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	    Ü                             ÜÛÜ
	 Ü  Ü  Ü          ÛÛßßÛÛ Û²      ²Ûßܲ
	  ßܲÜß    Û±  ÛÛßÛÛ ÜÜÜ ÜÜ   ÜÛÛÜßÛßÜÛ²Ü
	    ÜÞ  ÛÛ ÛÛ  Û² ßßßßßßßÛÛ     ÜÛß ßÛÜÜÜ
	        ßßÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÜ   ßÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²ß

	      Hugi issue 36 - Jukebox Delight

	   Released at The Breakpoint Party 2010
	       just 9 hours after deadline :)


Main editor ........................................ Adok of Hugi
Co-editor .................................... Magic of Nah-Kolor
Main Code ................................. Chris Dragan/Alcatraz
Sound System .................................... Ian Luck (Bass)
Music ..... Magnar, Romeo Knight, Traymuss, Moby, Powl and Siatek
Layout graphics ................................. Anthony Gargasz
Title picture .................................... Alena Lazareva
End picture .................................. Dzordan of Anadune

A special thanks must go to the entire demoscene for supporting
and reading Hugi for almost 15 (fiveteen) years now!

More specific credits inside Hugi#36.


Hugi #36 has sort of a musicdisk inside! (Hence, this issue's
subtitle :)) Press the Jukebox music button in the main menu to
directly go the music selection screen. All 8 new tracks are
automatically played after each other as well. This issue marks
the return of Moby of Nooon (ex-Sanity) next to other great
musicians like Siatek and Traymuss of Nah-Kolor, Magnar of The
Black Lotus (formerly known as Lizard of Andromeda), Powl of
Alcatraz and Romeo Knight of Brainstorm. Exclusive earcandy for
your pleasure!

.Minimal System requirements:

- Pentium 120
- 32MB of RAM
- Graphics card with 2MB of onboard memory
- DirectX 5

Hugi aims to be read on as many (low- and high-end) configs as


Front 242, Magnar, Turbulence, Mad Wizards, Screen It!,
CPC in 2009, Backstage at the Awards, Maq, The Vague,
Wade, Copyright, Diskmag Encyclopedia, Netpoet, Party Zone, 
Kakiarts, Muffler, Amiga, Newsbits, Ukulele Popular Demo, T$, 
Newbies, Optimus, Mindcandy 3, and much, much more inside!


Press 0 (zero) first to stop the music before you click on a
YouTube link inside Hugi #36.

Press CTRL-1 to 3 to switch between layouts of Anthony, Ra and 
Bridgeclaw when you are inside an article.


- Fullscreen or windowed mode (Magic prefers windowed mode :))
- Music: listen to the 8 tracks inside Hugi #36 or play your own
- Sound effects: for readers who like to navigate through the
  articles with some nice sound effects.


$een, 303dim, 3state, Aardbei, Abaddon, Acumen, Abdur, Abhorus,
Abyss, Access Denied, Acid, Acid Rain, ACME, Addict, ADET, Aion,
AgraVeDict, Alba, Alcatraz, Alive, ALLien Senses, Altair, Amable,
Amber, AMC, Amnesia, Anadune, Anakata, Android's Dream,
Andromeda, Andromeda Software Development, Anti-Social, Appendix,
Archee, Arf!Studios, Array, Aural Planet, Ashrama, Aspirine,
Astroidea, Atomik, Autopsy, Bastard Artists From Hell, Beam,
Beyond, Bionix, BitFellas, Blabla, Black Maiden (Germany), Black
Maiden (Poland), Blasphemy, Blue Logic, BNC, Bomb!,
Boombassrecords, Bora, BPM, Brainchild, Brain Control,
Brainstorm, Broncs, Bypass, Byterapers, C-Lous, Calodox,
Calvados, Capital, Castrum Doloris, CBX, CFXweb, Chaos Energy
Group, Centolos, CFX, Chalice, Chemical Reaction, Chippendales,
Chroma Desire, Chrome Design, Church of AntiScene, CNCD, Cocoon,
Colorfast, Comic Pirates, Concept, Conspiracy, Coolphat, CosmiK,
Crazy Pinheads, Cryogen, Cryonics, Crystal, Crystal Tokyo Clan,
Cubic Team, Cycla, Damage, Damones, Dance, Darkage, Dark Eden,
Dawn, Dawn3, Daze, Dazed, DC5, De Brasserie, Deep Deep Trouble
Entertainment, Defacto 2, Defect, Deltaspace, Demoscene Outreach
Group, Der harte Kern, Deranged, Desire, Despite, Deux ex
Machina, Devotion, Diffusion, Digital Dynamite, Digitale Kultur
e.V., Digitalis, Digital Nerds, Dilemma, Dinasty, Dirty Minds,, Dolphin, Domino, Doomsday, Dope 4 Nation, Dragon,
Drei, Dual Crew Shining, [d]vision, Eichel, El Afghano,
Elitecrew, EliteGroup, Endzeit, Ephidrena, Eremation, Escape,
Essence, Ethos9, Eurochart, Evenflow, Evolve, Exceed, Excess,
Exiles, Expulsion, Extensive, F&S, Fairlight, Faith, Fake That,
Faque, Farbrausch, Farts Music, Fatum, Fearmoths, Fissure, Five
Musicians, Fizz, Flare, Fleur, Flicker, Flood, Flow, Fobia
Design, Focus, Food, Forsaken, #Four#, FRC, Frequency, Fridge,
Fudge, Fun, Fungi, Funktion, Funny Makers Crew, Fuse, Fusecon,
Future Crew, Futuris, Fuzzion, Gaia, Geometrek, Gfxzone, GiRaFfE,
Gods, Goferz, GP, Greenroom, Grinders, Grotesque, Halcyon,
Hardcore Coderz, Haujobb, HeadcrasH, Hellcore, Hoax Arts,
hybrisNEMESIS, Hypermatrix, Ice, IMAgE, Image!, Imago, Immortals,
Imphobia, Index, Inferiors, Infuse Project, Inquisition, Intense,
Interror, Issue, Ivory, Jamm R., Japotek, Jecoute, Jello, Jolly,
June, Just For Fun, Kakiarts, K!Prod, Kahvi, Kainai,,
Kefrens, Kewlers, Kibosh Ansi, Knights, Kolor, Komplex, Korozone,
Kosmic Fifty Members Foundation, K-Storm, Lamergroup, Legend,
Less Music Productions, Level-D, Lime, Limp Ninja, Liquid, Loaf
of Brain, Logic, Lookain, Loonies, Mac, Madwizards, Magic Dreams,
Mandarine, Mandula, Matrix, Measure, Medieval, Melcom, Melon
Design, Merge, Merregnon, Metalvotze, Metaphor, MFX, Milk,
Mindlapse, Mingus, Mist, Mnemonic, Molecoola, Monotonik,
Moonhunters, Moplayaz, Moppi, Mushroom Brothers, Mistery,
Mudia-Art, Mystic Bytes, Nah-kolor, Nano, Napalm, Nebula,
Necromaniax, Nectarine,, Neural, Neutron,
Nextempire, NO!, Nocturnal, Noice, Noise, Noiseless, NoLogic,
Nomad, Noname, NoooN, Nostalgia, Nothing, Nuance, Numb, NWO,
Oblivion, Obscure, Occult, October Labs Rendering Corp, Odds,
Officium, Omnicolour, ONE, Ooze, Ooze Labs, Orange, Orange Juice,
Orb, Outlaw Triad, Outracks, Oxyron, P, Padua, Pain, Paradox,
Paragon 5, Parenthesis, Park, Peace and Love, Pengo, Peon, PFC,
PhyMosys, Platoon, Planet, Plastic, Playpsyco, POD, Poison
Mixers, Polar Dreams, Popsy Team, Portal Process, Pouet, POX,
Prism!, Procreation, Prometheus, Proxium, Psytech, Purge, Purple,
Pyorrhoea, Quad, Quasars, QVC, Radical Rhythms, Raiders Of The
Lost Empire, RamJam, Razor 1911, RBI, Rebels, Rebound,
Recreation, Rectum Cauda, Red, Replay, RGBA, Rhyme, Riot, Ritual,
RNO, Rohformat, Royal, Salva Mea, Sanction, Sanity, Satellite,
Satori, Savage, Scarab,, Scenet, Scenial, Scenic,
Scienide, Scoopex, Scream!, Secular, Sensory Overload, Septic,
Shine, Shizophrenia, Shock Sector, Showtime, Singularity, Smash
Designs, Solid, Sorrox, Save Our Souls, Socrates, Sodium Spray,
Spantobi, Speckdrumm, Speedballs, Spetsnaz, Spinning Kids,
Squoquo, Standard, Still, Stoned Brain Records, Storm,
Stravaganza, Style, ST News, Sublogic, Suburban Creations,
Sukkaz, Sunflower, Sunlikamelo-D, Sunray, Supergroup,
Superstition, Supporters Club, Surprise!Productions, Surround,
Suspect, Suspect Records, Suspend, Syndrome, Synesthetics, T-Rex,
tAAt, Talent, TAP, TAP.MAG, Tatanka, TBC, Teenage, The Dark Sun
Coders, The Digital Philosophers, Teklords, Tektonic, Tequila,
Tesko, The Black Lotus, The Coexistence, The Havok, The Lost
Boyz, The Lost Patrol, The Obsessed Maniacs, The Neonray,
Thekool, Theloop, The Produkkt, Theralite, The Solar Group,
Theta, The Underground Periodical, Titan, Tokyo Dawn Records,
Tpolm, Traction, Trauma, Trebel, Trinity, Tristar Red Sector Inc,
TSCC, TUM, tWANA0!, Twilight, Two Headed Squirrel, TZT, UK
Allstars, Umlaut Design, Unik, United Cracking Force, United
Trackers, UniVerse, Up Rough, Vacuum, Vandalism News, Vantage,
Vectors, Vertigo, Vinilo, Vinyl, Virtual Illusions, Vision,
VisualE, Way-X, Wilby, Wild Bits, Wildmag, Winter In July, Wipe,
Wire Maniacs, Witchcraft, Woorlic, Xenon, X-Seed, Xography,
Xpiriax, Xtatic, Yaphan, Yedi Records, Youth Uprising, Zero Or
One, Zine, #Assembly, #Breakpoint, #Chscene, #Codefr, #Coders,
#Coders.Ger, #Demofr, #Demo.ger, #Demoscene, #Evoke, #Ilcoders,
#Kotraum, #Pixel,, #Polishscene, #Riot, #Scene,
#Scene.CS, #Scene.SE, #Special, #Suomiscene, #Swedescene,
#Szene.Ger, #Thescene, #Trax, #Traxfr, everybody present at The
Oxyron Party 2008 and everybody we might have forgotten.

                        +  Hugi #36  +
                 + April 2009 - April 2010 +

 Check out our website for more information.

        Without any diskmag released on the PC in 2009... 
  Hugi, once again, is bringing the "Disk" back into diskmag!

 We kindly invite Zine and Pain back on stage to keep the 
                 diskmag scene alive & kicking!