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  • HC11-1.ZIP 876B
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 `~$$$$$                                                           _aa&$$b,
   l$$$$$$$$$$$S*¿.  :$&&@a, .         $$$$$~''                    `À*›*Ùø`
   ;$$$$```^øÀ*S$$$b :$$$$ü`          .$$$$$.aa&&&$$$$œ&*¿.          :,d$$b,
   :$$$$       ;$$$$.:$$$$            .$$$$$:$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b,    ..a&&$$$$;
   :$$$$       l$$$$l:$$$$:           :$$$$$;$$$$$$$$```^üÈ*$$b,   "$$$$$$'
°° ;$$$$ °°°°° $$$$$$;$$$$:  °°°°°°°° ;$$$$$l$$$$$$$l °°°°° $$$$b,  $$$$$$: °°
   l$$$$       $$$$$$l$$$$$&*¿,._     l$$$$$l$$$$$$$;       l$$$$$b,l$$$$$:
 _,d$$*Ù       $$$&@Àü^^``^^üÀ*&$S*¿.,d$$$$$;l$$$$$$:      ,$$$$$$$l;$$$$$:
      :                          `^À*$$$$$$$:$$$$$$$'   . ` $S$$$$$;l$$$$$;
      À---->>hugi magazine #21... .   ``^^~' `øÙ*›$$Ú*ø     $$$$$$l'$$$$$$l
                                                         .ÚS$›*Ùø` ``^^~~~'ns.

   This is not Hugi 21, the magazine! This is just the bonus sourcecode
   pack, featuring some supplemental sourcecodes to the programming articles
   published in Hugi 21.

   If you do not have Hugi 20, search for it at:

   Files Overview
   --------------       7,128  Supp. to "Win32 Assembler Tutorial Chapter 4k"          876  Hugi Size Coding Competition 11 Place 1        2,537  Hugi Size Coding Competition 12 Place 1        1,709  Hugi Size Coding Competition 13 Place 1       4,314  Supp. to "Small Windows Executables"        642  Supp. to "Lousy map/texture generator"
   tp10bus!.zip     32,684  The Party 2000 bustrip information

   Legal Note
   Hugi Core & Royal Family cannot be made liable for these programs.
   Use them at your own risk.

   The Royal Family
   Enormously impressed by Prince Edward's and Sophie Rhys-Jones' royal
   wedding, Adok decided that Hugi also needed a Royal Family! So here it
   is. The Royal Family consists of the members of the Hugi Core and some
   of the people who have been of major importance for the success of
   Hugi. Only people who have been active for Hugi and supported it with
   high-quality contributions for a long time can become members of
   The Royal Family. The current members are:

   King and Prophet Adok. Editor, Coder. Hugi Core.
   Prince Chris Dragan. Coder, Editor. Hugi Core.
   Prince CoaXCable. Graphician, Musician. Hugi Core and many more.
   Mage Dario Phong. Editor, Coder. Hugi Core.
   Prince Dendrite. Editor, Musician, Coder. Hugi Core.
   Prince Ghandy. Editor. DKG, Faith, Gods, Hugi Core.
   Prince Hellfire. Graphician, Coder. Haujobb.
   Prince Jabberwocky. Editor. Lower Bavaria.
   Prince Makke. Editor, Musician. Visuale.
   Prince Mr. SEQ. Musician. NoLogic.
   Prince Psykax. Editor, Coder.
   Prince Salami. Web-host, Coder. Nothing.
   Prince Slash. Editor, Ascii artist. Secular.
   Prince Street Raider. Coder. DDT Entertainment.
   Prince Virtual. Translator. Scene, Hugi Core.

   We are thinking about abolishing monarchy and creating the Republic
   of the Hugi People. Work on the constitution is in progress.

   Releases so far
   1996/04 - Hugendubelexpress Intro Pack         - "intro"
   1996/05 - Hugendubelexpress #1                 -
   1996/08 - Hugendubelexpress #2                 -
   1996/11 - Hugendubelexpress #3                 -
   1997/01 - Hugendubelexpress #4                 -
   1997/03 - Hugi #5                              -
   1997/05 - Hugi #6                              -
   1997/07 - Hugi #7                              -
   1997/10 - Hugi #8                              -
   1997/10 - Adok's Way to Assembler              -
   1997/12 - Hugi #9 - The Next Generation        -
   1998/03 - mags.faq v1.0                        - faq
   1998/03 - Adok's Way to C                      -
   1998/04 - mags.faq v1.1                        - faq
   1998/04 - Hugi #10                             -
   1998/06 - mags.faq v1.2                        - faq
   1998/06 - mags.faq v1.3                        - faq
   1998/06 - Hugi #11 - Obscene Scene Magascene   - diskmag
   1998/09 - Hugi #12 - The Huge Disk Mega Zine   - diskmag
   1998/12 - Hugi #13 - For Educational Purposes  - diskmag
   1999/02 - Hugi #14 - Hugi in Afghanistan       - diskmag
   1999/05 - Hugi #15 - Whenever You Are Alone    - diskmag
   1999/06 - Austrian Scene Meeting Photo Pack    - photopack
   1999/07 - Hugi #16 - The Royal Scene Magazine  - diskmag
   1999/08 - Hugi #16 - Russian Edition           -
   1999/08 - Hugi #17 - For International Affairs - diskmag
   1999/08 - Hugi #17 Bonus Pack                  - sourcecodes
   1999/09 - mags.faq v1.4                        - faq
   1999/10 - Preview of Hugi #18                  - diskmag
   1999/12 - Hugi #18 - The Eminent               - diskmag
   1999/12 - Hugi #18 - Russian Edition           -
   2000/03 - Hugi.GER #1 - Back to the roots      -
   2000/04 - Hugi #19 - The Superior              - diskmag
   2000/04 - Hugi #19 Bonus Pack                  - sourcecodes
   2000/08 - Hugi #20 - The Source of Life        - diskmag
   2000/08 - Hugi #20 Bonus Pack                  - sourcecodes
   2000/09 - Hugi #20 - Russian Edition           -
   2000/09 - Hugi.GER #2 - Szeneputzen            -
   2000/09 - The Complete Source Code of Hugi #11 - sourcecodes
   2000/12 - Hugi #21 - The Devil Family          - diskmag
   2000/12 - Hugi #21 Bonus Pack                  - sourcecodes

   Besides, we release a (more or less) weekly newsletter called HugiNews.

   We beam Greetings to
   $een, 303dim, 3state, Aardbei, Abaddon, Abdur, Abholpapi, Abyss, Access
   Denied, Acid, Acid Rain, ACME, ADET, Aion, AgraVeDict, Alba, Altair,
   Amable, Amber, AMC, Amnesia, Anadune, Anakata, Android's Dream,
   Anti-Social, Appendix, Arf!Studios, Array, Aural Planet, Ashrama,
   Asoziale Randgruppe Frankfurt, Aspirine, Astroidea, Atomik, Autopsy,
   Beam, Beyond, Bionix, Blabla, Black Maiden (Germany), Black Maiden
   (Poland), Blasphemy, BNC, Bomb!, Boombassrecords, Bora, BPM,
   Brainchild, Byterapers, C-Lous, Calodox, Calvados, Capital, Castrum
   Doloris, CBX, Chaos Energy Group, Centolos, CFX, Chalice, Chemical
   Reaction, Chippendales, Chroma Desire, Chrome Design, Church of
   AntiScene, CNCD, Colorfast, Comic Pirates, CoPro, Crazy Pinheads,
   Cryogen, Cryonics, Crystal, Crystal Tokyo Clan, Cubic Team, Cycla,
   Damage, Damones, Dance, Darkage, Dark Eden, Dawn, Dawn3, Daze, Dazed,
   DC5, De Brasserie, Deep Deep Trouble Entertainment, Defacto 2, Defect,
   Deltaspace, Der harte Kern, Deranged, Desire, Despite, Devotion,
   Diffusion, Digital Nerds, Digitalis, Dilemma, Dinasty, Dirty Minds,
   Dolphin, Domino, Doomsday, Dope 4 Nation, Dragon, Drei, Dual Crew
   Shining, Eichel, El Afghano, Elitecrew, EliteGroup, Endzeit, Eremation,
   Escape, Essence, Ethos9, Eurochart, Evenflow, Evolve, Exceed, Excess,
   Exiles, Expulsion, Extensive, F&S, Fairlight, Faith, Fake That, Farts
   Music, Fatum, Ficken Crew, Fissure, Five Musicians, Fizz, Flare, Fleur,
   Flicker, Flood, Flow, Fobia Design, Food, Forsaken, FRC, Frequency,
   Fridge, Fudge, Fun, Fungi, Funktion, Funny Makers Crew, Fuse, Fusecon,
   Fuzzion, Gaia, Genetix, Geometrek, Gfxzone, GiRaFfE, Gods, Goferz, GP,
   Greenroom, Grinders, Grotesque, Halcyon, Harald Kern Fanclub, Hardcore
   Coderz, Haujobb, HeadcrasH, Hellcore, Hoax Arts, Hypermatrix, Ice,
   IMAgE, Image!, Imago, Immortals, Imphobia, Index, Inferiors, Infuse
   Project, Intense, Interror, Issue, Ivory, Jamm R., Japotek, Jecoute,
   Jello, Jolly, June, Just For Fun, K!Prod, K2, Kainai, Kibosh Ansi,
   Knights, Kolor, Komplex, Korozone, Kosmic Fifty Members Foundation,
   Lamergroup, Legend, Less Music Productions, Level-D, Lime, Liquid, Loaf
   of Brain, Logic, Lookain, Mac, Magic Dreams, Mandula, Matrix, Measure,
   Medieval, Melcom, Merge, Merregnon, Metaphor, Milk, Mingus, Mist,
   Mnemonic, Monotonik, Moonhunters, Moplayaz, Moppi, Mushroom Brothers,
   Mistery, Mystic Bytes, Nah-kolor, Napalm, Nebula, Necromaniax,, Neutron, Nextempire, NO!, Nocturnal, Noice, Noise,
   Noiseless, NoLogic, Nomad, Nostalgia, Nothing, Nuance, Numb, NWO,
   Oblivion, Obscure, October Labs Rendering Corp, Odds, Officium,
   Omnicolour, ONE, Ooze, Ooze Labs, Orange, Orange Juice, Outlaw Triad,
   P, Pain, Paragon 5, Parenthesis, Park, Peace and Love, Pengo, Peon,
   PFC, PhyMosys, Platoon, Planet, Poets of Decay, Poison Mixers, Polar
   Dreams, Popsy Team, POX, Prism!, Procreation, Prometheus, Proxium,
   Psytech, Purge, Purple, Pyorrhoea, Quad, Quasars, QVC, Radical Rhythms,
   Raiders Of The Lost Empire, RamJam, Razor 1911, RBI, Rebound,
   Recreation, Rectum Cauda, Red, real.fake, Replay, Rhyme, Riot, Ritual,
   Royal, Surprise!Productions, Sanction, Satori,, Scenial,
   Scienide, Scoopex, Scream!, Secular, Sensory Overload, Septic, Shine,
   Shizophrenia, Shock Sector, Singularity, Smash Designs, Solid, Sorrox,
   Save Our Souls, Socrates, Sodium Spray, Spantobi, Spetsnaz, Spinning
   Kids, Standard, Stoned Brain Records, Storm, Style, ST News, Sublogic,
   Suburban Creations, Sukkaz, Sunflower, Sunlikamelo-D, Sunray,
   Superstition, Supporters Club, Surround, Suspect, Suspect Records,
   Suspend, Syndrome, T-Rex, tAAt, Talent, Tatanka, Teenage, The Dark Sun
   Coders, The Digital Philosophers, Teklords, Tektonic, Tequila, Tesko,
   The Black Lotus, The Coexistence, The Lost Boyz, The Lost Patrol, The
   Obsessed Maniacs, The Neonray, Thekool, Theloop, Theralite, The Solar
   Group, Theta, The Underground Periodical, Tokyo Dawn Records, Tpolm,
   Trauma, Trebel, Trinity, Tristar Red Sector Inc, TSCC, TUM, tWANA0!,
   Twilight, Two Headed Squirrel, TZT, Unik, United Cracking Force, United
   Trackers, UniVerse, Vacuum, Vantage, Vertigo, Vinilo, Vinyl, Virtual
   Illusions, VisualE, Way-X, Wilby, Wild Bits, Winter In July, Wipe, Wire
   Maniacs, Witchcraft, Woorlic, X-Seed, Xography, Xpiriax, Xtatic, Yedi
   Records, Zero Or One, #Chscene, #Codefr, #Coders, #Coders.Ger, #Demofr,
   #Demoscene, #Ilcoders, #Kotraum, #Pixel, #Polishscene, #Riot, #Scene,
   #Scene.CS, #Scene.SE, #Special, #Suomiscene, #Swedescene, #Szene.Ger,
   #Thescene, #Trax, #Traxfr & all other sceners, scientists and cool

      :::==> Hugi Core & Royal Family 2000. <==:::