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demojournal #83
subscribers: 347

question of the week:
	what will be the demoparty of the year 2000?
	(answer on reply)


	i just couldnt do it.. i couldnt stop it..
	party calendar and links will be only on webpage from now on.
	no interviews. no reviews. links to what matter.

news: updated again (65 new songs)

	new musicdisk under j'ecoute by carlos

	monotonik comeback with new design and 4 new songs
	Vim! / "Fit At The Front"
	Colongib / "Scopedog, Mechanical Man"
	Sushi Brother / "Lionfish"
	Lackluster / "ll131099"

	Ambience200 releases and results are out:
	tip: check out the 3d accelerated intros!

	new interview + gallery at gfxzone with Norm/Essence

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