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This is ILLEGAL #30, rewritten from paper by King Fisher / Triad.


                        The best things in life are...

+--+ +--+       +--+       +---------+ +---------+ +---------+ +--+
|  | |  |       |  |       |         | |         | |         | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  +------+ |  +---+  | |  +---+  | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  |        |  |   |  | |  |   |  | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  +---+    |  |   +--+ |  |   |  | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |      |    |  |  +---+ |  +---+  | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  +---+    |  |  |   | |         | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  |        |  |  ++  | |  +---+  | |  |
|  | |  +-----+ |  +-----+ |  +------+ |  +---+  | |  |   |  | |  +-----+
|  | |        | |        | |         | |         | |  |   |  | |        |
+--+ +--------+ +--------+ +---------+ +---------+ +--+   +--+ +--------+

                                                                     ISSUE #30!

+------------------------+             THE
|   This time you are    |             PIRATE
|  gonna read all about  |             MAGAZINE
    | |            | |
|      THE PC SHOW       |
|        PREVIEW         |
    | |            | |
|   "ILLEGAL" presents   |
|     OLD 64 Legends!    |
    | |            | |
|   Two Interviews!!!    |
|     Nik of IKARI +     |
|   Mitch / Eagle Soft   |
    | |            | |
|         Do ALL         |
|     CRACKERS DIE ?     |


Greetings, and welcome to the September Edition of "ILLEGAL". As you are
probably reading this at the PERSONAL COMPUTER SHOW, we from the "ILLEGAL" team
would like to say a big "THANKS" to everyone for attending this show and making
it the best cracker meeting ever!!!

We say special "Thank you" to:

(1) The Jester of Public Enemy No.1 for use of a video camera and photocopier.

(2) All guys in England who let people stay with them.

(3) All the guys who made the trip from places all over Europe to be here at
the show.

(4) All crackers and pirates across the world, who are each contributing their
own little bit into making crackers an invincible force that the police and
software companies (hopefully) will never beat!

(5) Mike Pattenden of "Commodore User" for writing correct and true things
about us and not the bullshit that Ferrari owning rich bastard software
companies told him to say.

(6) All dudes who made articles for us and made this issue possible!

                                                                Lazer / NBB and
                                                                     Jeff Smart


The sun keeps on shining all over Europe. Only in Sweden one has to expect
quite a heavy precipitation of Isepic, and the temperatures will sink below the
freeze-frame point. The zeropage is startled with too many zerobytes that cause
a lot of damage in the regions around $0400 and $0600. People with an alergy to
Sprites, which might cause pixel-fever should better stay in bed and are well
advised not to touch the border zone...

The thermometer will climb on its highest point on September, 14th up to 18th
on the PC SHOW in London without any doubts, followed by high-tension, drunken
pirates, lots of fun, 100.000 expected visitors, meeting all companies,
collecting brochures and posters and lots of new releases...

In the upper regions of the expansion port rain can be expected around midday,
and Reset buttons may be pressed. Around the joystick ports it may even start
to snow, so take a big disk box.



Hi doods! AMERICANS take over! This is the main theme every rational guy in
Europe is seriously talking about, first consequences were drawn by Nik of
IKARI who said he can't crack when lots of Americans are calling him and
wanting games as fast as possible. Other groups lick the ass of every American
calling 'em for trading, others produce bad quality cracks to be the first in
the States, others recrack games and some others again release old games with
new titles, 'cuz Americans do import every game they do not know! Now all
rational guys see the big danger in this system and are going to change
something if possible!

Strange state... Anyway, wake up! The best time of the year for us pirates is
coming with loads of new games up to Christmas, so there is still something to
look forward to...

But OF COURSE there are still some good friends left in this rough pirate
society of today, some of which are:

SCOUSE CRACKING GROUP (Georgie-boy and the rest! Liverpool's soing fine in the
championship, eh?), BEASTIE BOYS (CF and Accept), IKARI (Just Ice and Nik,
gotta meet you big dudes), NEW BENCOR BROTHERS (Andy-Man, Mik and Caz - Thanx
for all, Randy), EAGLESOFT INC. (The Butcher + Mitch, one of the veeeeeery few
decent Americans), FAIRLIGHT (the commie killer Strider and soccer star GOALlu,
wossup with ya, Tony?), BROS (only the whole Dutch section), ORION (Dsh and
Mr.Decibel), TRIANGLE (All at Triangle, especially SWYXIE babe), F.B.R. (Joe,
how's everythin' goooin'?), I.N.C. (Dave dude), T.A.G. (Dave dude),
COMMANDOFRONTIER (Dave du... err... Allan, Ny and the whole bunch! Nice tape
recordinx!), RADWAR (Markus and the rest), T.W.G. (err... Markus and the rest),
pimple... err, Pimp), IAN dood (FC MBRO promoted?), 2000 A.D. (Apollie, guter
Kollege), SPHINX, FIRE EAGLE, IAN + MIC, PUBLIC ENEMY NO.1 (Colin my man!),
Dave E. mit (auf?) Angela, JL, SMITHS (for the new one), JOY DIVISION (also for
the new one), NEW ORDER (where's the new one?), END OF CENTURY (Pet's Band
dood!), J.C.S. (thanx FOZZey bear), REDLINE (sorry Alech), ZENITH (where's the
mag, Dave?) and MR.PINGE (Stevie), 801 DC (Johnny), SARGE (Joe!), IXION
(Studixion), JANITOR (ein guter Freund), TK (ganz ruhig, Thomas, erzähl noch
mal von vorn'), Hi-Tec (Nein und Du?), ACU (Leerdisketten König), Deejay
(Fottos Negatiwe?), FAME (noch sonn guter Freund, der Michael, nein, der muss
Latein lernen... aber abends ficken...) ...I hope I haven't forgot anyone... if
so, sorry!

Hoping for better times...
                                                                     Jeff Smart


Preeeeeeesenting the one, the only, the most inflated egg alive... here's MAD
ALL alive

- Excelsior, let's start off this month with a very strange fact that happened
in Austria, the well known group TSK is no more. In fact the last months the
TSK members were not satisfied with their leader TSK himself, you see it was
after him that the group was named, now the other members decided that they
would not stay in a group where the guy getting the most fame didn't do
anything, so they kicked him out and formed the group called COSMOS, so COSMOS
is in fact TSK but without TSK, can it get more confusing???

- Something very strange happened last month in Belgium which nobody can
explain! On a local channel called "TELE LIEGE", where normally the TV logo
should appear between programs, viewers were now treated to the intro that THE
CHAMPS use on Amiga, the scrolly was filled with an opening message welcoming
people to this TV channel and then was followed by greetings, very strange

- I was surprised to hear from the editor of "DELIRIOUS MAGAZINE" that both,
myself and Jeff Smart were thought to by some of its readers to be the real
after their ghost writer "EVIL EDDY".

- Well, I saw it coming for a long time, but it even went further than I
imagined it would... what am I talking about? About the little people known by
the pirate world as lamers, who wrote to COMMODORE USER after the piracy
article appeared... for a good laugh just read last months letterpage where a
'cracker' called "TURBO" from the superduper world famous group FRONT provides
us with a diary of how a real cracker spends his day... It's always the small
people who have the biggest mouth...

- Prize of the month for the most pretentious scrolltext goes this time to KAZE
of TST in his rather good demo called "NEW LIMITS", the coding and music are of
a very high level but the scrolltext seems to be written by an even bigger
egomaniac than myself...

- Rumour has it that the German music group called 'OK' who had a big hit with
their houde hittrack called "OKAY", are in fact the same people who go under
the name of AXXESS on the Amiga.

- Thankyouverymuchyouoldfriend goes to HOBBIT of FAIRLIGHT for a copy of his
"CRACKIN' COMIC #3". News about him is that he's got a job at one of Belgium's
biggest weekly comic magazines called "TIN TIN", I still remember seeing the
first full comic he ever made and discussing the pro's and con's of marvel
comics... seems like yesterday!

Well, people in the words of the immortal Bugs Bunny...
                                                              That's all folks!
                                                                  MAD ALL / CFR
                                                          Thanx to RAM for info


Without any exception every American game is cracked by this dude MITCH of
EAGLE SOFT INC. and this throughout 6 years! No other group on the globe keeps
itself so isolated, so I was one of the very few guys who ever talked to him...

?:    How old are you?

!!!:  20 years.

?:    When did you come into the computer business?

!!!:  In 1980 I bought a VIC 20, 'cause one of my friends wanted it.

?:    When was E.S.I. founded?

!!!:  Something around 1982, I can't remember all original members, some Dan
      and Jason, but the first E.S.I. cracker came from Singapore.

?:    Where did you get the name from?

!!!:  Dan had a poster showing and eagle above his bed, but the best about the
      name is that it doesn't say anything, it doesn't say "cracking service",
      we could even be an insurance company.

?:    What was your first crack?

!!!:  "RAPTON" by SERIOUS in 1981.

?:    Can you give any special reason for cracking games?

!!!:  Challenge and thrill of beating the programmers.

?:    Why do you keep yourself so isolated?

!!!:  We don't have to be open. We work as a family, don't compete among each
      other... it worked in the beginning, it works now, it works every single

?:    What do you think... Is there only you in the States who can crack games?

!!!:  The others even don't try to crack, just always say that they couldn't

?:    What do you think about European crackers?

!!!:  Most of the Europeans (not all!) are a kind of scummy, but so are a lot
      of Americans, but they don't feel so bad.

?:    Who are your best friends?

!!!:  All the members of E.S.I., especially John. I've got lots of good
      friends, but I don't wanna put 'em in the "best friends" category.

?:    What are your favourite...

!!!:  Game (64): "Maniac Mansion"
      Music (64): An American demo called "Synth Sample" by some Canadian
      Movie: "Return of the Jedi"
      Music: RUSH

?:    What are you doing when you aren't sitting on your computer?

!!!:  Working or playing RUSH tunes in my car.

?:    With all the connections and friends in the world you have, how come that
      you don't know any Ferrari dealership owners?

!!!:  I trade software for Ferrari, I go for that!

?:    How do you see the 64's future?

!!!:  It will be dead by 1991. Turn on your Amiga, let's transform "Maniac

THANX to THE BUTCHER for arranging the 3-way.


It happened at last! The first playable game I ever saw from S.S.I.! It's a
very good role play game featuring nice graphics, only bad thing is that it
takes about 8 (!) disks sides, but: 87.

The follow-up to WINTER OLYMPIAD, and TYNESOFT has improved in all, graphics,
sounds, programming and even gameplay! Skeet Shooting and Diving is almost on
the same level as some of EPYX's events, but it doesn't reach EPYX as a whole,

Programmed by BOYS WITHOUT BRAINS. One of the best graphics ever seen on a 64
and great sounds by JT / Maniacs of Noise hide the totally boring gameplay
because it brings not the greatest fun to run left and right and right and left
and collect stones and shoot animals, which are superb animated up. Bad luck,
it looks really super, but is boring, 82.

It can't be the classic one. But it's somehow better, better graphics, but
longer game sequences, save options, faster, but nevertheless it can't beat one
of the best games ever made, after you've played it one time through, you won't
start a game again, what you did with FOOTBALL MANAGER 1, but still 86.

The sequel to MANIAC MANSION and it's even better! It takes four disks sides
and features things that any adventure fan has dreamt of, even the typical
jokes has been included, so: 95.

The long awaited SUMMER GAMES 3 by EPYX and finally they found back to their
old power. They used some new programming routines as 'vector' graphics, take a
look at 'hurdles'. They reached their old standard again! 96.

Someone said that this is GREEN BERET 2, so the expectations were too high as
it's impossible to make a game as good as GREEN BERET. VINDICATOR consists of 3
more or less boring single games, but listen to JONATHAN DUNN's sound in the
third part, GALWAY is alive, 62.

A very interesting remake of HEWSON's ALLEYKAT, with very high motivation level
and nice sound by MARTECH, but unfortunately it's too easy, but 84.

One of the best shoot'em up's ever made, 'cuz it brings loads of action on your
screen in two different points of view. The graphics are very good, but the
sound is quite weak, but 93.


The new Magnetic Scrolls thriller with a new background idea. It seems to be
much more difficult as, e.g. "GUILD OF THIEVES" was, 80.

A flight deck simulator with detailed graphics, but without instructions almost
not playable, 85.

Somehow better than on the 64, better animations, 79.

A damn interesting action adventure by MIRRORSOFT with a very good opening. You
walk around and examine an island after you crashed with your plane, very good
gameplay, 94.

Very fast Defender-like Shoot'em Up with nice graphics, difficult, 87.

It hasn't much improved apart from the 64 version, just some speech samples has
been included. Anyway it seems to be slower, but the gameplay is still
convincing, 87.

A very good graphic adventure with a stunning opening and detailed and very
nicely drawn graphics. Even the sound effects are much better than in other
adventures, controlable by mouse, 91.

Buah! Exactly the same, fast game as all 64 pirates have seen before. Even the
sound stays on the same level, if a game is converted to the Amiga, I expect
more than just a 64 version... 67.

A very boring Shoot'em Up which reminds me of SIDEWINDER, but bad, 41.

The French mountain climbing simulation strikes on the 16 bit computers. Well,
of course the graphics got better, but somehow the movement of your climber
seem to be more difficult than they have been on the 64. Bit it still looks
good and is a great game, 89.

WOW! It beats even interceptor with its ultrafast speed. It's a very, very good
sequel and it has also good and detailed graphics, while the movements are
almost the same as on INTERCEPTOR. The only bad thing about this, is that it's
almost unplayable without dox, 96!

RAINBOW ARTS had to take back the first 1000 released originals, because
ACTIVISION claimed that it was too close to 'R-TYPE' and they have a very good
point, anyway a new version is about to be released by the time you read this.


Fuck about! The only reason we chose this party was that we arranged it with
the Swedish TRIAD members, and that was the coolest party. We met finally.
Drank a lot!!! And that's it! The party itself wasn't worth the journey, too
small capacities, too many lamers, too less good stuff...

All together pretty lame! And just a word: WE DIDN'T DESTROY ANYTHING! I dunno
who started that bullshit, but I can only say that I threw one (empty, of
course) bottle of beer against a wall and that was all. We didn't burn down
curtains or beds or do similar things... I really don't know who started
spreading this bullshit, but perhaps they needed someone to blame for this bad

A copyparty? We in 2000 A.D. took off Friday, 8th of June to join this party
and the trip lasted for 4 hours when we found the little house on top of a
forest-like muddy road among cows, pigs and horses! And 150 guys were already
inside! The first thing I saw was EXCELL / IKARI who said: "You're not coming
in, before you have an apology demo to us and Dominators!" This was quite funny
coz the day before I talked to MATRIX / DOM and we made an agreement which was
that we should stop all shit-talk and we discussed a lot of things and he said
"See ya at the party then!", but EXCELL said that he heard I should have hung
up without saying goodbye.

Anyway, we stood outside for 4 or 5 hours, coz one couldn't be inside, there
was no space left! Then those guys noticed that it was too small and came up
with a new place... 8 km away from the first where everyone should go in the
middle of the night and everybody was told that a bus was going to bring 'em to
the new place, of course a bus didn't come, so after an hour some taxi-busses
picked up some guys. Coming to the other place we at once recognize that it
wasn't much bigger and better as we thought it should be... there was just
place enough for us to sit, but not to sleep! So... the solution was we left on
Saturday the party some hundreds kroners poorer.

We missed almost everything: A big place, a big town and supplyment, of course
the announced grilling didn't take place... As a conclusion of the party (which
was announced to be the greatest ever) one can say: LOADSA COOL GUYS, BUT VERY
                                                            Apollon / 2000 A.D.


A Success!

Well, we from 2000 A.D. showed up and what did we experience? The party place
was a big school so there was loadsa space for everyone, even lamers were
allowed to enter 'cause DEXION needed money! The only thing missing was that
except some guys from Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway and
Denmark big and known guys were missing.

We got another cool friend at the party, PHOTONY / CFR. We played soccer and
drank beer with only one problem: PHOTONY got drunk! (hehe can't ya stand the
hard Danish beers, Stefan?).

If one became hungry, he had only to go 300 metres and there was a burger-bar,
which was open up to 3 in the night! So all you guys who were at the IKARI-DOM-
DG-UPFRONT party will agree with me that you couldn't buy any cokes during the
night, and during the day you had to go by car, 'cause the next shop was 8
kilometres away.

It's just a pity that all the guys who came to the "flop" party haven't come to
the best arranged party of the summer. I'm in doubt whether people will come
again to participate another party in Denmark after this... but we try to
organize a party as well... you'll see. On this party there were also demo-
competitons on both the AMIGA and 64. Also it was cool 'cause I met some
members from 2000 A.D. I haven't seen before.
                                             STAY COOL from APOLLON / 2000 A.D.

The perfect organized party...

Yo, I (Photony) stayed at the DEXION party in Denmark and first of all, I want
to say that I really enjoyed it. The party was over 4 and a half days, so I
went to this party instead of the JEWELS and so on party.

The party place was a pretty big room in a school with space for about 300
people. Ca. 150 were there, so there was plenty of room for everyone. Lots of
electric power and lots of tables, just everything you need for a good party,
even quite new video movies were shown in a seperate room. Some cool guys were
also there as 2000 A.D., Legend, Ikari, Papillons, Wizax, APG, TST, Starion...
and of course DEXION.

Lots of cool things happened: Soccer games outside, boiling eggs, testing the
Danish beer, coding small stuff and more... The demo competition was won by ASC
and RAY (Ex-Triton Technologies), unfortunately DEXION didn't release a demo
for their own competition.

The only disadvantage was that the town where everything took place was small,
so that you couldn't see any interesting things in the town itself. OK, I have
to end my report about the party and I have to say to everybody making a party
in the future: DO IT LIKE DEXION DID IT!
                                                                  Photony / CFR

| (This page of Illegal #30 features "Crackin' Comic" #3 from   |
|  Hobbit of Fairlight, a story about how Radwar, Ikari,        |
|  Transcom, Hotline, Triad and Fairlight during a conference   |
|  disappear into AT&T cyberspace and are haunted by the AT&T   |
|  blacklisting handset-monster.)                               |


Excelsior, it seems that my writing has a reverse effect on people over the
last few months, my article have been a slap in the face to arcade licenses,
modem traders and Americans, I expected a wave of protest and discouragement
from most of you out there but instead most people said they agreed with me,
does this mean that a pirate has a conscience?

Ok, this time a more moderate article about the next big meeting place for
computer freaks and when I said BIG the I mean BIG, yes dear reader I'm talking
about the PCW SHOW which has been renamed by some silly people who are in
charge of the organisation. If you do not know what the PCW SHOW is then stop
reading this and go home...

Good, now that we've got rid of the little people we can continue, this year
the 11th PCW SHOW will take place at Earl's court, London on the 14th to 18th
of September, and it promises to be the biggest one yet, last year 80.000
people attended the show and this show is expected to attract over 100.000
computer addicts.

The show is always a big occasion, it boasts to be the biggest in its' kind and
it attracts people with the following things:

OVER 100 NEW COMPUTER GAMES RELEASED: well, this is a nice theory, only
practise shows different, when I visited the show last year, over 150 new games
were promised, only 7 were available, but I have to say that a lot of games
that were promised were there in a preview form.

PLAYED ON FREE DURING THE SHOW: Again a nice theory, although all the machines
are there and they are free, the chances that you will be able to play is next
to nothing, you see with about 20.000 people a day the ques in front of the
machines consists of about 50 to 60 people so you have to wait about 2 to 3
hours to play a game which sometimes lasts about 30 seconds.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BECOME A PROGRAMMER: Another thing that gets people to
come to the show, to be honest it is very hard to get a contact at the show if
you just go there and show them your best demos, if you really are thinking
about becoming a programmer then it is best to write a game at home, work some
months on it and when it's finished (or a preview) show it at the PCW to the
companies, begin with the budget one, there you have more of a chance to sell
your game, you see companies recognize a good program when they see it, but
they do not like to invest loadsa money in a guy who makes demos, but of who
they are not sure if he will be able to make the game they want.

Well, after this you may think that I'm a complete PCW hater, well I'm not,
last year I enjoyed myself immensly and this year I'm going for sure again.
It's a perfect place for a computer freak, you see how the industry really
works, you get to meet a lot of programmers and musicians, compunet heroes and
not forgetting you can buy computer equipment really cheap... It's a fable
though that you can steal millions of disks full of previews that are just
sitting in the drives, you see since a couple of years the companies do not
bring their preview disks to the show anymore, they show a video film of their
newest games on large screens.

So see you all at the show and when you see me just yell hey, Mad All I love
you and I will surely run away from you...
                                                                  MAD ALL / CFR


- OCEAN is trying to release "OPERATION WOLF" promoted by a big scout car and
"TYPHOON", while film scenes of "RAMBO 3" and "ROBOCOP" will be displayed at
their 40 large TV screens.

- INTERCEPTOR GROUP is going to release 3 new games on the show including JOE

- US GOLD have the largest stand on the show and want to sell "LED STORM" by
going to preview Sega's arcade "THUNDERBLADE".

- LEVEL 9 will be releasing "GNOME RANGER 2"

- CASCADE are finally going to sell "19 Boot Camp", supported by an army of
six-feet-high cutout figures.

- DINAMIC's "GAME OVER 2" will be brought out.

- HEWSON CONSULTANTS will be in host of three new titles "ELIMINATOR",

- ACTIVISION are only gonna preview "R-TYPE".

Schwarzenegger movie license.

- MASTERTRONIC announced "DOUBLE DRAGON" and many more!?


- THALAMUS want to sell "ARMALYTE" and lots of other companies will be there
and promote or preview or even sell their latest products, some of which are

See you there...
                                                        Just Ice / IKARI + J.S.
                                  GOOD SHOW!



Hello Video Freaks, it is LAZER here once again with the latest shit hot movies
reviews for ya! Sorry for no reviews last month, but I was really lame and
lizzy, so here we go:


This has to be the coolest movie of the year! Colonel Trautman goes to Thailand
and finds John Rambo working in a monstry. He tries to persuade Rambo to help
him deliver some missiles to the Mujahadeen rebels in Afghanistan, but Rambo
refuses so Trautman goes alone and is immediately captured by the Soviets.
Rambo then goes to Afghanistan to rescue his friend and kick some commie
asses!!! Strider will like this film - Myshka will hate it! RATING: 95%


This is not really a movie but a recording of Eddie Murphy in concert, just
like Delerious. Eddie doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone and insults
everyone famous. Eddie sure is a funny guy! Rating: 82%


The Aussie is back and he returns together with Linda Kozlowski to the
Australian jungle to show the crocodiles (and not only them) who daddu is. Of
course there are also the typical jokes that Dundee cracks! Rating: 81%


1.  (-) RAMBO III
4.  (1) PREDATOR
7.  (5) ROBOCOP

Before I go I must send greetings to the following cool dudes: Jeff, Eric
(thanx for the vids), Stefano, Malx, Mic, Caz, Nik + Tim. Super Mega greetings
to the gorgeous girls I know: Caria (oh those eyes are incredible), ROBERTA,
                                                   LAZER OF NEW BENCOR BROTHERS


Yo, here is Photony of CFR bringing you some CINEMA movies reviews from movies
I have been watching during my visit in CANADA!!


Cyndi Lauper's movie debut. She is acting together with Peter Falk and JEFF
Goldblum. The story is really original, so are the actors (especially Peter
Falk). But I have to say that there wasn't much to laugh about, any-high-way I
was quite disappointed, such a good and funny story in such a good film,
without any good jokes!

The story goes like this that there are two people (Cyndi and Goldblum) who
have a magical power and can tell you things about the future, who are asked to
help an adventurer to find a treasure in South-America, while being hunted (of
course) by some bad guys. I think there exist better ways spending one's money,
so decide on your own, RATING: 65%


The best movie of the year!!! Yep, this movie was made by JOHN CLEESE who is a
member of the fucking amazing MONTHY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS ("LIFE OF
BRIAN"...). Together with JAMIE LEE CURTIS and MICHAEL PALIN, he tells you the
story of an old fashioned English lawyer and of course there is his typical
sense of humour in the movie, e.g. you can see attempts of killing somebody by
putting french fries in his ears (with different sauces) and finally trying to
stop him breathing by putting an apple into his mouth. I had to see the movie 3
times until I have understood all the jokes, because there are so many guys in
the cinema and there was always laughter, so I couldn't hear anything. RATING:


Eddie Murphy's newest movie and one of his best so far, he's playing an African
prince, who is served by (female) servants 24 hours a day and even his royal
dick is cleaned by those servants, so he has a perfect life. But this idiot (I
just have to say that) is not satisfied with that, 'cuz he wants a smart woman,
that's why he's going to New York, Queens and pretends to be a poor African
student. I'm sure you can imagine that many cool things are about to happen,
'cuz both, the script and the story for the movie were written by Eddie dude
himself. RATING: 87%


The follow up to CADDYSHACK is one the greatest flop of the year, except for a
small part with Dan Akroyd there are only silly jokes for 8 year old children.
Better forget it at once. Rating: 19%

And a few personal greets to: OTHERS IN CFR, all ex-TRIADers, 2000 A.D., FLT,
BROS, AVATAR, HOTLINE, LEGEND and some hellos to guys who soon hear from me:
ZENITH, COSMOS, WIZAX, D.C.S., FIRE EAGLE and lots of others!
                                                                 Photony of CFR


You quickly fall asleep as you creeped home... You're dreaming of her, though
you don't want to, but you can't refuse. Your heart is ruling. Bad thing. You
lost all your motivation for going to school again, but now she's there and the
whole bunch of problems starts again and again... without any end in sight...!?

Wow, next day you climb into the bus, when you recognize her at once... you
take all your courage together and say to her: "Hey, dear I wanna marry you
here and now!"... and it worx! You wrap your arms around her and just want to
give her a smack as... "Good morning, this is Greg Foster from BFBS with
national and international news from the BBC at 6!" FUCK, only a dream after
all... Shit...

Anyway, you look out of the window and it's raining hard, so you decide to stay
at home today and work a little bit on your new projects. You walk to the
System Four Headquarter in your town and get to know sad news, for example that
some of your real friends left System Four without really saying farewell,
others had to work more and so left System 4 aswell. Only a few real good pals
are left at the end of this day, when you hear the latest news that one of your
best friends has gone forever and another one thought it would be better not to
talk to you again and it really seems as if your homegroup fell apart. Sheeeut!
Damn, that can't be true...

But as you count all friends together, you recognize that there's nothing which
can be built up again... Sad, but true. Then more awful news, other good
friends of yours from System 4 do admire these guys from System 50, who have
means to be much faster than any of us in System 4 will ever be... You spend
almost the whole night thinking how to save the ashes...

What happened to 4 leading "a"-class groups? Only one is left from the origin
ones, but going to drop work because the guys from System 50 seem to take over
the business. One another group was let into the 'a'-class, and they give a
sign of old days. But that's it. Only one thing can solve all problems, but it
will be difficult to convince all others... but perhaps it could work...

Bah, what's the difference between girls and cracking? There's none, they both
are gonna tear you apart. "And there's a taste in my mouth, as if desperation
takes home. There was something so good, just can't function no more... and
then May, 18th 1980 and January, 15th 1988!" TO BE CONTINUED!


Here we go again. Another new column called "PAL OF THE MONTH". We're gonna
present you every month a guy (if there was any) who threw the whole cracking
scene into a heap of shit!

(Mario Bölt)

Okey, you wonder, what's so strange about this guy? Well, it's not only the
fact that he belongs to a German lamer group. The real thing is, that he was
caught by the German police some months ago. What did he do? Right, what nobody
else would have done... He betrayed ALL of his friends and gave out all
adresses he had (about 400!) and not only that... he even told the cops about

So, up to now, 25 (!) good friends of mine were visited by the police, because
of good old JANGO. Some of them aren't doing anything nowadays, but they still
have to pay about 200 DM, others were just accused of things they didn't do,
just 'cuz Mario said that. Now, I'm sure he won't return anymore, 'cuz
otherwise he would have about 400 guys beating him up. Now, it proved once
again that you have to think twice before you choose your German contact... Did

|    OSNABRUCK 19 11 9 88     |

Do you wonder what that "EUROPEAN MEDIA ART FESTIVAL" is???

Well, in fact it's a normal computer meeting, but some clever guys decided to
make up a cracker meeting somewhere during the normal meeting. It took place on
September, 3rd. They used extreme high quality invitations and even stickers
(of the kind you can see above...). Unfortunately they couldn't win many famous
groups to organize the party with 'em together, as only RADWAR could be
mentioned as a TOP ACT, so only a few groups came up. This is really a shame
for such a brilliant idea and lots of commitment, but we'll see if this style
can go on as we all are suffering a lack of parties, but VENLO returns on
September, 17th. Anyway, the top guys are in London!

"ILLEGAL" presents the OLD 64 LEGENDS!
this month: cracking 1982-1985

Haven't you always wondered how the whole cracking scene started, what the
first cracking groups have been and may other things? That's why we are going
to tell you about the origins of cracking in whole Europe, the first groups,
their first releases and what they are doing nowadays...

Here we go...

THINK BACK! What was the very first game you ever saw on your 64? Probably
"COMMODORE SOCCER" which was cracked by a German guy called 1103, who also
cracked other Commodore modules. Or "M.U.L.E." from Electronic Arts cracked by
that, right?

Well, JEDI consisted of nobody less than 1103, OLEANDER, OTD and KBR
(KOTZBROCKEN), all from Germany and they were one of the first who formed the
cracking with cracks like "MR.ROBOT", "QUICKCOPY V2.0", "SENTINEL" and

This all happened around 1982, other famous groups at this point of time were
ANTIRAM who cracked games like "DALLAS QUEST", "POGO JOE", "MINER 2049", "RAID
OVER MOSCOW"... or the first 'cracking service', namely the GERMAN CRACKING
SERVICE who released games like ACTIVISION's "HERO" or "SAXXON", "SLAMBALL" and
"FLIGHT SIMULATOR II". These groups formed cracking around 1982 and 1983.

Beginning 1984 lots of new groups raised their power, some of which were TBC
AFRICA" and they were the first who fixed American games to the European PAL
system, among them "BALLBLAZER".

The first English groups were YAK SOCIETY who cracked almost every ELITE game

1985 was the year of SECTION 8 who cracked almost every game that was released
(e.g. "G.I. JOE", "AIRWOLF", "ARCHON II"), but so did ABC (e.g. "MR.DO!" and
"THE HOBBIT II"), both from Germany. PAL fixes were done by INDIANA JONES who
also cracked every single BRODERBUND game ("CHAMP. LODERUNNER", "HEART OF

The first big importer and spreader was a guy named ALI, groups like FLASH
TITANIC", MEGABYTE with "CASTLE OF TERROR" or their tape transfer disks, or the
first Dutch group, the FEDERATION AGAINST COPYRIGHT with releases like "SPACE
STATION", or 2010 PROFESSIONAL with "BEACH HEAD II" were other groups of that

|                            |
| (drawing of a hippie-look- |
|  alike cracker wearing a   |
|  trenchcoat and black      |
|  sunglasses, holding a     |
|  5 1/4" disk, leaning      |
|  against a wall and        |
|  looking into the sunset.  |
|  Archetypical cyberhippie) |
|                            |
|         64'HEROES          |


JEDI's PAL of "SUMMER GAMES I" was even official sold by EPYX all over Europe.
1103 has now an own company, working with PCs and bigger machines, but he also
converted "QUIWI" by KINGSOFT on the ATARI ST. OLEANDER works also on PCs, OTD
developed the PROLOGIC DOS and all together developed the "F.COPY III". F16
from SECTION 8 made the "F.LOAD 3.0" and "COPY +" and works now for Discovery

Some of GCS are working for RAINBOW ARTS, INDY is active on the AMIGA, TBC
developed the "COMPACKER V2.0", CRACKMAN (Hi, Alf!) is programming on the
AMIGA, ALI stopped, YAK SOCIETY worked for JEFF MINTER's LLAMASOFT (Hi, Aaron,
Liddiment) and almost all others are now working on the Amiga, as TCS are doing
and some members of FCG, as FLASH (found the 7th bitplane on Amiga, RSI Intro),
PBA, CFB, EDE and IRATA (RED SECTOR) or MR.X on ATARI ST, only RADWAR is still
on the 64.

FAC's Peter is also on Amiga, Marcel should have returned from the USA, but
they're still on the 64, but ROCKY totally destroyed it....

NEXT TIME: 85-88, feat. DYNAMIC DUO, NEWLOOK and STARS......
                                                   Best Wishes to all old boys!
                                                                  MWS/RWE + JS.

| MY VOTES LOOK LIKE THIS                           |P                       |
| S.C.G.       :       a)       :                   |O               STAMP   |
| IKARI        :       b)       :                   |S                       |
| TRIAD        :       c)       :                   |T                       |
| FAIRLIGHT    :       d)       :                   |C                       |
| EAGLESOFT    :       e)       :                   |A                       |
| COSMOS       :                                    |R                       |
| OCTAGON      :       My own group is:             |D                       |
| BROS         :                                    |                        |
| TRIANGLE     :       My handle is:                |(C)                     |
| FUSION       :                                    |                        |
| HOTLINE      :       And my adress is:            |J                       |
| ORION        :                                    |S                       |
| T.W.G.       :                                    |        To:             |
| RADWAR       :                                    |        "ILLEGAL"       |
| BEASTIE BOYS :                                    |        PLK 123144 C    |
| ZENITH       :                                    |        4250 BOTTROP    |
| D.C.S.       :                                    |        WEST GERMANY    |
| SHINING 8    :                                    |                        |
| WIZAX        :                                    |                        |
| INXS         :                                    |                        |
+---------------------------------------------------+ THE                    |
| Use backside to give comments about "ILLEGAL"! JS | PIRATE FANZINE!!!      |


Finally I'm going to explain to you, dear reader, the basic things about the
"ILLEGAL", its charts and how to order it. Okey, here we go...

Normally an issue is released every month somewhere on a big meeting in Europe.
It can be such like the PC SHOW or on a VENLO meeting or anything else... The
problem is, that any meeting can be cancelled and followed by that, we have to
cancel our release date. That means that any information given here can be
wrong and may lead to total confusion. So, we thought it to be best to release
a small coded program on disk which should inform you, so watch your screens to
be sure!

Nothing is easier... You just take an envelope, write your adress and put
enough stamps on it and enclose either 2 Deutsch Mark or 50 English pence or 1
US Dollar. Then you send this envelope to

     PLK 012314 B
     4360 BOCHUM 6

and you shall get your copy within 2 days.

The "DEMO OF THE MONTH" chart and the two games charts are sorted out by the
editors as it would be too complex to let others give their votes for it, but
we handle it different with the "CRACKER OF THE MONTH" chart. To present you a
representative and correct TOP 15, we let well known guys vote about the
different cracker groups, but as conferences are rare and our phone bills can't
be enlarged any more, we start this issue with a new offer!

You cut this postcard below out, just fill it out, put the right postage on it
and send it to us within 1 month after the current issue has been released.
Among all postcard we will take out five, who will get their "ILLEGAL" for

You may give every group up to max. 10 points for the best one and even no
points for the lamest one, you can add up to five groups that we may have
forgotten, BUT PLEASE you aren't allowed to vote for your own group. You can
even decide not to vote for a single group, no problem at all, because we count
all points that a group gets together and divide them by the number of the guys
who voted for this group. So we always get the average points for a single
group, this seems to be the easiest way, but you're welcome to let us know
about any improvements!


Here is SSD of COSMOS again. Unfortunately nothing special happened in Austria
to tell you about, except that we also crack on Amiga now. But I don't want to
tell you any bullshit so I blow some titles which are gonna be released x-mas
in your minds... Here it goes:

ACTIVISION: "Hi-Jack", "Yeti", "Thunderblade", "Time Scanner"
CASCADE: "Enemies", "Ring Wars"
DOMARK: "Live and let die"
ELITE: "Aquablast"
FIREBIRD: "G.I. Hero", "Dark Sceptre", "Crosswise", "Intensity"
GREMLIN: "Superskills", "Night Raider", "Alternative Olympics"
HEWSON: "Cybernoid II", "Stormlord", "Eliminator"
LOGOTRON: "Starray"
LORICIELS: "Eddie Edward's Superski", "Mach 3", "Space Racer"
MARTECH: "Wanted", "Programwars", "NM Grandprix", "Le Mans"
MASTERTRONIC: "Aaargh", "Double Dragon", "Rasterscan", "Xenon", "World Darts",
"Knighttyme", "Motorbike Madness"
MELBOURNE HOUSE: "Bits for Bizmo", "Enterprise", "Fire Dragon", "Terrorpods",
"Mystery Arkham"
MIRRORSOFT: "Rocket Ranger", "Dondra", "First tens", "Blasteroids"
OCEAN: "Quandam"
RAINBOW ARTS: "Katakis", "Danger Freak", "Giana Sisters II", "Down at the
SOFTEK: "Soldier of Light"
US GOLD: "Charlie Chaplin", "1943", "Psycho Pigs UXB"
VIRGIN GAMES: "Challenger"

Well, these were the games (64). Finally I wanna send my best good-bye-regards
to Mr.Pinge. Hi, Stefan, good luck in the future! C U next issue...
                                                                  SSD of COSMOS

What's coming when?

OCEAN is going to release a couple of games in the following months... Here's a
list of their games with rough release dates (without any guarantee!):

All games for 64, Amiga, ST, Amstrad and Spectrum.

VICTORY ROAD                  October
GUERILLA WARRIORS             End of Nov.
ROBOCOP                       End of Nov.
WEC LE MANS                   End of Nov.
TYPHOON                       September
OPERATION WOLF                November
RAMBO III                     November

DALEY THOMPSON'S DECATHLON should be released at least for the 64 by the time
you're reading this. OCEAN announced OPERATION WOLF and TYPHOON (Konami) by Zak
Townsend (ARMY MOVES, PLATOON) to be released at the PC SHOW, but who knows?
                                                                     CF/BB + JS


Well... other pirate magazines are appearing on the market as water on the
ocean. Take, for instance "IGUANA" (whatever the hell that means) by English
group ZENITH (which I haven't seen yet!) that follows all the popular way. Most
of the new fanzines are coming from Germany (I don't wonder), best of 'em seems
to be "NEWS" by some unknown German dudes, featuring comics and lots of other
things, but only in German. I always said that it's no problem to release one
issue, but to release every month an issue of the same quality is the main
task... Only the toughest survive, so we'll see...


Many crackers are now feeling the strain of the American importing groups who
often cause conflict between rival groups and end up as enemies. Who benefits?
- It's certainly not us! If it wasn't for us these Americans wouldn't have a
decent game in their collection. The American releases are not that good and
they end often ereased from my disks at the end of the week.

Even conferences are non-existent these days as most guys are blacklisted on a
lot of the codes, even MCI's are now hard to get and often also blacklisted.
Many of the American groups are disappearing coz of high phone bills and
getting caught for phreaking. Many of the guys in these groups are 13-14 year
old kids who ring at inconvenient times and even not apologising if you are
asleep and still ask you if you have released any new wares! GOD DAMN!

I think it's time many groups forget the USA and continue with the mail trade
and lamers spreading ya wares! There are a few groups I do respect like E.S.I.
and a couple of importing groups. Most hated American I know is KID QUICK from
TS, he is also known as KID DICK! and KID THICK! He has a very low brain power
and is very impatient! He pissed me off so much that we switched over to

I feel quite strong about this subject and if things haven't improved
drastically by the time you are reading this then I will quit American trading.
I am very interested in what other groups have to say regarding the USA and
maybe they follow me the same way, but remember software piracy may be killing
the industry, but the Americans are killing off us!

All the best,
                                                        JUST ICE / IKARI -1988-

If you want to answer JUST ICE on this subject, then just send your letters to
any of the editors (adresses on the last page) and we'll pass on your stuff.


It'z with sorrow on my mind, tearz in my eyez and trembling handz I write thiz
farewell note. I'm now leaving this my beloved computerworld concentrate on
living what somebody calls LIFE!?!

But before I quit, I'll try to give U -the reader- some kind of insight in the
thoughts, I've had about computers generally - more specific about the 64 and
it's hiostory / future.

When I started cracking some games way back in '85, it all seemed sooo easy: no
real protections, no big speed race among the groups and no discussion about
who made the best version. U were happy just to get a version of the game -
even though they often were malfunctioning or they just were previews...

Today, a lot of things has changed. Speed is the keyword - not quality. My good
friend Janitor has written a lot about this problem, so I won't bore U with
repeating him. No, I'll instead talk 'bout the good thingz.

A very good thing is that the demoz release for the moment are increasing in
quality. That's very good, 'cuz it's more healthy concentrating on being the
bezt coder than on being the fastest with the crackz. To be more specific:
competing on coding givez even the smallest group a chance of winning fame,
while competing on crack-speed iz verrryy unfair. Reasonz:

1)  The English groups have the originals before everyone else - even if they
    buy them in the shops. Thiz means they can crack them before most other
    groupz without doing anything cool...

2)  Getting and cracking the games fast iz also a big matter of time and money
    - two thingz that doesn't tell anything 'bout how cool U R at computing...

To sum all up: Coding haz got more to do with controlling your computer than
being a fast cracker has.


1. Don't admire fast crackers (like Papillons)
2. Admire cool coders instead (hmm.. TRIANGLE)
3. Admire quality-groups (like TRIAD & TRIANGLE)

I guess thiz iz the end. Thanx to the world of serious coders, crackers,
hackers, composerz, graficianz etc.

Special thanx to: Swyx, Chix, Janitor, Pixi, Jeff Smart, Blitz, Starman, D.
Mode, Krush, Coldcut, J. Brown, Matinique, Radio Clothing Company, Prince
(Lovesexy), Coke, Toyota and Adidas.

By the way, all layout by COZMIX (That'z me!)

Goodbye, auf wiedersehen, farvel, au revoir, adios, ciao

Love from yourz sincere,


As we took a break over two months, loads of thinx took our breath away...

* Everybody's stoppin', after IXION and MR.PINGE from TRIAD quitted computers,
PAPILLONS stopped totally and NIK / IKARI declared he's not gonna crack
anymore, most of my very good friends are gone. Read "Do all crackers die?" for
more info on this subject...

* German TRIAD is gonna quit activities for the TRIAD mothership, because the
Swedish dudes can't offer cracks anymore as ROWDY left and joined HEPTAGON, and
it seemed to us that nobody is doing anything, so we are about to leave...

* Austria's top act TSK CREW doesn't exist anymore in their full strength, as
all active members formed a new group called COSMOS. I was always wondering why
the group kept the name of its founder, though he isn't doing anything.

* Rumours that AT&T is gonna be closed for whole Germany made modem lunatix
like STRIKE FORCE nervous. But, unfortunately it was totally bullshit... AT&T
is working as fine as before.

* Dutch demo programmers BOYS WITHOUT BRAINS released their first game on the
THALAMUS label, called "HAWKEYE" that features excellent graphics and sound
fix. I was so lucky to have a look at the game at one of the previous VENLO
meetings, and it's surely not their last top hit.

* Also JAYCE, editor of French fanzine "DELIRIOUS MAGAZINE" announced to make
his last issue... now everybody of us wrote an article for his last issue, and
JAYCE said (after getting all articles) he was persuaded to make some more
issues again. Nice dude.

* Two days after DARK STAR left BROS and went to DRIVE, he was caught by the
police, who confiscated about 140 disks. 40 Amiga disks were borrowed from SIR
ARTHUR and he wanted to get money for his lost disks!!! This was the main
reason why DARK STAR left DRIVE.

* Everybody knows that some of JEWELS joined IKARI, the rest reinforced WIZAX.

* Stunning, stunning... RADWAR seems to be back! With a (RADWAR) SURPRISE
release of OCEAN's SALAMANDER (it was supposed to be a preview, but there is no
big difference to the game) they went back to where they belong.

* What happened to good old ALPHAFLIGHT? After I was warned to be beaten up,
because they misunderstood an article in an old issue, a letter to the editor
was published in Germany's worst magazine "AKTUELLER SOFTWARE MARKT" by some
guy called DR.MABUSE who wrote about the cracking scene, that BEASTIE BOYS are
freezing (the only freezed game ever from BB was from ELECTRO (now in ROM) who
was kicked out for that), TRIAD is programming for companies (I didn't know
that!) and some other totally wrong thinx... I only see silly letters
published, publishers take only bad examples of our guild.

* SUPERSWAP SWEDEN, excellent demo programmers and THUNDERCATS decided to join
and for a new group, that is called HORIZON. I just wonder, why they took in
some German lamer who can't program at all?

* Just a few days after I was told that the "DIGITAL NEWS", very well
programmed German newspaper on disk, won't be produced anymore, DIGITAL
MARKETING production manager told me they got a contract with RAINBOW ARTS and
that a following issue will be released on the backside of new games from
RAINBOW ARTS. Surprise, surprise...

* Cracking jokes on the phone seems to become a new sparetime activity of most
Germans. They just put some handkerechief on the reciever and pretend to be
Americans or anybody else and record their jokes on tape. So I advise you not
to believe every American calling you up, there are some question which might
clear the truth.

* STRIDER from FAIRLIGHT made a good old conference on his last day in the US
of A, he had to return to Sweden one week earlier. Now he's back since 3 weeks,
but I have heard more when he was in the Staids. Also returned had MR.ZEROPAGE
from RED SECTOR, I remember his phonecalls in the morning when I had to go to
work he said: "Well, I wish you lots of fun at the work. I'm going now to the
beach and drink a lot...!", that was real motivation for me...

* MODEMS rule...
God-oh-God, what happened to all of us? More and more groups only work to
satisfy Americans, they produce any kind of shit release or just tell tales to
get in contact with well known American importing groups. Americans do import
everything they do not know, so if you just take a very old game and give it a
new name Americans will import it, but if you make a better version of a game
that has been released ten seconds before they refuse it. The only good thing
that those little things brought about is that most of the guys trading by
modem get all cracks faster than by mail... But where are we going? I mean, see
what it makes with groups who do have a modem? Take ORION, who were accused of
recracking games, sent by express to them, which haven't been released before
in the USA, but DSH said it's no recracking when he adds a trainer and forgets
to mention the group who cracked it. Or MCG, who imported a crack by IKARI and
put after the IKARI intro, and after the intro of the American importer group,
they put a THIRD intro on it. I mean, where's the art of importing? Everybody
can import, but Americans (and some Europeans) handle it like cracking, they
don't say "We imported it", but "We released it" and I asked an American guy
where's the problem of importing after I was asked to make a chart "IMPORTER OF
THE MONTH" he replied: "It's much more difficult, you have to have good
contacts, have to make public relations and you have to get the E.S.I. stuff
fast!". Give me a break! It's just the same as if 'import' a game that I was
sent by mail and put my intro in front of that...

Bad outlooks..., Bye, doooooooodez!
Thanx for lotsa information... to MWS/RWE, PHOTONY/CFR, CF/BEASTIE BOYS!
                                                              says Jeff Smart->


In this new column we have each month guys talking about travelling to meet
other dudes abroad or just travelling to other countries...

This month: "On the way to D.K."

It was Thursday evening when we (Our driving friend, we call him "Arsch" oder
"Ioannis"; T.K. ; Hi Tec and me (old Jeffie dood)) started our way to the
IKARI-DOMINATORS-DANISH GOLD and UPFRONT party in Denmark. After we drove ?
hours (I even drove 3 hours during the darkest night. I blew the horn several
times to be sure nobody was able to sleep...) when we finally arrived in the
small village where the party should take place (after T.K. bought a small
street map for 11 Mark 90...), it was about 4.30 in the morning, we stopped
somewhere in the town, 'cuz two dudes came running from behind... Gosh, they
were our TRIAD pals MR.PINGE and 801 DC!

Well, after Pinge had some problems to find the way back to the party place...
we finally arrived in a small hut, where perhaps 30 guys would have enough
place... About 20 guys were already there, among them BAMBAM/HTL, RADWAR and
some more!

So, Janitor and me drove into the city at 9 and bought beer and beer and some
food and beer and beer... After we drank the beer and ate the food, we drove
into the city to buy some more beer... and beer...

Well, the party capacities were not enough for more than 50 guys, so the guys
from DANISH GOLD organized a bigger room (they said they did) but after a race
thru whole Denmark (10 km) we found out that the new party place wasn't much

Okay, Janitor was seriously drunken and went out to sleep on a field outside in
his sleeping bag, so did I. We slept 11 hours and the party hadn't improved
that much, so we left on Saturday morning... There was not much going on, so
here is my personal DANISH BEER CHART...

1. Calsberg Lager (strong'n'good)
2. Tuborg Gr0n (the classic!)
3. Gamle Carlsberg (not that bad)
4. Tuborg Fine Festival (urps!)
5. Odense Pilsener (not that good)
6. Albani Giraf Beer (tastes like Giraf shit...)

That was the most interesting thing on the whole party, so it was only worth to
drink the excellent Danish beer and to meet all TRIAD guys, but for the


The big boys (remember looking up to 'em at those Venlo meetings) from the
south of England are blowing out their cracks for a good while and became one
of the few established cracking groups in the world. Now here you have CHIK,
err sorry... NIK answering very honestly...

?:    How old are you, dooooood?

!!!:  Errrm... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ... oh fuck, I've ran out of
      fingers, hold on I'll take my socks off. 11, 12 ,13, 14, 15, 16, 17!
      Bingo!!! 17!

?:    When did you buy your 1st computer and why?

!!!:  Err 1982 I think it was a DRAGON 32! Great machine! Why? I was bored!

?:    When was IKARI founded, by who, and what's the present memberlist?

!!!:  It was founded in July '87 by PAL + ULTIMA. The member list is (not
      ranked, just in order of joining): MOI, JUST ICE, TRIDOS (from UK) and
      EXCELL, FLETCH, GANDALF and DOC from Denmark.

?:    Can you find a special reason for cracking games?

!!!:  Not really, I just do it to get every game, no matter how crap it is, for

?:    Who are your best friends in this rough world of pirates?

!!!:  Other IKARI members, YOU Jeffie!, Mr.Pinge (sad to see him go), Colin
      (P.E.), CFR members, The Basildon Bunch, Void.

?:    Do you have any enemies?

!!!:  Hah! Loads of fucking Americans! And I hate lamers that ring you and talk
      as if they are the biggest in Europe! I also dislike a certain arrogant
      English bastard that sets himself above the rest of us. However he's
      lamer than lame.

?:    What are your fave...

!!!:  Game (64): "Wizball" + "Giana Sisters"
      Demo (64): ASH and DAVE demos feat. Willy Warmstart
      Music (64): MOVIE 2 tune by D.U.S.A.T.
      Movies: BEVERLY HILLS COP 1 + 2
      Music: HIP-HOP

?:    What do you do in your sparetime?

!!!:  Fuck about. Go to hip-hop clubs and concerts. Slag Americans.

?:    What was the best computer incident you ever had?

!!!:  Probably the VENLO meetings. Haw! They were cool! Or will it be the PC
      show this month?

?:    Is IKARI going to be enlarged again?

!!!:  Well, there is no way that we are gonna have ANY MORE members from
      outside England, I don't care if the fuckin' Pope wants to join. No way!

?:    How do you see the 64's future?

!!!:  I give it 2 years at max. Companies can keep converting arcade machines
      but as they get better graphics'n'sound etc., the 64 can't! My advice is:

?:    What's the time?

!!!:  5.35 p.m. Fuck it! It's neighbours! Oh yeah, CHICK, CHICK CHICKEN!!!!!!!

+:    Hope to see ya soon, Chick!

a sad song by MAD ALL!

For Mr.Pinge, my first contact to become a real friend.

The news hit me as a brick in the face, one of my best friends quit computing
last month, Stefan, better known as Mr.Pinge of TRIAD. He was the guy who was
responsible to spread all the stuff that Triad made, every day he sent out
packages, every fucking day. He was one of the reasons that Triad could still
hold their heads on high, in periods when they suffered some setbacks, a thing
that some groups didn't like about him. He was always an idealist, he innerly
knew that he was in a group and he never gave in to criticism that Triad were
going down.

Probably the best thing about him was that you could depend on him 100%, not
only did he send me three packages every week, he sent more than just his
group's stuff, one would always get the best stuff from other groups on his
disks. He was one of the best spreaders around, but most of all he was a
spreader that never got tired until the day it became too much to his tense
Swedish nerves...

Triad lost their best swapper which is a bad thing for them. The pirating world
has lost a nice guy which is a bad thing for everyone...

Goodbye, Stefan, we will miss you!
                                                                  Mad All / CFR
Nothing has to be added...
                                                                     Jeff Smart

TRIAD ???????????

I couldn't believe my eyes, when reading it... "The new force on the 16 bit
market: T R I A D !". After reading it again and again, I still couldn't
understand why the best AMIGA companies PSYGNOSIS ("Obliterator", "Barbarian"),
RAINBIRD (Magnetic Scrolls) and MIRRORSOFT (Cinemaware) joined together and
call themselves now TRIAD! Stunning, stunning... And a strange feeling for all
of us, when next time games will be released under the name of TRIAD.

Denmark: 20.07.88

Well it just had to happen. We in PAPILLONS now officially declare us as dead -
yes we stop!

Anyway thanks for good swapping and so on. We'll NOT continue on the AMIGA so
this is a kind of goodbye forever!!!

Your friends
                                                  Lennart & Martin of PAPILLONS


It's starting to get serious...

First sign was STRIDER of FAIRLIGHT saying goodbye to the 64 business, but he
is going to continue on Amiga. Next ones were the Danish importers #1, THE
PAPILLONS. Last prominent victim was NIK of English top group IKARI. What led
the guys to this decision? Is this a sign for all others? Or only some

As STRIDER said, the AMIGA attracted him too much but simultaneously that he
may be cracking one day again if there are lots of originals that GOLLUM can't
crack alone. Well, and as time proved he wrote some introtexts in some cracks
so he's surely not gone forever!

It was a very big surprise, the letter from PAPILLONS, not a long time after I
talked to Martin on the bad party in Denmark. Without giving any reasons they
just said that they stopped from today to tomorrow. They were one of (who said:
the only) the importing groups in Denmark, one of the few decent programmers
(even fixed "WINTER EDITION"), they had quite a big success so their decision
becomes not so clear. Rumours say that they work a little bit for WIZAX (who
got their modem) and DOMINATORS (ostensible some cracks), so they seem not to
be gone forever as well.

Also a big surprise was to hear from NIK, one of the two maincrackers in IKARI,
that he's not gonna crack anymore as he told me on a normal phone call. Reasons
were that it was not possible to produce good quality cracks if thousands of
lamer Americans keep calling him and demand new wares... but stated that he's
gonna concentrate a little bit more on demo programming...

But here we've got it again!

Americans! Aha, the origin of all bad? With some very few exceptions (mainly
E.S.I.) the only thing Americans can do is importing. To import games through
modem is maybe as difficult as to receive a game by mail. Guess what would
happen if everybody starts to put intros in front of their games they get by

The worst thing Americans are doing is to demand speed from all cracking groups
over here... and lots of Europeans just produce what Americans want to have...
the land of all diseases! A lot haven't recognized this problem and keep going
on trading ("...with the power of 1200 baud...") by modem with Americans, but
we can't stop it, 'cuz there would always be some idiot who trades by modem,
("cuz it's so much faster...") so if there aren't found any good perspectives
soon, good crackers are gonna die!

And what do the Americans say when you tell them about this? They get angry,
talking about the difficulties of importing and other bullshit... Where's the
problem of putting one's intro in front of a European crack? In the good times
this procedure was known as "Re-cracking", nowadays it's called "importing"...

Where are we going?


RAW DEAL INC is back but neither LAFFEN or STEPPENWOLF is in it. They've
cracked some stuff and I think they're gonna kick ass!!!

MATCHAM / NETWORK told me that the long awaited V4 might be released pretty

JAZZCAT is going to release their AMIGA GAME in the nearest future! They've
told me it's gonna be amazing and I can say about the music that I've already
heard, that it's damn cool!

After we (STARS) kicked out SMASH, he said he was going to join RAWHEAD (barf)
but RAWHEAD is going to split, and some of them are saying they are gonna make
a group together with JOHANNES BJERREGAARD called "The Hackers' Elite", while
the rest of 'em are going to form a group called "THE KILLERS" (barf barf!)
(the worst name since "FRESH") and TRACK 7 (RAWHEAD) had to sell his Amiga due
to a 1200 pound high phonebill (ha ha).

A new group called "FUTURE" has started cracking cracking and making incredible

"THE DEADLY FRIENDS" got some problems getting originals and they're not sure
if they will get previews anymore, anyway the war between them and us has

The reason why we haven't done anything lately was becoz of the summer
holidays, but we'll be back with some fresh crax, imports and demos! Just

At last a couple of yo's to these dudes:
                                                       Slates from Gene / Stars

|   Strider mot skollagen   |
| (from some Swedish paper) |


Thanx for voting this month: S.C.G. (Weetibix), IKARI (Just Ice), BROS (Paco),
(CF), CFR (Photony), and lotsa others!


2.  ZAK MC KRACKEN...           (-)
3.  BARD'S TALE III             (1)
4.  SALAMANDER                  (-)
5.  ALIEN SYNDROME              (3)
6.  BIONIC COMMANDO             (2)
8.  FOOTBALL MANAGER II         (-)
9.  HAWKEYE                     (-)
10. POOL OF RADIANCE            (-)


1.  STARGLIDER II               (-)
2.  INTERCEPTOR                 (-)
3.  BERMUDA PROJECT             (-)
4.  KATAKIS                     (-)
5.  BARD'S TALE II              (-)
7.  STARRAY                     (-)
8.  IKARI WARRIORS              (-)
9.  OBLITERATOR                 (-)
10. BUGGY BOY                   (-)


1.  "TRAIL MIX"                  - SOEDESOFT & FIRE EAGLE
2.  "MISSION MONDAY"             - ASH + DAVE
3.  "RATT'S MOVIE"               - RATT
4.  "TRON BIKES"                 - KINETIK DESIGN
5.  "CHANNEL 4"                  - IAN & MIC
6.  "WHY THINK?"                 - S.S.S.
7.  "NEW LIMITS"                 - SUPPLY TEAM
8.  "CIRCLE TWIST"               - BROS
9.  "WHY CAN'T BE..."            - ORION
10. "HOLYDISK"                   - ARGUS


1.  S.C.G.                      (1)
2.  EAGLESOFT INC.              (7)
3.  IKARI                       (2)
4.  FAIRLIGHT                   (5)
5.  BROS                        (11)
6.  ZENITH                      (-)
7.  TRIAD                       (3)
8.  THE WANDERER GROUP          (-)
9.  RADWAR ENTERPRISES          (-)
10. COSMOS                      (8)
11. TRIANGLE                    (12)
12. WIZAX                       (-)
13. DOUGHNUT C.S.               (-)
14. BEASTIE BOYS                (-)
15. SHINING 8                   (-)


| > "ILLEGAL" tm 1988           |
| > 3rd year of appearence      |
| > (c) 1986, 1987, 1988        |
| > Circulation of this issue:  |
|   1,500 copies                |
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|          US of A: $1,00       |
| > Date of release:            |
|   September, 17th             |
| > Next number coming:         |
|   Surely.....                 |


* Editor:
     Jeff Smart
* Assistant Editor:
     Mad All / CFR
* Staff Writers:
     Austria: COSMOS
     Belgium: CFR, FLT
     Denmark: TRIANGLE, 2000 A.D.
     England: N.B.B., IKARI, S.C.G.
     Germany: RWE, BB, CFR
     Holland: BROS, ORION
     Norway : STARS
     Sweden : FLT, TRIAD
     U.S.A. : ESI, INC, FBR

If you have any comments, you're welcome to write to us!

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Preview #31
Interview: Weetibix / S.C.G.
"old 64 legends", part II
PCW SHOW 1988!


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