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this week question of the week:

        Will the mekka results be fair? Or atleast not tweaked with?

last week question of the week and reactions:

        > What is the listing of your typical 10 demos/intros viewing marathon?

        There is no typical marathon, but I\'ll try to remember
        what we (hmm hmm) watched last time when spending a nice
        ordinary evening at my place.
        Orange: Deesbab
        Doomsday: Stigma
        Halcyon: From My Heart
        Sunflower: Zilog
        Hellcore: Bakkslide 7
        Kooma: Ro Bott
        Halcyon: Hplus
        COMA: Punishment^X
        TPOLM: Intro
        MFX: Within Minutes

        my trip :
        /* starting on msdos */
        1:    te2rb
        2:    bakkslide 7
        /* after 2 demos the monitor is hot enough, i can see colors */
        3:    square
        4:    the fulcrum
        5:    73 million seconds
        6:    megablast    (crash at the end , reboot button pressed)
        /* starting windows */
        7:    codename chinadoll
        8:    xtal2
        9:    kkowboy
        10:  moral hard candy

        1. Vivid Experiment / DSD    (best ever)
        2. Boost / DSD    (going on with Doomsday :-) )
        3. Genocyd / GMF    (boost the bass and get the room dark, feeling
        strongly demo-ish)
        4. Second Reality / FC    (classic, always nice to watch)
        5. Toasted / Cubic Team & $een    (nice surround fx)
        6. Machines of Madness / Dubius    (psychodelic quick fix)
        7. Dope / Complex    (brought Snowman to tears once, and I can
        understand that)
        8. Control / Coma    (Virne Groo Apatia at their best)
        9. Nature / Vertigo    (fall into ambient mood)
        10. Pureness / Waterlogic    (chill zone)
        11. Vivid Experiment once again... :)

        i think that this forum think is a good idea. i only wonder how
        many people won't talk crap :) (like i do)

        Latest these have been seen:
         1. Komplex - dozen
         2. Replay - Inseks
         3. SunFlower - Wonder
         4. State of Mind - BOMB
         5. Blocc - disco
         6. Razor 1911 - Mindstammer
         7. Blasphemy - Moral Hard Candy
         8. TSL - Hardwired  (Amiga)
         9. SpaceBalls - Wayfarer (Amiga)

          1.tac2                 (easy to find on my hd, windows)
          2.sydamen ajatuksia    (same directory)
          3.fukwit daddy         (more finish haujobb stuff)
          4.gcube                (64k intros rule:)
          5.planet subotnik      (because it looks like a 64k intro)
          6.zilog                (still rules)
          7.moral hard candy     (no 3dacc yet)
          7.kasparov             (after hiding the 3dfx dlls!)
          8.codename chinadoll   (crashes. nice soundtrack though:)
          9.getting tired.
        these demos and intros are neither my favourites, nor is this a
        typical demotrip. i used to have one long ago when the newest demo
        i had was venus by fudge (but my typical demos were toasted/cubic$een
        and the saturne96 demos).
          discussion forums suck if there is no restriction by a human
        editor, i.e. freedom of opinion is okay, but some opinions suck and
        should be kept off the public for reading.
        (just kidding. i mean that it would suck to publish EVERY shit that
        people say. there must be a restriction that seperates interesting
        points from pointless flames. this for example is serious, yet not
        interesting. the first paragraph is pointless, yet not a flame..)

        [editor: i will not publish any insults and/or stupid comments
                 and try to remain neutral overall..]

          Interesting question. My demomarathon would consist, only of DOS
        or only of Windows demos, because it's must be boring to reboot to
        windows, to continue my demo marathon, so it's DOS demos, cause
        99,9% the demos I have in my HD.
        This must be my most typical, it changes from time to time:
        Continued maybe with Vivid experiment/Doomsday, and I wish I could
        check right now the tree of my demos directory on my main computer.
        Maybe some older demos like Second Reality, Verses then some other
        demos I don't remember now,. (Hmm,.. Sunflower, Groovy,
        Hyperventilation, anyway..)
        >From intros also Lasse Reinbong, some intros with good music,
        and my list ends with..
          Demo marathon? Nice. I should check in my home my demofolder to
        write down my real one dm..

        Perhaps you know the German book "pc underground"... I wanted to
        watch every demo on the cd delivered with it. Demos like
        "second reality" which ran without problems, and demos like
        "optic nerve", which I wasn't able to run. I spent two days
        (of my holidays) on that cd... Anyway, since I only borrowed PC-U,
        I can't tell you exactly which demos I saw back then.

        [editor: the point of all this is not to just ramble and brag about
                 yourself, the point is to show new or unnoticed things that
                 are hidden on demoscene as a whole. News get old and no one
                 will re-read old news, thus the importance of a question of
                 the week, to see what sceners really kept on their mind,
                 what is really good out of all the stuff released.
                 Any question of the week suggestions would be great btw]


        Park (new music group) just released their first ep, entitled
        MELANCHOLIK EP with music by a-move, velvet, falcon and netpoet.

        Planet chartsmag #1 is out. Grab it and fill in voteform for #2.

        Gravity was announced officially as beeing held on early september
        (not october like it was posted in some places by mistake).
        so expect it on either 1-3 sept or 8-10 sept weekends.

upcoming demoparties:

Apr 14 - Apr 16, 2000 France    Ukonx 2000
Apr 19 - Apr 23, 2000 Norway    The Gathering 1900
Apr 21 - Apr 24, 2000 Germany   Mekka Symposium 2k
Apr 21 - Apr 23, 2000 Sweden    Birdie 2k 
Apr 21 - Apr 23, 2000 France    The meeting 2000
Apr 28 - Apr 30, 2000 France    Far West 2

May 06 - May 07, 2000 Russia    Parodox 2000
May 12 - May 14, 2000 Finland   Escape 2k 
May 26 - May 28, 2000 Germany   Radwar Party 2000
May ?? - May ??, 2000 Germany   Dialogos 2000
May ?? - May ??, 2000 Poland    Astrosyn 2000       <canceled?>

Jun 16 - Jun 18, 2000 Holland   Takeover 2000
Jun 29 - Jul 02, 2000 Sweden    Remedy 2000

Jul 07 - Jul 09, 2000 France    VIP 2     
Jul 14 - Jul 16, 2000 Belgium   Inscene 2000
Jul ?? - Jul ??, 2000 Finland   Proxy 1886
Jul 19 - Jul 22, 2000 Denmark   Summer encounter 2k
Jul 28 - Jul 30, 2000 Sweden    Little comp. people

Aug 04 - Aug 06, 2000 France    Ze meeting 2000
Aug 03 - Aug 06, 2000 Finland   Assembly 2000
Aug 11 - Aug 13, 2000 Swiss     Buenzli #9
Aug 19 - Aug 20, 2000 Russia    Chaos Const. 2000
Aug 25 - Aug 27, 2000 France    LTP 4     
Aug ?? - Aug ??, 2000 Canada    Coma 2    
Aug ?? - Aug ??, 2000 Poland    Gravity 2000

Aug 31 - Sep 03, 2000 France    aRTS Y2K  

Oct ?? - Oct ??, 2000 Finland   lobotomia

Nov 03 - Nov 05, 2000 France    Millenium Party 2K
Nov 03 - Nov 05, 2000 Belgium   2-THOUSAND

Dec 15 - Dec 17, 2000 Holland   ST News ICCC 2000

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