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         The Quasi-Official List of Demo Hidden Parts, Keys, and Tricks
                  Revision 20 - 23 8 2001 - by Phoenix[Hornet]
             Available at
                 Current maintainer of the list is rod/mandula.

  About any demo/intro with a "*?*" next to it... if you know how to get
  to the part mentioned, email me at and I will update the
  list! Be sure to send any interactive keys, parameters, or other demo
  tricks as well!

  Anything with a "*new*" next to it has been added or changed since the
  last revision.

  Thanks to those who have contributed to the list (especially SunmaN/Throb),
  their names are given in parentheses after their given entries.

What's new?

  New secret part in "BCN Party 2000 Invitation", "Could Be You", "Fungi",
  "Horizontal Cool", "Oldskool Trippin'", "Retro", "True Evil Witch",
  Interactive keys in "Kasparov", "Heaven 7" final, "Dope"
  Hidden editor of "Kasparov"
  Fake hidden part in "Azoic"
  Secret command line parameters in "Consequence", "Rare", "Euphoria"
  A quick hack to make "Wish" work on your machine if it refuses to
Secret Parts

"Abbey Road" by Dawn 3 (Party 7)
  Run the demo with the parameter "linux_rules" to get to one hidden part,
  or "bullshit" to get another. (- Brain Power)

"The Accident" by Axidental (ASM '94)
  Type "accident l" to replace the first main tune with a hidden S3M
  made by LakEEE who coded and made gfx for much of the demo.  It's quite
  good compared to the rest of the music in the demo.(- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Air" by Xes (Abd '96)
  Hold down the scroll lock key when it says "measuring average
  temperature" for a hidden part. (- rod)

"All in the Name of Bum" by Mr.Bios (Wired'96)
  Move the cursor after the last textline and press ENTER to
  see the hidden part. (- rod)

"Assembler Instinct" by Gollum (Party 3)
  Type "1924" when the "Gollum 1993" line is in the middle of the screen.
  We can't tell you exactly what happens, because I couldn't get to this
  part and the contributor's monitor messed up. (- rod)
  Supposedly there are two more secret parts.

"Azoic" by Chrysalis *new*
  The infofile mentions a hidden part, but there isn't any. It's only
  a joke. (- SunmaN)

"Babytro" by Nostalgia (1995)
  Use the "-karaoke" parameter to see a secret part.  It's a message
  to Aap/Acme who promised to deliver something but didn't. (- JAL[Nostalgia])

"BCN Party 2000 Invitation" by Fuzzion (LTP'4) *new*
  Type "bcn00inv.exe trazzzasuxxx" to see a hidden picture during the
  intro. (- gekko)

"Beyond" by Code & Light Sorcerers (Antiq'98)
  Hidden parameters: "/d" "/#" "/@". It's written in the textfile. (- rod)

"Broken" by Malixa (1997)
  Run the demo with the parameter "/sh" to see the hidden part. (- rod)

"Bunzli 5 Party Report" by Calodox (1997)
  Click on the bubbles in the lower right corner for the hidden part.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Cardiac" by Infiny (Party 3)
  Type "cardiac 187" to enter the secret part! It is some extra gfx,
  with a "musicdisk player" from which you can select any of the songs
  included in the demo. (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Could Be You" by Acid Rain (Dreamhack'99) *new*
  If you hold down keys 'h', 'i', 'r', 'm', 'u' and left shift during the
  demo, you should get into a secret part. Note! This trick needs a super
  duper keybuffer and I've never seen this working on any other computer
  than Droid's. :) (- Melwyn[Haujobb])

"Dentro" by Ultraforce (1992)
  Pressing Control, RightShift, F9, Gray Plus, then 0 will show a
  picture of the coders.  It works in the section with the scroll.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Emissions #2 musicdisk" by Ethos 9
  The interface bears a secret tune - just press ctrl-f9 to make the
  whole screen accessable via mouse and then click on the m of the
  emissions logo. (- Assign[Ethos 9])

"Emissions #3 musicdisk" by Ethos 9 (1997)
  The c64-intro contained in the musicdisk bears a giana sisters c64-
  clone, just press F9 to compress "e9-giana.exe". (- Assign[Ethos 9])

"Encore" by TPOLM (Party 5)
  Type "encore ninja!" for a few lines of text, and "encore metrilaku"
  for the hidden part. (- Zsazs)
  (not too hidden, since they can be found by "encore -?")

"Epic" by Zuul Design (1994)
  Typing "epic desing" (note the "ng" in "design") will go to the secret
  part of this demo.(- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Exodus" by Dosis (Arroutada Party '97)
  Use any of the following parameters to enter the hidden part:
  hidden, dosis, matrix, geiger, richie, tonecho, panoramix, exodus.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Explicit" by Hornet (final version) *?*
  (also see the interactive keys section)

"Fleur 3" by Dilemma/Dinasty/Exceed (1999)
  Start with the parameter "/schumi" to get a hidden article dedicated
  to d-lee/exceed at the end of the article index. (- rod)

"Fruitcake" by Deus (ASM'95)
  Hold down the Left Shift key at start to make it say there's no secret
  part, hold down the Right Shift key at start to show a hidden fruit.
  (- rod)

"Fungi" (party version!) by Throb (Paradox 2k) *new*
  Enter password "iamcornholyo" at the sphere scene with text and particles,
  and you'll get a hidden part at the end of the intro. We can't tell you
  exactly what happens there, because the intro hangs up at this part for us.
  (- SunmaN)

"Giant Steps musicdisk" by Carlos (2000) *?*
  There are two hidden tunes. I made them secret, so it's your task to find
  them :). (- rod)

"Grey" by Abaddon (Party 4)
  There are some hidden lines in the end scroller.  Set your CPU date to
  12/28/94 and time to 16:00. (- rod)

"Greetro" by SiN
  Press F12 during the demo for the secret part. (- Zden[SiN])

"Groovy" by Bomb (Volcanic'98)
  There are hidden messages, try "-nix", "-gaffer", "-statix", "-unreal".
  Run with the parameter "-made" to save a gif (it's written in the help).
  (- rod)

"Hidden Talents" by Acme (1996)
  The key-combo for the secret game is "JF". For some reason it's
  pretty addicting. ;) (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Horizontal Cool" by CNCD (Asm'01) *new*
  Press '0' for a tetris game. Other hidden keys are f1 - restart, alt or
  f10 - pause (- rod)

"Images" by Epical (ASM '94)
  Type "Data Fnx!" to get the hidden part. It is case sensitive!  When
  you exit the hidden part, your machine will NOT get stuck.  Sometimes
  the demo just forgets to go into text mode. (- Feenix[Epical])

"Imphobia #11" by Imphobia (1995)
  Press F5 for a XMas-chiptune. F6 does the same thing as F4, AFAIK.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Journey" by Keen Like Frogs (1994)
  Type "JOURNEY /HIDDEN" (all caps) to go to the hidden part.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Kasparov" (final version) by Elitegroup (TP'99) *new*
  Start with parameters "-s edit" to enter the hidden editor.
  (- d-lee[exceed])
  (see the interactiv keys section as well)

"Lisa" by Eclipse (GASP '95)
  Type "LISA ASIL" for a hidden screen. (- Remdy[Arkham])
  In the hidden part, press Space to bounce the credits, and F1-F9 to
  change the volume anywhere in the demo.

"LSD" by Code & Light Sorcerers (Scenest/Rage'98)
  Hidden parameters: /d /# /@. It's written in the textfile of their Beyond
  intro. (- rod)

"Milkshake" (final version) by Revelation (Wired'97)
  Start with the parameter "-t" to enter a secret terminal part, here comes
  some words to try:
  "z", "kloon", "help", "shocker", "pulpe","milkshake", "rommel", "case",
  "thorin", "heineken", "bouffe", "babyloon", "bill", "linux", "revelation",
  "zz", "darky", "narcotic", "rez", "ribbon", "ckc", "clary", "wired",
  "warez", "mp3", "remdy", "zoop", "biere", "beer", "y", "dir", "ls", "vote",
  "slayer", "sgt", "slayer", "sing", "axxel", "sokan", "asie", "fou",
  "gooroo", "cliff", "coop", "wondy", "decibel", "deep", "freezer", "baloo",
  "haplo", "hellflip", "stack", "hanx", "guille", "meteor", "maf", "thorax",
  "mad", "axe", "weed", "zerkman", "dr", "k-os", "radio24", "ntsc", "shazz",
  "rem", "hannibal", "therapy", "dentifrice", "eufrosyne", "cocoon", "jff",
  "exmortis", "dgm", "triloxy", "syndrome", "dsk", "jinrikish", "jon",
  "aegis", "x-men", "kronembourg", "procreation", "createur", "shine",
  (- Cyclops & rod)

"MS '98 Invitation" by Cubic (1998)
  Press 1 to see a hidden vector if you have a secondary Hercules display.
  (- Doj[Cubic])

"Mutha" by Astroidea (Cache '96 autumn)
  Set all your keyboard leds to enter the secret part at the end. (- rod)

"NAID Report" by Hornet (1995)
  Type "naidrpt /baygle" or "naidrpt /esel" (dejavu) and go to the color
  pix to see the secret text and hear the secret tune (Snowman's 20MC 2
  entry!).  Hey Trixter, this one was almost TOO easy. :)
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"No Means No" by Distortion
  Type "nomeans c" for the hidden scroller. (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Oldskool Trippin'" by Haujobb (Asm2k) *new*
  Use the "-dope" parameter to watch the demo in a different way.
  (- d-lee[exceed])

"Ortay" by Blocc (1997)
  Put any param in commandline to get the hidden part. (- SunmaN)

"Overdrive" by Astroidea (Rage '97)
  There's a hidden message in the file, search for 'hidden'.  (- rod)

"Pink And Silly" by Deus (1995)
  Hold down the Left Shift key during the loadup to go to the secret part.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Plan 9" by Nowadays (1998)
  Press "b" twice in the main scroller part for some bubble bobble stuff.
  (- Dake[Calodox])

"Planet Superfish" by Blocc (Icing '97) *?*
  I couldn't figure it out, but they said they would give a two-weeks
  vacation :). (- rod)

"Plastik" by Chrome (Scenest '97)
  Set the environment variable "firg" to "rulez" (C:\>set firg=rulez) to
  see the hidden part. (- rod)

"Pressure" by Kloon (Saturne '96)
  Press "w" during the startup screen. (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Retro" by Cubic/$een (Assembly '97) *new*
  Type "scala" during the demo to see a hidden picture. If you have a
  hercules monitor it will feature a secret part showing KB/Smash Designs.
  (- Doj[Cubic])

"Romeo" by ps - iceball - rez (Trax '00)
  Run a ripper (for example mrip) on the exe, because it's linked with
  Xlink, then type romeoo.exe klinky slut jessica. Xlink does not sends
  command line parameters to the linked exe, that's why extraction is
  necessary. (- rod)

"Scenery '97 Invitation Intro" by Xtatic (1997)
  Type HAPPI BUM (all in capitals) for an, err 'interesting' message.
  (- Goblin[Xtatic])

"Scenest '97 Invitation Intro" by Astroidea (1997)
  Run with the parameter "shock!rulez" to see the hidden part.
  (- rod & Melan[Astroidea])

"Second Reality" by Future Crew (ASM '93)
  Type "second u" to go to the hidden part, which is a starfield that gets
  _really_ filled up.  This is probably the best known of the hidden parts.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Sehabla Routines" by Jamm (Juhla 2 '95)
  Press "u" during the intro to launch the secret part. (- rod)

"Shian Lee" by Bomb (Volcanic 3)
  Press F1 right after the first video sequence.  This is written in the
  exe file of their demo Eden, along with some other messages (search
  for 'hidden' in eden.exe). (- rod)

"Shine #1 diskmag" (1997)
  Press "u" to see the hidden picture. (- Baloo[Replay])

"Shine #5 diskmag" (1999)
  Go to charts click on bottom left and type "laser" (press enter) and you
  will get a nifty sun eclipse effect joke :) (- Baloo[Replay] + ps[evolve])

"Show" by Majic 12 (Hammering '94)
  You can get to the hidden part by downloading "SHOWSECR.ZIP" or
  "SECRET12.ZIP" (available on and probably other places).
  The picture is from the title screen of their 1993 "Wish" demo.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Sphere" by Mortal Compact (Cache'96 autumn)
  Press space at the end when the mortal compact logo appears for
  some hidden spheres. (- rod)

"Spiceless" by Astroidea (Antiq '97)
  Use the "/katasztrofa" parameter for a hidden part. (- rod & Goblin[Xtatic])

"Square" by Pulse (Party 7)
  Type "square dogshit" for the hidden picture. (- rod)

"Squeezed" (final version) by Nomad & Bomb (LTP '98)
  Press the "N" key for a hidden camera view in the underground part.
  (- dines/blabla & rod)

"Strange Feelings" by Extreme (Party 4)
  Rename x3m_sf.005 to x.exe and run with x.exe X. (- rod)

"Sunflower" by Pulse (Gravity '97)
  Use the parameter "-fuck" for a surprise in the final vector scene,
  and "-programmer" for a birthday message.
  Secret messages: -compile, -antony, -made, -falcon, -femeanine, -maf,
  -tudor, -balrog, -louie, -danny, -silvere, -aap, -oneill
  (- Unreal[Pulse] & Goblin[Xtatic] & SunmaN)

"Supermaxwel" by rECTUM cAUDA (Bush Party 4)
  Set all your keyboard leds to see "Superhindu". (- rod)

"Stereo" by Replay (Pool Position '98)
  Unpack the stereo.exe xlink archive with a ripper program (for example
  mrip), then run bradpitt.exe with parameter "/BRADPITT" and you will see
  a picture of Poison/Blocc in the background. (- Baloo[Replay])

"Things Change" by Proxima (1996)
  Hold down the Left Shift key to see the secret part. (- rod)

"Toddlers Terror" by Spirit (1994)
  Press the Ctrl key for the hidden fractal when the scroller ends and
  some effects are coming up. (- rod)

"True Evil Witch" by Haujobb (LTP4) *new*
  Switch -hirmu allows you to get into a secret part.
  (- d-lee[exceed] & Melwyn[Haujobb])

"Vesisade" by Chaos (Abd '95)
  Hold down the "1" key while the pic of the girl disappears for some
  extra text with the warped cube. (- rod)

"Warp" by Legend Design (ASM '94)
  Typing "warp -esel" will take you to what looks like the end scroller,
  but talks about what Legend Design _really_ thought about Assembly '94,
  and some other things. (- Phoenix[Hornet])
  (also see the interactive keys section)

"Wavy" by Eclipse
  Type "WAVY EL" for a secret part. (- Remdy[Arkham])

"Wired '95 Report" by Eclipse (1995)
  Click on the Pi in the lower right corner and type "eclipse" or "zeug"
  to see a bonus picture. (- David Liebermann & Remdy[Arkham])

"Wired '96 Report" by Imphobia/Legend Design (1996)
  Try typing the following in the report: NOMORESECRETS, DREAMS, ESEL,
  and UFO. (- Darkness[Imphobia])

"Wired '97 Invitation Demo (#2)" by Imphobia/Acme (1997)
  Type DREAMS and fly through the "Dreams CD" wall in the start tunnel for
  a hidden room, and BIRTHDAYCAKE for the editor ... btw, try LOVE too :)
  (- Gonzo[Green] & Darkness[Imphobia])

"Wired '97 Report" by Imphobia (1998)
  Type GOO or GLASS in the report.  There's a third one for another Dreams CD
  giveaway which I haven't yet found. (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Wireless" by Moonflow (Core 2001) *new*
  Use the parameter "/nibbles" to play a nibbles game (- rod)

"Xmas '97 Intro" by Xtatic (1997)
  Type "xmas isawgafferkissingsantaclaus" for the hidden part.
  (- Goblin[Xtatic])

"Yahoo XMas Demo '94" by Yahoo Team (1994)
  Press the 's' key for snowballs.  It's pretty obvious because it's written
  in the text. (- rod)

Interactive Keys/Parts

"After Seks" by Replay (Bush Party 6)
  Press 'S' for a screenshot. (- rod)

"Bjoer" by Tpolm (2000) windows version
 Press Alt to freeze the demo, it works in windowed mode only. (- rod)

"Contrast" (final version) by Oxygene (Saturne '96)
  Hold down the space bar for a CPU-usage meter. (- Viper[Serenity])

"Distance'99 Invitation" by Replay
  Press 'S' for a screenshot. (- rod)

"Dope" by Complex *new*
  Press the left mouse button to change the texture of the rotating cat.
  (- robson[exceed])

"Dreams" by Kosmic (Party 6)
  With the "-secret" parameter, you can fly around in the "space kangaroo"
  part.  Use the mouse to steer, and A/Z to go forward/backward.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Eden" by Bomb (Party 7) *?*
  There are supposedly some "cheat codes" for this.

"Elements" by Xography (ASM '93)
  Press K & S together during the vectorball part to activate "debug mode".
  Then press F1-F10 & 1-0 to change objects and +/- to change distance.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Explicit" by Hornet (NAID '96)
  Hold down Ctrl for debug info, and press Grey +/- to change the music
  pattern. (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Flight" by Kosmic (NAID '95)
  During the first voxel-landscape:
    Arrows - Move       W - Increase altitude     S - Decrease altitude
  During the vector spaceship approaching the earth:
    Arrows - Move camera    PgUp/PgDn - Raise/lower camera
    CTRL while the above keys will rotate the ship around each axis
  If you tap a key during the second voxel part (with spaceship) you can use
  the following keys:
    Arrows - Move                     UP     - Thrust ship forward
    W      - Increase altitude        DOWN   - Thrust ship backward
    S      - Decrease altitude        CTRL and UP   - Zoom into ship
    +      - increase movement speed  CTRL and DOWN - Zoom away from ship
    -      - decrease movement speed  PgUp/PgDn     - Raise/lower camera
    R      - Rotate camera around the ship
    F      - Rotate camera in opposite direction
  During the seagull credit sequence:
    F1/F2/F3 - Low/Medium/High ground detail
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"HeartQuake" by Iguana (ASM '94)
  During the Comanche-landscape part:
    Arrow keys (gray) - fly around         A - restart
    PgUp/PgDn (gray) - change altitude     D - toggle low/high detail
  Also, the Space bar skips each part.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Heaven 7" (final version) by Exceed (MS2k) *new*
  Press space for a fps counter. (- rod)

"Inside" by CNCD (TG '96)
  Press 'S' to save the screen to a TGA file. (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Kasparov" by Elitegroup (TP'99) *new*
  Move the mouse downwards, so the (invisible) pointer is at the bottom of
  the screen, press the mouse button to stop the demo and with left-right
  moves you can jump in the timeline of the demo. It will then continue at
  that position if you press the mouse button again. (- Doj[Cubic])
  (also see the secret parts section)

"Kkowboy" by Purple and Blasphemy (final version) (The Party'98)
  Press 'S' for a screenshot. (- d-lee[exceed])

"Mayhem" by Incognita (Euskal '97)
  Start the demo with mayhem /icgrulez to activate interactive mode. (- rod)
  (the arrow and PgUp/Dn keys work with the 3d objects)

"Moral Hard Candy" by Blasphemy (SE'99)
  Press 'S' for a screenshot 's'. (- d-lee[exceed])

"NewIntro" by Majic 12 (1993)
  Press the Up Arrow key during the airplane part to play a game.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"New Years intro 1996" by Gaffer (1996)
  Press Space to toggle the 'Happy New Year' (I think it was mentioned in
  the .nfo file). (- Goblin[Xtatic])

"No" by Nooon (Party 4)
  The Einstein-rotating-plane part can be controlled with the Q/W/E/R/T/Y/
  A/S/D/F keys. (- Diskhawk[FJ])

"Plastik" by Purple (Summer Encounter '98)
  Hold down the left shift for a FPS counter. (- rod)

"Point Zero BBSTRo" by Xtatic
  Press CTRL-S to toggle the scrolly, so you can just enjoy the beautiful
  galaxy effect. (- Goblin[Xtatic])

"Saint" by Halcyon (ASM '97)
  'space' freezes the screen (music continues), 'a' removes some foreground
  vector objects, 's' removes some background vector objects, 'd', 'x', 'y'
  and some other keys (?) have fx, too, but I don't know how to describe
  them. :) (- Malte Clasen)

"Slideshow #1" by Abaddon
  Press Shift while scrolling the config screen left to see the credits.
  (- Tomcat[Abaddon] & rod)

"Toasted" by Cubic Team & $een (ASM '96)
  Run "ctstoast mouse" with the final version to fly around both landscape
  parts in the first part.  Use mouse to steer, left button to move
  forward, and right button to toggle steer/pitch.  Unfortunately, you
  only get as much time as you would normally see.
  (- Doj[Cubic])
  Note: some mouse drivers cause the demo to crash in this mode.

"Tribes" (party version) by Melon & Pulse (The Party '97)
  Press 'I' during the demo for an inspection console. Type 'help' and have
  fun. This doesn't work with the final version. (- Yarpen[Substance])

"Warp" by Legend Design (ASM '94)
  Try the following key combinations during the bugfixed version:
    LDLEDS - keyboard LEDs       LDSKIP - skip to next section
    LDQUIT - back to DOS         LDFORMAT - didn't want to risk this one :)
  And type 'AN' during the Nephertiti part for a surprise effect!
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Why" by Adrar Design (CAF '95)
  Another interactive landscape - press F12 during the voxel, then
    Left/Right - change direction     PgUp/PgDn - change altitude
  (- David Liebermann)

"X14" by Orange (Juhla 2 '95)
  Hold down the space bar for a CPU-usage meter.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Zilog" by Sunflower (Gravity '99)
  Hold down 'space' for an info bar displaying fps, music row/pos,
  video mode and playback device. Press 'f12' in Zilog final version
  for a screenshot (- rod)

Command Line Parameters

"Absolute" by Paradroids (TG'99)
  /save		saves 6 textures in tga format
  /load		loads precalculated data
  /setup	video mode setup
  /?		prints the parameters above
  (- Sarix[Quad])

"Angeldust 2" by Astroidea and Chrome (Jumper '97)
  Use parameters like /nagyonelvont, /elegelvont, /kicsitelvont.
  Maybe these parameters control the blurring, smoothing level, they don't
  make a big difference at all.
  /buta           stupid hungarian text at startup.
  /dance          I don't know what this does. (- rod)

"Cack 2" by DC5 (Party 7)
  Type any of the names in the greets scroller, or any of the following,
  as a parameter to get a hidden message - axl, basehead (or base), cyberc,
  dennisc (or dc), diablo, floss, gd, k8to, necros, phoenix, skie.  Type
  "cack2 warp#" where # is between 1 and E (hex :) to jump to a certain
  part (no music).  Finally, "cack2 -nosound", required by the compo rules,
  is a bonus part. (btw, I coded this demo and maintain this list, so I guess
  I know all this anyway :) (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Consequence" by Throb (2000) *new*
  Run the intro with parameter -v and type MANWE (in upper case), RANDOM,
  ROD, UNREAL, UPI, VAG, WARHAWK for hidden messages.  (- SunmaN)

"Dive" by Universe
  The command line switch "made" saves a hidden picture on the disk.
  (- SunmaN)

"Dyspepsia" by Blank (1994)
  Here are some parameters to try: /speed, /blank, /fishfax, /fun, /v*bis,
  /esc (- rod)

"Eden" by Bomb (Party 7)
  Type the filename of the module as the parameter to run the demo with
  different music. (- rod)

"Elektroniks" by Doomsday (Party 7)
  -fm             "fake-mode" resolution
  -shot           save screen shot with the S key
  -loop           loop demo
  (also see the other tricks section) (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Emergency" by The Surrounders (NAID '96)
  info            read the credits part
  nosurround      disable surround sound
  nosound         disable music
  nointeg         skip integrity check
  volmax #        max. log volume (?)
  volsurr #       max. surround volume
  part #          start demo at part #, where # =
    1 - beginning  2 - title screen  3 - spaceship pic  4 - landscape  5 - flag
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Euphoria" by Throb (MindResources 2001) *new*
  Run intro with '-v' in the commandline, which means manual videomode selection,
  then input one of the following passwords (in upper case): MANWE, UPI, RANDOM,
  some more ones. (- SunmaN)
"Facts of Life" by Witan (Party 2)
  Like with Unreal, you can run "facts p#" to get to a specific
  part of the demo.  I think "p5" is the house-techno part.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Final Boom" by Spirit (Bizarre '95)
  loop            loops the intro
  realnames       shows credits with real names
  shownotes       shows notes (obvious?)
  slowCPUpolys    each torus = 100 polys
  morepolys       each torus = 270 polys (same as normal?)
  complexpolys    each torus = 625 polys
  spiritpolys     each torus = 729 polys
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"The Final Experience" by United Force (Flag '98)
  -hu             Hungarian text
  -uk             English text
  -de             German text
  -es             Spanish text
  -fr             French text
  -firg           weird Hungarian stuff
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Images" by Epical (ASM '94)
  "DATA SPACE" (all caps) starts the demo at the Space part.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Jizz" by The Black Lotus (Wired '97)
  You can rip all the graphics by typing "jizz /pandora", and the music
  with "jizz /mp4".  (- Jace/Probe[TBL])

"KFMTV 2 (Nightvision)" by Kosmic (1996)
  showjmx         shows a picture of the coder
  lights          flashes the keyboard lights during the demo
  playgame        play the hidden game (mouse required)
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Legend" by Impact Studios (Party 3)
  Run "legend -cpu" to display a CPU usage "meter" throughout the demo.
  The higher the grey level, the less power the CPU is using.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"NAID '96 Slideshow" by Hornet (1996)
  Type "naidrp96 -8086" to activate the extra (low res :) video modes.
  (-  Phoenix[Hornet])

"Overdrive" by Astroidea (Rage '97)
  Start with "overdriv /buzifinnek" for Hungarian texts instead of English.
  BTW, 'buzi finnek' means gay Finns in Hungarian :) (- rod)

"Plan B" by Xevius (Summer Encounter '96)
  Here are the command line options, hidden ones are in braces. (- rod)
  config          configures soundcard settings
  bw              forces use of standard VGA in black & white
  fake            forces use of faked 12bit mode in tweaked VGA
  retrace         enables retrace check
  noload          disables pre-loading of datafiles
  help            displays the first 6 parameters
  mem             (displays memory usage at the end of the demo)
  debug           (shows debug info while watching the demo)

"Psygazer" by Xevius (Summer Encounter '97)
  Options, hidden ones are in parentheses. (- rod)
  config          configures video and soundcard settings
  sound           configures soundcard settings
  video           configures video settings
  bw              forces use of standard VGA in black & white
  fake            forces use of faked 12bit mode in tweaked VGA
  hicolor         forces use of linear 15bit mode
  retrace         enables retrace check
  novbuf          disables video buffering
  smooth          enables scanline-smoothing
  lowmem          minimize memory requirements
  nofades         disable colorfades
  help            displays this text
  blazer          (debug mode)
  raster          (raster timing)
  cpu             (cpu timing in debug mode)
  mem             (memory measurement in debug mode)
  profile         (pentium profiling in debug mode)
  mode:           (set graphics resolution ie.mode:320x400)
  modes           (show available vesa modes)
  coloring        (interactive coloring)
  compiler        (show compiler info)
  password:       (password protection)
  data:           (use external datafile)
  hideo:          (use external music)
  bugtrace        (debug trace: trace.txt)
  led             (use LED's in debug trace)
  superhelp       (super-user-help)
  Some of the superuser options requires a password which is 'xcvs'.

"Pure" by Quad (The Party '98)
  /setup	set video mode.
  /save		save all data to disk
  /load 	reload all data
  There are no "hidden command line switches", although the infofile
  hints at it.  They have planned some hidden messages, but they had to
  remove them due to size limitation when decided to put one more effect,
  the last raytrace part in the intro. (- Sarix[Quad])

"Rare" (final version) by Genesis (Euskal'99) *new*
  Use parameters -h and -hidden to get hidden messages. Type
  "rare -maribel clara" to watch a randomized version of the intro with
  different textures. (- SunmaN)

"Saturday" by Spirit new Style (X '97)
  -debug          debug mode? Esc to quit
  -MagicMode      change screen resolution
  -write4kb       ??
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Sink" by Pulse (The Party '97)
  -tgas           saves pictures (look strange; problem with the code?)
  -save           saves precalculated data
  -load           uses saved data
  WARNING: -save has been known to write over FAT, so be careful. (- rod)

"Slide" by Triple (Bush Party 5)
  Press 'S' (shift+s) when the intro asks for the gus port for saving all
  the textures, and 'L' (shift+l) for loading data from disk.
  (- Sarix[Quad])

"Tahma" by Recreation (TDMC 2)
  Type "Tahma jee" for choosing the screen resolution of the demo.
  (It's written in the textfile.) (- rod)

"Theta" by Quad (Wired '98)
  Press 'S' or 'L' (in upper case) when the intro asks you about the gus
  port number, it saves or loads data (music and textures) on/from disk.
  (- SunmaN)

Other Tricks

If you have the EGG 2 music disk by Kosmic and Airframe by Prime try this
 one. Go into EGG and *start playing* one of the songs.  Press ESC after a
 few patterns, quit and then go and run Airframe. Lo and behold, Airframe
 is now running at twice the speed you are used to.  Ditto for Cyboman II.
 (- Maverick[Serenity], taken from DemoNews #88, April 30, 1995)
 [If I recall correctly I tried this and it didn't work.. maybe Mav just
 has a funny-acting GUS :) -Phx]

"303" by Acme
  Any key you press will jump an effect, you can watch them
  until the musicsync catches on. (- ps & d-lee[exceed])

"Avena Kinetik" by Distortion (1995)
  There's a 3ds ascii file at the end of the exefile, which you
  can modify to change the object in the demo. I don't know
  whether it is the secret part or not but it's silly. (- rod)

"Cyboman 2" by Complex (Party 4)
  If you run Cyboman 3 by Plant, then run this intro, the shading in
  Cyboman 2 will go from gouraud to flat. (- Trixter[Hornet])

"Dance, Move, Shake" by Kosmic (1997)
  For fun, change the speed of DMS.S3M from 4 to 2 and watch the demo fly.
  If you're bored, you might want to try changing it to 8 too. :)
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Dyslexia" by Threesome (NAID'96)
  Run Dyslexia on the following days and the wormhole graphic will change:
    10/31 - Halloween
    12/25 - Christmas
    12/14 - Ms. Saigon's birthday
     1/21 - Kneebiter's birthday
     3/12 - Mobydisk's birthday
      4/7 - Tronster's birthday
  (- Kneebiter[Threesome])

"Elektroniks" by Doomsday (Abd '97)
  This demo lets you compose your own demo using the same exefile.
  Download "DSYS33.ZIP" (available at
  for the description of the scripting language.
  It can be used in "I Wish I Was a Skijumper", "Boost", "Stigma" and
  "Off" as well. (- MRI[Doomsday])

"Heartquake" by Iguana (ASM '94)
  If you rename HEARTQ.004 to some .EXE (except HEARTQ) and run it, you will
  be able to fly around in the landscape part forever (see keys above).
  Also, the "Iguana's Disco" guy doesn't dance (no music?).  This EXE ends
  at the morphing part, so hitting space bar during that will crash the demo.
  (- Kneebiter[Threesome])

"Latex" by Blank (Symp '96)
  If you press Escape at the beginning of the 'World Domina' face part,
  you'll then be shown the inside of the head, which still manages to morph
  into the inflating/exploding one.
  (- Phoenix[Hornet])

"Magic View" by Dubius (Abd '96)
  Search for 'configuration' in mview.exe and you will find the configuration
  file of the first part of the demo. Now you can change the resolution (logos
  will be messed) and some other things. Config files for other parts lies
  just one after another. (- Yarpen[Substance])

"Stars" by Nooon (ASM '95)
  If you have a dual-monitor system (Hercules+VGA), the
  Hercules display will show a Nibbles-type game which you can play.
  (- Cool-Hands)

"Wish" by Majic 12 (In Bloom '93) *new*
  If Wish doesn't work on your machine and says "File error", try to
  write byte 75h at offset 21Ah in the file wish.exe. (- SunmaN)
"Xtal" by Complex (1995)
  You can remove the 50Hz mode by writing byte C3 into
  offset 10C50E in the XTAL.EXE, but that pretty much spoils the demo.
  (- JMagic[Complex])