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---=[ Introduction ]=----------------------------------------------------------

      Welcome to Inquisition issue #1.   
      Basically this is an introductory issue.  This first week will be more
      and less a introduction of Inquisition to the rest of the Scene.  Like
      WWN - We feel the need to inform the public on the actions of the scene
      and what the hell is going on with the groups and the people who lead
      We decided to leave the WWN name behind, and if you miss it - too bad :)                                                                    
      The staff is basically the same with myself an addition to the Editor
      position.  For the time being - INQUISITION will be using the same format
      as WWN until we have a nice newsletter hammered out.

      Currently we are looking for Coders and Writers.  If you want to join,
      but you are unsure on what all you are responsible for, leave us mail.
      We still want YOU to write in comments on our newsletter, even if they
      are negative.  We prolly publish them in our next issue and one of the
      editors will reply to them.
      Send your articles, comments or suggestions to: 
             -   -                  

---=[ Contents ]=--------------------------------------------------------------

     1. Warez Report..............Jimmy Jamez - "Special Biased Edition" 
     2. Interview.................Lurch - "The Speed Racer" 
     3. Closing...................Raptor 
---=[ 1. Warez Report - "Special Biased Edition" ]=----------------------------

Welcome to new utils scene report from Jimmy Jamez.

I decided to start the show again and all the point totals from zero..coz
we missed several kick-ass weeks coz of WWN editors' problems and other
shit.  Now I am writing for a different mag; hopefully you will enjoy this
thing as much as my previous work in WWN.
Lets start..  I will review last week affairs on the utils scene from the 1st
till the 8th of October, 1995. Nice week for both utils and games.. It reminds
me that some old freaks are still alive and scene is not dead with the
beginning of a new school year (hint! hint!). What we had in general??
Big fucking fight on games scene about some lame sports game..  We really
don't care about that, but this board fight hurt some util groups a bit
too :(..  Our old gay friend, Karim, from TDU-JAM shows that he still has big
bullshitting power..  Anyway, lets forget about him and do not make him and
his lame game group (as they all are) any advertisment.
What we saw in utils??  Let me show you some best group's reports. Of coz
all you dont like some points - do not complain and make your
own report.. or BETTER release something that will get cool points here.

* in alphabet order *

DOD (Drink Or Die) - Nice explosion on scene with the first days of October.
Totally, the group released around 150 megs of stuff on this week.  Impressive 
to compare with lame and slow september.   What we saw here?  Of Coz long-
awaited Visio 4.0 for Win/Win95 Technical Edition (16 Disks).  On the same day 
DOD released an elite programming tool from Borland called Codeguard 1.0 for 
Borland C++ 4.5 (28 disks).  So far this is the best Borland title for the last 
2 months (good points too).  And on the next day, we saw ultra-new IBM OS/2 
sequel - their answer to NT - OS/2 Warp Server Beta.. It is still in develop-
ment and was spreaded over the globe in 12,000 copies.  DOD grabbed one of them 
and released for the OS/2 fans.  The rest of the week we saw silence except for 
the last weekend day when DOD appeared with 3 more store titles called Mini 
Office 2.1 for Win95, cool home office system from UK, (6 disks), IBM 
Dictionary of Computing for DOS/Win/OS/2 (4 disks), and a new version of Back 
Exec Enterpise 7.01a for Netware/Win from Arcada.  Of coz, I forgot to mention 
the very first DOD October releases - 2 new titles from APC labs called 
PowerChute Plus 4.2.3 for Netware (3 disks) and for NT (1 disk). In general, 
the week was good for DOD; not the best that we saw from them but not the worst 
at all.  No the maximum point coz of the lack of titles and release numbers. 
Meggage is not the main thing on scene :)

Current week points :        9/10
Overall rating      :        9/10

PNT (Pantera) - After deep thoughts, I finally decided to include this young 
posse into my special report edition.  Here we go - Hope they will stay here 
as much as they can :).  Lets review the week of those kids right now.  Week 
started for them with title called Icon Author for OS/2 (10 disks).  Kinda big
for an icon editor but still OK and will get krad points when I calculate this 
week's score.  After that we saw couple of OS/2 warez (looks like that this team 
releasing only for OS/2) like Deskman/2 and SimCit 2.4 for OS/2 
(dunno if it's necessary to include this into the report).  Week finished on 
that.  Maybe they had some more releases but best boards missed them.  So, 
trade your stuff better and i will review them too.  Stay cool!

Current week points :        4/10
Overall rating      :        4/10

PWA (Pirates With Attitude) - Scene dinosaurus work in the same stream!
5% of commercial store releases and the rest from internal sources or betas.
As DOD, they had not the best week but not the worst too.  Let me make a trip 
over their releases for past 7 days.  On the 3rd of October, Pirates released
long awaited NT title called Diskeeper for NT Workstation (7 Disks).  Best
defragger for NT ever made.  Right after that they came with a weird 
educational package called Teachme Windows95 (2 disks).  Who knows what the 
heck it is and, who needs Windows95 lessons :).  Anyway somebody will use it 
and, we will take it with some cool points.  But, the next release put me in a
depression.  Chineese Pro for Win95 - Mdaaa..Chinese and PWA - 2 words that 
cannot go together.  Hope this will never happen in future.  Good that they 
fixed this fuckup with a killing PowerSoft update of PowerBuilder 4.02 (19 
disks).  It reminded me to keep my eyes open on new Win95 versions of this 
best-of-the-best piece of code.  PWA also released internal Microsoft Beta of 
program called Game Development Kit (11 disks) and in the last day, nice 
Photoshop Plug-in Blackbox 2.0.  Due to this chinese fuckup, I award them less 
points.  Lets wish them good luck on coming week!

Current week points :        8/10
Overall rating      :        8/10

RBS (REBELS) - New group in my report too.  These europeans show that they
can compete with util monsters and release quality software too.  Lack of
titles this week but still had something.  What?  Good question. Here we go -
There were Microsoft Internet Explorer for Win95 (1 Disk) and a huge release 
of Lotus (aka IBM) Smartsuite 4.0 (37 Disks).  It is not what i expected from 
Smartsuite (i expected SmartSuite 95) but, anyway, it is cool!  Activate your 
european contacts and bring us more cool stuff in future.  See ya in sweeden

Current week points :        5/10
Overall rating      :        5/10

Thats about all for the special edition part on this week.  Not sure to include
PINNACLE and RIGID in next one or not.  RIGID releases a lot but many of their
things are dupes.  PINNACLE supposed to be very cool but very idle now.  Time 
will show us all on next week.  If you have any information or complaints about 
my report.

C'ya on next week, Jimmy Jamez [DOD BoSS]

     * All complaints/questions send to: *

---=[ 2. Interview - The Speed Razor - Razor 1911 ]---------------------------

WWN:  Did you start Razor 1911?
TSR:  I didnt start RAZOR it was started a few years ago back in 1985 by
      Sector9 and some others.
WWN:  Next.
WWN:  Do you feel Razor is dying?
TSR:  As far as the floppy side, yes. It is evident that it is dying since all
      of the quality game producing companies have turned to CD-ROM only 
WWN:  Who had the idea for the T-shirts?
TSR:  Ahh I believe that was The Gecko
WWN:  Have you guys sold alot?
TSR:  A few hundred :)
TSR:  Wow =)
WWN:  Do u think RAZOR will start rippin cd's?
TSR:  Well RAZOR has been around for many years and is the oldest PC group
      around and yes RAZOR will be starting to release CD's under RAZOR CD
      Division about this Tuesday :)
WWN:  That is nice to know 
TSR:  We are ripping 2 CD's so once they are done satifactorily then we will
      release them
WWN:  How do you think it will fair against groups like TDUJAM AND HYBRID?
TSR:  I think our first month like the others will be a learning month and a
      time for us to grow.  So, I'm hoping, for us, to be giving the rest some
      stress in November and December just in time for the Christmas rush and,
      I think Hybrid's notion of, "We own Europe is crazy," cause during the
      floppy scene we DOMINATED Europe and CD's will be the same :)  As far
      as TDU, they have a great store pickup, so that will be one area for 
WWN:  Do u think though that RAZOR will become a SUPERIOR FORCE?  Once again
      or flatline out in the GAME department?
TSR:  I think we will rock again.  The game is the same - who can nail the most
      titles and if you look at the ware reports you'll see who did what in 95
      and why I think the Blade will slice em all once we get fully into CD's
TSR:  We were #1 in all categories - most titles #1 and most megz #1.  
WWN:  With all the new games on CD's, which are HUGE, will groups start 
      releasing 200-400 meggers?  Due to the increase in speed, thanks to ISDN, 
      in the near future?
TSR:  I think groups might, later, release bigger CD's as ISDN becomes more
      popular, so that we dont have to lose on some of the quality that is
      being ripped out 
TSR:  Let there be no doubt when I go on record, RAZOR has the resources and I
      know how to manage them; however, the CD Division will be seeing some
      friendly faces leave as they have they're own commitments               
WWN:  Alot of people are saying RAZOR is a dinosaur, RAZOR is dying, THE FLOPPY
      years are over.  What do you say to them?
WWN:  People have been saying that it is a dying group
TSR:  Well I guess the critics are always quicker to jump to conclusions
      rather than fact but, I think they will just have to wait and see how
      dead the dinosaur is and if the Blade remains DULL or will it slice em
WWN:  Will RAZOR want to stand alone against TDU and HBD or is there a possible 
TSR:  A merger with who and why???
WWN:  With another game group
TSR:  For less competion
TSR:  It wouldn't be either of those - maybe we would absorb some smaller 
      groups but nothing with the Hybrid who has some of RAZOR's worst enemies 
      - including TRC who was kicked out of RAZOR and Chainsaw Massacre who
      tried a FAILED coup 
WWN:  Will the RAZOR team expand alot?  When the CD division opens?  Or will 
      you stay a tight group?
TSR:  I think we will definately be adding more members who can contribute to
      the group as well as seeing some of the old faces from RAZOR floppy not
      appear at RAZOR CD like EOS a senior member who has generously
      contributed to the success of the group
TSR:  And Roland, a supplier who also runs The Wall who will be staying in
WWN:  More on the shirts, what inspired you guys to do the shirts?
TSR:  The shirts
TSR:  Uh I guess we wanted the people to have a souvenir of the scene and what
      better to have than a shirt which would represent the scenes best group
      who have supplied more PC titles than any other and also is the oldest
      PC group
WWN:  And what do they look like?
TSR:  Black shirts inscribed in the front on the left in small is RAZOR in
      kewl lettering and on the back it says RAZOR then a picture of the Blade
      then 1911 then 1911 in Roman Numerals, definately a souvenir that can be
      cherished for a lifetime and also to be worn to computer stores and trade 
      shows etc..
WWN:  Who do you feel will be your main competion when you start up again?  And 
      who was your main competition then?
TSR:  I think the first thing we will go out and do is retake Europe then
      strengthen US but no doubt it will be Hybrid and TDU-Jam who are neck in
      neck between themselves so it will be interesting to see what happens
      when a third player joins the party
WWN:  Before we say goodbye, do you have anything you wanna say to the scene?
TSR:  Dead - Just watch and see us come from the grave and haunt !
WWN:  Thanks alot for this interview TSR.  I and the scene really appreciate

This interview was conducted by Lurch on October 2, 1995.
---=[ 3. Closing ]=------------------------------------------------------------

      We hope you enjoyed this issue of Inquisition, if you have any questions
      or comments, find us on IRC or through e-mail. 

            The Week in Warez Newsletter Staff:
          Raptor [Editor]               Mercury [Editor]


                Jimmy Jamez ú Lurch ú Lester ú Mr. ZigZag