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  • musicfixed.txt 341B
  • TBL-TINT.E01 1.08M
  • TBL-TINT.E02 427.99K
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  • TBL-TINT.E07 685.45K
  • TBL-TINT.EXE 13.64K
  • TBL-TINT.M01 300.80K
  • TBL-TINT.M02 516.72K
  • tintfixed.doc 483B


This version of Tint includes the special edition of the end part
music which was made especially for Tint (extended to fit the length
of the demo) but didn't make it into the released version.

It also includes the A4000 fix that was released shortly after the
original release (see the tintfixed.doc file).

-Blueberry/Loonies, March 2006