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This is ILLEGAL #29, rewritten from paper by King Fisher / Triad.


                        The best things in life are...

+--+ +--+       +--+       +---------+ +---------+ +---------+ +--+
|  | |  |       |  |       |         | |         | |         | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  +------+ |  +---+  | |  +---+  | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  |        |  |   |  | |  |   |  | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  +---+    |  |   +--+ |  |   |  | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |      |    |  |  +---+ |  +---+  | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  +---+    |  |  |   | |         | |  |
|  | |  |       |  |       |  |        |  |  ++  | |  +---+  | |  |
|  | |  +-----+ |  +-----+ |  +------+ |  +---+  | |  |   |  | |  +-----+
|  | |        | |        | |         | |         | |  |   |  | |        |
+--+ +--------+ +--------+ +---------+ +---------+ +--+   +--+ +--------+

                           THE  T R I A D  MAGAZINE

|   THIS MONTH:   |
|    NOT NEWS     |


|      FLT'S      |

|      POLICE     |

|     MEETINX     |
|     REPORTS     |

|    COPYRIGHT    |
|  1988 BY TRIAD  |


Yabba and welcome to yet another issue of 'NEWS'. God, I stay two weeks abroad,
return and thousands of things happened...

* SURPRISE, SURPRISE! On a conference last month, not only me, but several ex-
FUSION members were surprised to hear IAN (remember the good old days with
"Hey, Hey, Hey") announcing their comeback on the 64!!! The name of the group
will be BEYOND... beyond what? Anyway, best luck, IAN!

* Well, we haven't heard anything from him for two weeks as he flew off to the
U.S.A., but then 8 conferences in 3 days... that's cool... and I guess the
commie rate in America has decreased rapidly... Of course I'm talking about
good ole drinking comrade STRIDER of FAIRLIGHT who's in the STAIDS for 2 full
month enjoying the American way of life.

* Bad news again... The police strikes back... part 701262! I almost got a
heart attack when I was called by MARKUS of RADWAR telling me that the cops
cleaned up his room and took all equipment with them... But without special
proofs they had to return everything after a short while. Anyway, great job
from MARKUS calling at once all his friends to let them know everything...

* Stunning... One only has to call JUST ICE to join IKARI... as JEWELS did! Now
four members of JEWELS joined IKARI and they are EXCELL, FLETCH, DOC and
GANDALF. Quite surprising was as I called NIK of IKARI to make sure it's
true... I called him, said: "Hi, it's Jeff, ehm, Nick, one question... Is it
true that..." and by that word Nick replied: "Yes, it is...". God, hard life
for him, he must be really pissed with 1000 guys calling him and wanting to
know the truth...

* One can only shake one's head looking at the SHARKS. Sentenced to lose after
all members went to INXS, they took the BARD'S TALE 3 ORIGINAL COPY from
PAPILLONS and put their intro on it. Great job! But unfortunately the game
didn't work anymore... Hahaha!

* Where has own fantasy gone when you have to make a new name for your group???
Some take a music group's name for 'em, others name of games and so on. The
lame climax is the following: Can u differ between (in alphabetical order):
callgon us now TRIADGON just because of fashiongon.

* Do you remember lame German group THE WEB and their member DJANGO??? Now it
seems as he totally freaked out and gave the police adresses and private
informations (!) about his old contacts as not less than 7 guys from my town
were concerned. And they swear now to make a trip to Coesfeld and "talk" with
him about it. You see, you cannot trust everybody in these days...

* At the mo BARD'S TALE 3 seems to be THE GAME on the 64 that is making
everybody crazy. Not only JANITOR and CAPTAIN FUTURE / BEASTIE BOYS were
fighting against dark creatures in the dimensions of SKARA BRAE, also me and
WEETIBIX / S.C.G. started playing... The state so far: Janitor entered already
the 6th dimension without any cheating! and is soon about to solve the game...
Cap Future is in the 5th dimension and changed over to WASTELAND... I'm still
hanging around in the 2nd dimension without any docs... More on this subject is
yet to come!

* TRIAD GERMANY again became larger! DEEJAY (Ex-UNITED ARTISTS) joined the
forces and also presented his first (excellent) demo a few days ago. He also
signs responsible for the "DEMO DESIGNER" available from DIGITAL MARKETING and
listen and believe that about 50 units had been sold so far... in this world of

* What happened to TRANSCOM? Now, COMMANDOFRONTIER seem to have a favour for
guys leaving T-COM as not only LETO 2 joined CFR, but also PHOTONY. Both have
to expect nasty things as the sad rest of T-COM (mainly the old C64CG-bunch)
started already to moan about LETO 2's works but are going to use it for MIGHT
2. Still they haven't tried to learn English.

* Have you also wondered how someone can change within 2 months when you look
at SERGE from SRG who now is BAMBAM from HOTLINE? I remember the old days when
he ran behind me in Venlo and now he has the same HTL attitude that everyone
has. He really seems to got BAMBAM in his head right now starting to make his
intro texts more important by writing shit instead of starting to make a diet.

* By the way, both, T.K. and me were not only wondering that HOTLINE have some
members Austria, what I barely doubt, but that they wanted T.K. to make an
intro for them was more surprising.

* Movements in Norway: THE SHADOWS and RAWHEAD went together and will keep on
using RAWHEAD as their name that comprises now all members of them.

* Also movements in the Dutch area: Three guys from MADSQUAD built up a new
group together with nobody less than old COCO, who was supposed to work
professionally for some German company. Anyway, up to now, except an intro
nothing could be seen from COCO himself, but rumours go that he is in biggest
trouble with the police... Who knows?

* As I started to look forward to the comeback of SCOUSE CRACKING GROUP, nobody
seemed to care much about... NOW, they really went back to old ideals releasing
quality cracks and their new member list loox like that 'ere: WEETIBIX, LEE,

* Another month passed by with exiting fights and important events as we all
look forward to the PCW show in September in LONDON...

Thanx 4 all news to the following friends: STRIDER / FLT, MARKUS / RWE, MAD ALL
IAN / BEYOND and all mah friends from TRIAD...

Leaving off to be back in another month
                                                                     Jeff Smart


Yup, welcome to another issue of "ARCADE ACTION" and as I was in Great Britain
I'm able to present you some very new machines...


This game from SEGA should be released for the 64 any second by US GOLD.
Anyway, the shortest description for that game could be it's like "OUTRUN" but
you have to shoot other cars up. Sounds good, eh? The graphics look somehow
worse than "OUTRUN" but the gameplay has been improved. The main task is to
shoot up red cars, but you have to pay attention to tanks trying to shoot you
at the same time. Then you can get extra weapons from a nicely animated
helicopter, e.g. extra speed (where your car becomes unmoveable) or double
laser guns, etc. The movement works with a gas pedal for your right foot and a
steering wheel with two different fire buttons. You only lose a life when no
gas is left in your tank, but not for crashing on other cars or being shot, so
you have to drive economicly. The game features about 30 levels and brings lots
of fun. Who does not like it to drive fast and shoot up other drivers??? Ranks


Another stunning machine from SEGA. You have to fasten your seat belt on an
original helicopter seat. You have the steer control between your legs (Ouw!)
and the monitor is down below so that you really get the feeling of flying a
helicopter. The graphics are the absolute top of what one can imagine. You
either fly among houses or trees or fly above them, this is changed within
every level. You have on the left a switch for speed as "AFTERBURNER" has,
forward for increasing and back for decreasing. Two different weapons are:
Either a missile or a MP gun. The task is shoot down other copters or tanks
that shoot and to avoid collisions with them. The gameplay is first as
difficult as "AFTERBURNER" but with some playing it brings no special
difficulties to reach higher levels. Have also a look on the superb high score
entry sequence. Only the great, great graphics would be a coin worth. All
together one can say that "THUNDER BLADE" is very similar to "AFTERBURNER" and
deserves: 96 points.


And the last review for this month is "HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP" from guess who!....
Right! From SEGA. Finally a totally new game concept which you need your
muscles for. Wonderful graphics announce the fight for the heavyweight
championship in boxing. Opponents are shown (including Mike Tyson) that you
have to fight against. You start against the number 5 in the world rankings.
You take a bolt in every hand that you can move up, down, make circles with and
push into the machine!!! Yes, it's really boxing - live! You hear the referee
presenting you and your opponent and then... BONG... the fight begins. You move
the right bolt up in front of your opponent who beats you... Ah. You punch
back, up in his ugly face (graphics are very good and detailed, even the
audience) and down in his fat stomach... and then... he falls down... 1.. 2..
3.. 4.. 5.. you hear the counting but this ass stands up again and starts
punching you! Stronger into the machine you finally knock him out! Then the
next opponent is number 4 who starts beating you like TYSON himself. Anyway,
the animation is brilliant, you can look through your fighter's body and see
only the fists landing hits on the opponent. And you really feel the fight in
your arms after a while. Great job! The high score list features about 100
entries! The monitor moves left and right, parallell to your fighters' moves.
The only bad thing about this super machine is, that if everybody pushes the
bolt like a crazy idiot as I did, it won't live for very long time. Beside
this, "HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP" is another masterpiece from SEGA who proved again
that they are unbeatable in producing the most exciting arcade machines... So
it gets 98 points from me...


1. Afterburner
2. Heavyweight Champ
3. Thunder Blade
4. Roadblasters
5. Super Hang On

Written by THE TRAITOR / FIS (bloody fix by IX / TRIAD)

ABYSS - This month they get a THUMBS DOWN. This is mainly because Orion was
stolen from them & the controversy between them, Peacemaker, Mr.Midnight, and
Fantasy. If they are to get a thumbs up next time, they will have to find
another contact soon.

PE (USA) - With the departure of Perplexer (due to his phonebill) this group
get NO THUMBS UP or DOWN. They have lost quantity (in the warez) but have
gained a quality standard (in the warez).

I.N.C. - This group gets a THUMBS UP for the releasing of BARD'S TALE 3, and
their quality imports. Their new added member (The Hunter) will help them a lot
in their quest for quality warez.

F.B.R. - This group gets a THUMBS DOWN because nothing could be seen from them
that is fully working.

E.S.I. - Another group with THUMBS UP because they release good stuff, although
this year ESI wasn't as good as last (due to the loss of SOHO), but they are
still one of the top contenders for the best group.

T.S. - A big THUMBS DOWN for the SURVIVORS, they have seemed to lost their main
supplier in IKARI and they will have a very hard time getting back to their
past status.

I'm not going to rate any more groups because they are not in the top 6 (notice
that I don't even rank my group, so don't get pissed off at me because you're
not in here!).

A new wave sweeping the world is the EUROPEAN groups getting roots in the
U.S.A. So far the following groups have started (or tried to start) groups in
the U.S.A.:

ORION U.S.A.: This group was started 2 or 3 weeks ago and is now dead.

LEGEND U.S.A.: A group that hasn't even got off the ground.

This is just the start of something big, that I think is a real stupid idea.
You don't see "ABYSS SWEDEN" or "EAGLE SOFT ENGLAND". These groups are going to
come and go real fast. With plans for groups like "WANDERER GROUP U.S.A." and
"LEVEL 99 U.S.A." this is going to be a real disaster area. I hope I never ever
see "TRIAD U.S.A." cause I think I would throw up!


PEACEMAKER - Most groups in 1 year (and still counting)

PEACEMAKER - Most times kicked out of a group!

D.S.I. (Duck Soft Int.) - lamest group of the century.

R.T.I. (Rough Trade Int.) - newest group and

I.N.C. - Elitest group (of the month)
                                                           THE TRAITOR / F.I.S.


Seeing that in all this time nobody learnt anything, it's time to publish the
TRIAD golden rules of good cracking! This is hardly something the entire can
learn to love, but YOU, cracker has to fight for your right to produce quality
cracks! Now, the first and most important rule:

I. Always play your cracks to the final screen! The bugs in games are naturally
not in the first few screens, but towards the end, where the author never
bothered to check once the game was finished for sale!

II. Don't use hi-tec gizmos like the EXPERT, naturally not for freezing, but
not for saving memory or similar things either! Settle for a small, efficient
monitor of the CCS-mon style.

III. When cracking from tape, make sure you stop the tape on EVERY file, saving
all registers containing start and end! Often ZEROES are needed for blank
sprites and similar things. Save each file to disk, then when finished, check
the function of each file.

IV. When checking for trainers, make sure they don't conflict with the natural
functions of the game. Use "I-BALL 2" as a good example of this! Play the game
through after training it!

V. In multi-loaders, there is something that can seem like a random crash every
now and then. You don't want interrupts running while loading, but SEI won't
disable them cuz the load routine does a CLI. Anyway, make sure you do this:

LDA #$7F
STA $DC0D ; disabling further IRQ-generations
LDA $DC0D ; important for CLEARING the reg.

LDA #$00
STA $D01A ; Same function
STA $D019 ; Same reason.

Now why clear the regs? Cuz otherwise, the first thing that will happen when
the loader does CLI is an interrupt! The random factor, comes from the fact
that mostly the load routine is reached before a new interrupt is generated,
but if it's NOT, and a SEI had been ordered, this will prevent a crash!!!

NOW please follow these! Be sure to protect your swapper friends from
themselves by saying: "Sorry pal, you'll have to wait two more hours for me to
finish this 101% version..."
                                              JANNIE '88... You only live twice
                                                                    JANITOR '88


At last a really good game from GO!, the first good one as far as I remember.
Converted from the arcade machine. Very good gameplay, brinx lotsa fun! Sounds
great, graphics also high! High motivation. Jump, shoot and collect weapons.
Great. 94 points!

A rather boring "hit-the-head-of-your-opponent" game from GREMLIN as it's slow
and you can only proceed to higher levels after difficulty collecting 12 items
falling down from above. Well, well, graphics aren't that good either. Better
wait for "BARBARIAN 2". Points: 25.

Called in Germany "SHE FOX", cuz "VIXEN" means in German: wank. Ha ha. Now, the
game isn't that bad to run with a nicely animated woman sprite thru the jungle
and collecting pieces, but it soon gets boring, and that's why: 58.

Great conversion of SEGA's arcade, 7 levels packed with great atmospheric space
fights. A real good SHOOT 'EM UP GAME, that deserves: 95.

UUrrgghh! A bastardly bad "GAUNTLET" variant, pure shit, NO LONELY POINT!

Remember QIX on arcade? It's the same with brutal bad graphix which looks like
as they escaped from 1983 into that game. Anyway, high motivation nevertheless,
this could be the start for a QIX-fever as KRAKOUT was the start for a BREAKOUT
fever... Anyway: 43 points.

Would have been better with clear and logical movements, anyway: 84.

The best of 'em so far. Good improvement is that you're now able to save during
the game. Even the graphics are better and the game will take yer breath for a
long ride: 97!


The long awaited flight-simulator from ELECTRONIC ARTS. It's fast and features
quite good graphics. Some different mission to take, e.g. to shoot up other
planes, bring the president safe to a place and so on... make the game very
interesting. Use your 1 Mega Byte expansion and you will be surprised! Anyway,
good job: 95!

Some are fascinated, others say: "It's like the 64 and even worse". Now the
gameplay didn't change of course, the graphics are just better, but that's all.
It's just a normal 64 conversion and nothing special, so: 81 points.

Remember the shit on the 64??? Just another normal conversion. You can't make a
shitty game better. Bad scrolling, shit graphics, stupid gameplay... so what?
Another empty disk! 0 pts.

Yet another conversion... just good. Better graphics, but the game stays on the
same level. Those who didn't like DRUID 1 will not like it, 80 pts.

Finally a new game concept which forces all your skill in 6 different levels
with brilliant graphics, 94 points!

As it is still not released on the 64, the Amiga biz at last became faster...
crashes in the F.A. CUP final... Anyway, the game is as good as the
predecessor, even though it's more complex and takes more time, 96.

I don't want to, but I have to say: It's another 64 conversion and it went good
like hell, it really improved! It makes use of the Amigas' capacity and
features lots of different courses to play and a construction set! Great, EA!

The same as CRAZY CARS, but now you have a cannon on your car and you are able
to shoot other cars... 79.

Take your tank, move around, shoot up others. Nice graphics, 84.

Even though the graphics are better than in "POWERSTYX" it doesn't reach its
challenge, 45.

A complex space ship game that features nice graphics, 88.
                                                                        FB / JS


Hups!!! Weren't you wondering when reading last issue of Britains' fastest
magazine "COMMODORE USER", June issue whenyou discovered their article about
"PIRACY" which was written by a dude called MIKE PATTENDEN? God, I thought, I
cannot believe my eyes, when I saw MY MAP on the third page of their article
and a short comment about "ILLEGAL" (and not "IT'S ILLEGAL..." or anything
else, Mike)... But in fact, I knew that they got some issues from LAZER of NBB,
who asked me to give 'em out.

Anyway, looking on the map surely recognize my old jokes about the group "EL
TORO C.S." in Spain and "MAFIOSI" in Italy, which of course do not exist at all
(it was a joke of mine). Anyway, I was really surprised about the attitude that
was shown towards pirates. It was not that old "They're criminal elements -
Arrest and shoot 'em!" thing, no, no, no! It was rather an attitude as we were
comparable to the MAFIA organisation! We as the Mafia? Nup!

But I really liked that article and I'm proud to be mentioned two times in
it... First with the quite positive comment about that piece of paper you're
currently holding in your hands and then about that preview I once released,
you remember "KATAKIS"??? What did Mike-boy write? "We were not even supposed
to know of its existence, but TRIAD are pouring out disks!"

ANYWAY, I hope they send me zum money for my map and demo charts and so on.
Anyway, thank you for that nice article and keep on that work!

(quoted from Commoder User June 1988):


| (picture showing the map from Illegal #26, shaped up |
|         by illustrators at Commodore User UK)        |
The European hacking circuit

They even have their own publications. Photocopied fanzines like 'Delirious'
and 'It's Illegal (But Who Cares?)' provide information about current goings-on
on the hacking scene and flaunt illicit activities. April's issue of It's
Illegal, the magazine published by Germany's TRIAD group carries news,
interviews with hackers, a report on the Venlo copy party, a review of *Rolling
Thunder*, a debate on the relative merits of 64 and Amiga, classified ads, news
of the latest cracked games and charts. Basically it revels in its downright
naughtiness, but at the same time it reaffirms the reasoning behind hacking. It
holds the software industry in complete contempt and almost goes as far as to
rationalise a kind of Robin Hood image for itself. In an interview in the March
edition a guy called Ian from Brit hackers Fusion talks of his reasons for
hacking: "To give people who can't afford to buy a game the chance to have it."



As the police never catched anyone of the big and known guys, they got last
month MARKUS of RADWAR, after the MCG Party, where several guys had bad luck,
too. The normal way how they get anyone is either about adresses / telephone
numbers (= then calling you up, waiting for you taking the phone and saying
your name instead of "hello" or something else... no problem!) in demos or
cracks (but don't ask me how they get those cracks or demos) or they get hints
and detailed informations from other guys they got for promising them to
decrease their punishment, which is really working as far as I heard.

Once getting your adress, either a PLK adress, postbox (very rare in Germany,
cuz PLK's are almost the same and you don't have to pay for it) or private
adress it's almost over for you. Take the post as an example. Normally you get
a PLK (maybe translated as: POST STORAGE CARD) without giving your name or
adress, so the cops have to wait in the post office until you appear and get
your packages from the counter clerk. Then they politely ask you: "are you
really in that group X.X.X. ???" and GA-BOSH! game over for you! This is
happening more often than a raid at home, so it really seems as if trading with
private adress is has gone safer than trading with a PLK adress.

How does a raid at home proceed? Bing-Bong, the door bell rang... Who's that?
You wonder, two guys come up, showing you a charge against you but!!! this
charge is only brought cuz of assumptions!!! This is very important and that
means that they have no proofs for any illegal activity, so you still can say
(if you hide all your disks) that you stopped illegal activity of course
without getting deeper trouble.

But if there is no way out for your, don't start to change the sides and throw
your friends into the shit that you are swimming in now! Take, for instance,
DJANGO of old lamer group THE WEB, who even supplied the police with detailed
information like that, that BRIAN (TFD) once hid his computer at his aunt's
place and other things that normally only BRIAN himself knew. Better behave
like RADWAR did and call up your friends immediately and tell them to be
careful... as they are anyway, hopefully!


Firstly I'd like to thank all at "ILLEGAL" for letting me write in this awesome
paper!!!!! Well, why not tell you what's really happening in DK...

All those stories about the police (the pigs) is hunting us freaks here are for
the most highly exaggerated! The facts are that only people who make a lot of
money out of it by selling games to small lamers are caught! So, as long as
your Danish contact isn't selling you've got no fear that you'll lose him!
Sure, I understand people who sell because stamps are not for free nor

I'd like to see people from Germany writing about the pigs and their methods
there... and please make it as objective as possible! I think that the German
guys have it much worse than we in Denmark, but, maybe, those stories we hear
from Germany are as exaggerated as in DK...???

Anyway, we pirates are like RATS: We'll go on forever and if somebody dies
there's always a new one to take over the place he left!

The real problem here is the GODDAMN post offices! You see, we can't cheat with
the stamps such as putting tape over them and so on because they have hired a
special corps which task is to catch all stamp-cheaters... I've been caught
twice and next time they'll turn me in to the police!

But, 2000 A.D. is still going strong no matter what they do to exterminate us,
they can't!!! Well, I don't think there are so many problems for us, pirates
here in Denmark after all we've heard from guys in Germany, ours are minor
problems... Before ending this, I'll greet a few people:

TRIAD (Mr.Pinge and T.K., see ya in the holidays, Thomas)
IKARI (Just Ice)
ZENITH (Steve)
MIC / Ian & Mic
DANNY and JASON from the U.S.A.
And of course greetings to the rest of our many friends!
                                                           APOLLON of 2000 A.D.


VENLO 16/6/88

P O F ! It's Hi-Tec from TRIAD telling you facts and results from the VENLO
meeting and the POWERRUN party... Let's go...

It woz th 16th of June anno domini 1988... half past ten... I woz still waiting
for our driver (as usual), anyway, when we finally arrived we drove to VENLO!
On the way we had the normal problems at the border and saw 22759 Dutch
football freax...

After arriving at the party place, we went into the building and the party woz
already started... Anyway, 3 guys from TRIAD showed up there and they were:
T.K., Deejay and me! I also met my old friends like TBF / SPHINX, ROB /
HOTLINE, MWS, ARND / RADWAR and all the others.....

The meeting proceeded like every month, but again there were no special news
(in form of stuff) and so TBF / SPHINX and me went into the chip shop outside
(they always make big sales on the VENLO day), ate and drank, I was told very
interesting thinx and facts... about... well, doesn't matter.

The most interesting stuff on the party came, I think, from SPHINX who released
some very cool d-mos (as you can se in the demo charts on the last page).
Anyway, the five hours are always too fast over (Who said: "Wot a luck"?), and
at the end we said goodbye to everybuddy and drove on to the POWERRUN (now
better known as "LAMERRUN" or "POWERLAME") party in Krefeld...


We parked the car near the youth-club where the so-called "copy" party should
take place (I still don't know why they called the party "copy"-party, cuz
there woz simply nutthin to copy...). We didn't take any disks with us... cuz
everybuddy knows that an invitation can be spread and might even reach the
police... eh? eh? eh?

The absolute hammer joke was, when POWERRUN wanted to have 8 German marks for 1
single person to entry! I just said "fuck off, let's drive home!"... Result: We
paid 5 marks for 5 persons.

Let's look what they promised: "Latest stuff for 64 and Amiga. Lots of guys
from other countries. RAMBO III on video!" and so on... What woz there???
NOTHING AT ALL! We went up the stairs and saw 2 rooms as big as a diskbox...
which we had to enter! We kicked some lamers' asses to pass, cuz it was full...
full with lamers and Powerrun-members... as I said, lamers... the only known
guys were Beastie Boys (Syndicate), CFR (Ny), Radwar (AVH, MWS) and "WE" in
TRIAD (plug...).

The best part was that T.K., MWS, AVH and a guy from 711 went thru the lame
town... sat down in a pub and made zum jokez... (Hi Arnd, where did you take
all that jokez from???)...

After that we went back to the party and I counted the computers and GOSH! 8
64's (one had even SPEEDDOS!!!!!!!) and 1 lonely AMIGA (HUSSA!)... the final
result was an ANTILETTER from BB and CFR against POWERLAME (now u know!). Then
the best idea was to drive home... that's it...

HI-TEC's party ranking: z-class (0.3 points for the mins with RWE)


(Scratch, Swyx), TSK (SSD), PE PUBLIC ENEMY No.1 (Jester), INXS (TPI),
HULKSTERS (JTC) and THE (MAC... call me!) and of course to all in TRIAD...

I hope 2 c u all in DK soon!!!! MOSH IT UP!!! from
                                                                 Hi-Tec / TRIAD


I was sitting in my room, packing my bag to leave to England for two weeks,
when the phone rang: "It's Hi-Tec. Ixion and Strider called me asking if you
are dead!" HA! Some idiot spread the news that I've died in a car accident and
that 2 days after I got my driving license. Nice! Anyway, it was too late for
me to call anyone, I just managed to get GOLLUM on the phone and tell him I'm
still living.

When I returned from England, everybody was really thinking I'm dead and it
took me lots of phonecalls to clear everything up... Shit, I thought, that was
not a very funny joke. But I have to excuse me for that! Thanx for all regards
to my friends... there were positive and negative perceptions I made... will
have consequences soon...

BACK to biz! Summer's going on our nerves now, even though some games are
planned to be released sooooon, hopefully as "LAST NINJA 2" or "FOOTBALL
MANAGER 2", so we're still waiting...

Writing these lines I'm together with my thoughts at the Danish copyparty...
Anyway, hope to see you all up there. Leaving off for yet another issue, but
not without saying hello to all doodes like: FAIRLIGHT (Strider [thanx 4
callin' so often] + Gollum), SCOUSE CRACKING GROUP (Weetibix), PAPILLONS (hot
card, Martin), CFR (Allan + Ny), BEASTIE BOYS (Robbie), BEYOND (Ian), ORION
(Leo + Mike), IKARI (Nickieboy, sorry 4 mentionin' u so l8... how did u say:
"The guy calls me every week and doesn't recognize my voice!" urgh...),
TRIANGLE (Swyx), RADWAR (Markiss), NEW BENCORS (Randy Andy), FBR (Joe), TAG
(Dave), TWG (Mr.Cursor, Thinker, ITB, SPC but not MCS, dis ass), TSK-CREW (SSD)
and what the hell do I know who to greet...!


HOBBIT - FLT for the genius comic
LETO 2 - CFR for excellent piccies
PET'S BAND - EOC for the dood on the cover
ALEX - TRL for some other grafix
and of course to SARGIE BOY (TRIAD) for the front banner....

ALSO SPECIAL HELLO TO ALL TRIADEERS: the photographitor (if I had such a sissie
then... never mind, Jannie!), IXION (again praying?), MISS PIGGY and her
husband MR.PINGE (Pingah up!), SARGE (not only genius with the joystick, but
also with the pen, Joe!), 801 DC (Let us the lamers digitize, Johnie), Hi-toc,
eh, tic, tac, tec (let's drive to Mike again... will he let us in?), T.K. (old
tea can, one question, thingenx, by the way, this is Mal the hammer), MIKE and
the rest of FAME (Wo is der Porno, wo die Schwulen sich auspeitschen? Alte
Sau...), Deejay (kick start), METZG, eh, BUTCH + ACU!

With a sad smile he says goodbye!
                                                                     Jeff Smart

An essay by MAD ALL / CFR

(if your name is STRIDER the skip this article, I think your day will be
spoiled. Only joking, Toni!)

AMERICANS, only mentioning their names make me shiver, they're the loudest,
most waste people in the world, they think EUROPEANS still are around in
animal-skins and live in tents. They used to be such a boy to get on the phone,
they could arrange conferences... but when you think of it, you only spoke to
your European friends which you had your American slave to call.

Nowadays American groups consider themselves to be one of the world's top 20 if
they import a game every day. GIVE ME A BREAK! Nothing is so easy, as to
receieve something through a modem and pur an intro on it.


And perhaps some very few groups that have some decent programmers (e.g. ABYSS

The reason why I'm so pissed off on them is that they have completely spoiled
our 64 scene, now THANX to the YANKS everybody wants the game super-fast, they
don't even look at the game, they just bang their intro on it and send it of
and getting the false satisfaction that they're big pirates.

They have changed the way we EUROPEANS think, nowadays a lot of groups (no
names) just make a fast low-quality crack just to send it to the states.
They're really not to blame because they've put it out under so much pressure
by those calling Americans saying stuff like: "WANNA GO XCLUZIV ?" or "GOT A

Said by one member of IKARI, who import and export a lot: "I wish the whole
American scene would go away". And that's exactly what I think, now thanx to
those boring modems, mail trading has become too slow, demos are not spread
anymore, because those stupid air-heads in the States only want games and the
art of letter writing to your friends has become a thing of the past!

I had a 1200 Baud-US/European modem, but I'm glad to say that I've sold it and
got myself a nice Amiga Monitor, the only thing that stupid machine did for me
was that I got a lot of bad American 3 disked shit-games (which I had to fix),
gave me sleepless nights and got me into big ass-breaking fights with my
parents when the phone rang at 5 AM every night.

Well, maybe you argue with me or maybe you think this is bullshit, anyway, you
can't ignore that the Americans changed the 64 scene totally.
                                                                        MAD ALL


How do you decide whether a group is cool or lame? If you ask an American he'll
answer: "If you're fast, you're cool!".

As some of you know, I'm the lucky owner of a modem and I'm trading with quite
a lot of yanks! I've tried quite a few times to have a new TRIANGLE-crack,
which the guys in the U.S.A. don't want to upload, cuz as they say: "Oh, that's
already been released over here!". They don't care if our version is a +++++++
version, or if it's 20 blocks shorter than the one they got... only speed

If this is the future way of judging people, then I'll quit the 64 very soon,
cuz I'm trying to do a good job, cracking and training the games, and if nobody
wants my version, because FUSION or SCG cracked it two days earlier... then I
don't see much fun in spending time on doing life easier for the gamefrex!

When I decide if somebody is cool or not, I look at the following factors (in
ranked order):

- Quality and quantity of own cracks
- Abilities of programming and designing (demos)
- Number of sendings a week
- (at last) fastness

As you see, fastness doesn't mean a lot to me! For example I have been trading
with IXION of TRIAD for a long time now, he's not very fast, but TRIAD's
cracks, especially JANITOR's ones are fucking cool!

That's the way I think we should judge each other! I'm tired of getting the
same answer all the time after time on my question to foreign freax: "Who do
you think is the coolest group in DK?" ... The Papillons or Jewels most of 'em
answer, "coz they are sooo fast!"!

Dammit! Honestly, I think the Papillons are the most lame group in DK. Their
pal-fixed version of WINTER EDITION was pretty lame cuz it didn't work at all!

I know that people think we (TRIANGLE) are showing off a lot, but honestly, why
shouldn't we?

Who in Denmark are better programmers? Well, I can only imagine two groups,
namely DEXION and UPFRONT! Other may be JEWELS and 2000 A.D.!

Who are better crackers in DK? Nobody, I think. Our versions are always well-
trained and very short! JEWELS crack a lot, and their versions use to work, but
they're too long. PAPILLONS crack & recrack a lot, but... no comment as I don't
want 'em to hate me more than they already do.

Anyway, the conclusion was: the 6th place in the "cracker of the month"! Okey,
I'll go now, but just a few personal greetings to:


All the AMERICANS who have sent a modem! I'm nearly able to set up a computer
shop selling modems! If anybody wants to buy one, then just write to me (adress
on last page). Look out for my next article in "ILLEGAL" issue #30, but also
watch out for an article written by COZMIX of TRIANGLE...
                                                 Later Dudes... Swyx / Triangle


Well, I have an announcement for all of you! "The demo of the year 1988",
TRIANGLE's 2nd democompetition is about to be published... In a few days, 30
groups will be informed about this event by a letter from us!

The rest of you will have to wait for an information-file, which will be spread
soon... or write us!
                                                                Swyx / Triangle


Austria is really a strange country for computerfreaks! Read this article and
you'll know what I mean.

The most important thing first: We, in Austria haven't a law against pirates,
so we can swap without fear to get by the police. That's good.

For us it's hard to be fast, coz the Austrian post is pretty lame (I sent an
Express-letter to Denmark - it travelled 6 days) That's bad! Let's talk about
Austrian crews. I think there are 3 well known groups:

TSK-CREW: the only crew in Austria which crack originals - the hottest crew in

TAU: What happened with TAU? 2 years ago it was a great group, but Llyod became
crazy and kicked the best members out. TAU is dead! I don't understand why
everyone greets TAU!

SOFTTIGER CREW: Yeah! It's true! They are members of A.C.E., but they pay 5000
Austrian Shillings (800 German marks) to be a member of A.C.E. This crew is
pretty lame.

So you see, we from TSK-Crew can't swap with any Austrian crews, coz they are
lame. In other countries there are lots of Topcrews. Not so in Austria.

If you come to us, you will be very confused when you look in a computer shop
and you get a shock! Okey! You can get hardware, but it is so expensive that it
is cheaper to go to Germany and buy all your hardware there.

Software? If you get hot stuff (that means 6 months old), you must pay 700
Austrian Shillings, that is about 100 German marks and pretty lot of money for
lame stuff that you can have for nothing...

You see! It is a hard life to be a computer freak in Austria!
                                                                  Big Ben / TSK

(Original title: the hard life of an editor, Warner Bros. 1937, directed by
Jeff Smart.)

There it is again! Yer fave cracker mag "ILLEGAL" which should be available on
a big copy party from a strange looking guy with a black moustache in the
middle of his ugly face...

Have you spend any thought what time it takes to release such a mag every month
in time? No?

First of all, as every month, your editor is waiting for all articles to
arrive. He's spending the night on the street, sitting every morning in front
of the mailbox, waiting for the postman... and when the postman shakes his
head, starting to cry!

Second thing to take some time to write down all things that go thru his minds
which could be of interest for you. Such things can suddenly come in his mind
at any surprising time on any surprising place, as e.g. when having breakfast,
when having a shower, in the bus, in school, in the car, in bed, at night
during a conference and so on...

The main task to have then always pen and paper available, if not, you can
simply forget it, because two minutes after, all thoughts are gone to hell (or
what the hell do I know where these thoughts go?). Third and most important
thing is, to get one evening or night free to sit down on the keyboard, find
the program disk and start to type some articles. This can only be realized
after drinking several cans of beer to get into the right mood.

While typing articles that were sent to the editor it is very important for him
to keep his glasses clean and always to have another computer ready to be able
to decode all your damn handwritings.

Fourth thing is, after having typed all articles to think about how to use
graphics... After getting to the conclusion that this should have been done
before starting to type anything, you take all your disks into the microwave
and start to cry...

Fifth thing is to start at point 3 again.

Number Six is to check the printer an to give up because this $%!%$#$ thing is
fucked up!

After perhaps getting all pages printed, you may do the 7th point and that is,
count all pages that were printed... You probably find out that there is one
page missing and so

NUMBER EIGHT: The editor starts to write such a bad article as this one here...
Arise to the next 30 issues!
                                                                     Jeff Smart


Okey, as this is the page that I left free for being up-to-date hoping there
would happen anything to be worth to write about and....

+ Soon you will be able to get "ILLEGAL U.S.A."! Editor in the United Steaks of
America will be THE THINKER of T.W.G. and first issue is announced to be
released somewhere middle of August!

+ Shock for all Dutchies (after winning the European Championships in football)
that chose a pirate life, because nobody less than HOTLINE's oldest member WILL
(He's about 40, I think) and some guys called LDA were caught by the police!

This changes the situation for all Dutch pirates totally, because a few months
befor the Dutch government gave shit about pirates, and now? Anyway, one, of
course, has to add, that these guys were selling software and making
advertisements in some big computermagazines about that (as, e.g. HARRY of
HOTLINE was also doing).

However, all guys in Holland gotta be more than careful now, as they wanna live
for a longer time. Do we have to be afraid of anything in VENLO now???

That's it, definately, yours


Yo! As last month we were not so active, people really thought ORION is dead.
But we're immortal after all! However, I'm studying at the moment in England
and that's why I was not able to send all my contacts so often. Then I also had
big, big problems with the post office as about 70 packages came back, because
I tried to cheat by putting tape over the stamps and not using the right amount
of postage, but the pigs recognized that and sent everyhing back to me again!

Anyway, ORION will be soon back into action again, as we started to import and
crack again, as latest products show...

I have to thank the few guys that kept on greeting and sending to us which I
was very glad for, I will always remember you in that times... Some even
dropped us at once, when we weren't that active for some weeks and that was not
the finest way...

So I'm leaving off for the better times.
                                                             Mr.Decibel / ORION

| (This page of Illegal #29 features "Crackin' Comic" #2 from   |
|  Hobbit of Fairlight, a story about how 1001 crew got lost in |
|  a maze, hunted by pacman, and how IKARI, FAC, TRIAD and of   |
|  course FAIRLIGHT comes to the rescue.)                       |


Excelsior... welcome to a SPECIAL edition of my mailbox. This time no gossip
except some of Jewels joined Ikari, Razor Express is split up into The Clan and
Hulksters and that Flash in Belgium split up after only 3 weeks.

This month I'm going to clear the legal rights of pirates, if you are scared of
the cops then read on and maybe you don't have to be afraid at all. Thanx to a
good friend who studies international law I now know what countries apply what
legal rights.

First of all if you're under 18 you can NOT go to jail for software-pirating,
your parents can get a fine in some countries but even if they take your
computer then you have a legal right to get it back after the court-case... you
can not get the disks or tapes back, because they will be kept as evidence all
after you turn 18 (when they scrad the offence from your sheet).

In Belgium, Luxemburg, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Spain there are
copyright laws, but the government does not recognize software to fall under
this law, copy as much as you want, they can only get you when you sell games,
because then you fall under another law which is selling without a license and

In Yugoslavie, Hungary and Turkey there are no copyright laws or anything
similar, the government does not care so emigrate to these countries if you
want to become rich.

In Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark there are specific laws for software
(HARD LUCK, my friends) so they can bust you all. There is however no special
"Software Police" as some people claim, they are just plain cops who work for
the national department.

And especially in Denmark if you get turned in by some big, fat, jealous son of
a bitch you have the right to know his name so you can set fire to his house or
cut his car-brakes or something else as revenge...

Well... I hope I have not worried you toooo much.... remember... being a pirate
something like having sex: Be careful and you won't get in any trouble.

By the way, all pedestrians have to be very careful next time in VENLO or
DENMARK, because not only IAN of BEYOND has made his driving license, but also
this guy called JEFF SMART, who wasn't sure which colour his Testarossa will
have... Congratulations!
                                                          L8R from MADALLIGATOR
                                                                        MAD ALL


They are fastest getting originals in Germany by a wide margin to all others,
but afford the luxury of cracking only the games they really like, the BEASTIE
BOYS! I talked to CAPTAIN FUTURE, who advanced to their main cracker...

?:    First of all, how old are you?

!!!:  23 ages.

?:    When did you buy your first computer and why for the hell?

!!!:  3 years ago I bought a C 64 and that's because of its big software
      supply, but I often travel to friends and watch what's going on on the
      AMIGA and ATARI ST.

?:    When were the BEASTIE BOYS founded and what does the current member list
      look like?

!!!:  BEASTIE BOYS were founded end of July 1987 of the ashes of the old YETI
      and me.

?:    Do you have a special reason for cracking games?

!!!:  Mainly just because it brings lots of fun.

?:    And everybody is wondering why you are not cracking every original you

!!!:  This is simply because most of the games are not worth to be cracked and
      why should I spend time to crack it?

?:    What are your best friends?

!!!:  Well... my dog, STRIDER / FLT, Jeff / TRIAD and of course NIK of IKARI.

?:    Do you have any enemies?

!!!:  No. From my side nobody!

?:    What are your favourites....

!!!:  Demo (64): BORDER ZONE which was available with the SANXION ORIGINAL.
      Game (64): MANIAC MANSION
      Music (64): COMBAT SCHOOL
      Movie: Lords of the darkness by John Carpenter
      Music: Derek B.

?:    What are you doing when you are not sitting on, in front or below your

!!!:  I enjoy playing Squash, Billard and drinking (strong beer) with friends.

?:    What was the best incident in your life up to now?

!!!:  The 15 months at the German army.

?:    (how did Nik / Ikari say?) Can you tell me, how you did freeze DRILLER
      and simultaneously remove the code protection?

!!!:  My genius-like FREEZER is doing that automatically of course!

?:    How do you see the 64's future?

!!!:  I'm not afraid of anything, because so many 64s has been sold, that no
      company can afford to stop programming for it and it will be surely the
      leading computer for another 5 or 6 years, until perhaps the AMIGA will
      take over. Take, for instance Germany where about 50.000 Amigas were sold
      and up to now more than 1.000.000 64s, so what should happen???


Howdy all piratemaniacs, especially com-user (for their pirate-articles!). It
was really nice to read our groupnames several times and to find it on that old
map... (even though we are a real "TRIAD" existing on 3 different places in the
world: GERMANY, UK and SWEDEN!). I had to break my old habit when not buying
the mag.

"...what was moving underneath IXION's eyelashes, some tears of pride?
Whatever, he just had to get that issue and then store it with all the other
crap in his sentimental collection..."

Ok, ok, let's come to the point of no return! Since everybody will read this on
the greatest copyparty of 'em all (Have mercy on me for this prophecy) in
Denmark (Whos? Not Dexions', U Fool!) and you are probably reading this there
(if that bloody mix of IKARI, DANELAW, UPFRONT, DOM, DG didn't spit in your
face). It's eggsaktly 1 year since all groups formed those international
standards... And O-Boy, is everything a mess? So in the name of law and order I
present to you the up-2-date international standards '88 (I use our own name
cause I get such a hard on.)

(no more suicides)

'1234567890123456': Always use all 16 characters (looks better + easier to
scratch), and fill it out between name & group with spaces if necessary...

'TRIAD/       AH!': If the group is 1st like this, then it's a demo! (Quite
easy to search for particular group's demos if u use an alphabetic sorter...
Else U hav to remember the name of the demo... not so easy!)

'LAST NINJ+/TRIAD': A game with only 1 trainer (maybe unlimited life)

'BIONIC C++/TRIAD': 2 Trainers

'ALIENS  +3/TRIAD': (NOT +++, Americans and Pulsar)

Some lame dix used 'MEGACYBERNOID' to indicate a MEGATRAINER, but! everybody
seems to hav forgotten the rite meaning (a cool guy used 'CYBERNOID+M' and then
it often had the rite meaning). A Megatrainer was ment to be a nice trainer
with a possibility to change options while playing... for example (MY FAVE):
CBM-KEY to enter the next level... Today MEGA is anything between +3 and up! So
we had to invent a new term, the step beyond... GIGA!

'ALIEN SY+G/TRIAD': and remember if u play this 1, u can always make something
happen while playing the game!

'BIONIC C+H/TRIAD': This 1 has a hi-score saver, a saving routine that starts
when u press reset!

'RUGRAT   (TRIAD)': An import from the States, the ( ) indicate that we didn't
crack this 1.


Last year we even TRIAD, eh... TRIED sum other symbols... but everybody used
their own fuckin' symbols so everything screwed up!

'MONSTER PIC.' and 'MONSTER DOX' seem to be the best name for the picture and
the instructions to a game! (In TRIAD we rarely type DOX, no1 cares... so I bet
a buck on that u havn't seen that last 1)

I think that's about it! And if I forgot anything... hmmmm... use the force and
let the happy meatballs bounce on your forehead...

I'm sure I'll see new solutions and if they are any good I'll probably type 'em
down in your sweet 'ILLEGAL', anarchy mag #1. MAKE SURE that u get 'DI-ART',
another game from TRIAD, the next #1 - release and don't forget 2 lick my ass
in DK, Kinder! Tanx 4 me and

HELLFIREREGARDS TO: all German and English TRIADEERS, the new ideal...
                                                     (CRUCIF) IXION / TRIAD '88


Wh do you think is the greatest threat to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA? It's
those damn commies, right? No, no, no. Don't get me wrong, the commies are a
threat and should be eliminated!!! But it's those damn people on that little
island called JAPAN, that are America's greatest threat. We should have nuked
their entire country when we had the chance.

JAPAN is nothing but a leech on America's back. We pay for their defense and we
support their economy. They flood our AUTO MARKET with piece-of-shit-cars like
HONDA, NISSAN, TOYOTA, etc. Japanese people are stupid. Look in your history
books and tell me what discoveries or inventions JAPAN is credited with - - -
NONE AT ALL!!! They steal ideas from America and other nations and make them

Tings like the automobile, television and semiconductors are all American
discoveries and JAPAN exports all of this shit into the USA, yet they refuse to
allow our goods into their market. JAPAN is destroying the American economy.
Lots of people are out of work; American companies are going bankrupt; and
government is going deeper into debt. JAPAN is also buying up very large
amounts of realestate in America. They own large amounts of major cities
including 75% of Hawaii and 70% of Los Angeles, and list goes on...

These dam Japs must be stopped!!! So if you go out and KILL A COMMIE FOR YOUR
MOMMIE then don't forget to SHOOT A JAP FOR YOUR PAP...

With friendly regards
                                                             THE MIND SLAYER of
                                                         THE AWESOME GUYS / USA


You just want to scream but you keep silent. Bad luck, you think, but how about
commiting suicide now? No, she isn't worth giving up your life, is she? Hum,
why girls at all? Why can't they be just cute and loving you? Why are you
always losing when you're playing with girls? Fuck 'em, you think. "I don't
need to love a girl" you write in big letters on your wall paper.

However, you jump again into the deeper dungeons of SYSTEM FOUR and recognize
that some really old and very good friends of yours have returned after some
years. That's it! Parties and drinking for two weeks as the big holidays have
started. You stay at home while almost all your friends spend their holidays
abroad. You start to listen to music ALL NIGHT LONG, and making innovations for
SYSTEM FOUR as you still belong to the 'A' class (not concerning girls,
however), as you make a plan about a gigantic maze in the basement of a forest
next to you.

You saw this damn girl again in town with that goddamn friend of hers, but you
didn't feel anything for her. Nothing is left, you think. There are so many
other girls walking around, even some very good looking ones, why crying then?
But you're still afraid, that love shall tear you apart again.

Holidays move fast over and you start to talk to all friends about their
holidays representing SYSTEM FOUR ideals in other countries. School started
again. It bores you like hell.

On another weekend you were listening to music as you think about all losses
against girls. You recognize that they were all the same age as you are. How
about older or younger girls? Hum... still thinking about this, you fall

Then, another sunny morning, wearing sunglasses, you crawl into that goddamn
bus, that of course was too late again. Yeuch, there are some really hot girls,
who could be something for one night, but for more...?

You finally arrived at school, boring as always... You're standing together
with some friends of yours chatting about latest releases on the software
market when your eyes move by chance to two smaller girls (perhaps two years
younger than you) laughing about something. The left girl's smile is somehow
fascinating you... Damn, you think, she's too young.

Back into your room again, listening to music... you again think of her
smile... somehow, you think, somehow, somehow she's very cute... but too
young... 2 years... just two goddamn years... too much? Hum??? This goddamn
smile... she's got a nice face, too... She's looking good... but too young...
really too young? (Three cans of beer make your minds confusing around and
again believeing in the land of love...) ...what are two years? She's so damn
cute... Does she have a friend? What's her name? Where's she living? How old is
she really? It could be two years... or more? Or less? Who the hell gives a
damn for the age? You give a god damn for that smile! AS IT IS WHEN IT WAS, eh?



I'm wondering if there is any support for a true pirate skipping of the all-
hated computer AMIGA, continuing straight on the new light... ARCHIMEDES! This
new computer from England features graphics modes similar to the AMIGA but has
8 bitplanes, giving 256 colours WITHOUT that stupid HAM! There are 16 audio
channels, and the processor is a RISC one, somewhat like the 64's, without the
extreme flexibility of the normal 68000 adressing but with four times that
one's speed. The O.S. DOES work, even in this very first version, and the drive
is fast and reliable, with 800 K storage. What it does not have is the special
co-processors and the hardware multitasking of the AMIGA.

Take a look at the game ZARCH which was written by one of the co-authors of
ELITE, and you will se vector graphics, filled, being run at a speed which is
hard to believe. My personal reasons for choosing this thing instead of an
Amiga are, 1: I don't want to enter an already overcrowded market with old
names and without new ideas. 2: The Amiga is clearly over-the-top and is poorly
organized internally, nothing really making use of its' potential. 3: I like
the working of the RISC processor, it has many features similar to those of the
64's, but with a power that is fightening. Well, JANITOR will proceed on this
new computer soon along with a so far unknown guy who has the right spirit, if
he could chasing gals (eh Richie?), so TRIAD will have an ARCHIMEDES DIVISION
by then.
                                                                     JANNIE '88


It seems as if the summer took the breath of all programmers, but in fact there
are lots of game announces to appear until the end of 1988. All titles without
any garanty:

ACTIVISION: Afterburner, R-Type, SDI, Time Scanner, Lock On, September

CASCADE: Nineteen Boot Camp, Ringwars

CODE MASTERS: Super Stuntman, Dizzy, Jet Bike Simulator, Race against time, Pro
     Snooker, Ghost Hunters

GREMLIN: Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, Super Skills, Night Raider, Alternative
     Olympics, T Rex

HEWSON: Maruader, Roadstar XRI, Azmodius, RC3 (Cybernoid 2)

INCENTIVE: Dark Side (Driller 2)

MARTECH: Wanted, Le Mans, Program Wars

MICROPROSE: Super Huey 3, President Missing

OCEAN: Guerilla Wars, Vindicator, Daley Thompson '88, Rambo 3

PALACE: Barbarian 2, Ultimax, Museum

SYSTEM 3: The Last Ninja 2 (release date: 14th of July '88 if one can believe
     System 3's manager)

U.S. GOLD: Dream Warrior, Streetfighter, Roadblasters, Thunder Blade

Let it come... We're prepared for some hot christmas releases...
                                                                  SSD / TSK, JS


This month top groups presented by the "ILLEGAL" jury:

1.  S.C.G.                   (5)  6.413 pts
2.  IKARI                    (1)  5.769
3.  TRIAD                    (3)  5.625
4.  JEWELS                   (7)  4.857
5.  FAIRLIGHT                (2)  4.769
6.  PAPILLONS                (8)  4.428
7.  E.S.I.                   (9)  4.285
8.  TSK-CREW                 (-)  3.786
9.  P.E. NO. 1               (-)  3.285
10. OCTAGON                  (-)  3.285
11. BROS                     (-)  3.214
12. TRIANGLE                 (6)  3.071
13. FUSION                   (10) 3
14. HOTLINE                  (15) 3
15. ORION                    (4)  2.923


Very hard decision this time cuz lots of very well programmed demos arrived...
So don't kill me for the judging, somebody had to be first and somebody had to
be last...

                  That's the way it is
3. ASH + DAVE -
                  Double Density
5. TWG -
                  Babylon 3
6. 2000 A.D. -
                  Mip Mip Police
7. IAN + MIC -
                  The Boggman
8. CFR -


1.  BARD'S TALE III          (-)
2.  BIONIC COMMANDO          (-)
3.  ALIEN SYNDROME           (-)
5.  PARANOIA COMPLEX         (6)
6.  IKARI WARRIORS           (3)
7.  IO                       (9)
8.  WINTER EDITION           (2)
9.  OH NO                    (-)
10. TARGET RENEGADE          (16)
11. THE THREE STOOGES        (4)
12. SKATE CRAZY              (-)
13. REVENGE OF DOH           (15)
14. DRACONUS                 (-)
15. G.U.T.Z.                 (5)
16. PLATOON                  (10)
17. RIMRUNNER                (13)
18. VIXEN                    (-)
19. POWER AT SEA             (14)
20. TETRIS                   (19)
21. SAMURAI WARRIOR          (11)
22. QUEDEX                   (24)
23. 4*4 OFF ROAD RACING      (7)
24. COMBAT SCHOOL            (21)
25. MANIAX                   (-)
26. PREDATOR                 (27)
27. PIRATES                  (26)
28. HERCULES                 (-)
29. THE TRAIN                (20)
30. POLTERGEIST              (-)

The "ILLEGAL" jury consist this month of:

FAIRLIGHT (Strider), IKARI (Nik), SCOUSE (Weetibix), ORION (DSH), CFR (Mad All,
Ny), RWE (MWS), TWG (ITB), BEASTIE BOYS (CF), TRIAD (Mr.Pinge, Hi-Tec, T.K.,


| > ILLEGAL tm 1988             |
| > 3rd year of appearence      |
| > No. # 29                    |
| > (c) 88 by TRIAD             |
| > Circulation:                |
|   about 1500 Copies!          |
| > Price: 2 DM                 |
| > Date of release:            |
|   8th of July                 |
| > Next number will come on    |
|   August, 20th                |
| > Editor:                     |
|   Jeff Smart / TRIAD          |
| > The "ILLEGAL"-TEAM:         |
|   Mad All - Commandofrontier  |
|   Swyx - Triangle 3532        |
|   Mr.Decibel - Orion          |
| > The Sub-Editors:            |
|   Belgium : CFR, FLT          |
|   Denmark : TRIANGLE, 2000 AD |
|   England : NBB, SCG, IKARI   |
|   France  : CFR, EOC          |
|   Germany : BB, FB, TRIAD     |
|   Holland : ORION, SPHINX     |
|   Norway  : STARS             |
|   Sweden  : FLT, TRIAD        |
|   Turkey  : THE METRO BOYS    |
|   U.S.A.  : TAG, FIS, TWG, FBR|
|   Austria : TSK-CREW          |
| Good morning, dear. Would you |
| please climb off me? Well, as |
| this - "ILLEGAL" will be      |
| released on the DOMINATORS -  |
| DG - UPFRONT - and IKARI (or  |
| JEWELS) partey up in Denmark, |
| we managed to increase the    |
| circulation again of 200% !   |
| Ha, I hope I won't lose much  |
| money with copying so many    |
| issues for you. Next month    |
| it'll be released at the      |
| VENLO meeting, so your stuff  |
| for publication should be     |
| sent up to the 10th of August |
| to me. Still the best thinx   |
| in life are "ILLEGAL", aren't |
| they?                         |
|                            JS |
|        ANY COMMENT ???        |
| TRIANGLE                      |
| P.O. BOX 116                  |
| 8382 HINNERUP                 |
| DENMARK                       |
| CFR                           |
| P.O. BOX 406                  |
| 8400 OOSTENDE                 |
| BELGIUM                       |
| JEFF SMART                    |
| PLK 123144 C                  |
| 4250 BOTTROP                  |
| WEST GERMANY                  |
|    Wanna get your issue ?     |
| Then don't forget 2 DM or a   |
| S.A.E. and send it to:        |
| "ILLEGAL-ORDERS"              |
| PLK 012314 B                  |
| 4630 BOCHUM 6                 |
| WEST GERMANY                  |


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