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            _      _                                __....__
     _Úy#S$$$L    j$$$S#y¿_                  _Úy#S$$$$$$$$$$$$S#y¿_
     7$$$$$$$$.,,.$$$$$$$$7 ,y·,._    _.,Öy, 7$$$$$$$j$SS$$j³$$$$$7 ,y·,._
      7$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$7 ,$$$$$$?  ?$$$$$$, 7$$$$$`     ·._`"Ó*7 ,$$$$$$?
      :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$: $$$$$$'    `$$$$$$ :$$$$$L     À7$$S%y¿ $$$$$$'
 ......$$$$$$$?^^?$$$$$$$.i$$$$$;...   ;$$$$$i $$$$$$#S$$S#$$$$$$'i$$$$$7
 :     i$$$$$$b  d$$$$$$i $$$$$$$¿,:.,Ú$$$$$$$ i$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$i $$$$$$:
 :     $½Ù""^`  `^""ÀÓ$ ?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$? $½Ù""^````^""ÀÓ$ ?$$$$$1
 :                         `À?j³$$$$$$$$³j?Ù`                      `À?j³$:
 : hugi eighteen                ``^""^``                                ``
 : the eminent one                 :.............. . .   .      .

   :::==Í> úHúUúGúIú úIúSúSúUúEú ú1ú8ú :: úTúHúEú úEúMúIúNúEúNúTú <Í==:::
                  :                                     :
 ú Once Upon A Time There Was A Giant.  A huge giant with  a large tummy, ú
 ú frightening sharp teeth and hands of steel. This giant lived in a cave ú
 ú in  the  dark woods of Asgaroth. He  enjoyed his life very much. Every ú
 ú day  he went out from his cave in order to hunt deer and eat it slowly ú
 ú and  with great pleasure in the evening. Of course it was hard for him ú
 ú in  the  beginning  to hunt deer because  he  was such a big creature. ú
 ú Everybody could see him  from a mile away.  What he had to achieve was ú
 ú high speed.  And so he trained very hard every day,  running ten miles ú
 : up and down the highland near the forest.  He always measured the time :
 : he took.  With the years, it started to improve. In the end, he gained :
 : such a speed that he could catch every deer no matter how fast it was. :
 : The  people  who  visited  Asgaroth soon started telling legends about :
 : this quick giant.  One day the mighty god Thor learned about it.  Thor :
 : was the fastest of the gods and was sure that he would beat such a fat :
 | giant  easily.  Thus Thor made the  journey to the  giant's realm.  He |
 | stood straight in  front of the  cave  and  brandished  his  dangerous |
 | looking axe.  "Giant!  Thor, your master,  is waiting for you. I heard |
 : that you are quick.  So, let's have a running competition.  The winner :
 : is the one who reaches the big lark at the other  end  of  the  forest :
 : first.  If you lose, I will kill you!"  This did not impress the giant :
 : much: "Ah well, okay, let's start." And the two heroes ran. There were :
 : many obstacles in the path,  which Thor could easily surpass using his :
 : axe. This advantage the giant did not have.  But he did what he could. :
 ú And at the end,  when the path got clearer,  the giant really  started :
 ú rushing - and reached the end sooner than the god.  "Incredible", said ú
 ú the god, "you are indeed faster than me. Well, I will not only let you ú
 ú live; no,  all the surrounding area,  including the next few villages, ú
 ú are from now  on your area."  The giant thanked Thor  and reigned over ú
 ú his country wisely.  The period of his reign was so just and  peaceful ú
 ú that he,  the  giant  who  beat  the  great  god  Thor  in  a  running ú
 ú competition, is still in our memories today. His name was: Hugi.       ú
                  :   ÄÍÍ( MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS )ÍÍÄ    :
  Pentium-comp. CPU . Video card w/ hardware blitter . 32 mb RAM . DirectX
                  :         ÄÍÍ( KICKSTART )ÍÍÄ         :
 ú You should read this before you start.                                 ú
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú The  Interface was designed to work no matter what is wrong with it or ú
 ú with  the  user's computer. If the  Interface enters a fullscreen mode ú
 : and  hangs  (this  happens e.g. on  S3  Trio),  first try the /hicolor :
 : switch to limit it to high-color mode, and if this won't help, you can :
 : still  run it in windowed mode using the /windowed switch. In critical :
 : situations  you can try /noeffects and /novsync switches (also if your :
 | PC is slow).                                                           |
 |                                                                        |
 | If the attached modules/songs consume too much processor time (complex |
 : modules  can  work slow even on PII),  try  to limit the music quality :
 : with  /22 /8 /mono and /11  switches (these correspond to 22kHz, 8bit, :
 : mono  output  and 11kHz). You can  also disable music or overall sound :
 : with /nomusic and /nosound switches, respectively.                     :
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú Please report any bugs to                         ú
 ú Comments (positive or negative) are also welcome.                      ú
                  :   ÄÍÍ( STARTING THE INTERFACE )ÍÍÄ  :
 ú Typically  the Interface chooses the highest possible mode depth (i.e. ú
 ú number  of Bits Per Pixel). The  depth may be 8bpp (palettized), 16bpp ú
 ú (including RGB555), 24bpp or 32bpp.                                    ú
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú If the Interface runs slowly (weak processor) or if there are problems ú
 ú with a true color mode (24 or 32bpp), the user may choose to limit the ú
 ú depth to maximum 16bpp using /hicolor switch.                          ú
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú In  some cases the Interface may not  want to run at all in fullscreen ú
 ú mode,  and  the  user may choose to  run  it in a windowed mode, using ú
 ú /windowed or /gui switch.                                              ú
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú There  are  some  special  effects in  the  Interface,  such as smooth ú
 ú scrolling  or  cross-fading.  If these effects  are  too slow or cause ú
 ú crashes, the user may disable them using the /noeffects switch.        ú
 :                                                                        :
 : The  user may want to disable sound  from some reason (bugs in player, :
 : listens  to  CD audio, etc.). The  /nosound switch disables all sound, :
 : /nomusic only music and /nosfx only sound effects.                     :
 :                                                                        :
 : If  the  user  has a very slow  hardware,  or  the tunes used with the :
 : Interface  have lots of channels, the  user might want to decrease the :
 : quality  of  music,  gaining some free  processor  cycles. This can be :
 : accomplished with the following switches:                              :
 :                                                                        :
 : /8 - sets music output to 8-bit (by default 16-bit is used),           :
 | /mono - sets music output to mono (by default stereo is used),         |
 | /22 - sets output frequency to 22050Hz (by default 44100 is used),     |
 | /11 - sets output frequency to 11025Hz.                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | The  /8  switch has effect only if  the Interface uses the BASS module |
 | player.  The  /mono switch does not  affect  FMOD module player. (Note |
 | that  the Interface can use three  music systems: an internal one that |
 | plays  only XMs (not all!), external  BASS or external FMOD. This Hugi |
 : issue uses BASS and the internal player.)                              :
 :                                                                        :
 : The  Interface  was designed to take  advantage  of mouse wheels. This :
 : cute  invention enhances scrolling capabilities, but unfortunately has :
 : three  different  standards.  If the  mouse  program  sends WM_VSCROLL :
 : messages,  the user may wish to  create a vertical scrollbar to handle :
 : these  messages. This can be accomplished with /weirdwheel switch. The :
 : other two handling techniques are done automatically. (The /weirdwheel :
 : switch is only needed on WinNT 3.x and Win95.)                         :
 :                                                                        :
 : The  Interface can play external tunes.  For this purpose there is the :
 ú /music  switch,  after  which the path and  name  of  a module must be ú
 ú specified.  One  can  also  use /xm  switch,  which  uses the internal ú
 ú player, capable of playing only XM tunes.                              ú
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú As  no  page  flipping is used,  the  Interface waits for the vertical ú
 ú retrace  before drawing anything. To skip this waiting and gather some ú
 ú milliseconds,  the  user may specify  the /novsync switch. Doing this, ú
 ú however,  can decrease quality in some  cases (if there is no hardware ú
 ú blitter, synchronizing with vertical retrace does not matter anyway).  ú
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú In  case  you  do  not know,  Windows  applications  can have switches ú
 ú entered  at  commandline,  just like in  DOS  or  Linux. Accessing the ú
 ú command  line  is accomplished through the  Run command from the Start ú
 ú menu  or in Shortcut properties (right-click on a shortcut, then enter ú
 ú the switches after the program name).                                  ú
                  :         ÄÍÍ( NAVIGATING )ÍÍÄ        :
 ú It  is easy to navigate through articles both with mouse and keyboard. ú
 ú As there are two types of articles, ones with contiguous contents, and ú
 ú ones  with fixed-height pages that can contain columns, the techniques ú
 ú of scrolling them differ a bit.                                        ú
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú To scroll a typical contiguous article, the user may:                  ú
 ú - use   up/down  arrows,  which  select   links  and  scroll  articles ú
 ú   vertically by a fixed small amount (typically a line),               ú
 ú - use page up/page down keys to scroll articles by a page,             ú
 ú - press space key to precisely scroll articles down,                   ú
 ú - roll  the  mouse wheel which scrolls  articles in a way depending on ú
 ú   the wheel settings,                                                  ú
 ú - move  mouse  cursor  to the upper or  lower  edge  of the screen, to ú
 ú   scroll articles by a line,                                           ú
 : - drag the progressbar (scrollbar) thumb to quickly position articles, :
 : - click  on  the progressbar beyond the  thumb to cause scrolling by a :
 :   page,                                                                :
 : - press  home  or end key to scroll  an article to the beginning or to :
 :   the end.                                                             :
 :                                                                        :
 : To  scroll  an article with fixed  positions  (e.g. with columns), the :
 : user may:                                                              :
 : - use   up/down  arrows,  which  select   links  and  scroll  articles :
 :   vertically by a page,                                                :
 : - use page up/page down keys to scroll articles by a page,             :
 : - use  left/right  arrows,  which scroll articles  left  or right by a :
 :   column (only if there are at least two columns),                     :
 : - roll  the  mouse wheel to scroll articles  up  or down by a page per :
 |   threshold,                                                           |
 | - move  mouse  cursor  to the upper or  lower  edge  of the screen, to |
 |   scroll articles by a line,                                           |
 | - move mouse cursor to the left or right edge of the screen, to scroll |
 |   articles left or right by a column,                                  |
 | - drag the progressbar (scrollbar) thumb to quickly position articles, |
 | - click  on  the progressbar beyond the  thumb to cause scrolling by a |
 |   page,                                                                |
 | - press  home  or end key to scroll  an article to the beginning or to |
 |   the end.                                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | Some other legacy key combinations also exist:                         |
 | - shift+arrow down/up work like page down/up,                          |
 | - ctrl+home and ctrl+end work like home and end,                       |
 | - ctrl+page up and ctrl+page down also work like home and end,         |
 | - left  and  right in single-column articles  scroll  by a page up and |
 |   down.                                                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | The  user  may move between visible  links  either using left and down |
 | arrow  keys,  or pointing the links  with mouse. To enter (activate) a |
 | link  the user may press enter,  ctrl+right arrow or simply click left |
 | mouse  button  on  that link. This way  the  user enters an article or |
 | causes some external action (e.g. starts a web browser).               |
 :                                                                        :
 : To  exit  an article and return to  a previous one, the user may click :
 : right mouse button, press backspace, esc or ctrl+left arrow.           :
 :                                                                        :
 : To  quit the Interface being in the main article (e.g. menu), the user :
 : may  double  click right mouse button,  press backspace or esc. In any :
 : other article the user may press F10, alt+q or alt+x.                  :
 :                                                                        :
 : Pressing  keys  1 through 8 the user  can select a tune. Of course the :
 : actual  number  of available tunes depends  on an issue. In this issue :
 : there  are three tunes. To select  a tune entered at commandline (e.g. :
 : with /music switch), the user may press F3 key. To turn off the music, :
 : the user may press 0 key.                                              :
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú If  an  issue  (or  an  article)  contains  more  than  one background ú
 ú image/theme,  the other themes can  be selected using ctrl+number keys ú
 ú (numbers 1 through 9 are available). This issue comes along with three ú
 ú background themes.                                                     ú
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú Other available keys:                                                  ú
 ú - F1 - display help,                                                   ú
 ú - F2 - save current article to disk in HTML, if only possible,         ú
 ú - F4 - enable/disable effects (e.g. smooth scrolling) at run-time,     ú
 ú - F7 - search through articles by words,                               ú
 ú - ctrl+enter - copy selected link to clipboard.                        ú
 ú                                                                        ú
 ú What  follows  is  a list of all  switches  and keys available in this ú
 ú issue.                                                                 ú
                  :  ÄÍÍ( COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS )ÍÍÄ  :
 ú /hicolor ................ limits the Interface to use a 16bpp mode     ú
 ú /music name.ext ......... plays name.ext in background (mod/xm/s3m/it) ú
 : /xm name.ext ............ plays name.ext in background (only xm)       :
 : /noeffects .............. disables special video effects (see also F4) :
 : /novsync ................ disables synchronization with vert. retrace  :
 : /nosound ................ disables music and sound effects             :
 | /nomusic ................ disables music                               |
 | /nosfx .................. disables sound effects                       |
 | /8 ...................... limits music output to 8-bit                 |
 : /mono ................... limits music output to mono                  :
 : /22 ..................... limits music output frequency to 22050Hz     :
 : /11 ..................... limits music output frequency to 11025Hz     :
 : /gui .................... activates windowed mode                      :
 ú /windowed ............... activates windowed mode                      ú
 ú /weirdwheel ............. creates scrollbar for some mouse wheels      ú
                  :      ÄÍÍ( KEYBOARD CONTROL )ÍÍÄ     :
 ú cursor up ......... goes to previous link or scrolls upwards line-wise ú
 ú cursor down ....... goes to next link or scrolls downwards line-wise   ú
 ú cursor left ....... scrolls left column-wise or upwards page-wise      ú
 ú cursor right ...... scrolls right column-wise or downwards page-wise   ú
 ú page up ........... scrolls upwards page-wise                          ú
 ú page down ......... scrolls downwards page-wise                        ú
 ú shift+up .......... scrolls upwards page-wise                          ú
 ú shift+down ........ scrolls downwards page-wise                        ú
 : home .............. goes to the top of the article                     :
 : end ............... goes to the bottom of the article                  :
 : ctrl+home ......... goes to the top of the article                     :
 : ctrl+end .......... goes to the bottom of the article                  :
 : ctrl+page up ...... goes to the top of the article                     :
 : ctrl+page down .... goes to the bottom of the article                  :
 : space ............. pixel down (only in one-column articles)           :
 : enter ............. selects a link                                     :
 | ctrl+cursor right.. selects a link                                     |
 | ctrl+enter ........ copies an external link to the clipboard           |
 | backspace ......... exits the current article or quits                 |
 | esc ............... exits the current article or quits                 |
 : ctrl+cursor left .. exits the current article                          :
 : alt+x ............. exits to the operating system                      :
 : alt+q ............. exits to the operating system                      :
 : f10 ............... exits to the operating system                      :
 : f1 ................ displays this help text                            :
 : f2 ................ saves the article to disk in HTML                  :
 : f3 ................ selects tune entered at commandline                :
 : f4 ................ toggles (enables/disables) effects                 :
 : f7 ................ enters article search mode                         :
 ú 0 ................. stops music                                        ú
 ú 1 ................. selects tune 1 ("One of a kind" by Acumen)         ú
 ú 2 ................. selects tune 2 ("Late nights" by Andromeda/Noice)  ú
 ú 3 ................. selects tune 3 ("exclusive" by traymuss/GiRaFfE)   ú
 ú ctrl+1 ............ selects default background (by dines/blabla)       ú
 ú ctrl+2 ............ selects background from hugi17 (by Hellfire/HjB)   ú
 ú ctrl+3 ............ selects background from hugi16 (by Flood/Noice)    ú
                  :       ÄÍÍ( MOUSE CONTROL )ÍÍÄ       :
 ú move mouse to the top ................... scrolls upwards line-wise    ú
 : move mouse to the bottom ................ scrolls downwards line-wise  :
 : move mouse to the left .................. scrolls upwards page-wise    :
 : move mouse to the right ................. scrolls downwards page-wise  :
 | roll mouse wheel ........................ scrolls (depends on settings |
 | ......................................... in the Control Panel of Win) |
 | move mouse over link .................... selects a link               |
 | left mouse button on link ............... enters a link                |
 : left mouse button on progressbar ........ scrolls by a page            :
 : right mouse button ...................... exits the current article    :
 : double-click right mouse button ......... in main article: quits       :
 ú drag progressbar thumb .................. scrolls                      ú
                  :     ÄÍÍ( THE ROYAL FAMILY )ÍÍÄ      :
 ú The  Royal  Family  consists of the  members  of the former Hugi Crew, ú
 : which  is  now called Hugi Core, and  some of the people who have been :
 | most  important  for  the success of  Hugi.  Only people who have been |
 | active for Hugi and supported it with high-quality contributions for a |
 : long  time can become members of The Royal Family. The current members :
 ú are:                                                                   ú
 úú-- King and Prophet Adok. Editor, Coder. Hugi.       --úú
 úú-- Prince Chris Dragan. Coder, Editor.         --úú
 úú-- Mage Dario Phong. Coder, Editor. Hugi.   --úú
 úú-- Prince Dendrite. Musician, Coder, Editor. Hugi.  --úú
 úú-- Prince Hellfire. Coder, Graphician. Haujobb. --úú
 úú-- Prince Jabberwocky. Writer. Lower Bavaria.                       --úú
 úú-- Prince Makke. Editor, Musician. Hugi, Visuale.  --úú
 úú-- Prince Mr. SEQ. Musician. Hugi, NoLogic. úú
 úú-- Prince Psykax. Editor, Coder. Hugi.    --úú
 úú-- Prince Salami. Coder, Web-host. Nothing.                         --úú
 úú-- Prince Slash. Editor, Ascii artist. Secular.     --úú
 úú-- Prince Street Raider. Coder. DDT Entertainment.   --úú
                  :      ÄÍÍ( RELEASES SO FAR )ÍÍÄ      :
 úú--   1996/04 ú Hugendubelexpress Intro Pack         ú "intro"       --úú
 úú--   1996/05 ú Hugendubelexpress #1                 ú    --úú
 úú--   1996/08 ú Hugendubelexpress #2                 ú    --úú
 úú--   1996/11 ú Hugendubelexpress #3                 ú    --úú
 úú--   1997/01 ú Hugendubelexpress #4                 ú    --úú
 úú--   1997/03 ú Hugi #5                              ú    --úú
 úú--   1997/05 ú Hugi #6                              ú    --úú
 úú--   1997/07 ú Hugi #7                              ú    --úú
 úú--   1997/10 ú Hugi #8                              ú    --úú
 úú--   1997/10 ú Adok's Way to Assembler              ú tutorial      --úú
 úú--   1997/12 ú Hugi #9 - The Next Generation        ú    --úú
 úú--   1998/03 ú mags.faq v1.0                        ú textfile      --úú
 úú--   1997/03 ú Adok's Way to C                      ú tutorial      --úú
 úú--   1998/04 ú mags.faq v1.1                        ú textfile      --úú
 úú--   1998/04 ú Hugi #10                             ú    --úú
 úú--   1998/06 ú mags.faq v1.2                        ú textfile      --úú
 úú--   1998/06 ú mags.faq v1.3                        ú textfile      --úú
 úú--   1998/06 ú Hugi #11 - Obscene Scene Magascene   ú diskmag       --úú
 úú--   1998/09 ú Hugi #12 - The Huge Disk Mega Zine   ú diskmag       --úú
 úú--   1998/12 ú Hugi #13 - For Educational Purposes  ú diskmag       --úú
 úú--   1999/02 ú Hugi #14 - Hugi in Afghanistan       ú diskmag       --úú
 úú--   1999/05 ú Hugi #15 - Whenever You Are Alone    ú diskmag       --úú
 úú--   1999/06 ú Austrian Scene Meeting Photo Pack    ú photopack     --úú
 úú--   1999/07 ú Hugi #16 - The Royal Scene Magazine  ú diskmag       --úú
 úú--   1999/08 ú Hugi #16 - Russian Edition           ú    --úú
 úú--   1999/08 ú Hugi #17 - For International Affairs ú diskmag       --úú
 úú--   1999/08 ú Hugi #17 Bonus Pack                  ú sourcecodes   --úú
 úú--   1998/09 ú mags.faq v1.4                        ú textfile      --úú
 úú--   1999/12 ú Hugi #18 - The Eminent               ú diskmag       --úú
 úú--   1999/12 ú Hugi #18 - Russian Edition           ú    --úú
 úú--                                                                  --úú
 úú--   Moreover, we release a weekly newsletter called HugiNews.      --úú
                  :   ÄÍÍ( WE BEAM GREETINGS TO )ÍÍÄ    :
 ú $een,  303dim,  Aardbei, Abaddon, Abdur,  Abholpapi, Abyss, Acid, Acid ú
 ú Rain,  Acme,  Adet,  Aion,  Alba,  Alpha  Millennium,  Altair, Amable, ú
 ú Amnesia, Anakata, Android's Dream, Anti-Social, Appendix, Arf!Studios, ú
 ú Asoziale  Randgruppe  Frankfurt, Astroidea,  Atomik,  Autopsy, Avalon, ú
 ú Beam,   Beyond,   Bionix,   Black   Maiden,   Blasphemy,  BNC,  Bomb!, ú
 ú Boombassrecords,  Bora, BPM, Brainchild,  Byterapers, C-Lous, Calodox, ú
 ú Calvados,  Capital,  Castrum  Doloris,  Chaos Energy Group,  Centolos, ú
 ú Chalice,  Chemical Reaction,  Chroma Desire,  Chrome Design, Church of ú
 ú AntiScene,  CNCD,  Colorfast,  Comic  Pirates,  CoPro, Crazy Pinheads, ú
 ú Cryonics,  Crystal,  Crystal Tokyo Clan,  Cubic Team,  Cycla, Damones, ú
 ú Dance, Darkage, Dawn, Dawn3, Daze, Dazed, DC5, De Brasserie, Deep Deep ú
 ú Trouble  Entertainment, Defacto 2, Defect, Deltaspace, Der harte Kern, ú
 ú Deranged,   Desire,  Diffusion,  Digital  Nerds,  Digitalis,  Dilemma, ú
 ú Dinasty,  Dirty  Minds,  Dolphin,  Domino,  Doomsday,  Dope  4 Nation, ú
 ú Dragon,  Drei,  Dual  Crew  Shining,  Eichel,  Elitecrew,  Elitegroup, ú
 ú Endzeit,  Escape,  Essence, Ethos9,  Evolve,  Ex-Kolor, Ex-Tc, Exceed, ú
 ú Excess,  Excite, Exiles, Expulsion,  Extensive, F&S, Fairlight, Faith, ú
 : Fake  That, Farts Music, Fatum,  Ficken Crew, Fissure, Five Musicians, :
 : Fizz,  Flare,  Fleur, Flood, Flow,  Fobia Design, Food, Forsaken, FRC, :
 : Frequency,  Fridge, Fudge, Fun, Fungi,  Funny Makers Crew, Fuse, Gaia, :
 : Genetix,  Gods, Goferz, GP, Grinders,  Grotesque, Halcyon, Harald Kern :
 : Fanclub,  Haujobb,  Headcrash, Hellcore,  Hoax Arts, Hypermatrix, Ice, :
 : Image, Image!, Imago, Immortals, Imphobia, Index, Inferiors, Interror, :
 : Ivory, Japotek, Jecoute, Jello, Jolly, June, Just For Fun, K!Prod, K2, :
 : Kainai,  Kibosh  Ansi, Knights, Kolor,  Komplex,  Kosmic Fifty Members :
 : Foundation,  Less  Music Productions, Level-D,  Lime,  Liquid, Loaf of :
 | Brain,   Logic,  Lookain,  Mac,   Mandula,  Matrix,  Measure,  Melcom, |
 | Metaphor,   Milk,  Mingus,  Mist,  Mnemonic,  Monotonik,  Moonhunters, |
 | Moplayaz,  Moppi, Mushroom Brothers, Mystery, Mystic Bytes, Nah-kolor, |
 | Napalm,  Nebula,  Necromaniax,,  Neutron,  Nextempire, |
 : Nocturnal,  Noice, Noise, NoLogic,  Nomad, Nostalgia, Nothing, Nuance, :
 : Numb,  NWO,  Oblivion,  Obscure, October  Labs  Rendering  Corp, Odds, :
 : Officium,  Omnicolour, ONE, Ooze, Ooze  Labs, Orange, Orange Juice, P, :
 : Pain,  Parenthesis,  Peace and Love,  Pengo,  Peon, PhyMosys, Platoon, :
 : Poets of Decay, Poison Mixers, Polar Dreams, POX, Prism!, Procreation, :
 : Prometheus,  Proxium, Pulse, Purge,  Purple, Pyorrhoea, Quad, Quasars, :
 : QVC,  Radical Rhythms, Raiders Of the Lost Empire, RamJam, Razor 1911, :
 : RBI,  Recreation,  Rectum Cauda, Red,  Real Fake, Replay, Rhyme, Riot, :
 : Ritual,  Royal,  Surprise!Productions,  Sanction,  Satori,, :
 ú Scienide,  Scoopex,  Scream!, Sensory  Overload, Septic, Shizophrenia, ú
 ú Shock  Sector,  Singularity,  Smash Designs,  Solid,  Sorrox, Save Our ú
 ú Souls,  Spantobi,  Spetsnaz,  Spinning  Kids,  Standard,  Stoned Brain ú
 ú Records,   Storm,   Style,  Sublogic,   Suburban   Creations,  Sukkaz, ú
 ú Sunflower,  Sunlikamelo-D,  Superstition,  Supporters  Club, Surround, ú
 ú Suspect, Suspect Records, Suspend, Syndrome, T-Rex, tAAt, Tatanka, The ú
 ú Dark   Sun  Coders,  The  Digital  Philosophers,  Teklords,  Tektonic, ú
 ú Tequila,  Tesko, The Black Lotus, The  Coexistence, The Lost Boyz, The ú
 ú Lost Patrol, The Obsessed Maniacs, Thekool, Theloop, Theralite, Theta, ú
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