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  ÜÛÛÜÜßÛÛÛÛßÜÛÜ  ÛÛÜÛÛÛ JDaniels  ß                                          ßÜÜÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÜÛÛÜÛÛÛÛÛÜ ßÛßß
   ßßßßßÛÛÛÛßßß    ß

---=[ Introduction ]=----------------------------------------------------------

      Welcome to Inquisition issue #5.   
      Well here is our fifth edition of this warez mag.  
      We currently have a World Wide Web site courtesy of Lotug.  This site 
      info will be place in our Internet site section.  So be sure to drop by 
      to check it out and send mail if ya think its great or if it sucks.

      Basically we are always looking for ASCii Artists and Writers.  We are 
      also looking for coders who can help us enhance our Web Site.  If you 
      want to join, but you are unsure on what all you are responsible for, 
      leave us mail.  We still want YOU to write in comments on our newsletter, 
      even if they are negative.  We prolly will publish them in our next issue 
      and one of the editors will reply to them.
      To state to the scene, we are a news publication here to bring you the
      lastest in the scene, whether good or bad.  It's best to keep everyone
      informed even the lamers.  
      Once again, we apologize for the lateness of this mag.  Unfortunately,                          
      I had to work a double and Lester did not have all the information to
      put the mag out.
                                - Raptor & Lester

      Send your articles, comments or suggestions to: 
             -   -                  

---=[ Contents ]=--------------------------------------------------------------
        1. Letters to the Editor.....Raptor & Lester
        2. Utils Warez Report........Jimmy Jamez - "Special Biased Edition" 
        3. Games Warez Report........Ionizer   
        4. Reviews...................Various Writers
        5. Interview.................GFK and Riot - "Hoson - Hybrid"
        6. Interview.................Lurch and Raptor - "Ordnance - RTS"
        7. Articles..................Mr.ZigZag - "Site Security"
                                     Drake - "800 Numbers"   
        8. Internet..................INQUiSITION WEB Site, Plus More
        9. Announcements.............Oyl Patch Speaks Out
                                     A Subscription?   
       10. Closing...................Raptor & Lester


._____. ._______.________.________________.______________________.             
|___  | |Oo.    |_ Oo.   |___Oo.  |__.    |______.  |_______.    |_.           
  |O  | |_____.   |o        |:       |  :  .o|   |Oo.  |__. |__ :  |           
  |o _|___|_. |___|__| |____|_|: |___|  |____|  _______|O__   |____|           
  |. |    __| ___|  |.  |     |. |__o  ___| |Oo _.    | o |__.   |             
  |  |    |:  |   __|:  |.  ._|    |   |.oO |_.  |   _|_.    |   |             
  |_______|_______|______|  |______|__________|__|______|________|             

---=[ 1. Letters to the Editor ]----------------------------------------------

This week we have had great deal of mail.  I would like to thank of of those 
who sent mail and greeted us on the IRC.  Also like to include that TRC (The
Renegade Chemist) sent his regards of displeasure of the mag to us due to our
lack of regard for games.  Well TRC, hopefully we have supplied enough in this
mag for you satisfication.  Here are our selections of mail:

Man guys, nice issuse, best one of the WWN/INQ by far!  Keep up the good work 



        - Raptor - Thanks!

Is there a possibility to sobscribe to your inq magazine???

TTYL Andre Broers,
www :

        - Raptor - Check out the Announcemnet by Lurch!

It would be nice if there was an archive of warez released kept.  What I mean 
is maybe putting the list of warez in a table, or just in any old text file 
format.  Instead of listing PWA's releases seperate, put everyone's releases 
into one big file. 

Anyway, the important thing I'm getting at is that there should be a search 
field setup.  You can do this with switch. It would be cool if you could just 
type in a ware and see if it was released or not..

        - Raptor - Well, that is where dupe checking comes into place.  Most
                   major boards contain lists of older warez put out.  
                   Unfortunately, they do not release these lists, so you 
                   must call them to get these lists.  They become quite large
                   in a short period of time.


1st time at the INQ url for me.  Do not spend much time on the web.  Anyways, 
14 yrs in the scene almost 15, I seriously thought the scene has changed when 
I started up Pantera on Dec 4, 94.  It has though, but this is classic material 
here. (re: url and such).  Though iIwas bouncy with the PC in and out, though 
Mercy knows me from the ancient Atari days.  So to continue and skip the 
bullshit its 6am EST time now or so.  Pantera has been get lotsa support from 
the other great groups though we are not great but an OK rookie group for the 
year of 1995.  We have survived members that fucked up the group to almost a 
complete down fall, and many other things.  I know there will be more to come, 
its part of a group trial and error.

Just dropping by to say a big FUCKIN HELLO to Jimmy J. & Lester.

And found it to be very inspiring like all issues, issue #4.  And that would 
like to say absolutely on that fact about MS and Novell being hard on pirates.
I think novell is much worse though, because they hold an lic agreement how 
ya not supposed to xfer there wares across different countries or some shit 
like that, its a form of esponiage or some shit.  I use to work for Apple 
sorta still do :)  But they have the same agreement, if you read between the 
lines which is always important, it states this.

Well, I think thats all I wanted to say.  But before I end this, Pantera says 
thanx as a whole to ya people, because we have leanred that our closed old 
fuck ass minds can open up.  Though very true on the under 20 age thing, very 
true.  A lot of minors get pissed at me because we discrimante against age. 
Oh well, I think I have rambled on enuff, but we all say thanx from the bottom 
of our souls...

And in clsoing we hope to add much more (will sure do our part in the future).

Thats all folks (basiclly whoever reads this),
Yours truly,
Phrozen Ghost (Founder/X-Prez/Head Senior PaNTera)
Pantera senior staff & Council staff & members

        - Raptor - Thanks for the reply - Hopefully we will talk to you
                   further in the future.


.__. .__._____._____.__. ___.__.  ._____.   .__. .__._____._____._____.______.
l  |_l  l   __l   __l  |/  /l  |  l  |  |   l  |_l  l     l  __ l   __l_    /
|  : :  |   __|   __|    _/ |  :__|___  |   |  : :  | _|  |    _|   __|/   /_
|       |     |     |  .   \|  ú  |     |   |       |  .  | _   |     |      |
|___|___|_____|_____|__|____|_____|_____|   |___|___|__|__|__|__|_____|______|
\           __  l     ___\         __  l        \         __   l        .   \
 \_____        /|     ___\____    .    |     .   |____        /___:     :____\
    |    __    \|        \  |     :___/      :   | |    __    \   |     |
    |     |     \         \ |     |   |      |   | |     |     \  |     |
    |_____|______|_________\|_____|   |__________| |_____|______| |_____|

---=[ 2. Util Warez Report - "Special Biased Edition" ]=----------------------

Biased Utils Report made by Jimmy Jamez Issue #5:

November started and scene was really frozen with the first snow.  We had many
betas, many big CD titles, but nothing that I can call AWESOME.  Guess that
software publishers decided to move all their shipping dates to late November
or Christmas time. :(  It is really sad; anyway I will show you what groups
released but will not write it as detailed as usually.  Hope this will be
changed next week.  Here we go

* as always in alphabet order *

DOD (Drink Or Die) - Describing my group work is always difficult.  I try not
to be biased in this way and hope you understand that.  DOD had very strong
October (strongest month in DOD's history actually), and the first 4 days of 
November were empty.  We all prolly heard some rumors flying around about a
possible DOD disband or splitting to other groups but that remained rumors and,
the group is back to business again.  All week, till the weekend, was slow and 
empty, but the weekend produced 9 releases in 2.5-3 days. We saw KAPLAN GMAT 
Roadtrip 96 (5 Disks), a couple of CD Deluxe versions of popular programs -
Microsoft Publisher 3.0 (16 Disks) and Quicken 5.0 for Windows 95 Canadian
Edition 96 (8 Disks).  In the same day we saw a small title - Quicklink
Message Center 2.1.0 (2 Disks) and a big bundle of Internet Connections (c) 
IBM - versions for OS/2, AIX, WINDOWS, and some security gateways.  Good 
releasing for last 3 days of the week.  Titles came from well-known and 
respected firms and no betas occured.  Especially that DOD procalimed that it 
will not release any betas ever except for some awesome ones, very rarely.  We 
will see how DOD will work this out.  Good points but not perfect.

Current Week Points:      07/10
Overall Score      :      45/50

PNT (Pantera) - Group is showing us stable work, still nothing really serious 
but betas, inside things usually for OS/2.  Sometimes they fuckup releasing 
some lame games, but other stuff is OK.  Lets look at what they released 
during the past 7 days.  PrivaSoft 1.35 for Windows (1 Disk), IBM Antivirus
for WIN95 BETA, Database II WWW for OS/2 Beta 3 (2 Disks), ZIP! Console 1.11
for Windows (4 Disks), Giecks Engineering Formulas for Windows (9 Disks) and
IBM Antivirus 2.3e for NT were their releases.  Nice ammount of stuff but as 
we see, 1/3 of their titles are betas.  Also, usually they release OS/2 stuff 
and they made some rude fuckup releasing - some old OS/2 Games pack (that came 
with OS/2 Fun Family Package CD).  Hope they will try harder next time.

Current Week Points:      05/10
Overall Score      :      28/50

PNC (Pinnacle) - Really thought to include them to my reports in future or 
not.  Some of seniors of PNC got their ego tripping and tried to press on me 
to write some good shit about them.  What can I say?  I DON'T have anything
against this team and always tried to support it as all other perspective
groups, but, looks like they dont like critics.  This week they kept releasing
betas plus a nice try of a BOMB explosion releasing so-called QEMM 8.0 'FINAL'
that in was actually a FINAL beta :). Guess it was dedicated to all kids who
never look inside archives and just trade those files through their modems. 
Anyway we found out what the heck it was.  Now let me show what else they did 
on this week: Iomega Zip tools & Drivers for OS/2 (2 disks), some ware called 
Career Shop (1 Disk), Autodesk CyberSpace Developers Kit FINAL (somebody need 
to compare that with previous version, previous one is really old), pcAnywhere 
for Win95/NT BETA (4 Disks), those QEMM 8.0 Beta and HyperMan 1.0 (1 Disk). 
The group seems to work better this time, but just one piece of advise - do 
not try to press me next time or I will make you some bad advertisment. 

Current Week Points:      05/10
Overall Score      :      17/50

PWA (Pirates With Attitude) - PWA brought us no suprises this time.  Still the 
same stream, many big betas, many big CD inside programming stuff and a little 
number of store things. Only mistake they made that time is that they forgot 
to list BETA in their file_id.diz files in 2 BIG programs and, many dudes 
really were pissed off when they leeched final programs as they thought and
found betas inside.  Hope dudes will pay more attention to packaging next 
time.  I mention Imagineer Technical BETA (13 Disks) and Solid Edge (20 Disks).  Now let me tell what else they did besides those 2 beta monsters.
First day of November had Micrographix Crayola Art Studio 2.0 CD (17 Disks, 
Business Vision II Delta 2.13 (3 Disks), Visual WorkFlo 1.1 (6 Disks), 
Transjamer Vol.1 Transition (2 Disks), Calendar Widgets for Windows (3 Disks), 
small Pinnacle CD_R proggy called RCD MM 3.0, Integra Business App. Builder 
3.0 (7 Disks) and WorkFlo VBX 1.11 (2 Disks).  The group shown stable work 
everyday but no surpises or cool titles.  Anyway they were awarded good points. 

Current Week Points:      08/10
Overall Score      :      46/50

RBS (Rebels) - were kinda dead during the week.  We only saw 2 programs 
released: pcAnywhere 3.0 for Windows 95 (2 Disks) and Site Express 3.0 for 
Netware (9 Disks)  Nothing more to tell, low points.

Current Week Points:      03/10
Overall Score      :      18/50

So, the report is over this time.  I was suprised to see some activity from
other groups like TITAN, etc.  If they will try harder I will include them in 
next issues.  


        * All complaints/questions send to: *

---=[ 3. Games Warez Report - Ionizer ]=--------------------------------------

³               ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ÛÛ    ÛÛ  ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ              ³
|               Û        Û     Û  Û Û  Û Û  Û        Û                    |
³               Û  ÛÛÛÛ  ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ  Û  ÛÛ  Û  ÛÛÛÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ              ³
|               Û     Û  Û     Û  Û      Û  Û              Û              |
³               ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ  Û     Û  Û      Û  ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ              ³
Un-Releastic:  "I have never played a game I didn't like."  -Stew Pid Fewl
Realistic   :  "FUCK, This game sucks more than pacman!."   -Ionizer

        What pisses you off the most about downloading games?
        (a) The game doesn't work.
        (b) The game sucks balls.
        (c) It's missing a crack.
        (d) All of the above!

-If you even had to ANSWER this question, well the solution is here.  Upon
POPULAR DEMAND: It's back, it's better then before, and it's got the GAYEST
ascii at the top.
-Do you live for games?  Do you want to play games every second of your life?
Do you find yourself masterbating while thinking of combos for MK3?  If so
then you need a LIFE, but that's besides the point.

-"Ok, I've read your introduction, now what the hell is this all about."
-It's about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happi... no wait, sorry, school
flashback... this shit is about:

-Rating scale:
                 (0-20)/100 = In a nutshell, it sucked!
                (21-40)/100 = Still crap but slightly better.
                (41-50)/100 = Possibly worth downloading.
                (51-70)/100 = Pretty decent game. Might want to check it out.
                (71-80)/100 = Worth the download if you like that type.
                (81-89)/100 = Very good, 9 outta 10 its worth the download.
                (90-99)/100 = Excellent game, a MUST download.
                    100/100 = HOLY SHIT I'VE NEVER SEEN A BETTER GAME!

-Enough of the crap, it's time for the reviews.  The format is usually like
this.  Name of game, group, # of disks, review, rating.

=Rapid Assault=
        Tdujam, 6 disks.  It's a doom style game <1st person overview>.  You
are in a car and given certain objectives to complete usually within a
certain time frame.  Then you are told to find the flag and then on to the
next mission.  The graphics coulda been a little less chunky.  Involves the
usually shooting, assortment of weapons and explosions.  Kind of like
Here's a password to get you past the 1st mission: SEAWORM <it might have an
"S" added to it, I kinda forgot.>
                        RATING: 68/100                                

=Navy Strikers=
        Hybrid, 4 disks.  Hybrid say's its a flightsim, but I couldn't figure
how to get the plane off the ground (and I can usually figure out most any-
thing) because there was so much tech stuff.  The game appears to be more
thinking then flying around and blowing up shit.  It does have a nice assort-
ment of video clips and camera angles.  Only for the person looking for a
hard challenge <getting the plane off the ground, who knows how hard the game
is.>.  It did have a nice music track however.
                        RATING: 51/100

=Mordor v1.1=
        Tyranny, 2 disks.  D&D type of game.  There are no graphics that I
was able to discover, except the icons and pictures.  Appears to be 100%
wordy.  It's like one of those mud games you can play, where you choose from
dwarves, humans, elves, etc.  Nothing spectacular, had a nice midi track.
                        RATING: 42/100

=3D Table Sports=
        RazorCD, 5 disks.  Those classic arcade games that didn't involve
staring at a video screen now available in the "stare at your video screen"  
mode.  Foozball, air hockey, and hoops.  They can be played over the modem or
network.  The games were little disappointing, for several reasons, (1) in
foozball you can't control which thing to move, it picks it automatically and
you just hit spacebar (2) air hockey moved a little too quick and the things
can be moved all over the board as if we all had magical 10 ft arms (3) hoops
is kinda unfair since the computer can practically make all shots it takes.
The graphics are nice and crisp, but I didn't get any sound or music during
the game, but when it was over there was some crying sound effect.  Anyway,
it was a nice effort, but it lacks the good gameplay that could hold you for
more than 10 minutes.
                        RATING: 70/100

=Flames of Freedom=
        Flame?, 5 disks.  Yuck!  Talk about shitty graphics.  It's an adven-
ture game.  Disgustingly ugly graphics and the sound ain't much better.  Dont
bother with this one.
                        RATING: 20/100

=Arena CD Deluxe=
        Legacy, 14 disks.  Didn't seem to want to work, no matter how many
times I followed the directions or tried some other way.  Heard it sucks
                        RATING: NA/100
-That's it for this week, I realize I missed a lot of shit, but I didn't
decide to do this till Friday.  Next week's will be complete and even better.
Hope ya enjoyed it and hope it was of help.
Comments/Complaints send to (NO QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS!)

---=[ 4. Reviews ]------------------------------------------------------------

TekWar - Reviewed by The Black Knight 

        You've read the books, you've seen the syndicated TV series, now play 
the game!  This 1st person Doom-clone from Capstone features an ex-cop in the 
year 2045 who must wage war against Tek - a devastating mind alterant.  Once 
framed for selling Tek, you have been recalled from prison in fear that a new 
form of Tek (the Matrix) is on the verge of being released to the public.
        Game play resembles the familiar Doom interface with some new bells 
and whistles.  One of the most immediate noticeable improvements in the game 
is enemy AI.  Tekgoons will duck, dodge bullets, and run away when they 
realize they're getting whipped. ;)  Also, most enemies won't shoot unless you
have your gun drawn (the / key hides and pulls out your gun).  Running around 
the city with a drawn gun also gathers much unwanted citizen attention ("He's 
got a gun!").
        A modicum of environment interaction has been added.  For example, if 
you see a large pane of glass - shoot it.  Little touches like head bobbing 
while running can be toggled on/off.  You can duck, jump, and throw on a 
rear-view mirror to see who's sneaking up on you.
        The look and style of the game plays more like an unfeeling version of 
_Rise of the Triad_.  In VGA mode, enemies and objects appear like cardboard 
cutouts. This lack of feeling culminates in fighting, a very key aspect of the 
game.  Shooting at cutouts is, well.. boring.  While walking through levels 
you frequently find the screen blinking red (representing being shot) without 
any signs of the enemy.  Playing in SVGA mode naturally makes the game look 
better, but you pay the grave price of staggered movement - even on a P75. 
Regardless of what mode you play in, the game definitely is not dominated by 
fast and furious play.
        Level objectives usually involve running around town looking for blue 
and red keys, another trite theme borrowed from Doom.  However, one of the 
early levels involves blasting through an enemy ran hospital.  Any John Woo 
fan will have a huge grin as they are vicariously transported into the finale 
of _Hard Boiled_ :)  
        So, if you find yourself wanting to play against intelligent enemies 
for a change, give TEKWAR a try.  For an easier time, just play against your 
friends with TekWar's modem and 2-16 player LAN capability ;)

Fatal Racing - Review by Gremlin

        Fatal Racing is a fun little racing simulator that reminded me of 
Slipstream 5000, released earlier this year.  The gameplay and graphics are 
nearly identical except for one major niggle that I'll talk about later.

        Unlike Slipstream 5000, this one is rooted firmly on the ground, 
except on those tracks that contain so many lumps, bumps and jumps that your 
car is actually airborne most of the time.  The computer pairs you up with 
another driver based on the car you choose to drive.  There's many to choose 
from, and although they all look basically the same (dinky EuroSport cars), 
they all have different strengths and weaknesses.  After you pick your car and 
set up the other game options (there's plenty), you're off to race track after 
track, each increasing in difficulty.  Points are awarded on the basis of your 
laptime, position, and the number of other cars you take out of the race 
permanently by colliding into them and running them off the road.

        This game is fairly fun but unlike Slipstream 5000, this one has a 
real problem with the animation framerate.  Until I turned off many of the 
graphics detail options, I couldn't get a playable framerate at all.  Even 
then, it was only barely acceptable.  I have a Pentium 90, 16 megs of ram, and 
a Diamond Stealth with 2 megs of VRAM.  That's a fairly muscular computer for 
playing games.  I don't know what kind of machine you need to run this thing 
at full tilt boogie, but I sure wish I had one.

        Still, if you can turn off enough options to make it run smoothly, 
this is a fun and worthwhile game.  I recommend it to any fans of fast Monte 
Carlo style racing.


.__________    .___________      .__________    _________.   .____________                  
l          |___l___.       \_____|          \   \        l___l__          \              
|         / \      |        \    \        .  \___\       l      \          \            
 \       |___\     |         \    |       :   \   \      |       |          \         
  |      |    \    |     .    \ ._|       |   /    \     |     ._|      .    \     
  |      |         |     :____/    \       __/           |       \      :____/    
  |      |    \    |     |       .__|   .     \    \     |     .__|     |         
  |      |     \   |     |      /    \   \     \    \    |    /    \    |         
  |       \     \  |     |            |   |     |    \   |          |   |               
 /         \     \./      \           |   |     |     \__/          |    \         

---=[ 4. Interview - Hoson - Hybrid ]-----------------------------------------

INQ   : Who founded Hybrid and when?            
Hoson : I founded Hybrid together with a german guy called LowTec back in
        Winter 1993.
INQ   : So it is an Euro group correct?  
Hoson : Yup, correct.  It used to be ran from Europe, but a few months back,
        Bluewater and his old CD group, Dynamix, decided to join us.  So, I
        guess you can say it's not Euro based anymore, but both US and Euro 
INQ   : If you were to rate Hybrid in realsing vs. TDU, RAZOR, ECLIPSE how do
        you think you stand?
Hoson : Well, I personally think that our releases are the BEST, they are
        nicely packaged, most of the time.  They work, we have a cool intro,
        and all files fit onto 1.44 floppies.  TDU releases have the ugliest
        NFO file, and Razor CD-Rips are a bit unprofessional, but they seem to 
        get better.  Eclipse, well I'm in Eclipse as well, and since there's 
        not so many floppy titles anymore, Hybrid of course releases alot more 
INQ   : What do u think of RAZORCD and do you think they pose a problem in 
Hoson : Yeah, they got a good grip on UK and US, so they pose a real threat,
        but it's nice with competitoin.  The good thing about CD-Rips is that
        not just anyone can go and release a CD-Rip.  You have to work with 
        the game before you release it, and since Hybrid has the best crackers 
        (Randall Flagg, Cyber, Excessive Knight et cetera), we often win 'coz we 
        crack and rip them quite fast.  To be able to crack and strip CD 
        titles, not only must you be good at cracking, you must also know alot 
        about game programming and Assembler coding.
INQ   : Could you rate the CD groups from best to worst?
Hoson : Yeah sure, 1. Hybrid 2. Razor 3. TduJam 4. hmm.. are there any others
        worth mentioning?
INQ   : Will HYBRID stay in the games scene or branch off to utils, since 
        there are alot of utilis on CD now?
Hoson : Games only.  Never utils.  I hate utils, 'coz 75% of all utils are not 
        useful.  Most util releases sux.
INQ   : Who do you think has a better grip on suppliers TDU, HYBRID, or RAZOR?
Hoson : I think RAZOR and HYBRID.  TDU - nah.
INQ   : Do you think HYBRID will ever merge?
Hoson : No, I don't think so.  Merge with whom?  RAZOR or TDU?  Haha.. 
INQ   : Who are HYBRID's offical couriers, and do you think HYBRID with ever 
        have a couriering section?
Hoson : Well, we don't have any official couriers, since we don't really need
        them.  I mean game releases spread themselves, and we already have
        quite an impressive courier section with BBS/Internet couriers.             
INQ   : IF Hybrid were to have official couriers who would it be?
Hoson : RiSC
INQ   : Any big releases from HYBRID in the near future?
Hoson : Yeah, I've got a few aces up my sleeve.  A few big titles we're getting 
        inside, but I'm not gonna reveal the names coz it would look bad if I 
        said we were gonna release a specific game and then perhaps Razor or 
        TDU would release it.
INQ   : Why does HYBRID's realses tend to have virii?
Hoson : VIRUS?  Hmmm...  They don't.  I know Caesar II had a virus in the
        VESA.EXE file, but it wasn't in all versions.  I heard something 
        about a virus in Fatal Racing as well.  I have no virii on my 
        computer, so I doubt it contains one.  It might be my encryption of 
        some .EXE files that some virus killers identifies as possible 
INQ   : Do you guys have or planning to have a web page?
Hoson : Yep, check the pre-web page out at: out.
INQ   : What about the DYNAMIX MERGE.  What are your feeelings show?
Hoson : Well, without that merge we would probably not have released ANY of
        the US releases that BlueWater, ChainSaw M., and Celestial Wizard put
        out on regular basis, so that merge was a big leap for us.
INQ   : Didn't Chainsaw M. leave RAZOR for HYBRID?
Hoson : No, he didn't.  I don't think he ever was in Razor. :) 
INQ   : What is the WHQ?
Hoson : Park Central is our WHQ.
INQ   : We're going to name off a few things - I want ya to give me your 
        opinion on the topics we name off.
INQ   : Razor 1911/Razor CD
Hoson : I'm sceptical; they don't deserve that name, but they do release alot 
        of good games. 
INQ   : TDUJam
Hoson : Very ugly NFO file, really cool intro, terrible installer, way too
        many non-working releases.
INQ   : Utils Scene 
Hoson : Lame.  NTA always release cool stuff though. DOD are kinda cool, but
        they put out to much SHIT that no one downloads anyway, it just files
        for traders so they can earn their credz... bah!
INQ   : The GEcko
Hoson : The Gecko?  He is a nice guy!  I was in NEXUS together with him for 
        one month or two.
INQ   : Eclipse
Hoson : Cool!  Good style, good release if not to many lately.
INQ   : Courier Scene
Hoson : Don't know too much about it.  What's so fun with a courier group?
        Getting famous for pumping meggage here and there.  Nah, I'd say 
        they're excessive, but RiSC's cool.  Good FTP sites and stuff.
INQ   : FanFan
Hoson : Don't know him personally.  He might be a nice guy, but he's probably 
        one of those who doesn't stand being defeated.
INQ   : Well we don't want to name off all your competitors.  :)  So I would 
        like to thank thee for your time and efforts to INQUiSITION.  

This interview was conducted by GFK and Riot on Sunday, October 29, 1995. 
---=[ 5. Interview - Ordnance - Rise To Send ]=-------------------------------

INQ      : Why did RTS break-up?
Ordnance : Well, what allowed it to happen was my being out of the country for 
           an entire month.  Dorian took charge in my abscence.  Upon my 
           scheduled return, I found the group in a very chaotic state.  An 
           example being, half the members did not have access to a single RTS 
           site.  And were quite vocal about it.  As my life began to stabilize 
           again, I dedicated time to getting things in the group straightened 
           out.  The major stumbling block I ran into was not knowing any of 
           our new members.  And I was not communicating well with Dorian.  So 
           plainly things were fumbling in the dark.  Both Dorian and I felt 
           that we needed another senior to help straighten things out.  
           Because Stargrove kept me updated while I was on vacation, I felt 
           he was the proper choice.  And the group voted for him.  But Dorian, 
           though he did not tell me at the time, felt very strongly against 
           that decision.  One of the reasons he cites for leaving.  So less 
           than a week afterwards, MAliCE was formed with Dorian and Aslan.  
           And due to the poor state of RTS, many people left over a short 
           period of time with the "bandwagon".
INQ      : Do you feel that Dorian took down RTS?
Ordnance : I don't believe that Dorian was actively trying to get RTS into the 
           poor state it was in.
INQ      : So how can a strong couriering team die under Dorian, I mean he is 
           running MAliCE - can't the same be said about them?
Ordnance : Yes, you could say the same about MAliCE.  But then again, I have 
           worked with Dorian for over a year, and do not doubt his leadership 
           and ability to run MALiCE.  However, I believe that it is only 
           natural for him to be more dedicated to a new project - a change 
           of scenery.  But only he can tell you whether or not he cared 
           anymore about RTS towards the break up, or if he was already 
           fixated on re-forming MALiCE (for the 3rd time).
INQ      : How many people remain in RTS?
Ordnance : There are approximately 30 or so members active.  Which is half of 
           our peak membership.  We cannot afford dead weight at this point in 
           time.  And that gives us an advantage.
INQ      : In your opinion, was Dorian trying to gain total control of a major 
           couriering group, or improve the scene by creating a more organized 
Ordnace  : I don't believe that either were the prime motivators for Dorian 
           reforming MAliCE.  Dorian was in MAliCE way back when, and that is 
           where his heart belongs.  When RTS was first formed, Dorian wanted 
           it to be MAliCE.  And he staged a major attempt in March to break 
           up RTS -- once again to form MAliCE.
INQ      : So where does RTS stand now?
Ordnance : RTS is gaining ground rapidly.  We have dedicated members who are 
           truly giving their all for the group.  There are plenty of 
           resources out there for the taking, and be assured that we have 
           them.  My personal hope is that soon those former RTS members in 
           MAliCE will return.  These are people I have worked with closely, 
           and I would like to do that again.
INQ      : What happened to all the old RTS sites.  As far as I see, all the 
           members of both MAliCE and RTS have access, but who do these sites 
           belong to now?
Ordnance : RTS has completely private sites, as does MALiCE.  These are our 
           main sites.  The site-ops of the other sites have decided to grant 
           equal access to both groups, and I respect that decision.
INQ      : MAliCE recently picked up PWA as being their official couriers and 
           is attempting a merge with fATE.  How does this affect RTS?
Ordnance : Both Dorian and I worked with PWA back in RTS.  But the MALiCE 
           image has the advantage.  RTS is in the position to impress PWA, 
           and hopefully soon the affiliation will be safely back in our 
           hands.  In the meantime, the competition between MALiCE and RTS 
           remains friendly.  I do not harbor enemies.  As far as MAliCE's 
           dealigns with fATE, I know very little about it.  However, I have 
           had extensive discussion with Anti-Derivative in the past and will 
           consult with him on the matter.
INQ      : Many people have the idea that RTS is dead.  Was this something 
           that came up by accident, or something done by Dorian/Malice to 
           further shake RTS couriers to MALiCE?
Ordnance : Well, of course there were chants of "RTS is dead" by MALiCE.  But 
           we're proof that willpower can overcome death.  And the rest of the 
           scene will become aware of it if they aren't yet.
INQ      : Most groups give their releases to certain couriering groups to get 
           the "tag;" where does RTS stand in this picture?
Ordnance : Tagging is an issue of exposure.  I cannot comment on our dealings 
           with any groups, but even so RTS couriers are representing us on 
           major boards in steadily increasing force.  It is inevitable that 
           this kind of representation will earn us more resources, a domino 
INQ      : What are your opinions on tagging?
Ordnance : At one time the major couriering groups were few in number and 
           wholly BBS-based.  But since the massive transition to the 
           Internet, tagging has become a ridiculous pastime and hard to deal 
           with.  But as things currently stand, RTS will not pre-tag, 
           double-tag or strip files.  I am very strongly against pre-tagging.  
           But if RTS' policy on the others change, I will discuss it first 
           with the other groups.
INQ      : Does RTS encourage its couriers to leave some kind of 
           identification mark with their upload to sites, such as MAliCE's 
           [Malice] file?
Ordnance : Yes, we do.  Not everyone is capable of memorizing NFO files.  Some 
           of the members have been slacking as far as identification, and 
           they will be given a personal reminder :)  May I remind you, 
           however, that our prime purpose are BBSs.
INQ      : Do you have a current NFO?
Ordnance : As of this interview, the latest NFO is October 22nd.  There is a 
           reason for this.  The reason for this is that I am waiting for some 
           major new resources to be confirmed, such as well-know traders and 
           board affiliations.  But they may be pushed back a few NFOs (just 
           to keep the world wondering).
INQ      : So what is your opinion of RiSC's "Top-Ten Boards" only?
Ordnance : I have nothing against the "Top-Ten" philosophy.  Mine is to 
           compete with RiSC on those "Top-Ten" boards, and support those 
           boards which couldn't make the Top Ten.  There is something to be 
           said for benefitting the entire scene.
INQ      : Most of the RTS couriers, who have moved to MAliCE, are primarily 
           INET couriers, some both INET and boards, do you feel that MAliCE 
           is more of a Net couriering group because of this, or do you think 
           that MAliCE is still very strong competition for board couriering 
           for RTS?
Ordnance : Yes, I would agree that MAliCE has more of a presence on the Net.  
           But statistics have no relevance -- the respective performance of 
           their BBS and Net couriers is what to look at.  MAliCE is of course 
           strong competition, to answer your question.  But I am not worried 
           about it in the least.
INQ      : Will RTS compete on the Internet?
Ordnance : No, for the time being RTS will not be concerned with the Internet.  
           RTS' coordinators and myself are putting all our efforts into 
           bringing quality members onto the team.  I have not found someone 
           capable and dedicated enough to coordinate a Net couriering division 
           for RTS on his own.  Our staff must live up to high standards.  
           Mainly members to spread to boards.  We are well aware of strategic 
           boards, and dedicate ourselves to finding traders to fill those 
           niches.  But of course, we welcome applications.
INQ      : What is considered a strategic board?
Ordnance : A strategic board is one where we have found a weakness in other 
           groups' support, one whose Sys-Ops we would want to influence 
           and/or one where we could have a close impact on a releasing group.
INQ      : Do you feel RTS' main goal is speed or distance?  i.e. Getting it 
           to the top boards, or getting it to the most boards?
Ordnance : Speed and distance are the same basic things.  Speed will get your 
           tags on big boards, impress a few, and get them spread all over, 
           impressing many.  Distance just doesn't impress the select few 
           watching the big boards ;)
INQ      : This is a standard question, where will RTS be in the future?
Ordnance : In the near future, there should not be any reason to doubt RTS' 
           stability.  Hard work is paying off; we are growing stronger by 
           leaps and bounds every day.  There is no reason for that pattern to 
INQ      : Getting back to the subject of Malice.  Do you think that some 
           couriers in MAliCE will see RTS as being more prestigious for them 
           to be in and return to RTS?
Ordnance : Yes, I do expect former RTS members to return.  MAliCE cannot be 
           perfect, and their reputation certainly isn't.  As a group, I 
           believe RTS offers more to our members.  I know these people 
           individually, and have kept in touch as much as possible.  Already 
           I have support from within MALiCE.
INQ      : Aren't you afraid that Dorian will claim that you stole MAliCE 
Ordnance : That would be crying wolf.  RTS does not bribe or lie to people.  
           If he were to say that we "stole" back former RTS members, I ask 
           who "stole" them in the first place? :)  I do not disagree with 
           Dorian's recruiting ethics.  He made an offer which was taken.  I 
           can do the same.
INQ      : Why did you ask Dorian for a Council position in MAliCE?
Ordnance : Ah, about time you asked.
Ordnance : Some people call it giving up, but I will explain why not.  RTS is 
           a name that I cherish very dearly.  However, it is just that -- a 
           name.  I felt that we had already made our mark in history.  I 
           decided that the most mature thing to do, and the easiest to boot, 
           would be to see if Dorian was willing to work with me under the new 
           MAliCE, rather than against me.  We both respect each other, and as 
           I do not doubt Dorian's leadership, he does not doubt mine.
INQ      : It was said that the Council voted no - any idea why?
Ordnance : Yes, I was getting to that... here is why.  First reason for 
           reluctance on both Dorian's part and the Council, I emphasized that 
           I wanted to work *with* him.  Not as a Council member, but as a 
           leader.  Or course this would have been phased in gradually once 
           MAliCE had stabilized.  Dorian told me he would like working with 
           me again.  But he decided to consult the Council, either because he 
           was doubtful of his feelings on the matter and/or he was afraid 
           there would be violent opposition in MALiCE (to another leader, 
           that is).  The Council, not surprisingly, voted no.  I do not know 
           what kind of case Dorian presented to the Council, but there are 
           many reasons for saying no.  And after all, these are only people 
           that know me in passing.
INQ      : Did any other groups prompt you to join?
Ordnance : Yes, a few people had approached me.  But I made it quite aware 
           that I was not going to end RTS.  I would have done so earlier 
           because, as I stated earlier, I have worked with some of the MALiCE 
           members closely for over a year.  But after Dorian did not press 
           his Council for some sort of arrangement, it was apparent to me 
           that the situation in MALiCE was not one I wanted to be a part of.  
           So I did an about-face and have since put in an incredible amount 
           of time and effort into strengthening RTS, as have our excellent 
           coordinators and members.  After all, where can a traditional scene 
           leader go and be truly happy, beside his own group? :)
INQ      : Is there anything else you would like to add?
Ordnance : I would just like to close by restating what so many of us in the 
           scene feel.  There are too many major trading groups.  Personally, 
           I feel it has put the scene in disarray.  That is all.
INQ      : We thank thee for the interview - take care and good luck.
Ordnance : Thank you, also.  For giving me this platform on which to speak, 
           and providing this service to the scene.

This interview was conducted by Lurch and Raptor on Sunday, November 4, 1995.

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 |            \           \          \____/          \       |           |
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---=[ 6. Article - Site Security ]=-------------------------------------------
Due to the stress of exams, Mr.ZigZag was unable to provide Part 2 of Site
Security.  Look for it in next week's issue.

                "How valuable are 800 numbers to boards?"

This question has been debated for quite a long time.  There are pro's and
con's to having such a number setup for your board.  There are some Sys-Ops
who do not understand the implications of having such a priviledge, which
often leads to the demise of their board.

The first example is that of a board that was in my area, The Grille.  This
board was decent, to say the least, before it got an 800 number.  When the
number arrived, the uploads doubled.  The ego level on that board also doubled 
with the increased productivity.  Many of the good users were turned away, but 
still many were willing to upload to a toll-free board.  However, the day came 
when it all went away.  After much prosperity, the 800 number was disconnected 
and then it began.  The fair-weather friends/uploaders were never to be seen 
again.  The old couriers and local support that were turned away, during the 
800 saga, were no where to be seen.  They were not needed then, so they would 
not help out now.  The board slowly made a come back, and probably would have 
won back the respect it had before if things didn't suddenly go down hill.  
One day, a few weeks ago, the sysop got a bill in the mail.  The figures I 
have heard are between 20,000 and 50,000 dollars.  If you think about it, that 
makes sense.  Five nodes, often all busy, for more than a month.  It sure does 
add up.  The Sys-Op, of course, refused to pay, claiming that he had no 
knowledge of the malicious fraud.  Then the FBI was supposedly informed, which 
caused the Sys-Op to shut down everything.  All the hardware was sold, and the 
board was gone - just like that.

The second example is Dimension XXX.  This robust 8 node board was very fast, 
and when it got its 800 number, things really took off.  However, many, many 
people got the number and the user base grew quite large.  People were always 
on uploading and leeching.  Things got out of control, and everything and 
their mother was being uploaded.  Old warez, dupes, fakes, et cetera was being 
allowed, and not nuked.  100+ disk CD-Rips were allowed to clog up the drives, 
which really deterred the good traders.  To think that some lamer could upload 
a fake and get 150 megs credit, comparitive to your multiple legit releases, 
it was just aggrevating.  This sent a lot of the true couriers running.

Basically, the thing to realize is that 800 numbers are obviously awesome, if 
you follow a few simple rules: don't let your ego blow-up, don't become a total 
asshole, don't spread your number to anyone and everyone, don't accept shit 
for uploads, and least but not last, never acknowledge to anyone that you are 
aware of the 800 number.  It can cost you many thousands of dollars.

If you are lucky enough to get a 800 number setup to your board, then be sure 
to only give it out to a select few who can really help out, otherwise it will 
definately put you out of business, and possibly out of money.

Thats all folks, I hope this will bring a few people down to reality.

                                            Drake [=PWA/PNT=]


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---=[ 6. Internet ]=----------------------------------------------------------

INQUiSITION has a World Wide Web page site.  Please come by and check it out.
You can grab the Previous issues of INQUiSITION there plus the WWN archives.

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Other Internet related news:  If you are a Flight Simulator fan, there is a
site where you can play against 300 other flight sim players.  The site is
currently beta and is free during this period.  Here is the info you need:

Go to CACTUS.ORG to grab the Front End
Then telnet to ICI2.INFOHWY.COM
Login as  new user

Have fun

---=[ 7. Announcements - Oyl Patch Speaks Out ]=-------------------------------

Oyl    : I told Mikey tonight, very forcefully, that he can NOT lie any longer,
         and if he tries it, I will pull out my phone logs.  I said because 
         you are still trying to figure out how to lie your way out of it.  
         The time line is like this:
Oyl    : OK.  First, do you remember the day we were told that Mikey was in a 
Devast : Yes..
Oyl    : OK.  That was on a thursday, after he was busted on a tuesday!
Oyl    : If you remember he said he had been robbed, right?
Devast : Yes but that was before.
Oyl    : Well, he was NOT robbed.  He was busted on the Tuesday morning.  The
         Tuesday he said he was robbed!  Now, the time from there was like 
Oyl    : I generally talk to MikeySoft voice at least every other day.. and 
         have done so for many years.  I started trying to call him on the 
         Tuesday evening he was busted.  All his data lines and his voice line 
         were busy.  I knew the voice line was never busy because he has call 
         waiting.  I tried until 2 am and it was still busy.  I tried Wednesday 
         morning, still busy.  Wednesday afternoon his voice line was clear, 
         but his data lines were still all busy.
Oyl    : I left a voice message on Wednesday, 2 or 3 in fact.
Oyl    : Thursday, his lawyer came on.  Yes, it was his lawyer.  Who has since 
         said it was him.  He said Mikey is in a coma.  Mikey was NOT in a 
         coma, was NOT in the hospital, but had indeed taken a bit too much 
Devast : OK.  Why would his lawyer lie?
Oyl    : He was only delivering the message mikey had told him to leave, 
         because Mikey KNEW I would wonder what was going on and he did not 
         want to tell us he was busted.
Oyl    : BTW, this was the lawyer that comes on here under handle of Chester.
         Not his regular Clint Smith, but a member of the same firm.
Oyl    : On the Thursday that we got the message on the IRC, I started calling
         hospitals.  I called every hospital in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, et 
         cetera.  Mikey was NOT in the hospital.  I called everyone that I 
         knew in Phoenix that also knew mikey, and no one had heard anything
         or seen him.
Oyl    : On Friday morning, I called his lawyer, Clint Smith.  I said, "We got 
         word that Mikey is in a coma.  I have called every hospital and Mikey 
         is NOT in any of them.  What is up?"
Oyl    : His answer was, "No, Mikey is NOT in the hospital.  Mikey is at home,
         but Mikey is having some other problems now."
Oyl    : At that, I KNEW he had been busted.
Oyl    : His lawyer said, "Call Mikey tonight, I am sure he will take your 
         call."   I said OK.  In the meantime, I talked to someone else in 
         Phoenix who HAD seen Mikey and been to his house.
Devast : w00per?
Oyl    : They were the one who said Mikey has been busted.  I was there, and 
         there was not a computer in the house, no floppies, nothing.  He 
         said, "Nola, NO ONE would take every floppy, every cable, every tape,
         every thing, and leave all MIkey's expensive televisions and stereo
Oyl    : BTW, It was NOT w00per who told me, it was someone different.
Oyl    : At that point, Mikey knew his goose was cooked and started on the 
         story of the robbery.
Oyl    : On Friday evening, I did call Mikey, and he told me the same story of 
         the coma, robbery, et cetera.
Devast : Why would Mikey not want us to know that he was busted?
Oyl    : Ask Mikey, but there is LOTS MORE.   Believe me, and I will not even 
         tell you all of it, but I will NOT go along with the lie any longer.
Oyl    : Anyway, Mikey got his monitor back on Friday.  The reason he got his 
         monitor back was NOT because the police FOUND it, it is because of 
         the law having to do with confiscation.  They can NOT legally keep 
         any equiptment that does not have data that can be used as evidence.
         Anyway, when I learned he had gotten the monitor back, I KNEW beyond
         ANY doubt that he had been busted.  I asked him point blank on 
         Saturday.  Mikey tell me the truth, were you busted.  He said, 
Oyl    : I said, "Mikey, bullshit, you were NOT in the hospital because I
         called all of them and you were NOT there.
Oyl    : He said, "Oh, it was because they were told not to give out info."
Oyl    : Anyway, I then KNEW I had to warn a couple of seniors that Mikey had
         been busted so that he would not be accessing their sites.
Oyl    : I told exactly 3 people that I KNEW Mikey had been busted but had NO
Oyl    : We had changed the IP of our site in the meantime, and when mikey
         asked me for it on Friday evening, I told him I did not have it.  He 
         got it from someone else, and the log shows he came on at about
         midnight and was on for 2 hours.  One of the Seniors that I had 
         reported it to ALSO asked mikey if he had been busted.  Asked him on 
         saturday and Mikey said preposterous!  Anyway, Mikey had managed to 
         get the IP from someone else who had no idea he had been busted.
Devast : Isn't it possible that it was not Mikey?  IP spoofer/slirp?
Oyl    : Nope, as a matter of fact, Mikey admitted it.  Even admitted who gave 
         it to him.  I said Mikey that was INSANE.  He said, "Why, Novell was 
         not going to check it."
Oyl    : I said, "Mikey, bull, you know that you told me that indirect had
         sniffers on you."
Oyl    : Anyway, as of Saturday or Sunday, Mikey's account was deleted from 
         the site.
Oyl    : On the following Tuesday, he called me at my office.  He said, "Nola,
         Clint just called me, he overheard the Novell guy and Gail Thackery
         down at the local police station talking, and the novell guy said he 
         is going to be busting BBS in NY.
Oyl    : He said, we MUST get hold of Pierre.  I was at work and never knew
         Pierre's last name.  So, naturally, I could NOT call him.
Oyl    : Mikey said he did not have his number because all his stuff had 
         already been taken.  That was on Tuesday.
Devast : Toyman was warned.
Oyl    : Toyman was warned by me.  He is one of the people that I told.  After
         all, I go way back with toyman.
Oyl    : Anyway, I had already told toyman that Mikey was busted.
Oyl    : Toyman called him, and Mikey said NO WAY!
Devast : ???????
Oyl    : Toyman also asked Mikey point blank if he had been busted, Mikey said
         NO.  Anyway, it is true that Mikey came on the IRC on Tuesday.  He
         did get word to BBS's in NY that Novell is heading that way.
Devast : But in a way, Mikey saved toyman.
Oyl    : Hell, no he did not.  He denied to Toyman that he had been busted.
         He told toyman that they were going to NY.
Devast : But he warned Toyman that he could be busted.
Oyl    : Mikey did NOT tell Toyman that they were also coming his way until
         Thursday when Pie was busted.  Anyway, put that in your pipe; believe 
         as you like, it is nothing to me.
Oyl    : Mikey has been a very close friend for 4-5 years.  He lied to me and 
         continued to lie.  He is still trying to figure out HOW to make it 
         plausible that he did NOT lie.  He says, "Well..  I guess I just do 
         not keep up with time very well.
Oyl    : I have NO reason to trash Mikey.  I do have a reason to protect 
         people who are also my friends.  I tried to warn the seniors, almost 
         a week before Mikey admitted he was busted.
Oyl    : All the time, Mikey was tr.  Mikey was still accessing the site.
Oyl    : I remember on what I think was Sunday, after Mikey had been busted on
         Tuesday.  Someone came into NTA-nokturnal, said Mikey had been busted.
Oyl    : All the tennie-bopper wanna-be's starting kicking and yelling - How 
         DARE you talk about Mikey God like that.  Hell, I did not even say 
         anything then.  Was STILL only trying to warn the ones who REALLY had 
         to know.
Devast : OK.
Oyl    : Now, if ANYONE can disprove ONE WORD of ANY OF THIS.  I will 
         absolutely KISS THIER SHITTY ASS.  And, believe me, I never kissed 
         an ass and do NOT intend to start!
devast : Well, I can disprove him logging onto the site.  After this, I dunno 
         if i should though.
Oyl    : Hell, Devast, I was on the damned phone with him.  He said he did, 
         you want to believe him, well he admitted it.
Devast : Like I said, I don't think i should now.
Oyl    : Now got and give YOUR damned proof.  What ever proof you can muster 
         from Mikey and want to believe, I really do NOT give a damn.  The 
         truth IS the truth, and that is all I care about.  Mikey just said, 
         "Well, the only thing that matters is NOT when I was busted, but that 
         I warned Pie."  I said, "Hell Mikey, that is SHIT.  You lied and Lied 
         and Lied.  NO ONE will ever believe you again!
Oyl    : Now what do you have to say for Mikey God.
Devast : Nothing, we all lie, but this was a bit too much.
Oyl    : What was a bit much?  Me trying to protect a few major people.  Hell!
Oyl    : Devast, People have tried to tell you.  Not me.  I have NOT been 
         talking about Mikey, but others DID try to tell you.  You do NOT want 
         to believe it.  Sorry, does not matter.  Hide your head in the sand if 
         you like.  That is YOUR problem.
Devast : I wanna know the truth.
Oyl    : Devast, I am not even telling NOW all I really know.  Because I 
         PROMISED Mikey I would not, and I will not.
Oyl    : I don't think you believe me now.  You want to believe Mikey, then go 
         and believe Mikey.  Won't make it so, but you may do as you like.  I 
         have never talked to you, and I certainly had NO reason to lie about 
         a close friend of 4 years.  A friend that I talked to every day.  A 
         friend that I know better than ANY of you will EVER know him.  But, 
         when that friend puts all my OTHER friends in peril by his lies and
         actions, I had to tell the truth.
Devast : Do you think Mikeysoft was/is helping novel/microsoft?
Oyl    : Devast, I will NOT tell more than was absolutely neccessary to 
         protect my friends.  There is NOTHING more that I have to tell about 
         the incident.
Devast : Whether he is helping novel/microsoft is important.  If he is, 
         EVERYONE should know.
Oyl    : I can only say, if he lied about so much, why would you care?
Devast : I wanna know just how far he has gone.  I wanna know the truth.
Oyl    : Leave it up to you to decide; if he has consitently lied, why do you 
         care about the rest.  Tonight when mikey called me, he said, "I want 
         you to support the story of how I called you on Tuesday, et cetera.
Oyl    : I said sure, but don't asked me to lie about the rest.
Oyl    : Naturally, with that, he did NOT make the 3 way call.

So ends the conversation on Novemeber 4th, 1995.  Devast, among many people, 
was looking for the "truth" and Oyl Patch basically told him what really 
occurred.  Hopefully this awakens all those who are still have their heads in 
the ground.  

This ends the "Mikey" saga in INQ.  We will no longer cover any news regarding
this issue unless Mike speaks to us.  After all, only so much can be said of 
this situation.  Conclusions have been made and some are still in the making,
but this is not OJ, so get on with you lives.

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      Another issue is produced to the masses.  More interesting news to stir
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      occur every now and then.
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