, etc pick a character type play.
                                RATING: 12/100

=Great Naval Battles 4=
        Tdujam, 6 disks.  Yuck, this game involves more thinking then should
be legally allowed by law, and still be called a game.  It's a typically SSI
strategy game, too much thinking, not enough fun.  Pretty boring, unless your
the loser type who likes to dwell on his games for an hour before making his
next move.  (I believe it's those same types who like chess and have big fat
thick glasses, and their pants up to their neck).  I mean the game barely has
any graphics at all accept a lame picture of a boat at the bottom, the rest
is all numbers and charts.
                                RATING: 29/100

=Locus (Dos)=
        Tdujam, 29 disks.  It would be unfair to this game for me to really
give it an honest rating, b/c this game really demands a pentium/133mhz.  At
least that's what it looks like after playing it on a 486/33.  It looks like
it could be a really cool game, but due to the fact that it's jaggedy and I
don't know the controls, it's hard to judge.  It's supposed to be a 3D
virtual reality arena where you fight against some other guys and try and
blow up each other.  It can be played over a network too, but I don't know
many ppl who have 9 <as the nfo suggests> pentium/133's ready to play this.
               RATINGS:      On a 486/33: Un-playable
                        Forecasted on a pentium/133: 85/100

=The Dig=
        Ror, 13 disks.  I followed the install.txt, didn't work.  Although I
can still tell you what the game is from the demo.  Typical point and click
adventure game.  An attempt to have sarcastic humor is made, `and it's really
good'.....pfff hahaha no it's not, it's corny humor, but still a pretty good
adventure game.  You have 3 characters, but you really only control one of
them, not sure if the whole game is like this.
                                RATING: 72/100 (If it worked)

=WWF Wrestlemania Arcade=       *(Please Also See Game of the Week)*
        Razor, 8 disks.  (Hybrid also, but Razor one is working the way it is
no need for any fixes).  WOW!  Talk about action packed fighting!!!  This is
a MUST GET!  It's your wrestling sort of combined with Mortal Kombat.  This
game has it all (accept modem playablity :( ).  Non-stop ass-kicking, feet
pounding, punch bag'n, jumping off the ropes, throwing the man out of the
ring, fun!  Characters even have fatalaties, only confirmed one so far is the
undertaker, but it is not proven that this is for the pc, may just be for the
arcade version.  The game still rocks.
                                RATING: 96/100

=NBA Jam TE=
        Hybrid, 6 disks.  This is supposed to be the "REAL" Final, but it
seems more fucked up then the other one.  Soon as the NBA Jam logo and menu
come up, if i try to move it makes a sound, then forces my computer to make
an infinite number of irritating beeps (and yes i have my soundcard set up
right for the game).
                                RATING: NA/100

=Seek and Destroy (Final Beta)=
        RoR, 4 disks.  Neat little 4 disk'er, similar to desert storm, but
not so detailed.  You can be a tank, plane and something else (I think) that
skips my mind on this saturday morning at 4:46am.  Your given missions,
usually to pick up people and to get in and out of the area alive.  Nice
little game to keep someone busy with.
-Playing help: Screw what the nfo says, just type this exactly as it is
               written (including all caps):      SEEK SEEK AYEOS
                                RATING: 60/100

=Micro Machines 2 Special Edition=
BEFORE: RazorCD, 9 disks.  It's such a special edition, that you're not
allowed to play it!  Yet another release that doesn't work no matter what you
do.  The nfo says if you don't install to drive C to edit a file config.bin,
which is nice, since there is absolutely no files named config.bin.  There
are two files named control.bin, which include a line "Do not edit this or
your computer will be destroyed (probably)".  But being the enthusiast of
games, I ignored it, edited it anyway and it still didn't work.  So I made
the effort to put it on drive C, and yet it STILL didn't work.

AFTER: Ok, after finding out that you need to type "arj x -y -v mm2.arj C:\"
let it do its thing and then you have to run it from C:\mm2\sound and then
you run C:\mm2\mm2 and it should work.  Why you have to do this is beyond me
because I don't know of many shrink wrapped games that require installing to
more than one dir and including your C:\ dir, but anyway.  Not much different
from the Reg one except a lot more options and race tracks.  Personally I
find the game hard b/c the cars go to fast for the tracks and you cant make
quick enough turns to not fall off half the tracks.  For those who don't
know what it is, it's little miniature cars racing on `desktop' type scenery.
                                RATING: 73/100

=Chess Kids=
        RazorCD, 4 disks.  Windows chess game with children characters inst-
ead of knights and kings.  One side is preppy, and the other side are the bad
bullys.  Some bitch in a park ranger outfits keeps coming out and saying,
"That move might cost you later.", "Watch out your king is in trouble!", but
that's ok cause I don't know how to play chess anyway.  A good chess game for
your kids if you want them to grow up and become losers who get made fun of
at school and who end up living a life in a closet with a bunch of books, BUT
other than that it's a really good chess game! <G>.
                                RATING: 66/100

=Bud Tucker in Double Trouble Preview=
        Adventure, funny looking characters, looks comical.

=Pango Playable Demo=
        Tetris, with obstacles and scenery and a huge ass board.

=Tensor Playable Demo=
        I don't know how the fuck to describe this, I still don't know what
the fuck it was I was doing.  Just click on a space and stuff moved to it and
you get like points and stuff.

=Sensible Soccer MultiLang.=
        Energy, 3 disks.  Joy, If I pick english, then I want fucking english
not russian or slovakian or whatever the fuck it keeps giving me.  And damnit
you'd think games would have exit commands/keys by now.
                                RATING: NA/100

=Skunny FullCD=
        Energy, 7 disks.  Not bad at all.  It's a sonic wannabe, but it's
not too far off.  Lots of 3D looking figures, moving background, hidden stuff
and anything else you could think of.  If your the sega/snes type who looks
for those types of games for the pc, try this one.
                                RATING: 64/100
                         <*>GAME OF THE WEEK<*>
-Without a doubt, our game of the week is WWF WRESTLEMANIA ARCADE.  For years
the game scene has missed a REAL wrestling game, but the wait is over!  This
wrestling game is action packed, spectacular life-sized-based figures, each
with their own individual moves.  A must get for anyone who would love to get
their adrenaline flowing.  The game is easy to beat, but you can adjust it to
make it harder and you can always get your little sister or brother to beat
the shit out of in 2 player mode.
For a FAQ including all known moves and other assortments of gooides, go to: (most recent updated faq)

                        <*>TOP 5 BEST SELLERS<*>
    1. Hexen - Heretic 2 CD-ROM
    2. Stonekeep Demo CD-ROM
    3. Command and Conquer CD-ROM
    4. Ascendancy CD-ROM
    5. Rise of the Robots

    1. Winnie the Pooh storybook CD-ROM
    2. Dr. Seuss Windows CD-ROM
    3. Orgeon Trail II CD-ROM
    4. Puut Putt Saves the Zoo CD-ROM
    5. SAT version2 MPC CD-ROM

    1. SoftRAM for Windows 95
    2. Windows 95 CD-ROM
    3. Microsoft Encarta 1996 - Windows 95 CD-ROM
    4. Win 95 & SimCity 2000 CD-ROM bundle
    5. MS-PLUS for Win 95

                         <*>UPCOMING RELEASE DATES<*>
                                 WINDOWS CD

Bttlgrnd:Gettysbrg        11/29/95
Chessmates                01/01/96
CivNet                    11/20/95
Congo                     11/22/95
Darkseed 2                11/20/95
Dinotopia                 12/11/95
Dragon Dice               01/01/96
Empire II                 02/01/96
FPS:Football 96           11/30/95
Gabriel Knight 2          12/18/95
Load Runner Ntwrk         12/04/95
McKenzie & Co             11/20/95
Police Quest 5 SWAT       12/04/95
Romance IV                12/12/95
Space Bucks               01/10/96
Spr Bubsy/WIN95           02/01/96
T-Mek                     01/09/96
This Means War            12/07/95
Tommy                     03/04/96
Torin's Passage           11/20/95

                                WINDOWS 95 CD

Allied General            11/29/95
Civilization 2000         03/01/96
Commodore64 15pk          11/27/95
Cyberspeed                11/24/95
Daedalus Encounter        12/12/95
Doom II                   12/08/95
Magic Illusions           11/20/95
Shockwave                 12/07/95
Solitaire DLX             12/04/95
St Trk Generations        03/01/96
Ult Doom: Flesh           12/08/95
Warhmmr:Horned Rat        11/29/95
                               WINDOWS 95 3.5

Ult Doom: Flesh           12/08/95

                                 WINDOWS 3.5

Spaceward Ho!             12/06/95

                                MACINTOSH CD

Aikman Football           02/01/96
Allied General            12/10/95
Atmofear                  01/10/96
Chessmates                01/01/96
Conquest/New World        04/24/96
Daggerfall                01/01/96
Descent                   11/21/95
Empire II                 02/01/96
Heroes M&M                02/01/96
Mad Dog II                12/15/95
Outpost                   12/18/95
Phantasmagoria            12/11/95
Rebel Assault 2           12/13/95
Ripper                    02/01/96
Skins/Bighorn             02/01/96
Star Trek:tNG             12/11/95
Ult Doom                  12/01/95
X-Wing Collector          12/13/95

                                MACINTOSH 3.5

Ult Doom                  12/01/95

                           MACINTOSH & WINDOWS CD

Wizardry Gold             01/15/96

                                   DOS CD

3D Action Pack            12/01/95
Adams Pinball             02/01/96
AH-64D Longbow            01/01/96
Anvil of Dawn             11/16/95
Arcade Classics           12/01/95
Atmosfear                 01/10/96
Battlcrsr 3000            12/08/95
Battles in Time           11/24/95
Bioforge +                12/19/95
BRAIN DEAD 13             11/21/95
Braindead 13              11/21/95
Chronomaster              02/07/96
Clayfighter 2             01/01/96
Colonization Gold         04/01/96
Conquest/New World        04/24/96
Corporate Colonies        01/01/96
Crystal Skull             03/18/96
Cyberia 2                 01/15/96
Cyberjudas                11/30/95
Cybermage                 12/11/95
Daggerfall                01/01/96
Dawn Patrol               11/27/95
Descent 2                 03/13/96
Descent Levels            11/17/95
Descent SHWR              02/01/96
Desktop Toys              11/20/95
Dragon's Lair II          03/01/96
Escalation                11/22/95
Extreme Pinball           12/08/95
Fifa Soccer 96            11/21/95
Gangster Coll             12/04/95
Ganster Bundle            12/04/95
Grand Prix 2              01/15/96
Grand Prix Mgr            12/07/95
Gretzky NHLPA             11/28/95
H! Zone                   12/08/95
HARVESTER                 12/10/95
Hyper 3-D Pinball         12/04/95
Ice & Fire                11/20/95
IndyCar II                11/20/95
Island Casino             11/20/95
Jack The Ripper           11/20/95
Jagged H2H                03/01/96
JET FIGHTER III           01/01/96
Jet Ski Rage              11/30/95
Jetfighter III            01/01/96
Klingon                   04/01/96
Konquest                  03/01/96
Kyrandia Trilogy          11/21/95
Locus                     11/20/95
Lost Admiral II           12/01/95
Madden NFL 96             12/10/95
MAGIC/GATHERING           03/01/96
Master of Antares         03/01/96
Mastr Lvls Doom           12/08/95
Maximum Roadkill          02/15/96
Mech Expnsn Pck           11/20/95
MetalLords                02/01/96
Might & Magic Trilogy     11/27/95
Mile High Club II         01/01/96
Mortimer                  01/10/96
Navy Strike               11/22/95
NBA Jam TE                11/20/95
NBA Live 96               01/01/96
Nemesis                   03/01/96
Net Mech                  12/04/95
NFL Football/Aikman       01/10/96
Nicklaus@Muirfield        02/06/96
Northlands                03/01/96
Pax Imperia               01/15/96
Pinball Classics          02/01/96
Pro Pinball:Web           12/08/95
Promised Land             02/01/96
Psychc Detcv              12/18/95
Raven Project             11/20/95
RBI '96                   03/05/96
Rebel Assault II          11/20/95
Red Ghost                 11/27/95
Ripper                    02/01/96
Screamer                  11/28/95
Sensible Soccer           01/10/96
Sensory Overload          02/01/96
Shadows Over Riva         02/01/96
Shannara                  11/27/95
Silent Hunter             12/15/95
Space Hulk 2              01/10/96
Spr Strt Fighter          11/20/95
St Trk Judement Rites     01/01/96
Star Control 3            02/06/96
Star Rangers              11/20/95
Starship                  02/01/96
Term:Future Shock         12/10/95
The 11TH HOUR             11/27/95
The Dig                   11/20/95
Third Reich               05/01/96
Tie Fighter CD            12/04/95
Top Gun                   12/11/95
Toy Story                 01/01/96
Unnecsry Rghns 96         11/22/95
Virtual Karts             11/21/95
Vision of Glory           01/01/96
Visions/Glory             03/01/96            -----------------=
Warcraft II               11/28/95   <------- PAY ATTENTION!!!!=
Warhammer:Dark Crs        12/11/95            -----------------=
Whiplash                  02/07/96
Wing Commander 4          12/19/95
Wolfenstein 3D            12/04/95
Wooden Ships&Iron Men     01/01/96
X-Car:Exp Racing          12/01/95
Zone Raiders              11/28/95

-Druids: I never said this game does not work, I said it did not work for me.
         If you would like a "decent" review of it, check out the "CORE" rev-
         iew of it, which includes 3 snap shots.  The game looks like some-
         what like crusader from the pics, but not as good.

                         <*>LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO<*>

-I was, for a period of time, w/o an account so I missed a few things, but I
got someone to help me out in reviewing them.  I now have an account and all
is well, and I hope to be bringing you reviews on all games released.
-Federal Law prohibits editing and dispensing or something.  You may not edit
this file and spread it w/o the expressed written consent of The New York
Yank.. oh snap, anyway the point is: Feel free to spread this wherever as
long as I don't get in trouble for it, and as long as it has not been edited.
-Please note, due to my refusal to install that crap you know as Win95, I am
of course not able to review any win95 games.
-That's it for this week, hope it was of help.  
                               -Ionizer (Game Reviewer/MALiCE Senior Courier)
Comments/Complaints send to (NO QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS)

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             $    $ssss$$    $    $$    $    $    $$    $    $$
             $    o    $$         $$    $    $    $$    sssss$$
             $.   $    $$    $    $$    $    $    $$    $    $$
             $$.  $   ,$$    $    $$    $    $    $$.   $   ,$$
             $$'   o   '$$$    $    $$'   s   `$$        `$$$$$
             $$    $    $$$    $    $$    $    $$    $o   $$$$$
             $$    $    $$$    $    $$    $    $$    ~'  o$$$$$
             $$    $    $$$    $    $$    sssss$$    %.  ^$$$$$
             $$    $    $$$s       s$$    $    $$    $$   $$$$$
             $$.   $   ,$$$$@.   .@$$$.   $   ,$$    $$   $$$$$

---=[ 4. Reviews ]------------------------------------------------------------

Advanced Civilization   Reviewed by Avalon Blue

I was looking forward to Advanced Civilization by Avalon Hill.  Being a 
veteran of Civilization and Colonization, I was anticipating a new 
challenge, but what I found was a simple market strategy game, and a 
rather half-baked one at that.  This is really my own fault.  I was not 
familiar with the Advanced Civilization board game, and was really going 
on the game's title alone.  Any time you combine the words "Advanced" and 
"Civilization" in a game's title, you can pretty much expect the same 
reaction from any dyed-in-the-wool computer strategist.  To put it 
bluntly, I had set myself up for a disappointment from the start.

The game itself looks great.  The main screen is a beautiful SVGA 
rendering of the lands around the Mediterranean Sea, divided into regions 
a la Risk.  The gameplay involves trading commodities such as salt, gold, 
and grain to build up material wealth, while conquering and expanding 
your empire into neighboring territories.  The game begins with up to 
seven tribes in the Stone Age, and progresses turn by turn to the Iron 
Age.  During this time period, you must try to become the dominant 
nation, and achieve the civilization advancements like Literature and 
Roadbuilding necessary to win the game.

In reality, Advanced Civilization has very little to with the historical 
advancement of the civilizations represented in the game.  They could 
just as easily have been corporations or blocks of stock, since trading 
to corner the market in certain items, while avoiding calamities as best 
as possible is the entire thrust of the gameplay.  The idea of bartering, 
rebellions, earthquakes and epidemics during a trading session seems 
goofy and ill-conceived, but you must remember that this is a conversion 
of a board game.  What you can do with dice and cards is far less elegant 
than what a modern computer can achieve in simulating the multitude of 
tiny factors that determine how civilizations develop.

This is certainly not Sid Meier's Civilization.  Any pretense of 
representing this game as an historical chronicle of how civilizations 
rise and fall is ludicrous.  Still, it's fairly fun once you give up the 
idea that this is anything more than a market simulation, and even then 
it's not without it's glaring faults.  After nearly four hours of playing 
the game, neither I nor any of my five computer-controlled opponents was 
any more poised to emerge victorious than we were at the beginning of the 
game.  The game seemed to deal us disaster after disaster whenever any of 
us began to expand or show signs of domination.  This proved incredibly 
frustrating, and eventually I lost interest in the game completely.  This 
is really a shame because, like it or not, the age of board games is 
over.  This game could have been so much more, and with some fine-tuning, 
still has the potential to be a good game but rote conversions of board 
games simply doesn't cut it anymore.  Many versions of Risk, Monopoly and 
others have been converted to computer versions over the years, and while 
not complete failures, they just don't stand up to the originals.  It's 
simply much more fun to grab them off the top shelf of the closet, blow 
the dust off, and play them as they were intended to be played.

---=[ 5. Interview - InsaneTMM - Razor 1911 Founder ]--------------------------

INQ: Okay, I'd like to welcome you to this Inquisition interview and would 
     like to thank you for taking the time.  Very first question, what is your 
     full handle and where are you from?
TTM: Sure, no probs.  As long as there are no emergency calls I hopefully can 
     answer all the questions.  My handle is InsaneTTM, I come from Trondheim 
     Norway.  TTM stands for The Tractor Maniac. ;)
INQ: Could you briefly describe the founding of Razor 1911 and how the first 
     few years developed?
TTM: We were just kids.  In 1985 the three founding members where at the 
     incredible age of 13, 14 and 14, so you can imagine that alot of games 
     were played.  But, after a while we soon started to get interested in 
     demos.  The specific date is not remebered but, during October 1985 three 
     guys, Myself, Secotr9 and Dr NO, decided to get a kewl name.
INQ: Who is "we," that is, who helped you found razor and what did each of you 
TTM: After going through piles of bad ones we ended up with Razor 1911.
INQ: Where did the name come from?  Why 1911?
TTM: Well in the beginning nobody had dedicated stuff to do; it was just 
     like - Hey guys lets start a group.
INQ: So Razor started as a demo group on what platform?
TTM: Well, a friend of ours called Hellmates came up with Razor and we 
     instantly felt that this one was great.  The number was actually 2992 in 
     the very beginning but was later changed to 1911.  The reason why we 
     wanna have a number is that every kewl group at the time being used 
     numbers - like Flash Cracking Group 1941, Section 8, Electronic Cracking 
     Association 1998, ABC 1999, Jedi 2001, 1103 and so on.  The platform 
     Razor started to work on was Commodore 64.  The number 1911 is $777 in 
     hexadecimal.  Because at the time, a lot of kids used 666 and such 
     childish stuff; we just went the opposite way as 7 is the number of the 
INQ: How did razor grow and when do you think were the best times for Razor?
TTM: Hmm..  We grew up from the Commodore 64, to the Amiga.  On the amiga, our 
     very first releases came.  It wasn't actually until 1989 our first 
     releases came.  We had problems getting our hands on the originals, as 
     every new group with no structure had.  But, then everything started to 
     roll.  We got our first overseas member, Zodact, that had a board.  So, 
     we went into the modem scene at the same time.
INQ: What was the competition like with INC?  What about Fairlight or THG?  
     Who was the most competitive, and what was the competition for in the 
     early days?  I mean, with the modem scene, and the distribution of 
TTM: Now we did games on a regular basis for a while, and on the amiga until 
     91, we had some 50 releases.  Then, the next step was to get into the PC 
     world.  At the time we got into the PC, as you said INC and THg were the 
     leading forces, but after all the years in the business, we had a lot of 
     contacts everywhere and were able to get some real action together.  We 
     were so fortunate that in our close neighborhood we had a young cracker 
     named Darwin.  A lot of amusing stories about those days.  He once had to 
     crack the game over the phone to some guy in the US before leaving for 
     school in the morning, didn't have the time to upload it!!  And then went 
     home during his lurch to check that it finally was released.  And from 
     there on everything grew and grew.
TTM: The best days for Razor must have been on PC during the spring of 93.  We 
     had enough cards to have the rule the entire scene.  We're talking about 
     the 1993 edition of Razor's European courier team consisting of 
     RazorBlade, Devil, Hoppermania, GrimLock, Insane TTM, Slain and Digital 
     Justice which made the every other courier teams in the world look like 
     plain amateurs.
INQ: Was this around the time Darwin was busted?
TTM: Nope, Darwin wans't busted.  He actually was outta the scene in 93.
     In fact as he was and still is a close friend of Razorblade.  My most 
     memorable moment probably was the easter of 93.  We had 5 huge releases 
     in 4 days.  Trading round the clock; it was the most thrilling 
     experience.  We just beat the crap out of everyone else on all 5 
     releases.  I had almost no sleep for the days, should just go to bed.
     When the phone rang and said "We got a release in a couple of hours, get 
     ready."  The sadly in a forthnight, when were at the ultimate top.  I was 
     busted, together with Baal and Gene here in Norway.  S9 and DRno luckily 
INQ: For cards?
TTM: After 10th of May 93, I have been out of the business.  Just watching 
     what's happening with the group, and I am proud to see that WE still are 
     a major force.  I was busted for CC, yeah.
INQ: How were the releases being distributed?  To what boards?  What baud rate 
     were these at?
TTM: At the end, we had 14.4 and 16.8 modems.  As mentioned above, the courier
     team from hell did the most of it during the golden age.  We had one line 
     at our main board, and one line at every other major board around - 
     covering everything.  Hanging in there downloading all the disks except 
     the first where the cracks usually are being placed - waiting for the 
     cracker to upload it and then, BOOM!  We get it everywhere in just 
     minutes. ;)  Ahh, what a feeling.
INQ: What major boards were memorable for you?
TTM: Hmm...  Major board.  Digging in the back parts of my brain - Elusive 
     Dream and Pitts are our rival board.  We have had like zillions of 
     boards during the time, but getting into the rivals boards is always a 
     great deal of fun.
INQ: How do you feel about subsequent leaders?  What about TRC, Butcher, even
     today with TSR and The GEcko?
TTM: On the issue of our leaders.  The one I have had most contact with is 
     probably Butcher.  He was a very kewl guy when you got to know him.  He 
     was sadly busted too.  Today's leaders I must say I don't know at all.  I 
     won't get into the business again.  As I have got a kewl job with full 
     INET connection.
INQ: What are you doing now?  What do you think of the scene today?  What 
     about BBS's?  Are they better or worse than before?
TTM: I ususally hang around on the IRC all day to see when we release 
     something.  Since I was busted 2 1/2 years ago, Internet has taken over 
     alot of the distribution, plus the trading scene is being shut down in 
     one country after another.  So alot of sites are replacing boards as we 
     used to know them.
INQ: What do you think of the internet and the effect it has had on the scene? 
     Do you think the scene will survive?
TTM: As long as there is games/utils being developed there will always be a 
     scene around.
INQ: Do you think that there needs to be some sort of "elite" for the scene to 
     function correctly?  If so, what makes someone elite?  Do you think that 
     the net has increased the lameness in the scene?
TTM: There will always be "elite" and there will always be wannabees.  And for 
     the scene to function properly there will always be a need for elites to 
     be there.  Elite could stand for somebody that can organize properly.
INQ: The CDRip/NET question.
TTM: Hmm..  CDRips.  There are two kinds of CDRips.
     1. The good ones by usually quality groups.
     2. The lame/bad ones froim new groups trying to break into the scene.
     The latter is like ripping everything that was suppose to be released. 
     Like 60 disk releases!  If you are a SysOp and read this, nuke people 
     that upload such stuff x5 at least.
INQ: Do you think there will ever be a time when games are too big to pirate?
INQ: What would you say the disk limit for a rip should be?
TTM: Hmm..  Well I won't say anything because the quality of games vary, but 
     more than 30 disks is like meaningless to me.  One of my flatmates came 
     home with a 29 disk game here one day.  I don't understand why people 
     care about copying of all of the disks.
INQ: Well, thank you very much for your time, and it was very nice talking.

This interview was conducted on November 28, 1995 by Darwin/DWi.

 .___________          .____________ /^\__.________._________.__________
 l           \_________l__          \     \         \        l          \ 
 |            \           \          \____/          \       |           |
 |       __.   \___     :  \          \____    .      \      |        .__|
 |              \|     _|   \     .    \   |    \.____/     /_____       \
 |               |        __/     :____/  _|           \   |      \   .___|
 |      _.       |   ú      \     |       |             \  :       \       \
 |       :       |    \      \    |       |_            /  .        |       |
 |       |       |     |      |    \        |          /            |       |

---=[ 6. Articles ]=----------------------------------------------------------

           The PC scene is wide and diverse.  The Elite constitutes
           the core  of the scene,  that which makes it exist.  The
           segragation exercised by the lack of communication means
           of most of  the Scene's  members  has forced  some  into
           exile, like natural selection would the weak or unlucky,
           onto  the  shores   of  the  Internet.   The  Elite,  by
           the same mean, was recreated in the body of  the central
           groups and  individuals that keep  the Boards the center
           of all thing.  PC,  The Wall &  the few Large Boards are
           Cathedrals for the zealots of each of the main faiths to
           fly they color and seek supremacy.

           The point is:  3 Houses struggle for power, of which two
           fear not to have to fight their way onto the Boards. The
           3rd fraction, Razor,  settles for the Bowels of the Net,
           and  as  a  result, has  embraced shame  and dishonor by
           duping time and time again  (this month alone : 3D-Table
           Tennis,  Tyrian CD,  Fifa Soccer '96  and now  Civ-Net).
           The races takes place on  The Big Boards.  Razor's trend
           to dupe  on  the net  is just  a lame  display  of their
           total lack of trading and releasing power.  Anyone could
           dupe a major group  as they race  to the Capitals of the
           PC Scene, where all conflicts  are arbitrated.  But such
           a someone can only be  a lamer unworthy of any attention
           or respect.  If Razor  Members  Persist  in  acting like
           lamers,  they  and  their  releases  will be  treated as
           jokes issued by a bunch  of loosers by the PC Scene, and
           treated accordingly. On that the other two rivals agree.

           The internet  crowd is the  reason  why we  fight.  This
           competition  guarantees  quality  releases to be  spread
           onto  the  net.   This  parallels  the  survival  of the
           fittest.  We will not allow Razor's reckless behavior to
           spread diseases  over a scene  we  fight so hard to keep
           healthy and satisfied.

        First of all, I have to laugh.  OK now that I got that out of my
system, I'd like to ask who the lamer in the above excerpt is?  You guessed
it!  Fan-Fan Latulipe.  Aside from FanFan's obvious difficulty with the
English language, this is a rude and ludicrous way to address a problem.  One 
of the things I've learned in my time in the scene is that you have to show 
respect and courtesy no matter who you are.  This is just ludicrous.  I'm 
usually comforted by how grownup the people in the scene are.  There are 15 
year olds who act like adults.  And then there are people like this.  I'm 
very disappointed when I see things like this.  There are better ways to 
resolve these disputes.
        Well I won't comment anymore.  Basically I just wanted all of the INQ  
readers to get a look at this, which is DIRECTLY quoted from the tdujam!.nfo 
in ef2000.


                               Net vs. Boards

        There has been much debate and bitching over dupes among games' 
groups.  I, myelf, have just entered the rat race and I have experienced some
but nothing close to what our leaders have in the Games aspect of the scene.
To state right off the bat, the games' scene is full of ego's and competition,
so there probably will never be a time when there is a moment of silence 
between opposing groups.

        From what I have gathered, TDU-JAM along with Hybrid have accused 
Razor 1911 of uploading partial releases and racing to the NET to get a 
release out.  

        A partial upload is not complete hence it is not a release.  I see 
that plain and simple.  I have heard that all top three releasing groups
practice partial uploads and claiming the release.  How can you claim a 
release when it's partial?  If we were to download 5 disks of 10 and attempt
to install it, will it work?  Of course not, only a dumbass would attempt to
do such a thing.  The first one to get it to the board is the winner.  

        That leads to the next question - What board sets the standard?  Why
PC and not a WHQ of a games' group?  If TDUJAM wanted to slam Razor or Hybrid
in a release, upload it to the WHQ of your competitor first.  

        As for uploading to the NET first - it shows that group rather give 
out to the masses than race to a board that only the ELITE go to play.  What
defines ELITE, you call LD and have an account on a 15-node board?  If that
defines ELITE, then lets close down the NET.  The question that needs to be
answered is - would you rather have a select few grab your release or have 10
to 100 times more people to grab and spread your release.

        To my knowledge, PWA and Razor 1911 have gone for the "Bowels of the
NET."  I probably am mistaken that there are other groups who settle for the
"Bowels of the NET."  Could it be that some people rather take adavantage of
the infohighway as means of transporting warez?  Then again, some people are
still ignorant of the NET and fear it since technology is not that great for

        Anyhow, boards are front-runners for warez and probably will be for a
long time.  However, if a dupe is to be declared - who is to believe that
someone dupe another group because they did not upload their release to a 
certain board first.  As far as I am concerned, if I receive one groups' 
release before another then that "other" is the dupe.  

        Then again, I am an individual and not a 10+ node board.



.__________    .___________      .__________    _________.   .____________                  
l          |___l___.       \_____|          \   \        l___l__          \              
|         / \      |        \    \        .  \___\       l      \          \            
 \       |___\     |         \    |       :   \   \      |       |          \         
  |      |    \    |     .    \ ._|       |   /    \     |     ._|      .    \     
  |      |         |     :____/    \       __/           |       \      :____/    
  |      |    \    |     |       .__|   .     \    \     |     .__|     |         
  |      |     \   |     |      /    \   \     \    \    |    /    \    |         
  |       \     \  |     |            |   |     |    \   |          |   |               
 /         \     \./      \           |   |     |     \__/          |    \         

---=[ 7. Internet ]=----------------------------------------------------------

INQUiSITION has a World Wide Web page site.  Please come by and check it out.
You can grab the Previous issues of INQUiSITION there plus the WWN archives.

INQUiSITION             -

Here is list of other excellent pages:

DOD                     -
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The Review Board Online -

If your group has a WWW page, please leave us a note and we'll advertise here.

---=[ 8. Announcements - There is Competition ]=-------------------------------

        You may have noticed other 'zines popping up here and there in the 
warez scene.  There have been a few which died after the first issue, yet 
there are some which stuck around.  In the last issue you may have noticed a 
part where tsunami declared he was going to start a new mag, which will be 
better then INQ.  To this date, I have seen two issues come out.  Well, what 
can I say, it looks like RCN is here to stay, and it looks like INQuisition 
has its first real opponent, or competitior as I'd rather put it.  I do not 
want battle between us, but rather "friendly competition".
        How many times have you heard THAT phrase before?  Many.  How many 
times was it true?  None.  Every old timer in the scene, and some of the 
people who have only been around for a few years, have all complained about 
wars and fighting.  Well, I'm one of those.  I do not wish for fighting.  
However, RCN really asked for it.  And I feel that INQ will give it to them.  
RCN's introduction clearly attacks INQ as being prejudice to some groups.  
Particularly attacks Jimmy James.  I'm just wondering how in the world they 
expect Jimmy James to sit by a frontal attack and watch what happens.  RCN 
also claimed that it will try to get INQuisition members to join RCN.  Again 
more instigation of fighting especially between the leaders.
        Since I am a very active member of INQ, this "battle" also involves 
me, and I feel I should at least put a say in it.  In the next few weeks there 
will be competition of INQ and RCN.  There is no "Only One Will Survive", but 
there will be a strive to put down the other and to get people to read their 
mag.  To this, I can only say that I wish RCN the best of luck.  Their coded 
mag is not bad at all, but INQuisition is and will continue to be better.  I 
will not attack any accusations made indirectly or anything of the sort, and I 
do not in any way wish to instigate a fight, but to face the truth, 
INQuisition is better.  We being YOU, the reader, much more then does RCN.  
What RCN has, we do also, and more.  More recent, more to the point, and 
simply more.  More open-minded and more complete.  INQuisition is the #1 to 
read.  I do not see the point of reading INQuisition and RCN together each 
week, but then again I am not one to read the local newspapers over the state 
ones.  Some people do choose to read both, the New York times and their local 
town's paper, and I guess those are the ones that would want to read 
INQuisition and the other mag.  However, if there is a choice of two zines to 
read, there is no delema that INQuisition is the right choice.
        We just have _MORE_.  More of everything that can possibly go into a 
zine.  A newspaper may grow popular and experienced over time, but it will not 
surpass something that has started earlier and gathered more power.  RCN is 
new, and it will get better, but INQuisition takes the lead no matter what.  
We have many issues of INQuisition and Week In Warez behind us.  No matter how 
good RCN may be and will be, INQuisition has been and will continue to be much
better and much stronger.
        I do not wish to recieve flames for this article.  It contains my 
opinions, and mine alone.  Not the opinions of the mag.  I can only say that I 
said my peace defending the INQ for whatever battles it may need to fight in 
the future.  Many may say I spoke but gave no facts, it is true to some 
extent, but any editor or member will speak for their own paper, just as any 
parent will speak for their children.  To me, INQuisition is better; I say 
this only to state the fact, and to encourage others to read, and read on.
                                                   - Lurch (

P.S. Sorry for any errors in grammer, meaning, or anything of the sort in
this short text.  As I finished this, my clock was pointing to 1:15 in the
morning.  If I repeated myself a lot, sorry for that too.  Read INQ,
it's just better. :)

P.S.S. There have to this date been 121 e-mail subscriptions to INQuisition.
We really would like more.  What, are you people forgetting the 1 in  Well, happy reading.


Upon the release of the controversial TDUJAM NFO that FanFan finely typed up,
it sparked the emotions of many Razor members.  Here is an exert from 
Druidkin's E-Mail to the members of the Razor Net crew and his mailing list.

Ok did I get your attention? :)  I'll warn you now I'm going to ramble on a 
little, but hey ya gotta love me. :)  I want to address some issues that are 
hitting us right now and decide how we will approach our rebuttle.

When the whole, working release is available on net or online, a BBS makes 
that group win.  Other groups are half loading releases to PC and other boards 
then going off to crack it and make it work.  Then they 

FanFan hates the net, so he goes crying to BBS's saying we are duping because 
my net crew fuckin rox.  Let me tell you I shed a tear thinking about FanFan's 
dilema.  This is the way of the future. Even some of our oldest

Our standards to play in their court.  This is the big league, let them stay 
in the minors.  Since our net team went into action, the only release that we 
were beat on is one game by TDU.  That is it. The rest we beat them all 

Veterans will sit and take too much.  Our group has stood the test of time, 
and we always prevail.  I am very happy to be part of the team, and a means to 
get the best games to the masses to review.  I will not back down from a

Cannot release faster, nor have working releases and what to cause trouble. 
You have all seen me when I'm pissed and it's not a pretty scene. ;)  Keep up 
the outstanding work and expect to hear more on this issue. TTYL

Dan aka DruidKin - INet Director

We still like to announce that our good friend, Pieman needs support.  Please                                
contact his business if you have any hardware needs.

                   High Speed Tech
                   Located in The Bayridge Section of Brooklyn New York

---=[ 9. Weekly Releases ]=---------------------------------------------------

Well, you asked for it!  And YOU got it!  This week's warez list is here and 
probably here to stay.  We've revieced MULTIPLE MSGS requesting the Warez List 
which Bishop so kindly provided for WWN, that we decided to continue the 
tradition in INQuisition.  This week's list is a beta - basically thanks to 
Oyl Patch we have a complete list of warez released this week.  The list was 
compiled in one day though, and I only had about 1/2 hour to format and 
organize it.  There may be things missing from here, sorry for that, but as I 
said, this was a first quickie.  The list will be much better in the future.
You may be upset of the way that the entries are written.  Well, sorry, but
that is probably going to stick around.  Since not all items here have the
releaser's tag on them, we could not add a "group" column.  The filenames at 
least to me seem unimportant, as well as the filesizes, if you want me to put 
them in the next issues, mail me, and if enough people want it, i'll consider 
it.  (There really is a lot of work in it).  This is yet another great feature 
which has come and will stick around in INQuisition.  Enjoy the list, and the 
rest of the issue.  Special thanks also have to be given to Oyl Patch for 
taking the time to help us out.
                                                - Lurch (


³ Nov 22nd ³
³ Harpoon Classic for Win v1.55d Patch      ³
³ Trispectives CD Intelligent PWA           ³
³ Prodigy Software                          ³
³ Easy case pro 4 21 PST                    ³
³ Connectix VideoPhone Conf PWA             ³
³ Cindi v1.25 PWA                           ³
³ Nov 23d  ³
³ MixMaster Mikes Drink Guide v1.1          ³
³ StarKiller For Win95 NT                   ³
³ Hurricane v1.02 Upgrade                   ³
³ WinNT WS Server                           ³
³ Source Collection PNA                     ³
³ Hijaak Morph DOD                          ³
³ Hijaak 95 Maintenance DOD                 ³
³ liquid speed cracked                      ³
³ Prevail XP Workstation v1.5               ³
³ Website v1.0 For WinNT                    ³
³ Cuniform v1.22                            ³
³ 1 and1 highway control center             ³
³ Nov 24th ³
³ LenZFX 2.0 PWA                            ³
³ Electronic Teller v2.70a for OS2          ³
³ UltraEdit32 v3.0                          ³
³ News for WinNT 1.0 PNC                    ³
³ EXCEED 5 FOR NT(INTEL) TTN                ³
³ Borlan 4.52 Resource Kit                  ³
³ ECCO Internet Address Book PNC            ³
³ Internet Chameleon v4.5.3 for Win95 PNC   ³
³ TrueSpaceSE 1.0 WinNT 95 DOD              ³
³ MKS Source Line Integ v7.1c Command Line  ³
³ MKS Source Line Integ v7.1c GUI           ³
³ Colorado Backup v1.50 for Win95           ³
³ Nov 25th ³
³ Fortune Teller for Win95 PWA              ³
³ Visual Voice Pro v2.3                     ³
³ Microsoft Internet server NT              ³
³ Regina REXX Interpreter PNC               ³
³ Netscape Smartmarks 1.0 for Win           ³
³ Windows 95 Device Development Kit         ³
³ Nov 26th ³
³ Textcut 1995 for win.win95                ³
³ Sculptor IPAS for 3DS PWA                 ³
³ Cheyenne Product Documentation            ³
³ Sound Scape Win95                         ³
³ IBM Antivirus v2.4 Win                    ³
³ IBM Antivirus WinNT PNT                   ³
³ Folks net webserver1                      ³
³ OS2 Master Crack Pack v1.7                ³
³ QuickAssistant PWA                        ³
³ D.B Express Pers Ed v1.1 for win          ³
³ Nov 27th ³
³ Very Best of GUS MIDI Add on              ³
³ 3DS 24Bit Maps                            ³
³ Gammatech IRC Cracked                     ³
³ Email Connection Inet Edition PNC         ³
³ IBM Search Manager PNT                    ³
³ Dog Adoption Kit                          ³
³ Financial Aid Planner                     ³
³ Austin Escape SS                          ³
³ Nov 28th ³
³ Get on the Internet CD                    ³
³ Global Networking Network                 ³
³ Quarterdeck Web Talker                    ³
³ Win95 Network Drivers Update              ³
³ Carnigie mellon                  ³
³ OS2 IBM SearchManager 2 v1.0              ³
³ CadKey V7.0 Windows                       ³
³ 3DS Util Pack PNA                         ³
³ PowerSlave                                ³
³ Liquid Speed v1.0.6 Cracked PWA           ³
³ Alps Glidepoint v9.1                      ³
³ Nov 29th ³
³ OS2 InterCom Beta v0.90                   ³
³ Base                                      ³
³ CadStar MK7.1 Cracked                     ³
³ AASYS Courier v2.00 Cracked               ³
³ Calc 16 for Win                           ³
³ Calc 95 for Win95                         ³
³ Dana v0.7b                                ³
³ Disk Drive Cleaner v1.0 Cracked           ³
³ Internet Reader Resources RBS             ³
³ Disk Duplicator PreRelease 3              ³
³ Diskeeper for NT3.51 Service Pack 2 Update³
³ D PLOTW v1.01 for Win                     ³
³ DiskShare NFS Server for NT               ³
³ ERLAND Traffic and Queing v1.02           ³
³ Asym 3DFX Final                           ³
³ Editeur v2.4 for Win95 Cracked            ³
³ Error Scan v1.0 for Win                   ³
³ Freeman Installer for Win v2.2            ³
³ Label Wizard v2.4a for Win                ³
³ Formula MultiMedia v3.3 Cracked           ³
³ HexWorks 32bits                           ³
³ ICHAT Client v1.0 for Win                 ³
³ Netscape Smartmarks v1.0 for Win          ³
³ Lookup Utility for Win                    ³
³ Mindwire Client V1.99                     ³
³ Lock Tite v2.2 for Win                    ³
³ Layout For Win DOD                        ³
³ Layout for Windows                        ³
³ MindWire Host v1.20                       ³
³ TCPSPY v1.0 for DOS Cracked               ³
³ Setup Factory v3.1 for Win                ³
³ UGLIACOM v1.0 for Win                     ³
³ Contact Connection for OS2                ³
³ GTW420 Terminal for Win                   ³
³ PowerDesk for Win95                       ³
³ Priority Master II v1.0 for OS2           ³
³ PowerDesk Win95                           ³


³ Nov 24th ³
³ Harpoon Classic for Win v1.55d Patch      ³
³ Nov 25th ³
³ Micro Machines Special Edition RZRCD      ³
³ Troon North Course for Links              ³
³ Great Naval Battles 3 v1.2 Update         ³
³ MechWarrior 2 v1.1 Update                 ³
³ IndyCar II Docs RCD                       ³
³ Chess Kids RZRCD                          ³
³ Sensible World of Soccer NRG              ³
³ Skunny FullCD NRG                         ³
³ Nov 26th ³
³ Tilt Pinball TDUJAM                       ³
³ Anvil of Dawn Fix Addon TDU               ³
³ Virtual Karts RCD                         ³
³ Steel Panthers v1.1 Update                ³
³ The Antagonizer for Ascendancy            ³
³ Nov 27th ³
³ Hickory And Me                            ³
³ Torins Passage                            ³
³ Command and Conquer Scenario Editor       ³
³ FPS FOOTBALL PRO96 HYBRID                 ³
³ ProTeam Soccer                            ³

³ Nov 24th ³
³ Extreme Pinball Regged                    ³
³ Hardball 5 v5.11 Patch                    ³
³ Lion CD HBD                               ³
³ RADIX Beyond The Void HYBRID              ³
³ Virtual Karts Addon RCD                   ³
³ The Dig Fixed FLW                         ³
³ Prisoner of Ice Anim Pack                 ³
³ Shannara CD                               ³
³ Ecco The Dolphine SEGA PC TDU             ³
³ Nov 24th ³
³ Jigsaw Power TDUJAM                       ³
³ ProPinball                                ³
³ Prisoner Of Ice Graph Pack                ³
³ FPS Football Network                      ³
³ Pool Champion TDU                         ³
³ DarkSeed II HBD                           ³
³ Riddles                                   ³
³ MechWarrior 2 GhostBear Legacy RCD        ³

 )\_________ _____   _________________            ____       ________          
(           (     |  )          )     |____)\____/    (_____/        \         
 \           \    | /          /           \ o O )     \    \         )        
 |     /      )   |(____/(     |            )___/       )    )  (___ /_        
 |    (      /   _|___    \    |____  |____/    \_     /    /   /      )       
 /     \____(   /     (   _)    )   \     \      |  (      (   (___   /        
(       |   |          \       /     )     )     |   \      |     |   |        

---=[ 10. Closing ]=-----------------------------------------------------------

      Another issue is produced to the masses.  Ah...  We'll be on time next
      week if Jimmy decides to get his review done earlier.  
      Hopefully you enjoyed this issue of INQUiSITION.  We have plenty of
      interviews to cover and other other topics to touch.  If you wish
      to join INQ - please send us your EMAIL address and a SAMPLE.  

      If you want a subscription to INQ, E-Mail:
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                           The Inquisition Staff:
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